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בַּת-בָּבֶל, הַשְּׁדוּדָה: אַשְׁרֵי שֶׁיְשַׁלֶּם-לָךְ-- אֶת-גְּמוּלֵךְ, שֶׁגָּמַלְתּ לָנוּ
אַשְׁרֵי שֶׁיֹּאחֵז וְנִפֵּץ אֶת-עֹלָלַיִךְ-- אֶל-הַסָּלַע

How can one be compelled to accept slavery? I simply refuse to do the master's bidding. He may torture me, break my bones to atoms and even kill me. He will then have my dead body, not my obedience. Ultimately, therefore, it is I who am the victor and not he, for he has failed in getting me to do what he wanted done. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am not for others, what am I? If not now, when? ~ Rav Hillel, Pirke Avot

This Red Sea Pedestrian Stands against Judeophobes

This Red Sea Pedestrian Stands against Judeophobes
Wear It With Pride

30 July 2008

On the Kotel, Gender, and Pampers

There has been a lot of flappity flap the past few days about the freshman Senator from Illinois and his visit to the Western Wall, in Hebrew; Ha Kotel (the Wall). What's it all about Pampers?

The Kotel represents the remnant of the holiest site to the Jewish people. It is commonly referred to as the holiest site in Judaism, but this is in fact a misnomer. The holiest place in Judaism is the site of the Holy of Holies, the place where the Ark of the Covenant was kept in the Temple complex; a place that could only be entered by the High Priest on certain days of the year, and after a lengthy series of purification rituals. It is commonly held that the site of the Holy of Holies is now covered by the Dome of the Rock, also known as the Mosque of Omar, marking the site where Mohammed is said to have ascended to heaven. It is also the site where Abraham bound Isaac in preparation to sacrifice him to God. Small wonder then that this relatively small spot of land at the top of Mount Moriah is the most contested place on earth.

King Solomon built the first Temple, which was destroyed in 586 BCE (before the common era; Jews don't say "before Christ" for obvious reasons) by the Babylonians, who clapped the Jews in chains and dragged the majority of the nation in captivity to Babylon. The Second Temple was built on the remnants of the first by King Herod, which was raised and burned by the Romans in the year 70 CE. It was commonly held among Jews that the Kotel, the western outer retaining wall of the Temple complex, was the only part of the structure that remained intact. Archeological discoveries of the past 30 years have revealed that the steps used by the Israelites to enter the Temple were also intact, as are the portal entrances at the southern wall (though they were stoned over and are unusable). The Kotel however retains its stature due to it being closer to the site of the Holy of Holies.

From the time of the Roman destruction of the Second Temple there remained a Jewish presence in the old city of Jerusalem. Access to the Kotel was denied to Jews at various points in history, most notably between 1948 and 1967 when the Jordanian army occupied the old city, as well as the area commonly referred to as the West Bank. It was a tremendous, and miraculous day when the Israeli army drove out the Jordanian occupiers in June of 1967, reunified the city, and once again made it accessible to Moslems, Jews, and Christians.

Today the Kotel is the place that Jewish pilgrims from all over the world are drawn to. It represents a taste of the ancient seat of our spiritual home, the place on earth where it is said the Divine Presence dwelled on earth. It is a symbol of Jewish nationalism. It is a place that for me is enigmatic. There, at the foundation of our most holy of places there is a divide, a fence. In Hebrew it is called a mechitza (the "ch" is pronounced like you're hocking a loogie). The mechitza is a divider that separates men from women. At the Kotel the side that accomodates the men is at least twice the size of the space given to women.

In 1989 a group of women formed an organization called Women of the Wall. Since that time they have advocated that women should be allowed to pray on the women's side in non-traditional (non-orthodox) ways. The Haredi (religious) parties in Israel filed suits in the courts to have their practices banned, including trying to pass a law that made it illegal for women to pray audibly at the Kotel. The proposed sentence for violating the law was seven years in prison. The standard sentence for rape in Israel at the time was three years. The law was never passed, but the Women of the Wall were banned from praying there. The reasoning cited was security. Orthodox men were known to act violently toward them. Rather than crack down on the Haredi men (whose political parties hold tremendous power in the Israeli parliament) who were committing the acts of violence, the women, who wanted nothing more than to gather with their sisters and celebrate their love and devotion to their Creator, were told to leave.

I have a hard time with the mechitza. I will not attend services where the men and women are divided (with the exception of a familial celebration such as a bar or bat mitzvah, though I have no orthodox relatives so this has not been an issue thus far). For me I simply cannot accept it. When the Nazis unloaded us off the cattle cars at the concentration camps the first thing they did was divide the men from the women. I'll be damned if I will be separated from the woman I love by anyone, let alone a fellow Jew. I will visit the Kotel. I will place a note in the cracks. But I will not utter one word in prayer as long as the Women of the Wall are banned.

So what of this note that was left by the freshman Senator? It has been a long standing custom among Jews to write prayers or messages to God on pieces of paper and place them in the cracks of the Kotel. They are collected and burned. It is said the smoke carries the prayers to God. It is taboo to speak of their contents. Even those who take notes to the Kotel for others refrain from reading them. With modern technology people from around the world can email messages to the Kotel where they are printed and placed in the cracks. But I would venture to guess that they remain unread. Obviously then the thing for someone like Obama to do would be to leak his message to the press after which a phony drama ensues where someone miraculously finds the note. Nothing he does is based in policy or personal conviction. It is all about perception. Up is down. Down is up. Private prayers are public, but only by miracle. What method can be employed to cleanse that space of his duplicitous act of stagecraft? Perhaps the unceasing flow of time and events surrounding Jerusalem that eclipse all he was or will ever be. He is a nothing. He is a cypher. He is devoid of a center, a biography, a conscience. It would be appropriate that his note be taken from the Kotel and left unburned, as his words are only written and uttered to serve himself.

A legend is told as to how it came to be that God chose Mount Moriah as the place where the Divine Presence would dwell on earth. It concerns two brothers. Both were farmers whose lands were adjacent. One brother lived alone, the other had a wife and family. One day the married brother said, "I have so much; a family, rich fields that produce much grain. My brother though struggles alone. I will ease his burden and give him a portion of my crop so that he will not be so stressed. The other brother had a similar thought. "My brother has many mouths to feed. I am only one person, and though I live a meager life I can spare a portion of my crop to help him feed his family." In the night, unbeknownst to the other, they each carried a sheave of wheat to the other's threshing floor. The next day each went to his own floor to find that the sheave count was the same. Perplexed, they each set out the next night, and the next morning the result was the same. This went on until under the light of the harvest moon they encountered each other on the way to the other's home. When the met they realized what the other had been doing. They embraced in perfect love for each other, and it was there that God decided the Holy of Holies would be built.

With such promise was this thing begun. Now this holy place is a source of trouble, of pain, of woe. And it will remain so until the love that was held between the brothers can be found by all those that consider Jerusalem sacred. Does the man from Illinois have the capacity to spark that love, to render the pain of the past and its prejudices undone? A man who would callously allow his prayer to the Creator of all things to be leaked to the press, a prayer that he most likely did not even write, will never possess the capacity to accomplish a task such as this, though I have no doubt that, in his unmitigated hubris, he believes that he has been appointed by history to accomplish this as yet elusive task. Or, more likely, the thought hasn't even crossed his mind.

