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בַּת-בָּבֶל, הַשְּׁדוּדָה: אַשְׁרֵי שֶׁיְשַׁלֶּם-לָךְ-- אֶת-גְּמוּלֵךְ, שֶׁגָּמַלְתּ לָנוּ
אַשְׁרֵי שֶׁיֹּאחֵז וְנִפֵּץ אֶת-עֹלָלַיִךְ-- אֶל-הַסָּלַע

How can one be compelled to accept slavery? I simply refuse to do the master's bidding. He may torture me, break my bones to atoms and even kill me. He will then have my dead body, not my obedience. Ultimately, therefore, it is I who am the victor and not he, for he has failed in getting me to do what he wanted done. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am not for others, what am I? If not now, when? ~ Rav Hillel, Pirke Avot

This Red Sea Pedestrian Stands against Judeophobes

This Red Sea Pedestrian Stands against Judeophobes
Wear It With Pride

29 October 2009

It's Called Ben Adam L'Chavaroh

Earlier this week, Yehidot Ahronot reported an extraordinary story about a religious Jewish settler who befriended a gay Palestinian who was in danger of being lynched by the people of his family's town. Typically, Arab homosexuals are publicly hanged or thrown off buildings by their fellow Arabs. Many religious Jews frown upon homosexuality as being against G-d's will. So here, in the middle of this mess between Arabs and Jews, something happens that has to make G-d fearing people reevaluate just what exactly His will is; at least G-d fearing people with a conscience.

Here are the highlights. To read the whole thing, go here.

A young gay Palestinian man, who is in grave, life-threatening danger and cannot return to his home with his Israeli partner, was saved by a stranger who came to his aid – a religious West Bank settler.

The Palestinian, T., and the Israeli, Doron, became a couple 10 years ago. Eight years ago, they drafted a marriage agreement between them, but this did not help on the bureaucratic side. T. is tormented: The State has yet to authorize family unification with Doron. As a result, he has yet to receive permanent authorization to live in Israel. He does not have health insurance, a bank account, or a drivers' license. Nor can he take out a mortgage.

"We live in a difficult reality," said Doron on Tuesday. "It's been many years that they are checking him out, but he hasn't done anything wrong. T. is a goody-two-shoes."

Recently, T.'s father, who lives in a West Bank village, fell ill, and his son wanted to go visit him. Because going to the village is life-threatening for him because residents there are not willing to accept his sexual orientation, a father-son meeting was held outside of the village.

About ten days ago, T. entered the West Bank via one of the checkpoints. His sick father, accompanied by his mother, waited for him a short distance from the checkpoint. It was an emotional meeting. The family members finally got to see one another and T. gave them a sum of money that he had been saving for them.

However, following the brief meeting, all started to go wrong. T. started making his way back to Israel, but was surprised to discover at the checkpoint that he was not allowed re-entry. Even though he is currently under consideration for family unification and despite the fact that a yearly temporary residence permit was authorized for him, it was decided not to allow him back into Israel for security considerations.

T. found himself in an impossible situation: he was not allowed to return to his home in Israel, but returning to his parents' home in the village would put his life in danger. Left with no other choice, he turned to the only person he knew in the area who could help him – a religious settler who has known him for some years. The man decided to give asylum to T. even though he knew it would not be looked upon favorably in the settlement.

So, this is how it came to be that T., a gay Palestinian, has been hiding out in the home of a religious Jewish family in a settlement.

Since this incident took place, T has faced an increasingly frustrating, and life threatening situation with bureaucratic nonsense being perpetrated by Israeli security. The simple truth is that if it weren't for the kindness and compassion of the settlement that has agreed to host him, T would be dead, period. And so, once again we see what real Jewish leadership is: taking action and ignoring religious mores in favor of p'cuach nefesh...saving a life.

"They are intentionally endangering his life," said Doron on Tuesday. "A few years ago, he was arrested by the Palestinian Shin Bet, tortured for two weeks, and now my country is causing me terrible anxiety. He has been in Israel since the age of 13. He grew up within the Israeli reality. Anyone who brings a foreign woman is sorted out with family unification. But we – who live a normative life and don't impose any burden on the State, work, pay taxes – experience this suffering all the time. Ultimately, I ask for a little understanding, a little humanity, a little emotion."
What Doron is talking about is the Jewish concept of ben Adam l'chavaroh; being responsible for our fellow human beings. T shouldn't be put through this. This is not a murderer of Jews. He's a gay man who cannot go home to his partner in Israel.

Doron, and the community sheltering him, are a blessing to Hashem, and the Jewish people. Kol HaKavod! And may T's situation be resolved justly, and soon.

28 October 2009

Jew Hate 101

Apparently there is a shortage of Judeophobic material out there in the academic world. Thank goodness we have Christopher Hartney of the University of Sydney to serve up some fresh racism in Australia.

Jewish students complained to authorities about Hartney's textbook after noticing some moldy oldies like Jews being the cause of most conflicts in the world, and that the Passover holiday involves us slaughtering lambs and smearing the blood on our lintels, which was done on the night HaShem passed judgement on the first born of Egypt, but is not done today. I'm a bit surprised that we didn't hear about the annual blood in the matzah story, but that's what Sweden is for, right?

Sydney's Jewish leaders fear that the 5000 books already in circulation will fuel Jew hate in Australia. Cambridge University Press has said it will "review" the complaints regarding the book, while the Jewish Board of Deputies is demanding the book be withdrawn immediately. Don't knock yourselves Cambridge. We wouldn't anyone doing the right thing by the Jews now, would we? A sudden wave of ethics might cause internal bleeding.

27 October 2009

Shimshon Battalion Heroes In Jail

Two soldiers of the Shimshon Battalion of the Kfir Brigade have been sentenced to jail for 20 days for protesting against potentially being used to evacuate Homesh, and the rest of the Shomron. They held up a sign saying:
"Shimshon Battalion soldiers do not carry out evictions at Homesh."
It would seem that the Chief of Staff may agree.

