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בַּת-בָּבֶל, הַשְּׁדוּדָה: אַשְׁרֵי שֶׁיְשַׁלֶּם-לָךְ-- אֶת-גְּמוּלֵךְ, שֶׁגָּמַלְתּ לָנוּ
אַשְׁרֵי שֶׁיֹּאחֵז וְנִפֵּץ אֶת-עֹלָלַיִךְ-- אֶל-הַסָּלַע

How can one be compelled to accept slavery? I simply refuse to do the master's bidding. He may torture me, break my bones to atoms and even kill me. He will then have my dead body, not my obedience. Ultimately, therefore, it is I who am the victor and not he, for he has failed in getting me to do what he wanted done. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am not for others, what am I? If not now, when? ~ Rav Hillel, Pirke Avot

This Red Sea Pedestrian Stands against Judeophobes

This Red Sea Pedestrian Stands against Judeophobes
Wear It With Pride

19 August 2008

A Modest Proposal: Cut Down the Poison Tree

In the film Pan's Labyrinth the heroine is charged with saving an ancient fig tree by killing a massive toad nested in its roots.  Through quick thinking and steadfastness, she accomplishes her goal.  The tree lives on, blossoming in the promise of renewed life.  And so it is with the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party has its own massive toad choking it by the roots.  It has many heads, and is known by many names; Leah Daughtry.  Donna Brazile.  Alexis Herman.  Howard Dean.  Tom Daschle.  Nancy Pelosi.  I indict them all with being complicit in the death of the Democratic Party, and in the rise of the most wholly and totally unqualified candidate for President the Democratic Party has produced in my lifetime.  In the process they have forsaken everything the party was supposed to represent.  Instead, its true colors revealed, it is like Pampers; it pretends it wants to please everyone, and convinces everyone that it can.  But in the end all it wants is your votes, and when it doesn't need them anymore it stabs you in the heart and pushes you off a cliff.  With its current leadership in place, I have no use for it.  Better to let the toad sit and rot with the tree.

It is time to gather a new convocation, seed a new party in this country that stands for what we always hoped the Democratic Party would, but most likely never will:  Unequivocated support for the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment; gay marriage; equal protection under the Constitution for all citizens regardless of skin color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or age; one person one vote (can you believe I actually have to print that?); defense of unions and workers rights; sane green policy and a 10 year push to renewable energy and the end of production of the internal combustion engine; single payer universal healthcare; fiscal policy based on pay as you go and an ending of rampant deficit spending that threatens our social safety net and chokes our economy.

The Democratic Party as it is lead now will NEVER stand for any of those things.  The Democratic Party doesn't give a damn about your vote, reflecting it fairly, standing up for the middle class, ending the war in Iraq...all it cares about is the benjamins.  Hillary, for all her faults, had a vision of pushing the party in the direction we all know it needs to go in.  She was kicked to the curb because of it.  Don't believe me?  Watch this:

So PUMAs, what are you prepared to do about it?  What will you do when Pampers loses and Daughtry, Herman, Dean, and Brazile are still in power?  I say if they cannot be driven out, then we start anew; perhaps the time has come to build a new party from the bottom up, and see what happens.

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