26 July 2008

Pampers' $5 Million Finger to Tibet

In his ever growing need to be seen, heard, loved, and worshipped by every single man woman and child in the known universe, Pampers has purchased $5 million worth of air time to promote himself during the Summer Olympics.  These are the same Olympic Games that are being hosted by the Chinese government that brutally repressed a Tibetan uprising a few short months ago.  Hundreds of monks and Tibetan citizens were arrested.  Untold numbers of Tibetans were killed.  In response Senator Hillary Clinton released the following statement:

"I am deeply concerned about the violent clashes that have erupted in Lhasa, Tibet. Based on the limited information available, there is an urgent need for all parties, and in particular the Chinese security forces, to exercise restraint, to demonstrate respect for human rights and to protect civilians from danger. I call on the Chinese government to prevent further escalation of this conflict and to urgently pursue resolution through peaceful means.
"I co-sponsored the Fourteenth Dalai Lama Congressional Gold Medal Act and co-sponsored the Tibetan Policy Act of 2001, supporting a dialogue between the People’s Republic of China and the Dalai Lama. I have personally met with the Dalai Lama. I asked President Jiang Zemin to explain China’s repression of the Tibetans and their religion during his 1997 state visit to the United States. More than 10 years later, Chinese repression in Tibet continues. This week, Tibetan monks have sent a message to the world that their aspirations for religious liberty remain as strong as ever.
"Upholding freedom and human rights in Tibet will happen through negotiation, and with a commitment on all sides to seeking constructive solutions for the benefit, above all, of the Tibetan people."

Obama also released a statement on Tibet, after Senator Clinton.  His minions of course attempted to make it seem that he released his statement the day before she did.  I checked his website the day her statement came out.  There was no statement on Tibet.

Senator Clinton called on George W. Bush to boycott the opening ceremonies in Beijing.  Pampers, as usual, said, "I'm of two minds about this."  What?  Pampers couldn't take a stand on an issue?  Quelle surprise!  But it looks like he's made up his mind at last, and has decided to put his money on the Chinese with his massive ad buy.

While Tibetan activist groups call on the world community to boycott the games, Pampers says we should screw Tibet and watch his fabulous ads.  So much for human rights.  That's change we can believe in?

For his part, Republican presumptive nominee John McCain met with HH the Dalai Lama to discuss the situation in Tibet.  McCain called for the Chinese government to release Tibetan political prisoners, and to engage in a meaningful dialogue on granting autonomy to Tibet.  

Thank you Senator McCain for standing with the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan people.  And thank you Pampers for once again demonstrating that your desire to be President trumps all, even the rights the Tibetan people.  High five!

Obamabots: The Poison Apple Doesn't Fall Far

As part of the PUMA contingent that pissed on Coward Dean's NC parade I had the distinct displeasure of speaking to a number of Pampers' Poopies.  One was blathering on and on about the messiah.  "That's real Democratic values Obama is pushing by voting for FISA and endorsing Bush's warrantless wire tapping scheme."  His defense?  "I guarantee you that if Hillary were the candidate she would have voted for it too."  When I reminded him that she came out against the FISA bill in January, while she was still an active candidate, without a suspended campaign, he said, "I guarantee you that if Hillary were the candidate she would have voted for it too."  Bet you didn't know that Obamabots are clairvoyant.

Imagine my amazement standing on the street, two adults talking politics and the Obamabot pulls out I'm rubber you're glue.  Very mature.  I was so impressed.

Another Bot who fashioned her own Hope O necklace from Sculpie clay (possibly a reliquary containing the messiah's hair, spit, or sweat), tried to tell me that Pampers' FISA vote was not an endorsement of Bush's warrantless wire tapping scheme.  When I told her that the exclusivity clause in the now law, thanks to "I'll lead the filibuster against it before I vote for it," is the same one that appeared in the 1978 law that Bush violated, she stared at me glaring with no answer.   Again, I was very impressed.

She also insisted that Hillary Clinton created the structure that banned campaigning in Michigan and Florida, but she didn't take her name off the ballot.  She refused to accept that
  1. there was no provision that required candidates to take their names off the ballots, and that other candidates in fact kept their names on the ballot.
  2. that bullshit "structure" was created by the DNC
  3. the votes were certified by the Secretaries of States of both states

She said the Michigan and Florida situation didn't matter because, "Hillary created the structure" that banned campaigning in those states.

Her response to my explaining that Michigan was ready to run a new primary but Obama moved against it, that he had no problem accepting delegates from the flawed primary was, "You're a great American."  Sarcasm is an art that few Bots can seem to execute well.

When I asked her how she would feel if her Pampers' and Clinton's positions were reversed, with delegates being taken from him, and Hillary being awarded delegates she didn't earn she said, and I'm not making this up, "That's a hypothetical question.  I can't answer that."

Another Bot tried to block cameras from taking pictures of protestor's signs.  I told her that censorship in America is unacceptable.  She said this is America and she can block the signs if she likes.   In other words, she believes she has the constitutional right to silence dissent.  She learned from her masters well.  I assume she will be teaching that at Camp Pampers this summer.

As I've said before Obamabots are mostly low information, fascist, sheep followers who, if they didn't have Pampers, would have followed the next demagogue to come down the pike.  Pampers and the rest of the Stalinists should be very proud of themselves.

Coward Dean in Cackalacky

St. Screamer and aspiring leader of Stalinists for America, Coward Dean, came to North Carolina yesterday to spread the good news about his messiah, the Great Pampers.  His first stop was Raleigh.  He was greeted by a contingent of PUMAs from Fayetteville (pictured above) whose signs were the first thing he saw when he stepped off Pampers' Register for Shame bus.  Y'all are hereby awarded the HRC Spine of Steel Award, as well as honorary balls of brass.

But before his arrival we PUMAs sucked the air right out of the event.  The holy warriors didn't know what to make of us.  Why were we there?  What were we going to do?  The press was very interested and spent the majority of this time talking to us.  Unlike Coward, the press understands that we are not Republicans.  We are Democrats, or former Democrats, who are not going to sit idly by with our thumbs jammed up our asses and watch a bunch of crazed Stalinist a-holes rob us of our franchise, and shove a wholly and totally unqualified, incompetent, and self absorbed fascist loon from Illinois down our throats. That's Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid's job.  We were polite and congenial.  We spoke with any bots who dared to approach us (I will dedicate another entry to them). The Bots, like their savior, were more interested in censoring us by trying to stand in front of the protest signs so the press couldn't take pictures.  Not a very effective strategy since the images got taken anyway, and were broadcast all over the news.  The Bots are so challenged, bless their hearts.

Dr. Dean assured me that there will be an open convention.  I feel sooooo much better now.  Then it was on to Greensboro.

When I and my copilot arrived in our PUMA mobile the throng of sycophants had already gathered around St. Screamer.  Some of them were at the Raleigh event, no doubt drafted to pad the numbers of the faithful for the cameras.  We decided to take a different tack, flyering large numbers of cars with the truth about the presumptuous nominee, and the undemocratic process that put him in this position.

We ran long on that mission.  Coward had already headed to Charlotte when we drove past the scene of the crime.  We had planned to go down there, but would have arrived late.  We left that last leg of the journey to Charlotte Front and Center and the Asheville Hillary Meet-up.  They gave Dean an earful.  He was as patronizing and as dismissive as ever.

Sorry Coward.  As much as you'd like us to go away we're just not going to do that.  Go ahead and tell the press that we're Republicans.  We know you know the truth because we've been mailing you our change of registration forms, and you've been sending us letters soliciting for bucks.  You're an ass.  Thank you for giving us so many opportunities to prove it.