Arutz 7 reports:
IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi said he views the protest "with gravity," and said that IDF soldiers should not be used for outside interests. IDF Central District Commander Gen. Avi Mizrachi, only a few days in his position, said the army "should not be dragged into political discourse, causing division in the nation's army." The protestors apparently agree whole-heartedly with those sentiments.
It sounds to me that Gabi is against the IDF being used to rip Jews from their homes in order to satisfy the world community's lust to set the stage for Israel's destruction. I have personally felt that if this is what the world wants, let them try and do it themselves while Am Yisrael defends its lands.

As for the soldiers, they have not only been thrown in jail for defending the rights of Jews, they have been permanently barred from serving in the Shimshon Battalion. What would be nice is if Shimon Peres, Ehud Barak, Tzipi Livni, etc were permanently barred from serving in the Knesset...I guy can dream can't he?

A brother of one of the soldiers said they knew of the potential consequences of their actions, but that they were determined to make their stand.

Again, from A7:
[The brother] explained that many of the Shimshon soldiers "have been demoralized for a long time: IDF officers incite them against their brothers in Shomron (Samaria) and forbid them from being guests in their homes and dining there on Sabbaths." He said that they "enlisted in order to fight the Arab enemy; instead, they are taken on actions against Jews throughout Shomron.”

Meanwhile the parents of the soldiers are receiving a prize:
The prize amounts to 1,100 shekels ($300) for each night that the soldiers spend in military prison. It is being given by the Task Force to Save the Nation and the Land, a pro-Land of Israel and nationalist organization based in Tzfat (Safed). Rabbi Shalom Dov Wolpe, director of the organization, said the intention is to recognize and reward "parents who merited to raise and educate such wonderful sons as these, and to raise the spirits of these families who are suffering because of this grave decision to jail their sons."
Another group liked the idea and will also be giving a monetary prize to the parents.

I believe in loving every Jew. Some make it a lot easier than others. Kol HaKavod to the soldiers, their families, and Task Force to Save the Nation and the Land for their efforts in protecting the sovereignty of the Jewish people in all their lands. There cannot, and there will not be peace for Israel so long as it continues to aid and abet external and internal forces that seek her destruction. Baruch HaShem, it looks like more and more Israelis are understanding this, though not yet enough to keep these two heroes out of jail.

26 October 2009

And The 2009 OMV Peace Prize Goes To...


Very appropriate, with far more peace making potential than the pencil neck in the White House.

Is Goldstone Waking the Slumbering Congress?

While the Marack administration has been relentlessly assailing Israel's sovereignty over Jerusalem, its claims to Yehuda and Shomron, and the sanctity of its Supreme Court, the US Congress has largely been asleep. With the exception of a critical letter here or there it's pretty much been a US Congress asleep at the switch on defending Israel from Marack and his Cast of Kapos.

So how refreshing is it to find that there is a bipartisan effort in Congress to pressure Marack to quash the Goldstone Libel?

A non-binding resolution introduced on Friday by Rep. Howard Berman (D-California), the chairman of the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee, and Rep. Ileana Ross-Lehtinen (R-Florida), the committee's ranking Republican, "calls on the president and the secretary of state to strongly and unequivocally oppose any further consideration of the 'Report of the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict' and any other measures stemming from this report in multilateral fora."

Also signing on as sponsors were the Middle East subcommittee's chairman and ranking member, Reps. Gary Ackerman (D-New York) and Dan Burton (R-Indiana).
Now, let's see if it passes. Of course we know that Marack will ignore it, but passage is at least an encouraging sign that there are still some in government that remember that it is Israel, not the terrorist regimes of Fatah and Hamas, or the Saudis (before whom we all saw Marack bow low), who fund, aid, and abet the terrorists, that is America's ally.

25 October 2009

Come Back To Har HaBayit

The conference in Jerusalem that muslim clerics used as an excuse in incite violence against Jews, saw rabbis and politicians calling for an increased Jewish presence at the Temple Mount. Some were also brave enough to mention the Israeli police's racist policy against Jews at our holiest site.

Yosef Rabin of the Movement for the Establishment of the Temple said:
"When a visibly Jewish person wants to go onto the mount, they are made to wait, sometimes as long as an hour, while police subject them to humiliating security checks and searches. Meanwhile, secular Israelis and non-Jewish tourists are allowed to enter the site freely. One of the messages here tonight, in addition to the call on Jews to increase their presence at the Temple Mount, is to call attention to, and hopefully put an end to, this discrimination by police. It's absurd to me that the only other place I know of where Jews are forbidden from praying, on a state level, is Mecca. But we're talking about the Temple Mount - the holiest site in Judaism."

Well said Mr. Rabin. I'm right there with you, brother.

There was also discussion about prominent rabbis who have declared it forbidden to ascend Har HaBayit for purity reasons. Some speakers pointed out that if knowledgeable people marked of what areas were forbidden and which were not, then these rabbis would most likely have no problem.

Here's my halachic pronouncement. Muslims defile our holy places every day. The Foundation Stone is in their hands. Jews should not only be going to Har HaBayit, they should be davening there. No muslim and no state authority has the right to stop us.

My favorite Likud MK, Tzipi Hotovely, once again laid it out in the plainest, most direct terms. Jews must strengthen their bond with the Temple Mount.

"And the way to do that is to declare it. The way to do that is to go there. True, this is something the rabbinical world is divided on at the moment, but I think it's something that the Jewish people should begin to do more."
On the issue as to whether an increased Jewish presence would escalate the violence, she said:
"The more we back away from the Temple Mount, the more violence will increase. And not only will it increase, she added, it will spread to other parts of Jerusalem, to the Kotel for example."
Is it any wonder why I think Hotovely is the bees knees? She rocks, and she's right. We must increase our presence at the Temple Mount. It was put into our hands in 1967 for a reason. That reason was not to put it in the hands of those sworn to kill us. That is an act of insanity.

When we assert our sovereignty over Har HaBayit, things will start falling into place for Am Yisrael.

Har HaBayit Closed Again

Har HaBayit is once again the scene of riots and calamity. Today was set as the day to commemorate Moses Maimonides' visit to the Temple Mount 843 years ago. This has been marked in the past by Jews ascending Har HaBayit.

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, Islamist leaders are using incitement over the Temple Mount to spark Mahmoud Abbas' third intifada, which he threatened in June to unleash. Islamic clerics in eastern Jerusalem and members of the northern branch of the so-called Islamic Movement have once again been making calls to Muslims to defend the Al-Aqsa pimple.