24 July 2008

Patronizing NYT Style

When it comes to credibility, no one has less in the world of the mainstream media lately than the New York Times (I'd have said MSNBC, but those sycophantic Pampers butt lickers are so over the edge for him that integrity left their buidling months ago). Whether it's kissing the Red Baron's ass after endorsing Clinton, playing fast and loose with the facts, or just being flat out patronizing, no one flushes journalistic integrity faster and farther than the so-called paper of record. The motto, "All the news that's fit to print," ought to be replaced with the legend that graced the guys' bathroom stall at my camp's mess hall, "Flush twice, it's a long way to the kitchen."

Case in point, an article that ran regarding The Denver Group's latest ads. Referring to the group's founders, Heidi Li Feldman and Marc Rubin, as "political novices" and "frustrated" allows the Times to continue the meme that PUMAs are merely bitter about the fact that Clinton lost, and have no real acumen when it comes to the supposedly intricate interworkings of American politics. This characterization allows the Times to pass off our movement, the most powerful political force operating on the stage at present (if you doubt that then I gladly site CNN's polling which indicates that since May the percentage of Democrats that want Hillary at the top of the ticket is growing, as is the Just Say No Deal coalition--at last count it was surpassing 2.5 million after only 4 weeks of existence) as childish and insignificant; a grave miscalculation on the part of the Times considering that Republican pols in Washington have made it quite clear to myself and my associates that we are the most sought after prize in the general election.

We are not novices. We know what happened on May 31, 2008, and that the race was gamed for Hindenburg since 2004 by Dean and Grendel Brazile. We won't support the coup. We will not vote for Pampers. We will take on every elected politician who endorsed him though their states and/or Congressional Districts went to Clinton, despite their bullshit that they would endorse the "will of the people." Attempting to belittle two of our most eloquent, dedicated, and thoughtful voices may help feed the Times' sanctimonious narcissism, but it also feeds our wholly justified anger and righteous indignation.

Thanks NYT for giving us yet another reason to strengthen our resolve.

Springtime for Pampers and Germany

Deutchland is happy and gay!

Someone please explain how the Red Baron has the balls to give a speech on U.S./European relations when the schmuck hasn't convened the Subcommittee on European Affairs even once? Oh yeah, he's a narcissistic, arrogant idiot with a delusional messiah complex. Pampers, you're a Personologists wet dream.

23 July 2008

What's Up With the Debt?

Open Secrets has published numbers regarding Hillary's debt that might lead one to believe that she's now in the black.  But it seems that Open Secrets may be messing with inappropriate numbers.  To get some insight as to the scoop I'd check in with the Retire the Debt Maven herself; the always on top of it, out classynist, sharp as a tackenist Heidi Li.  

22 July 2008

The Magical Larceny Tour

Is dying to take your votes away, dying to take them away, take them today.

That's right.  Coward Dean the uberfascist douche face that brought us The Great Loser, is roaming the country in his biodiesel fueled bus the S.S. Crapchute aka The Scream Machine

Apparently Dr. Dean decided it would be a really great idea to drive around the South in a bus and try and convince us that everything is fine with the Democratic Party, Pampers is Jesus, and that stealing delegates from one candidate and giving them to another is exactly how the Framers intended our Democracy to work.
When I think about what he must be on in order to be able to block out all logic and reason and think that this was a good idea, I feel like Estelle Riener after Meg Ryan's famous fake orgasm dissertation in "When Harry Met Sally."

And as long as we're on the subject of buses, what's with the planes?  Am I the only one who thinks it's hilarious that Pampers bilked his small contributors (because, as we all know, Waffle's entire campaign is financed by children under the age of 10 with the money from their piggy banks) out of their change to get his newly refurbished plane--the Waffle Express--a new paint job that blotted out the American flag with the Pampers O?  

So what did Cindy McCain decide to do?  What any billionaire heiress would do; she bought the man she loves a new and bigger plane.  I like it.  It's shiny.

I'm envisioning a Snoopy and the Red Baron scenario that ends up over the Bermuda Triangle. Do you know what?  You've just witnessed the birth of not one, but two new names for Pampers.

Oh, if only the Beatles were coming to town instead.

21 July 2008

The National Women's History Museum Seeks a Home

The National Women's History Museum, founded during Bill Clinton's administration, is once again trying to get legislation passed so that it can at last have a physical home on the National Mall, as recommended to the President in 1998. I received this memo from the President of the Museum, Joan Wages. Please write and/or call your Legislator and urge them to support this unique institution that will honor and celebrate the history and legacy of women in America, including Senator Hillary Clinton.

Due to a sequence of events, a lot at 12th Street SW and Independence Avenue SW in Washington, DC became available in June 2008. This lot -- one block West of Smithsonian's Arts and Industries Building and across the street – borders the National Mall. NWHM moved quickly to get legislation introduced directing the General Services Administration (GSA) to sell the lot to NWHM.
Representative Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) introduced the bill, HR 6548. Original cosponsors are Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT), Rep. Deborah Pryce (R-OH), Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) and Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC).
Urge your representatives to co-sponsor HR 6548 and vote for passage of this legislation providing a permanent home for the National Women's History Museum.

It is estimated that the lot will allow for a 300,000 sq. ft. building which is twice the size of the Arts and Industries Building and three times larger than the Old Post Office Annex – two sites that NWHM has previously tried to secure. New construction is much cheaper than renovating an old building so this much larger space will come at half to three-quarters the costs of renovating AIB.
Not only will the design reflect the NWHM mission but the building can be "green" to conserve energy. This will help reduce operating costs.

Provisions of the Legislation:
The National Health Museum previously had legislation introduced in the House and Senate providing them the 12th Street and Independence Avenue lot. The bill passed out of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee in the 109th Congress and had 29 co-sponsors on the companion House bill. Political obstacles prevented it from moving forward.

The Health Museum announced in early June 2008 that it was moving to Atlanta, GA.

The Health Museum legislation is being introduced with only a change in name so that NWHM could purchase the property.

The bill provides that NWHM will pay fair market value for the property as determined by an appraiser.

The property consists of northern and southern portions – the northern portion (on Independence Avenue) will be dedicated and conveyed to the Museum for 99 years. Conveyance of the southern portion will be subject to negotiations with the General Services Administration.

One or both portions of the property must be conveyed within three years and construction on the Museum must begin within five years.

Time is of the essence since Congress will leave in early October.
Please help NWHM get this legislation passed!

My July 19th Address

I was honored to be asked to address the assembly in Asheville regarding Hillary Clinton's historic campaign on the 160th anniversary of Seneca Falls. My preparred remarks follow.

Sisters and brothers of the Clinton Nation, on behalf of Seneca 160 I’d like to thank the Asheville Hillary Meet-up for organizing this gathering. Thank you for joining us today to mark the 160th anniversary of the first women’s conference at Seneca Falls.

I have been asked to give remarks on the historic nature of Senator Clinton’s Presidential Campaign. In order to do so I will have to turn back the clock.

On March 25, 1911 a tragedy struck the city of New York that forever changed the Women's Movement. Near closing time, from an unknown source, a fire ripped through the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory killing 146 people. Of those, 126 were women. Though valiant efforts were made to save the Triangle workers, a locked exit and inadequate fire escapes doomed many of the immigrant men and women that worked there. The grizzly scene of young girls holding hands with their coworkers, leaping to their deaths rather than face the flames behind them, their burned and mangled bodies strewn upon the sidewalk, shocked the nation.

The women's labor movement had been called to action two years earlier by Clara Lemlich, a 19 year old Ukranian Jewish immigrant who had been savagely beaten for her union involvement. Her modest but impassioned call for a vote for action began a shirtwaist makers' strike that rocked New York City. The movement found new force in the deaths of the young women in the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, an event which also drove the final push in the fight to secure the right of franchise for women in America, as was seen at the 1912 New York City March for Suffrage. Some 20,000 people marched. A reported half million lined the streets. But the coals that stoked the fires of these movements were not kindled on those ill fated floors of the Asch Building in Manhattan. The match was struck upstate, with relative quiet, 63 years earlier in the town of Seneca Falls.

On this day in 1848 Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott gathered with 380 women and men and began a conversation on women’s rights that gave birth to the first wave of feminism. After a long, and often brutal struggle, the conversation bore fruit in suffrage for women.

One hundred and forty-seven years later, then First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, went to Beijing to address an international women's conference themed, "Listen to the Women." In a singular act of bravery, and at great political and personal risk, Hillary Clinton, standing on the shoulders of Stanton, Mott, Susan B. Anthony, Lemlich, Alice Paul, Eleanor Roosevelt, and others too many to name, changed the course of the conversation of women's rights forever. Before this international gathering of women leaders Hillary Clinton gave birth to what I consider to be the fourth wave of feminism with the following words:

It is a violation of human rights when babies are denied food, or drowned, or suffocated, or their spines broken, simply because they are born girls.

It is a violation of human rights when women and girls are sold into the slavery of prostitution for human greed -- and the kinds of reasons that are used to justify this practice should no longer be tolerated.

It is a violation of human rights when women are doused with gasoline, set on fire, and burned to death because their marriage dowries are deemed too small.

It is a violation of human rights when individual women are raped in their own communities and when thousands of women are subjected to rape as a tactic or prize of war.

It is a violation of human rights when a leading cause of death worldwide among women ages 14 to 44 is the violence they are subjected to in their own homes by their own relatives.

It is a violation of human rights when young girls are brutalized by the painful and degrading practice of genital mutilation.

It is a violation of human rights when women are denied the right to plan their own families, and that includes being forced to have abortions or being sterilized against their will.

If there is one message that echoes forth from this conference, let it be that human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights once and for all. Let us not forget that among those rights are the right to speak freely -- and the right to be heard.

Women must enjoy the rights to participate fully in the social and political lives of their countries, if we want freedom and democracy to thrive and endure.

Freedom means the right of people to assemble, organize, and debate openly. It means respecting the views of those who may disagree with the views of their governments. It means not taking citizens away from their loved ones and jailing them, mistreating them, or denying them their freedom or dignity because of the peaceful expression of their ideas and opinions

That speech was heard around the world and inspired the international women’s movement. But American society is still trying to catch up to where Hillary has been for thirteen years. She was ahead of the curve as usual.

About 18 months ago Senator Clinton asked us to engage in a new conversation when she began her historic campaign for the Presidency of the United States. Joining the ranks of Victoria Woodhull, Margaret Chase Smith, Shirley Chisolm, Carol Mosely Braun, and many others, she set out to smash what she has called, “…the highest and hardest glass ceiling.”

She made history by being the first woman candidate to win a Presidential primary. She made history by winning more congressional districts and counties than any candidate in the 2008 Democratic Party Primaries. She made history by garnering more primary votes than any candidate in the history of the Democratic Party. And had the DNC’s Rules and Bylaws Committee seated the Michigan and Florida delegations at full strength, and with fair reflection of the votes cast in those states, she would have finished the primary season with more pledged delegates.

Senator Clinton has repeatedly thanked us for our support, generosity, and steadfastness. Today we thank you Senator Clinton; for taking your campaign to all 50 states; for refusing to give up or give in; for speaking out on the issues that really matter: a commitment to the withdrawal of our troops from Iraq; real universal healthcare that leaves no one behind; the building of a green economy that will put Americans back to work with jobs that cannot be exported overseas, free us from our dependence on foreign oil, help stem the tide of global climate change, and strengthen our national security; strengthening the middle class so that the American dream is once again in reach for every American willing to do the work it takes to get there; making college affordable without the crushing weight of predatory student loan companies, and setting all our children on the path to get there with universal Pre-K.

Through the thousands of appearances, speeches, photos, and interviews, Hillary’s drive inspired us. Those of us who stayed up into the wee hours of the morning after canvassing, cutting turf, making activate calls, lobbying super delegates, and only getting a few hours of sleep before going to our full time jobs, or hitting the streets for the campaign again, knew full well that no matter how tired we were, or how sore our throats got, she was going to get up and work ten times as hard as the rest of us.

Senator Clinton, we thank you for your hard work, your strength, your conviction, your compassion, and your pride in this great country of ours. Call on us and we will stand with you, and fight for you again to bring that glass ceiling with the 18 million cracks crashing down, so that we might have the privilege of calling you Madame President.

20 July 2008

The Butt Faces Broke My Chutzpah Meter!

You read this letter and tell me the Democratic Party can be saved.

Dear Democratic Friends: 2008 is a Democratic year-at all levels in all the
states. The opportunity is ours. We just have to seize it.
We experienced an exciting, intense, sometimes difficult, campaign to nominate
our presidential candidate. Now it's over. Barack Obama won.
I supported Hillary Clinton and am proud and pleased that I did. But she lost.
Barack Obama won. It's over.
It is time for all Democrats, supporters of Senator Clinton and all other
contenders for the nomination, to stand with him to secure his election and the
election of Democrats at all levels of competition.
I must confess a bit of fatigue and irritation with people who continue to carp,
complain, and criticize the results of the primary and lay down conditions for
their support. The Los Angeles Lakers didn't establish conditions to recognize
the Boston Celtics as NBA Champions; Roger Federer did not demand concessions
before recognizing that Rafael Nadal defeated him at Wimbledon.

It is time to act in a mature and resourceful fashion. It's time to put the primaries behind us. It's time to support Barack
Obama without conditions or demands.
It's time to WIN for Barack Obama, the Democratic Party, America, and our
future. We have an unparalleled opportunity. I hope we will all do everything we
can to seize the moment.
See you at the Inauguration.

Don Fowler
DNC Member At-Large, South Carolina
Former Chair of the Democratic National Committee
Alice Germond
Secretary, Democratic National Committee

Mr. Donald Fowler
PO Box 50627
Columbia, SC 29250

Ms. Alice Germond
Democratic National Committee
430 S. Capitol St. SE
Washington, DC 20003

The nerve of these douches to lecture us like we're children.  I'm so glad that Mr. Fowler and Ms. Germond are able to sleep at night comparing the fraudulent Democratic Primary results to the NBA and Wimbledon finals.  That's so messed up I don't even know where to begin.  Of course they had no problem voting to take 4 delegates from HRC and giving them to Pampers.  Isn't that convenient.

Don, Alice, if you wanted to seize victory you should have stood up for the candidate that still kicks McCain to the curb in the polls while Pampers can't work up enough thrust to break out of the margin of error; if you want to see Democratic victories up and down the ballot in November you should have gotten behind the candidate that is personally responsible for 132 members of Congress (including Pampers Ovomit) being elected or reelected to their seats through vigorous campaigning and fundraising:  Hillary Clinton. 

Tell me, what exactly has Pampers done for down ballot Democrats?  He's not doing fundraising.  He's not campaigning for anyone.  His SS are taking over state party apparatus and only seem to be concerned about getting their messiah elected.  The Congress has an approval rating of 9.  Nancy Pelosi has an approval rating of 4.  George W. Shrub has an approval rating of 25.  So you tell me you fat headed worthless piles of spooge, exactly how are you going to maintain, let alone grow, Democratic control of Congress when your party hasn't done shit for this nation in the last two years except roll over to Bush, your presumptuous nominee doesn't have the support of 1 in 3 of Democrats surveyed (Trident gum polls better with dentists than Pampers does with his own party), and down ticket Dems are getting zero support from him, and the rest don't want it?  Is it any wonder why I left the party?