While Jews are restricted by the Muslim Waqf to only ascend Har HaBayit for a three hour window on a typical day, while it was Israel who foolishly gave authority to the Muslims to administer the daily affairs of our holiest place (Israel's greatest act of chillul HaShem, the price for which the nation is still paying), it is the Jews the Muslims say that are inciting the tensions. An anonymous member of the Southern Islamic Movement said:
"It seems like the extremists don't want to have quiet in Jerusalem or on the Temple Mount. These sorts of things used to happen once every year, or once every two years, but now the provocations have become more frequent."
This coming from people who had piled stones on the Temple Mount to hurl down on Jewish worshippers at the Kotel, and then demanded that Muslims come to defend the Al-Aqsa pimple. Yes, it's those provocative Jews that are the problem. And what did the Jewish provocateurs do this time? A group called Eretz Yisrael Shelanu organized a conference to mark the Rambam's visit to the Temple Mount, "calling Jews to properly arise to the Temple Mount." Several nationalist MKs and rabbis were to be in attendance.

No formal plan or scheduling of a visit to Har HaBayit was made or publicized.

Violence ensued today when dozens of young Muslims began hurling rocks from the Temple Mount. Police had to enter the compound twice at this writing to deal with this, using stun grenades to disperse the rock throwers. Today's second round of violence broke out while Israeli police were talking with Waqf officials in an attempt to get protestors from earlier clashes to come out of the mosque where they holed themselves up, and leave the area peacefully.

The first round of violence was sparked while police were escorting a group of tourists to the Temple Mount. Several Muslims were caught on camera preparing to cause trouble, including pouring oil on the ground to prevent security forces and tourists from entering. Upon discovering this, police entered the compound and were pelted with stones and a fire bomb. Twelve were arrested.

This is going to continue until the Jewish people claim sovereignty over Har HaBayit, which was given to them in the miracle of 1967. If history has taught us anything, you cannot appease forces that are dedicated to killing you. The Torah says that even on Shabbat, one must take up arms to drive enemies from your fields, even if they are merely going after the straw and stubble. When the Jewish people fail to do this they get stones and firebombs thrown at them from their holiest site.

Apparently the Temple Mount has been closed...again, according to Arutz 7.

When is Israel finally going to have real Jewish leadership? When the Jewish people stand up and make it so.

23 October 2009

Kfir Brigade Stands For Homesh

Recruits from Kfir brigade, and their families, displayed banners at their graduation saying that they would refuse to evacuate the community of Homesh if they were so ordered.

From JPost:
Kadima MK and Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee member Nachman Shai on Friday sent a letter to Defense Minister Ehud Barak where he wrote that "the
soldiers of the Kfir Brigade placed a serious challenge to the IDF yesterday.
They announced they would refuse orders to evacuate a settlement if the order
would be made. The IDF has no room for soldiers who refuse to carry out orders,
and I expect that as the defense minister you will instruct the chief of general
staff to take immediate disciplinary measures against [these soldiers] in order
to clarify that Israel is a state governed by law and soldiers must also obey
the law."

The IDF has announced that the recruits will be punished. It is business as usual when the State of Israel punishes its heroes and strengthens those like Nachman Shai who have no vision or sense.

Kol HaKavod boys!

Shabbat Shalom l'kulam!

21 October 2009

A New One From Marack: Land for Summit

In his seemingly infinite capacity to loathe Israel and love the Arabs, the Jew Hating White House Resident made an offer that Israel could refuse, and did.

From IMRA:

Yisrael Hayom diplomatic correspondent Shlomo Tzesna reports in today's edition that the Netanyahu Administration has rejected an American plan according to which a summit would be held in another month that would be based on an Israeli commitment to reach an agreement for the establishment of a Palestinian state within two years as well as Israeli willingness to
carry out a massive withdrawal from Judea and Samaria. Under the plan, intensive final status talks between Israel and the Palestinians were to be opened after the summit.

At the same time, Haaretz reports today that Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said in an interview published in Al-Ayyam that the PA demands that U.S. President Obama state that the negotiations will lead to a complete Israeli withdraw to the '67 lines.

Here's a counter proposal: Marack Blowbama undertakes a massive withdrawal from earth and returns to his home world of Planet Asshat. In exchange I will stop calling him Marack Blowbama.

What did all those leftist liberal Jews see in this putz? Oh yeah, someone else who hates Israel. How stupid of me.

So here's a scenario. If I were the Prime Minister of Israel I would call Marack on the phone and tell him to withdraw his envoys from Israel, that there will not be a Falacstinian state west of the Jordan River, that the United States can take its $3.8 billion and cram it, and that if the Goldstone Libel is endorsed by the UN Security Council Israel will withdraw from the UN. I would also go so far as to close the American Consulate in Jerusalem and revoke the Ambassador's credentials until such time as the United States government was prepared to move the embassy to Jerusalem, and allow American citizens born in Jerusalem to denote Israel as the country of their birth on their passports.

Does it go without saying that Mahmoud Abbas, Mohammed Dahlan, Saeb Erekat and the rest of the Fatah leadership would all get a free plane ride to the Bermuda Triangle?

20 October 2009

Falafel More Popular Than Marack In Israel

Apparently there are some "Jewish leaders" out there who are "troubled" by Marack's lack of popularity among Israelis. I think it's very safe to say that when you have an approval rating of 4% you are less popular than falafel...a lot less popular. In response, 60 "prominent leaders and thinkers of the Jewish people" had a little two day get together that was sponsored by the Jewish People Policy Planning Institute.

Now, I have been a Jew for a really really really really long time...since birth. I have been involved with, or have known of a lot different Jewish organizations. I can honestly say that I have never heard of the Jewish People Policy Planning Institute. Who makes up this crap? Let's find out.

Here's what the website says in its overview statement:
The Jewish People Policy Planning Institute (JPPPI) is an independent think tank incorporated in Israel as a non-profit corporation. The mission of the Institute is to promote the thriving of the Jewish people via professional strategic thinking and planning on issues of primary concern to world Jewry. JPPPI's work is based on deep commitment to the future of the Jewish people with Israel as its core state.