Y'all are dumber than a bag of hammers, and have proven to me that a Democratic Party that nominates Obama is not worth saving as long as obtuse morons, such as yourselves, are part of it.


I'm still not supporting Pampers.  And when people ask me why I'll just blame you.

Seneca Falls in Asheville

I had the esteemed pleasure of participating in the Seneca Falls/Hillary celebration yesterday in Asheville, NC.  The Asheville Hillary Meetup has been going on for months, is very active, and dedicated to the cause.  We put on the event on the steps of the Federal Courthouse, a very appropriate backdrop for a dramatic reading of the Declaration of Sentiments of 1848, and the Declaration of Sentiments of 2008, which it was my honor to read.  I was also asked to give remarks on Hillary's history making Presidential Campaign.  I will post the text of both later on, but I wanted to take a moment to thank the good people of the AHM for putting on a spectacular, meaningful event, for their hard work and dedication to the cause, and for buying me dinner and giving me a little gas money, which was very sweet and most appreciated.

Thank you all for beautiful day.

18 July 2008

Supercallousfraudulisiticexploitallidocious (UPDATED)

He's been in the Senate one hundred forty three days
It only took one google search to learn his twisted ways
For such little experience he's really quite precocious

He said white folks are clinging to their bibles and their guns
Then he turned around and said that statement was a pun
Every time I hear it I still think that it's atrocious

Little Dean and Donna found their savior of the day
If they can't get him in with votes they'll find some other way
Pelosi genuflects so much she's getting scoliosis

Gave Hillary the finger and brushed her off just like Jay-Z
Still he doesn't have an or-i-gi-nal policy
He's stealing her ideas and it is really atrocious

He flipped on campaign finance and he flopped on FISA too
His grandmother's under the bus with room for me and you
Hearing him pontificate just might induce necrosis

Is he an American or was he born overseas
An actual birth certificate is all we really need
Maybe he is Russian or perhaps he is Laotian

Say it to your Obot friends to really sound precocious
He is making me drink so much my liver has cirrhosis

They've tried to ram him down our throats but we just say no deal
We're taking to the streets so people know just how we feel
If he gets nominated it will really be atrocious

all lyrics copyrighted to me with all rights reserved. Permission to distribute granted, but if you make money off this I'll sue the living crap out of you.
Have a nice day!

17 July 2008

What's the Word?

As you dear readers well know I have spent quite a bit of time coming up with new names for Pampers, and am always on a quest to find new and better ways to describe him. When I was still going toe to toe with the peons at FirstRead (when that great master of Pampers butt puckering Chuck Todd would see fit to post my comments) I was fond of calling him a fraudulent scumbag, duplicitous fraud, or lying scumbag. And of course we cannot forget Douche.

But today I had an epiphany; a profound moment of clarity. The ultimate adjective came to me. What's even better is that you could use it as a name for him as well...


I try to be a modest person, but I'm pretty proud of this one.  Personally, I think it blows the name Pampers away.

Use it freely at parties, in your blogs, and during heated arguments with Pamperbots.

Hey Pampers! This Is What a President Sounds Like

Here's my President commenting on the necessities of preserving the social safety net of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, and once again standing up to the asshole in the White House.

Did I mention that Pampers' wholly and totally flawed tax structure will continue to force the federal government to run deficits, thus playing into the Republican plan of killing the social welfare programs?

Pampers is Bush.

Hillary is my President.

15 July 2008

Seneca Falls 160: Celebrate Women's Rights, Celebrate Hillary

On March 25, 1911 a tragedy struck the city of New York that forever changed the Women's Movement. Near closing time, from an unknown source, a fire ripped through the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory killing 146 people. Of those, 126 were women. Though valiant efforts were made to save the Triangle workers, a locked exit and inadequate fire escapes doomed many of the immigrant men and women that worked there. The grizzly scene of young girls holding hands with their coworkers, leaping to their deaths rather than face the flames behind them, their burned and mangled bodies strewn upon the sidewalk, shocked the nation.

The women's labor movement had been called to action two years earlier by Clara Lemlich, a 19 year old Ukranian Jewish immigrant who had been savagely beaten for her union involvement. Her modest but impassioned call for a vote for action began a shirtwaist makers' strike that rocked New York City. The movement found new force in the deaths of the young women in the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, an event which also drove the final push in the fight to secure the right of franchise for women in America, as was seen at the 1912 New York City March for Suffrage. Some 20,000 people marched. A reported half million lined the streets. But the coals that stoked the fires of these movements were not kindled on those ill fated floors of the Asch Building in Manhattan. The match was struck upstate, with relative quiet, 63 years earlier in the town of Seneca Falls.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott found themselves in a situation oft repeated in the past 160 years. Denied seats at the 1840 anti-slavery convention in London, due to their gender, Mott and Stanton agreed that a convention on women's rights needed to be held. Eight years later it came to pass, the result of Mott visiting family not far from Stanton's home in Seneca Falls, New York.

The call was unassuming. An unsigned notice was placed in the local paper advertising the convention. Three hundred-forty women and forty men, most from within a five mile radius, attended the convention.

The task of constructing a declarative document fell upon Stanton. Using the Declaration of Independence as her guide she constructed what she entitled the Declaration of Sentiments. Within this document lay the undeniable and unshakable truth still contested by the ignorant today (some of whom can be seen blathering away on an almost daily basis on cable television news networks): "All men and all women are created equal."

One hundred and forty-seven years later, then First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, went to Beijing to address an international women's conference themed, "Listen to the Women." In a singular act of bravery, and at great political and personal risk, Senator Clinton, standing on the shoulders of Stanton, Mott, Anthony, Lemlich, Roosevelt and others too many to name, changed the course of the conversation of women's rights forever. Echoing Stanton's declaration she proclaimed to the world; "Women's rights are human rights, and human rights are women's rights."

In other words, women's rights: they're not just for women anymore.

It is no longer acceptable to discuss women's rights as being owned solely by women. This is an issue of what it means to be human. In 1995 Hillary Clinton made it plain that it is no longer acceptable for anyone, regardless of gender, skin color, religion, sexual orientation, age, nationality, or creed to be oppressed whether it be physically, emotionally, sexually, or economically, and that it is time for all of us to take responsibility for protecting and defending each other's rights to live lives of freedom and equality. Whether it is being paid equal wages for equal time, access to the same employment opportunities, or to share our lives with the partners of our choice, every American citizen should have equal protection under the Constitution of the United States, and every citizen of the world should be recognized as having equal protection of their inalienable human rights. There is only one race; the human race. When the rights of one human are violated, we are all violated. When one of us has obstacles thrown up against them, is oppressed, insulted, attacked, or enslaved then we are obligated by our mutual humanity to stand up in their defense. That is what Dr. King saw from the top of the mountain.

When Senator Clinton entered the 2008 Presidential Race she asked America to join her in a conversation, a conversation that began 160 years ago in Seneca Falls, New York. Today we ask you to continue that conversation. On Saturday July 19th, 2008 we ask you don your Hillary gear and gather together with your friends, your neighbors, your community, your country. We ask you to look at yourselves, look at your nation, look at your world, and take up the path that Hillary laid before us in Beijing. Whether you are a member of Just Say No Deal or not, we ask you to convene in your homes, or in a public place. Read the Declaration of Sentiments. And read and sign a new declaration; a declaration that reaffirms the original Declaration of Sentiments, and issues a new call to embrace women's rights as human rights; that demands that the rights of all people be protected and upheld.