Located in Jerusalem, JPPPI engages in policy-oriented study and analysis aimed at identifying critical issues, developing creative, policy options and analyzing their potential impacts. JPPPI's work serves as the basis for assessments, alerts and strategic policy designs provided to Jewish decision makers, and to opinion leaders and publics at large

JPPPI is unique among policy research institutes in applying advanced policy planning approaches and methods, within a broad historical and comparative civilizational framework and short, medium and long-term time horizons to future-shaping issues of the Jewish people as a whole.

The Institute's professional and political independence is assured by its bylaws and internal governance structure. A Board of Directors headed by Ambassador Dennis Ross and composed of distinguished individuals with significant policy experience in government, academia, the private sector and Jewish communal life, serves as a guiding council and is charged with approving the Institute's work plans. The Institute's senior staff reflects a broad range of policy experience and of academic disciplines and is richly experienced in policy planning in a range of contexts.

Oh, so Dennis Ross, one of Marack's kapo Jews, who helped bring us the Clinton/Arafat/Barak fiasco that helped Arafat create the second intifada, is in charge of approving the policy of an organization sponsoring a conference on what to do about the fact that Israelis are smart enough to know that the Jew Hating Resident In The White House is a total fraud, racist scumbag, who wants to divide their capital and make Judea and Samaria Judenrein.


Israelis don't like your boss Dennis because he wants to fly a UN flag over the Temple Mount. They don't like him because his policy condones illegal Arab construction in Yesha and Jerusalem, while demanding that Jews build nothing on land they legally own. They don't like him because he flies around the world bowing and scraping before the very people who have dedicated their lives to destroying Israel. Israelis don't like him because he went to Cairo and nullified the historic Jewish connection to land of Israel, equating its founding to a booby prize for surviving the Holocaust, while whitewashing Arab/Muslim violence against the Jewish state.

There are so many reasons for Israelis not to like or trust the Jew Hating White House Resident. The JPPPI's problem is that they can't figure out a way to white wash those reasons, because Israelis just aren't as stupid as American Jews, who fell for Marack's jolly time hopeydopey show like a bunch of knee jerk lemmings. They just won't go along with the world's plan for Israel's suicide.

So what is the brilliant plan? The Barry should go to Israel. Sheer genius. After two days, the director of JPPPI, Avinoam Bar-Yosef, came up with this stroke of brilliance:
“It is important that the president visit Israel, and it is vital that he speaks to the Jewish community heart to heart.”
Yes, The Barry should shine up the teleprompter and do what he always does when faced with the reality of his web of b.s...give a speech.

That's some think tank. I think it's powered by a mosquito's brain.

Excuse me while I go laugh my arse off. Marack has no heart, and lies out of every side of his face. Israelis know that. They have known that since before the election. Coming to Israel to give a fake speech may actually make his numbers dip lower.

Hey, here's an idea. After his speech he can do a photo-op at an Israeli yeshiva giving out Christmas hams.

19 October 2009

Shimon Peres: Mental Defective With Blood On His Hands

Minister Rechavam "Gandhi" Ze'evi, who was gunned down in an Israeli hotel in October 2001, was memorialized at a State ceremony yesterday. Ze'evi was tasked with helping to map out a unified Jerusalem, and was a vociferous advocate of expelling the Arabs from Yehuda and Shomron. His assassins were arrested, and some were executed in targeted killings. Those in jail are now on a list of prisoners the Arabs want freed in exchange for Gilad Shalit.

In memorializing his father, Palmach Ze'evi said:
"It can't be helped that our days are being numbered by everyone – the Israeli Arabs, Iran and 20 other Islamic countries; the Europeans who only 62 years ago sent us to the crematoriums. This is also true to the east and parts of America that only 65 years ago forgot to bomb the death camps.

"When a people are being sold on dreams that cannot be implemented and hopes for peace for a certain period, how can one err and change directions?

"We must decide in the spirit of Gandhi and people of his generation that those who slay Jews cannot live, that one doesn't forget about Hezbollah while it is re-grouping, that one doesn't desert the Negev in the face of Qassams threat, that one doesn't negotiate with West Bank leaders as they fight us in the United Nations and that those who kidnap and keep one of our men cannot be allowed to live."

Naturally, Shimon Peres used the memorial to disgrace Ze'evi's memory and push his continuing obsession to sever the heart of Eretz Yisrael from the rest of the country and give it to the murderers.

President Shimon Peres, in his eulogy at Ze'evi's memorial ceremony, said Ze'evi was not just a "radical Zionist" but also a pragmatist with "a wide strategic point of view." After the Six Day War, said Peres, Ze'evi came up with a plan for what he called “the State of Yishmael” on parts of Yehudah and Shomron (Judea and Samaria) that would be federally linked to the state of Israel.

He quoted a line from Ze'evi, who said at the time that such a step must be taken quickly because “a prolonged rule by Israel would widen the hatred” between the Arabs of Yehudah and Shomron and Israel. "What he understood and suggested as early as June 1967 became, in our time, the basis of a different plan,” Peres added, in an apparent hint at the “two state solution.”

MK Michael Ben-Ari (National Union) was quick to chide Peres for the eulogy. "The President shamed the memory of 'Gandhi' when he turned him into a member of 'Peace Now' and claimed that Gandhi supported a Palestinian state in his youth,” Ben Ari said. “Peres's obsession brought about the Oslo disaster and its murderous results and he is doing everything, including twisting history around, in order to continue making his false claims.”

Let me be blunt. Shimon Peres is a mental defective who suffers from Stockhausen Syndrome. His pushing of the Oslo accords is directly responsible for the deaths of more than 1500 Jews. He should be removed from the presidency and banned from holding office in Israel.

Oy...that felt good.

The Results Are In

Voting is closed for selecting the nominees for the Oy...My Valve! Peace Prize. The competition got tight towards the end, but we have our three finalists. They are:
  1. The Unopened Box of #2 Pencils
  2. My Phlegm
  3. The Deflated NFL Regulation Football Bladder
Congratulations to our finalists! I know you are as thrilled as I am. Well, now the time has come to select which of these unaccomplished but charming objects has done more to bring peace to the known universe than Marack Peace Prize Pampers.

Unlike the nomination poll, voters will only be allowed to select one nominee. I know, they're all worthy, but you will have to select only the most worthy. Choose wisely. The fate of the universe is in your hands.

And here's a little something I found over at Caroline Glick's Blog. It's extremely appropriate, and hilarious. Enjoy!

John was in the fertilized egg business.
He had several hundred young layers (hens), called 'pullets,'
and ten roosters to fertilize the eggs.

He kept records, and any rooster not performing
went into the soup pot and was replaced.

This took a lot of time, so he bought some tiny bells
and attached them to his roosters.

Each bell had a different tone, so he could tell from a distance,
which rooster was performing.

Now, he could sit on the porch and fill out an efficiency report
by just listening to the bells.

John's favourite rooster, Barry, was a very fine specimen,
but this morning he noticed Barry's bell hadn't rung at all!

When he went to investigate, he saw the other roosters were busy chasing
pullets, bells-a-ringing, but the pullets, hearing the roosters coming, could run for cover.

To John's amazement, Barry had his bell in his beak, so it couldn't

He'd sneak up on a pullet, do his job and walk on to the next one.
John was so proud of Barry, he entered him in the Renfrew County Fair
and he became an overnight sensation among the judges.

The result was the judges not only awarded Barry the No Bell Piece
Prize but they also awarded him the Pulletsurprise as well.
Clearly, Barry was a politician in the making.

Who else but a politician could figure out how to win two of the
most highly coveted awards on our planet by being the best at
sneaking up on the populace and screwing them when they weren't
paying attention.

Vote carefully, the bells are not always audible.

17 October 2009

Mad Scientists and Hot Air

A court order forced the release of a report regarding the finding of an Arab weapons lab in Abu Dis, east of Jerusalem. Three men were arrested on suspicion of building bombs and other weapons to be used in attacks in the Jerusalem area. The lab was found in mid-September, but was not reported until now.

Does this come as much of a shock? We all witnessed Fatah gather in Beit Lechem and vote to continue its attempt to eradicate the Jewish state. Well, some of us witnessed it. No one in Washington, the UN, or the EU seems to give a crap. And it doesn't seem that very many in the Knesset care either. La dee dee da.

And, as I suspected, the Goldstone vote hasn't put much of a damper on Bibi's continuing efforts to negotiate a construction freeze. I seem to recall him, and a lot of other MKs shooting their mouths off about how an endorsement of the Goldstone Libel was going to determine whether Israel was willing to take further risks for peace. What's the point of seeking peace when the world tells you that you may not defend yourself, but terrorists can kill civilians?

But, Israeli envoys are being sent to Washington to continue the freeze talks. So, even though Fatah says they still seek to destroy Israel, the IDF found a weapons lab outside Jerusalem, and the world is all behind Goldstone, the current government is still willing to talk about halting construction that it had no business freezing in the first place.

Wow, what defiance. Way to stick to your guns Bibi. Nothing says protecting Israel's interests more than continuing to engage in these futile, racist negotiations. High five!

16 October 2009

UNHRC Ready To Support Terrorism As A Human Right

The UNHRC is about to endorse the Goldstone Blood Libel against Israel today, if it hasn't done so as I write this. The Falacstinian move to withdraw its petition of endorsement would have delayed this action until March, but the PA, under pressure from Hamas protests, and Fatah opposition to the Embezzler in Chief, Mahmoud Abbas, decided it would be okay to condemn Israel now. Isn't that special?

Great Britain (frankly, I'm shocked) is the only western country to actually state it will be voting against the report. Statements from the Spanish Prime Minister seem to indicate they will not support it (but he also went to Ramallah and supported the "settlement freeze"...I wonder what Spanish waffles taste like?), and it is thought that the US will not support it either (with Marack in the White House and Susan Rice at the UN, this is not a sure bet, not at all). It remains to be seen how the remainder of the Eurotrash will vote. France has yet to make up its mind about the 5 page draft resolution...quelle surprise! Who would expect anything less from the French? In fact, if France votes against it, the Mount of Olives may split open.

Israel has made it very clear that endorsement of the report will mean a virtual disengagement from the "peace process," as there will be no incentive to make concessions to the genocidal idiots at Falacstinian Terror Central if Israel's right to self defense is stripped (there should be no concessions anyway, but that's another story). Of course, just because Israeli leaders have said this doesn't make it so. Bibi supported and then condemned the evacuation of Gush Katif. He said there should be no withdrawals or evacuations, but still he negotiates the "freeze." The current government will speak out of all sides of its face. Who knows, we may wake up tomorrow and find out that Bibi has announced there will be a rally in Tel Aviv to celebrate the endorsement of the Goldstone Blood Libel.

If, as noted by the late Abba Eban, the Falacstinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity, the UNHRC never misses an opportunity to take a dump on Israel. The resolution will most likely pass. The question of Europe remains. Having been left naked by Marack's withdrawal of missile defense, the foot dragging on Iran, and Europe poised to become the next front in the radical Islamic terror war, will they be stupid enough to embolden the growing enemy in their midst? If history has taught this blogger anything, you bet your ass they will. A bag of hammers has more sense. Seriously, if the majority of the EU votes against it I will have to figure out how to photograph the monkeys flying out of my butt.

15 October 2009

The National Women's History Museum: One Step Closer

For over ten years the National Women's History Museum has been struggling to find a physical home in Washington D.C. The effort has taken a giant step closer to reality this week as HR 1700, The National Women's History Museum Act of 2009, passed on the House floor this week. The vote will now go to the Senate. If passed, the museum will have permission to break ground at 12th and Independence SW.

In a nation where 51% of the population still does not have its equal rights recognized, this is a major step to having a significant presence in our nation's capital to educate the public as to the unique stories and struggles of American women in their fight for justice and equality.

Congratulations to NWHM president, Joan Wages, and the rest of the officers, staff, and volunteers who have worked so hard for so long. Here's hoping things go as well in the Senate.

Help make history and lobby your Senator to vote in favor of the NWHM Act of 2009. Find out how here.