You will find event details, and copies of both declarations at our website

Join us in Seneca Falls. Celebrate the 160th anniversary. Celebrate Hillary. Come join the conversation.

10 July 2008

Dumber Than a Bag of Hammers

How is it that your average Pampers supporter is capable of respirating?  Quite frankly, Pamper Poopies are a disease, a cancer in the body of Democracy. They are sheep followers who, if they weren't following Pampers, would most likely be waddling behind Ron Paul with the same glazed look on their faces. These are low information idiots. In my most recent encounter with the species they were unaware of his recent statements on Iraq, and abortion. They still don't realize that Clinton wasn't the only candidate on the ballot in Michigan. And they are completely befuddled by the PUMA movement.

It's so obvious to them that anyone not supporting their fascist Bush II messiah must be Republican. Ironic, as his FISA vote, campaign finance flip flop, Iraq waffle, and his morality take on abortion clearly show, he is in fact a Republican himself.  It's obvious to me that the dumb shits in this scenario are the Bots.

According to OBots we PUMAs are Republican, women, and pissed that Hillary lost.  So say the shit eaters here.  News flash morons.  I'm a man.  I'm an Independent (who used to be a Democrat).  I'm not pissed that Hillary lost per se.  I'm pissed that the Democratic Party scuttled its Sunshine Laws (rules that are supposed to guarantee the transparency of process; you fucks should be familiar with transparency--you bitched and whined all over the blogosphere for months about your god's transparent campaign...yes he's transparent--we see right through him), and we're pissed that fair reflection (one of the chief tenants in the Democratic Party's bylaws regarding delegate distribution--that the delegate distribution should reflect the votes) was flushed down the toilet to crown the incompetent douche Pampers the presumptive nominee.  Four delegates were taken from Hillary Clinton and given to Pampers.  Fifty-five delegates that were uncommitted were also given to him.  Had the Michigan and Florida delegations been seated at full strength, and with fair reflection, OPampers would have 1707 pledged delegates.  Hillary Clinton would have 1725.  Now for you little Opampers fascists out there, ask yourselves this:  how fast would you be lighting your hair on fire if that happened to your messiah?  I would expect that you would be as pissed as we are, and I wouldn't blame you for one second.

We should not be subjected to delegate hijacking and rigged process.  That's what the neo-con Republicans do, but you Obots approve of what happened on May 31, 2008.  If anyone should be called "Republican" it's you, so shut the fuck up.  In all fairness, you couldn't pay me enough money to vote for that bigoted, fascist, racist, arrogant sexist pig Opampers if you paid me.  But that's not really the point.  

The fact is fascists that we PUMAs aren't just standing up for Hillary.  We are standing up for Democratic Party principles.  We are standing up for you, so that in four years when it comes time for us to vote in Democratic Party primaries again, you sniveling buttwipes will feel confident that when you cast your vote it will actually count for something.

I don't expect that I'll be getting a thank you note.

What's weird is that if the Automatic Delegates get to the convention, realize that Panders is not going to get us out of Iraq (though now it looks like we may not have a choice, regardless of who gets nominated, or elected), is not going to reverse the Bush invasion of our privacy (is not the definition of hubris to state that it's okay to vote for FISA now because when I'm President I'll fix it?  What the fuck?  That's like saying I don't need a Vice President strong on foreign policy because I lived in Indonesia between the ages of 6-10.  No one in their right mind would say that would they?  No, they wouldn't), is not even going to attempt to deliver universal health care, and doesn't seem to hold any ideals that have typically come to represent the Democratic Party besides the desire to have Swiss cheese on one's cheesesteak--and decide to vote for Senator Clinton instead--they will take to the streets with torches and pitchforks screaming that the nomination was stolen from his royal majestic majesty's graciousness as Yosemite Sam would say--even though these delegates would be acting in good faith, and accordance to their stated purpose, via sanctioned party procedures.

Rules are rules, but only when they work for Grendel and her beacon of whatever it is Panders supposedly stands for today.

Yeah, we're Republicans.  You just keep telling yourselves that.

Jesse the Moyel

So, what can we deduce from Jesse Jackson saying he wants to cut Pamper's nuts off? That he feels the same way about Panders as we do: Hindenburg doesn't give a rat's ass about African Americans beyond their votes, and he's just Bush 2.0.

Is Jesse a Rainbow/Push/PUMA?
I wonder what would happen if we got Jesse and Harriet Christian together?

09 July 2008

That's My President

Today the Senate voted on the new and unimproved FISA bill.  Pampers fell in line with the privacy killing Bush administration to sanctify the Shrub's warrantless wiretapping scheme, shielding the phone companies like AT&T, who pumped plenty of buckages into his campaign.  Who was the lion(ness) who stood up against the Shrub, and stood up for our Constitutional rights?  Say it with Obamazombies: SENATOR HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON.

Here is her official statement, nothing less than a defense of our most basic and sacred freedoms:

One of the great challenges before us as a nation is remaining steadfast in our fight against terrorism while preserving our commitment to the rule of law and individual liberty. As a senator from New York on September 11, I understand the importance of taking any and all necessary steps to protect our nation from those who would do us harm. I believe strongly that we must modernize our surveillance laws in order to provide intelligence professionals the tools needed to fight terrorism and make our country more secure. However, any surveillance program must contain safeguards to protect the rights of Americans against abuse, and to preserve clear lines of oversight and accountability over this administration. I applaud the efforts of my colleagues who negotiated this legislation, and I respect my colleagues who reached a different conclusion on today’s vote. I do so because this is a difficult issue. Nonetheless, I could not vote for the legislation in its current form.

The legislation would overhaul the law that governs the administration’s surveillance activities. Some of the legislation’s provisions place guidelines and restrictions on the operational details of the surveillance activities, others increase judicial and legislative oversight of those activities, and still others relate to immunity for telecommunications companies that participated in the administration’s surveillance activities.

While this legislation does strengthen oversight of the administration’s surveillance activities over previous drafts, in many respects, the oversight in the bill continues to come up short. For instance, while the bill nominally calls for increased oversight by the FISA Court, its ability to serve as a meaningful check on the President’s power is debatable. The clearest example of this is the limited power given to the FISA Court to review the government’s targeting and minimization procedures.

But the legislation has other significant shortcomings. The legislation makes no meaningful change to the immunity provisions. There is little disagreement that the legislation effectively grants retroactive immunity to the telecommunications companies. In my judgment, immunity under these circumstances has the practical effect of shutting down a critical avenue for holding the administration accountable for its conduct. It is precisely why I have supported efforts in the Senate to strip the bill of these provisions, both today and during previous debates on this subject. Unfortunately, these efforts have been unsuccessful.

What is more, even as we considered this legislation, the administration refused to allow the overwhelming majority of Senators to examine the warrantless wiretapping program. This made it exceedingly difficult for those Senators who are not on the Intelligence and Judiciary Committees to assess the need for the operational details of the legislation, and whether greater protections are necessary. The same can be said for an assessment of the telecom immunity provisions. On an issue of such tremendous importance to our citizens – and in particular to New Yorkers – all Senators should have been entitled to receive briefings that would have enabled them to make an informed decision about the merits of this legislation. I cannot support this legislation when we know neither the nature of the surveillance activities authorized nor the role played by telecommunications companies granted immunity.