14 October 2009

Salam Fayad Just Says No To Mickey Mouse

Falacstinian Prime Terrorist Salam Fayad has declared that the PA will not settle for an unarmed “Mickey Mouse” state. They will not accept being demilitarized, like Andorra. Well, duh! It’s awfully hard to keep killing Jews, and move on to phase seven of the Arab plan to eradicate Israel, without weapons.

For those of you not acquainted with the plan here are the main steps (there are a lot of little gears in this genocidal racist plan, but these are the biggies).

1. Evacuate Arab civilians and invade the newly declared Jewish state (this plan failed miserably, even though they did manage to kill 6000 Jews in Israel’s fight for independence). This failure led to phase two…

2. Force all the Arabs who got out of the way of the Arab invasion forces to live in camps and not absorb them into the population. This makes for sympathetic press for the poor, poor Arabs. Never mind that Israel absorbed 800,000 Jews that were forced out of Arab countries when Israel became independent again.

3. Make repeated attempts at invading Israel and launch a terror campaign.

4. Create a fictional people to use as a propaganda tool at the UN to foster a movement for creating a homeland for “Palestinians” that would have gotten their second state in 1947 had the Arabs accepted the UN resolution that partitioned the remaining portion of the British Mandate.

5. Attempt another failed military invasion.

6. Go back to the fake country propaganda plan, which they would hope would lead to…

7. Creation of a fake Arab state to use as a platform for completing the destruction of the Jewish state.

So, in order for this grand scheme to work (how’s it working out so far you genocidal douchebags?) the new Falacstinian state must be armed. But there's a bit of a problem with this brilliant master plan. If they become a country, they will be subject to the same international laws as every other country. Though their nonexistent status allows them to play the Goldstone Game now, this will not be the case should they become an actual country (the other fly in the ointment is that playing the victim has been a lot more lucrative for the PA...just as Sura Arafat as she relaxes in her Parisian penthouse funded by the charity of planet earth that was supposed to build hospitals, schools and whatnot for the Arabs living under PA control....whoops!).

{It should be noted that Falacstinian terrorism is still in violation of international law, and Israel is fully within its rights to take military action to defend itself against it; even if that means civilians being used as human shields by Hamas and Fatah are killed in said action. It is a highly under-publicized fact that Israel has no obligation, under current international law (see the rule of distinction), to take any measures to protect the lives of these civilians during an attack on a legitimate military target, and yet goes to far greater lengths to do so than any armed force on the planet.}

If the PA were to launch a military offensive against Israel as a country, Israel, with sane leadership, would simply do what any country would do when attacked by another country…crush its military until it was no longer capable of waging war, and then annex the territory it seized from the attacking army. Or in other words, do what Israel did in 1967 with the exception of the annexing part.

Israel should be doing this now, but the Falacstinian propaganda machine is well entrenched to the point that most of the world considers them a real nation, instead of what they really are: an Arab military and propaganda tool. Because of this, the leftist whiners in Israel have thus far failed to eradicate the terrorist presence in Eretz Yisrael, and force the Arabs living in the heartland of the Jewish people, which was liberated from the Arabs in 1967, to choose whether to live in our land under complete Jewish authority without the right to vote or hold office, or go across the river to the Arab state that Britain illegally created out of more than half the land that the League of Nations granted to the Jewish people. It will take genuine Jewish leadership to understand and execute the dictate of the Torah, which instructs us that when an enemy is coming to kill you, you kill them first.

I find it ironic that Fayad says he doesn’t want a Mickey Mouse state when there is plenty of video evidence that this is exactly what they want. When are you dingdongs going to make up your minds? You want a state, and then you don’t want a state. You want Mickey Mouse, and now you don’t. You martyr TV animals of cryin' out loud! First it was Farfour. Then it was Nahool, the bee that attacks cats and throws rocks at lions. Does anyone know if they've martyred Assud, the Jew eating rabbit yet?

13 October 2009

And The Arab Chutzpah Train Rolls On

In a pattern that reminds me of Nassir's regional incitement against Israel prior to the Six Day War, there is a growing Arab call of threats against Israel regarding the Jewish claim over the Temple Mount. This time it comes from Egypt.

Subhi Saleh, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, and Egyptian parliamentarian, called for Arabs to break into every Israeli embassy around the world should Israelis visit the Temple Mount. The rabid Jew hater said:
"Embassies have diplomatic immunity but our holy places have divine immunity, so if they enter al-Aqsa, let us enter their embassies.”
He then went on to allege that Jews broke into the Aqsa pimple last week. No such break in took place. In fact, the Temple Mount was closed down for a period of time due to Arab incitement and fears that full scale rioting would break out. It was during this time that stockpiles of stones were found on Har HaBayit, presumably for the Allah fearing Muslims to hurl at the Jews below. How nice.

Believe me when I say that I would love nothing for both of those Islamic eyesores torn down brick by brick and carted off to Mecca or someplace. But there was no Jewish break in at the Aqsa pimple.

This latest statement is part of a now growing international Arab campaign to spark the third intifada with a phony Jewish Temple Mount invasion story. I'm sure that at any moment we will receive word from UN Secretary Ban Ki-Moon condemning the Arab incitement and Saleh's advocating of violence against Israeli embassies. Oh wait...that would be in the bizarro world where the human rights of Jews, and the preservation of Israeli sovereignty actually meant something to people other than Jews and the goyim who love them.

BTW, the Muslim Brotherhood is actually banned in Egypt. Ya know, it might have something to do with the fact that they killed Anwar Sadat. But, in a testimony as to how effective Egypt's ban and control of the MB is, they are the largest opposition party in Egypt. What a comforting thought.

12 October 2009

The Nachas Machine

Do you remember this joke I wrote?

What has four arms, four legs, two heads, and makes Marack, the UN, the EU, and the Arabs want to take a dump?

A pregnant Jew!

Well it seems that there were a whole lot of them in B'nai Brak this Tishrei because Maayanei Hayeshua Hospital just released its birth statistics for the month. They delivered 900 babies in September, B"H! That's right Marack...900 Jewish babies! I LOVE IT!!! That's 900 new Jewish lives to carry on our nation into the next generation. Surely the UN is convening the UNSC to issue a condemnation.