Congress must vigorously check and balance the president even in the face of dangerous enemies and at a time of war. That is what sets us apart. And that is what is vital to ensuring that any tool designed to protect us is used – and used within the law – for that purpose and that purpose alone. I believe my responsibility requires that I vote against this compromise, and I will continue to pursue reforms that will improve our ability to collect intelligence in our efforts to combat terror and to oversee that authority in Congress.

Pampers will always be a pretender.  Panders will always be a fraud.  

Hillary, in my heart, will always be my President.

Thank you Hillary for standing up for me, and for all of us.

08 July 2008


Why can't American elections be more like this?  They're almost as ludicrous.  If not more so.

Like Brownshirts Do

As any HRC or PUMA blogger knows, the Pampers Brownshirts light their hair on fire everytime we stand up and tell the truth.  They even go so far as to pretend they are us.

Case in point.  Here I am apparently spewing some pretty racist stuff.  Now anyone who knows me at all knows that I'm not racist.  It's kinda hard to be when you're a Jew and you spent your childhood fist fighting with Catholic School kids who tried to beat you up because you killed Jesus.  I never even met the guy.  As a result, tolerance is something I learned at a pretty early age, as is self-defense. 

But here are the two most glaring giveaways from that Botsmear that this Shtuey is not me.
  1. I would never mail my own poo to the Obama campaign for fear they would take my DNA, clone me, register my clone to vote, and have him vote for Hindenburg.
  2. If I'm going to impersonate a black man I'm not going to rub poo on my face.  What's the thrust here instaputz, you think that black people smell like shit?  Just who is the racist?  No, if I'm going to try and pass as a man of color I'll do it with tanning oil and a sun lamp a la Black Like Me.

I also got a comment from someone calling themselves Zeno.  I don't know if this is a reference to the insignificant Greek philosopher, Roman emperor, or acne treatment device, but apparently Zeno thinks that I am preoccupied with poo poos, asses, Pampers, and related subjects.  He thinks I'm obsessed and should seek therapy.  Zeno, let me say how much I appreciate your concern, but I'm just fine.  Can I help it if Pampers is an ass?  No I can't.  And neither can Pampers evidently.  

As for my preoccupation with poo poos, farts, and asses I have this to say:  Everybody poops sometimes.  I like to poop at least once a day.  You see Zeno, when people eat their food it is broken down in the stomach.  It then moves into the intestinal tract where nutrients are absorbed by digestive enzymes that help distribute said nutrients to the body.  What the body can't use or absorb accumulates in the colon until it reaches critical mass.  Then it passes,via the anus, into the toilet as poopy, shit, feces, ka ka, turd, etc.  It's a bodily function we all perform.  If you think my discussing this demonstrates to you that I need therapy then I would suggest that perhaps it's you who needs therapy.  You shouldn't be afraid to talk about poopy.  And you shouldn't be afraid to acknowledge that Pampers is an ass.  Everyone else in America who hasn't figured it out yet is sure having less and less of reason not to do so.

And let's face it, poo poos and farts are just plain funny.  Just ask Mel Brooks.  Here's one for our pal Zeno:

So Zeno, does Mel need therapy too?

One is the Loneliest Number (UPDATE)

Word has just reached me that Mark Warner has said no to Obama's VP slot.  I'm just going to come out and say it.  Senator Obama, you're a fraud, and I think everyone but your sycophantic hoards of mindless Huffpo Blogger douches knows it.

It has been bandied about that this might be a Democratic Strategy to get Hillary on the ticket because, let's face it, 4 million of us are already staying home, writing in Hillary, or voting for McCain (I wonder how many dead people Axelgoebels will be able to register to vote before November?).  Anyone who thinks that Hillary is going to accept being VP, after more than half a dozen people have told him "no", is...well...fucking stupid.

If the Democratic Party needs her that badly then I would suggest she say, "Boys, you need me to win, so put me on the top of the ticket."  

PUMAs are already making it clear, #2 WILL NOT DO!  We will not vote for the selected candidate.  This is a Democracy.  The people have spoken.  The people voted for Hillary.  She should have had 1725 delegates to Obama's 1707.  The RBC handed him the nomination, like the Supreme Court handed Bush the White House.  Anyone who supports Obama, while calling PUMAs undemocratic, is a categorical fascist.  There's no getting around it.  We will stand up and continue to fight until Democracy is restored to the Democratic Party.  If that means putting John McCain in the White House over Pampers, so be it.

07 July 2008

One is the Loneliest Number

Poor Hindenburg, he just can't seem to find anyone who wants to be his Vice President.  Ted Strickland, Ed Rendell, John Edwards, Hillary Clinton (I'm assuming she gave him the thumbs down at Feinstein's house, and she's already soliciting for contributions for her 2012 Senate/Presidential run), Wes Clark is under the bus, and now Jim Webb.  Wasn't Jimmy supposed to be giving him street cred, and help deliver Virginia?  So much for that plan.

So let's scratch Virginia off Panders' new and improved electoral map; which also doesn't include Ohio or Florida, or West Virginia, or Kentucky.

Pampers, it sucks to be you, but here's a little tune you might consider using as your campaign theme:

06 July 2008

With Friends Like This, Who Needs Enemies?

I had a long and substantive chat with an Obama staffer over the weekend.  This is someone who came from out of state to spend the summer campaigning for Super Ego.  I asked him to justify Panders' recent batch of flip flop waffalo pancakes.  He said he's very disappointed in the FISA decision, and has been lobbying him on his website.  He hopes he changes his mind.  I'm really sure that will happen, the narrator said with incredulity.  

His final analysis of his candidate at the end of our talk was, "He's not a perfect candidate, but he's the best chance we've got."

That's it?  That's the sum game for Pampers supporters?  He's not perfect, but he's the best chance we've got?  In how many ways can I say, "Fuck you!"

Hillary Clinton got kicked to the curb for that?  If you thought I was pissed off before, you ain't seen nothin' yet!

Denver, We Have a Problem

The DNC is broke.  Not flat broke, but having trouble paying for the convention broke.  So what does Hindenburg decide to do?  Move his nomination acceptance speech to Invesco Field.  I assume the arrogant putz will be footing the bill for this spectacle.  Here's a preview of what the coronation might look like:

Too bad Leni Riefenstahl is dead Senator Hindenburg.  But I'm sure you and Axelgoebels will come up with something approximate for your brownshirts.  

It's just too bad that now 43% of Democrats want Hillary at the top of the ticket.  Gosh gee, that's up from 35% last month!  Isn't the presumptive nominee's popularity supposed to go up after the primary and not down?  That must be what Panders means when he says "new politics."

Hey Pampers, maybe you ought to be thinking about moving your acceptance speech, if in fact that actually happens, to Chuck E. Cheese instead.

Now Hindenburg and his campaign say they won't have any problem filling Invesco's nearly 80,000 seats.  Funny, they couldn't even fill Reynolds Coliseum the night he supposedly won the North Carolina primary.  Check the photo at the top for a glimpse of how the crowd really looked.  Smoke and mirrors people.  I guess they'll use the same technique in Denver.  Good luck with that Hindenburg.

05 July 2008

Wave That Flag

As far as I'm concerned, the Independence Day celebration rolls on.  Okay, so the surviving members of the Dead did a show for Obama.  What do expect from a bunch of stoners.  But as they're forever my boys I'm giving them a shot of redemption.