Around 500 of them were boys. That's a lot of foreskins. It reminds me of the joke about the moyel who saved 10,ooo tips. He took them to a leather maker to have him make something nice. A week later the leather maker presented him with a wallet. Seeing the moyel's disappointment the leather maker said, "I know it's just a wallet now. But when you rub it, it turns into a suitcase!"

Ten percent of the babies were twins; forty babies were born on Yom Kippur; 88.5% of the total births were natural while 12.5% were C-Section, about half the national average.

Mazel tov to all the families. May they all grow strong and take their place among the people, and bring you nothing but abundant nachas!

More Arab Chutzpah

It has been said many times, by many people, that Israel's biggest problem is not the Arabs, not the UN, the EU, or even Nobel Peace Pampers. Israel's biggest problem is Jews. Why? Because the Jews who currently run the country are stupid, limp wristed, suicidal idiots who think that bending over to the Arabs and the world will get them to love us, when history has proven again and again that the exact opposite is true.

It is this stupid class of special idiot that allows a lunatic like Ibrahim Abdullah Sarsur to be in the Knesset. Sarsur has declared that the Jebusites, the people from whom David captured Jerusalem, were Arabs. We've heard this laughable notion before. The Falacstinians have also claimed they are descended from the Philistines who were actually foreign invaders, possibly from what is now Greece and have no connection to Arabs whatsoever.

Unfortunately for Sarsur, Mahmoud Abu in a Suit Abbas already admitted that the Arabs calling themselves Falacstinian are not actually from there at all. As he told the press earlier this year, his family in fact hails from Syria, and Jordan, which is where they fled to when the Jewish state was founded, out of fear of Jewish reprisals for the many Arab massacres and riots that took place before the modern state of Israel was declared. Arafat, the George Washington of his fake country was from Egypt. So much for the Jebusites.

But it isn't even the acceptance of the Falacstinian lie of indigenous life by segments of Israel's political elites that is the problem. The real problem is that Israel allows a scumbag like Sarsur, a part of the "Islamic Movement" in Israel, to be in the Knesset, and make an announcement like this:
"We, as Muslims, along with the noble ones among the Christians... ask only that Israel take its hands off of Al Quds and the Al Aqsa Mosque, stop trampling the rights of Arabs and Muslims in the city... act to distance the extreme Jewish elements from the Al Aqsa mosque, forget about the possibility of holding Jewish prayer of any form or size in the [Temple Mount] and certainly forget about the possibility of shared Jewish custodianship over it, because this will be a red line after which the face of the region and the world will be completely different.”

He also referred to the Covenant between Abraham and Hashem as a, "false G-dly promise."

Now we all know that this scumbag is merely part of the intensifying attempt to provoke Israel and start the next intifada, an Arab excuse for which will no doubt be made in the coming weeks or months. But this is not the point. Jews and Jewish political movements have been banned and/or forced out of the Knesset for defending the rights of Jews against people like Sarsur and the genocidal idiots they represent, and for attempting to bring authentic Jewish leadership to Israel.

The reality is that the concept of a Jewish state and Western democracy are not congruous concepts. There is no place in the Jewish body politic for elements that demand the Jews be murdered and the Jewish state destroyed; just as there is no room in Israel for Arabs who see the founding of the modern state of Israel as the Nakba, the catastrophe. Until the Jewish people understand that there will never be peace in Israel's borders as long as the country entertains the presence of genocidal maniacs in her government, there will continue to be incitement and terrorism committed against Jews in all of Israel. If the Israeli government is serious about protecting the Jewish people at home, and abroad, it is going to have to come to terms with this inescapable fact.

A good place to start would be banning Sarsur from the Knesset, and the Islamic Movement from Israel. Instead, IDF Central District Command ordered that three Jewish activists be banned from Samaria for six months. Two are fathers, one of whom has a son only 10 days old, whose loss of income will obviously hurt the family. Yes, the Left in Israel is completely upside down. The Prime Minister defends the rights of the Arabs and army bans Jewish activists from going home. Is it any wonder that Israel faces a constant parade of tsuris?

10 October 2009

The Renewing of the Arab Terror War

This past summer in Beit Lechem, Fatah voted to renew its violent struggle to destroy the Jewish state. With the events that have transpired in Jerusalem over the past two weeks it is clear that the Arabs are ready. The powder is deployed and fused. It only awaits the spark.

Continuing attempts have been made in the form of the calls on Muslims to defend Al Aqsa from Jewish worshipers. Israel found the wheelbarrows filled with rocks. This means only one thing. The Arabs are ready to launch the next war. The question is, is Israel prepared to win it this time?

The Arabs know they will be defeated, but they are determined to engage in this war because the destroying of Israel demands it. They are also counting on Marack and the EU to intervene. They are also counting on Israel to stop military operations before they actually win.

Contrary to popular belief, Israel has never won a war. Every conflict in which it has engaged has ended in a ceasefire, not victory, even when victory was in Israel's grasp. In order for Israel to survive and have a lasting peace within its borders, including ALL of Eretz Yisrael, Fatah and Hamas must be broken, destroyed wholly and utterly. The Arab leadership in Israel that demands the Nakba be taught in Israel's schools must also be broken.

As Caroline Glick correctly points out in her latest column, the latest round of war is coming, and Israeli Arabs will no doubt be involved in the inciting and execution of violence against Jews. Israel has coddled them for too long, these people that see the founding of modern Israel as a catastrophe. The time for the paradigm shift has come. There is no room west of the Jordan for a binational state or two states. The League of Nations designated our homeland as the Jewish state and it is time that this vision be realized.

Does the current government have the resolve to see this war to its end? Does it have the strength of will to finally eradicate the terrorist presence from within all the land of Israel, and at last end the Arab strategy of destroying Israel with the creation of an Arab state in the heart of its land?

This past week Bibi Netanyahu witnessed the entering of his grandson into the Covenant between Avraham and Hashem. The physical embodiment of this covenant is the circumcision, and the land of Israel. What did Bibi see in his mind's eye? What did he feel in his heart at this momentous occasion? We will know when this war is engaged. Will he fight to win it? Or will he fight to the ceasefire and let the infected wound continue to fester?