Waffles R Us Special of the Day: Flip Flop Pancakes

The hits just keep on coming from Commander Waffalo.  First it was campaign financing.  Then it was FISA.  Now it's Iraq and abortion.  This is a man who believes in nothing but getting himself elected.  Since he's already 4 million Clinton votes behind McCain he must think that he's going to win by abandoning his left wing wingnut supporters and courting Republican Bushies who aren't thrilled with McCain.

In how many ways can one say that is just plain stupid?  Does he really think that Republicans are going to come flocking to him when he's been backed by a seemingly endless stream of terrorists and bigoted preachers?

More and more he's looking like a candidate who is on the verge of imploding.  He can't find anyone to be his Vice President (Bill Richardson may be the only toady left in his parade of sycophants willing to do it).  He's alienating his base to the point that he's got Kos and Ariana Puffinstuff on the warpath.  Even the NYT is abandoning him (had you morons stuck with the candidate you endorsed, instead of kissing Pampers' posterior through the primaries maybe we wouldn't be in this mess).

I forgot a name on my Pampers nickname list:  Hindenburg

Who is the Democratic candidate who has maintained her positions, stands in line with Democratic Party values, defends the middle class, is committed to choice, troop withdrawal, and clean and green energy policy?  Say it with me America:  HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON.

See her campaigning in New York on energy policy.  Interesting that she never mentions Panders, and is talking about HER energy policy, not Pampers' nuclear and ethanol based policy.

And this just in from CNN:  The number of Clinton supporters that would vote for Obama is down from 60% to 54%

In June 22% of Clinton supporters polled said they would not vote at all if Obama was the nominee.  Now close to a third say they will stay home.

In June 35% of Democrats surveyed said they wanted HRC to be on top of the ticket.  That number is now up to 43%

It is no coincidence that as the PUMA movement and the Just Say No Deal Coalition expands, that these numbers are shifting.  Our voices are being heard!

Stay tuned PUMAs.  Stay hungry.  Speak out!

04 July 2008

Jesse Helms is Dead. (UPDATED)

Fitting that Jesse Helms, a racist, homophobe, and xenophobe, by any measure, but a great lover of his country and his constitutional right to be those things, died on July 4th.  When he retired from the Senate I predicted that, like rivals Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, he and Fidel Castro would die on the same day.  Who would have thought that it would have ended up being the very same day as those two giants of American History.

The Castro Death Watch is on!

update: Well, it's July 5th and as far as I can tell Castro is still not dead.  So much for my prediction.  But the celebrity death trine is complete.

Summer of 2008 Celebrity Death Trine:

  1. Tim Russert
  2. George Carlin
  3. Jesse Helms

Wow.  That's a motley crew.

Fare thee well.

03 July 2008

I Like Lists

Right now I'm working on two. The first is a list of names I have bestowed upon Diaper Man. The second is; who can be found under his Ginormous Nuclear Monster Bus.

Names first.
  1. Pampers
  2. Panders
  3. Golden god of Change
  4. Ovomit
  5. MOE (margin of error)
  6. Captain Puketastic
  7. Caesar Fraudulus
  8. LaBamba
  9. Barry Bonds
  10. Puss Pocket
  11. Commander Waffalo
  12. Waffles
Now let's see if the list of parties thrown under the Camp Pampers bus can beat it (if I've left anyone out, please feel free to let me know).

  1. Women
  2. Blue collar white dudes
  3. Jews
  4. Israel
  5. Palestinians
  6. Asians
  7. Latinos
  8. LGBTs
  9. 18 million Clinton voters
  10. Michigan
  11. Ehud Olmert
  12. Hatem el Hady
  13. Florida
  14. Ohio
  15. John Lewis
  16. Bill Clinton
  17. Hillary Clinton
  18. Chelsea Clinton
  19. Alice Paul
  20. Alice Palmer
  21. Wes Clark
  22. His typical white grandmother
  23. Islam
  24. Jeremiah Wright
  26. Italian Garlic Noses
  27. Bible thumping gun toters
  28. Philadelphia Eagles Fans
  29. Mrs. Butterworth
  30. The Trinity Church
  31. Bill Clinton
  32. The Spotted Owl
  33. France
  34. Strongman
  35. Cuckoo Man
  36. Tornado Man
  37. Rope Man
  38. The Texas Prairie Chicken
  39. Squirrels
  40. The Presidential Seal
  41. The Barackadential Seal
  42. Cheetos
  43. Austan Goolsbie
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I really thought the squirrels were gonna make it.

01 July 2008

So, you think you can dance?

Interesting things are afoot.  I have heard on the wind that the Republicans in Congress are VERY interested in the PUMA movement.  We are considered the prize in the general election, and they are trying to figure out the best way to woo us.  I have let my go-betweens know that we want to see some evidence that the Republicans are serious about taking down Obama.  And they are starting to understand that we are serious about breaking down the forces responsible for bringing us the FIASCO of May 31.  I am getting the word out that when they start standing up against the anti-democratic actions of the coup that we PUMAs will be right there to add our voices.

My perception is that the Republicans are trying to walk a thin line.  They undoubtedly have toxic stuff to leak out about Obama, but they are holding back because as far as they are concerned Hillary Rodham Clinton is still a threat.  As they are clearly feeling beholden to our support (and they want it VERY badly in light of the fact they are fighting a great deal of apathy toward their presumptive nominee in certain factions of the party) we need to strategize methods to force their hand on some of this stuff they are holding.  If we are serious about taking down Obama's candidacy, and this coup, we're going to have to leverage the Republicans with our potential support.

I am making it clear that there are disparate strategies among members of the Just Say No Deal Coalition.  Some are planning to vote for McCain.  Some are staying home.  Some are going to write in HRC.  Obviously the Republicans want to boost the numbers of us taking the first option.  The message we need to send Republicans is this: go after the Democratic Party.  Speak to what happened on May 31, 2008 at the Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting, specifically the hijacking of 4 of HRC's delegates, the allocation of 55 uncommitted delegates to a candidate who did not even appear on the ballot, and the violation of the Democratic Party's Sunshine Laws.  And let loose some serious salvos against Obama, not just tit for tat like we've been seeing (though the way he's recently started throwing and Wes Clark under the bus I'm wondering how much of a base in the Party Obama is still going to have when he gets to Denver).

In the meantime I'm asking people in my network to get back on the stick about lobbying super delegates.  I think there has been some slackening in that area as people are seeing HRC out there with Obama thinking, "She's campaigning for him.  It's over."  From the reports I have read, and what I've seen from Unity, NH, and the Mayflower Hotel, I'd say this is definitely not over.

The Republicans are also apparently nervous about Ed O'Reilly.  They are glad to see he's getting support against John Kerry, but he's getting too much for their liking.  I say that's a very good thing.  In fact, I encourage you to contribute to Ed's campaign (as well as Stephanie Tubbs Jones and Sheila Jackson Lee), and help take down one of the principle players in the coup.  The bottom line is the Republicans are ready to make a serious play on the Congress, and they would like to do it on our backs.  It's no secret that many of us are willing to support candidates opposing elected officials whose districts and states went to Clinton, but who endorsed Obama anyway, despite all the talk from party leaders about super delegates not overturning the "will of the people."  They want to use us, and we want to use them.  This is going to be a delicate dance all the way through August and beyond.

A final thought.  The Republicans are VERY afraid of Hillary making a comeback...very afraid.  They know that, if nominated, they will not be able to beat her.  Every person, every party has a lever.  Archimedes is reported to have said that with a lever, and a place to stand, he could move the entire world.  We have the strength to move the lever. We just have to find the proper fulcrum.

It's a long way to Denver.