On the eve of this war we conclude the reading of the Torah and begin it again; a cycle that has remained unbroken for thousands of years, the same as our presence in the land of Israel. For four thousand years it has been our home. For four thousand years it has been the living heart of our bond with G-d.

It will not only be the IDF that engages in this war against our enemies. Every man, woman, and child of Am Yisrael will be engaged. On whose side will you fight? Will you join the Suicide Now Jews who wish for nothing more than to see Israel capitulate to her enemies in the false hope that at last the world will stop trying to kill us? Or will you stand on the side of Israel, on the side of Hashem, who demands we face our enemies and drive them from the land? Will you face the propagandists in the papers, on the streets, on the internet, and on college campuses? Will you march against Code Pink, Cindy Sheehan, and the rest of the Leftists? Will you combat their lies, will you march to answer their rallies and speeches? Will you make your presence felt, or will you hide in your flimsy succahs until the howling of our enemies brings them down?

For two thousand years, until the renewal of our government in Israel, we hid from our enemies. We ran and cowered in our synagogues and died together when our enemies burned us alive within them. We cannot hide now. The world is gathering to stand against us again. We cannot hide now.

The time to choose is now. The time to strengthen your resolve is now. You are not alone.

Let's Learn About Norway

I have to say that I'm most intriuged by Norway. Is it the water, the cold, the lack of sunlight, or the fjords that affected the minds of the Nobel Prize Committee's decision to give the I Haven't Actually Done Anything for Peace Prize to Marack? Let's take a look and see what we can find.

First, a message from the Norwegian Party

And now, an insightful look into Norwegian society through the eyes of one completely sane person, including a glimpse in part two as to how the Nobel Peace Prize is selected.

09 October 2009

Uh...Marack Won The What?!?...REALLY???

What do you give the man who has accomplished nothing, but has a big smile and a glistening teleprompter? Why, the Nobel Peace Prize, of course. While the entire world (well those of us who haven’t had our brains turned to mush by the Marack idiot box messages of Hope and Change) scratches its collective head wondering, “What the hell?” the Nobel Prize Committee is telling us whatever they can to convince us that this isn’t about sucking up to the man who spends most of his time face down, butt in the air, offering free kisses to all comers.

Really, the timing couldn’t be worse. Having just suffered the IOC’s stinging rejection of Chicago as the 2016 Summer Olympic host, Marack was licking his wounds and was refraining from making grandiose pronouncements on the world stage about sunscreen, or arugula, or about his finger being on the pulse of the world community because he lived in Indonesia for four years when he was six. Now we will no doubt have to deal with this strutting ass acting like he’s gotten a mandate from the world to sell us buckets of vomit and call it lemonade.

Nobel Prize Committee…I hate you. I hate all of you. You suck…really really suck. This man, whose pre-election accomplishments were accumulated at a rate of naught, has actually done so much nothing as Jew hating White House Resident that his accomplishment rate could be catalogued at a rate of negative naught. His lack of accomplishments might actually be so underwhelming as to have caused a sinkwell in the fabric of space/time, which might account for why everyone I’ve talked to today has remarked at how slow the day is going.

Oh wait, I’m sorry…Marack has managed to kiss the ass of virtually every leader of every nation that poses a security risk to the United States, while alienating most of our allies, especially the ones that really matter…like Israel. He has also managed to have taken the tarnished international reputation of the United States and made it worse. We used to be hated and strong. Now we are hated and perceived to be weak. Yes give the man the Peace Prize. I can see where he’s earned it, if by “Peace” you mean acting like a braying ass, and driving the Israelis and the Arabs to heightened tensions that could spill over into mass violence at any time.

I’ve heard tell that Talk Radio is proclaiming that the tactic here is to hamstring Marack with the Peace Prize so that he won’t escalate military actions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Iran, etc. Frankly, that sounds like something Rush would say into the third hour of his show when his butt cheeks are falling asleep and the circulation to his brain is lessened. He wasn’t going to do anything about any of those conflicts anyway. He’s perfectly happy to let our guys bleed slowly at a number of fronts while Iran gets the bomb, evaporates Israel and holds the rest of the region hostage. Then The Barry can come riding in on his white hobbyhorse to save the day while the mullahs laugh in his stupid face.

The OMV bottom line is this. There is no one on this earth less deserving of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize than The Barry. Col. Qadafi is more deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize than The Barry. At least he’s sporting a new line of kaftans this year.

So, seeing how the folks at the Nobel Prize Society for the Criminally Stupid really mucked up this one, I have decided to compile my own list of nominees for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. I have selected 10 nominees based on the same criterion employed by the dumb shits in Norway: things with no accomplishments, but with a certain amount of personal charm. The nominees will appear in the margin of the blog on the left for you to vote on. The finalist poll will appear thereafter. You choose the finalists. You choose the winner. Once again, I in my seemingly limitless vision and wisdom have put the power of democratic process in the world’s hands.

If Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben has taught us anything it’s that with great power comes great responsibility. Choose wisely.

The nominees for the OMV 2009 Nobel Peace Prize are:

1. Carrot Top
2. Former Feline Presidential Contender Chester Hopewell
3. Michael Vick
4. An Unopened Box of #2 Pencils
5. The High Efficiency Washing Machine at my job.
6. My Phlegm
7. A Deflated NFL Regulation Football Bladder
8. The 2009 New York Mets
9. Alpha Centauri
10. The Money You Could Be Saving By Switching To Geico

Think about the nominees. Mull your selections over. The poll will go up sometime Sunday.

Until then, Shabbat Shalom, Chag Sameach! And try to take it easy on the schnapps.

08 October 2009

Ease This!

In June of 1967, with Hashem's providence, the IDF liberated the eastern half of Jerusalem, including the Old City and Har HaBayit, the Temple Mount that the Arabs are saying the Jews have no connection to, on which they have the chutzpah to say we have no history.

In '67, amidst the rockets and sniper fire, the wireless radio picked up the famous exclamation: Har HaBayit b'yadeinu! Har HaBayit b'yadeinu! The Temple Mount is in our hands!

It was the culmination of great events, of miracles the Jewish people had seen since we came staggering out of the death camps of Europe. Blessings and praise to Hashem flowed from the mouths of the observant and secular Jew alike. And what did we do when the smoke cleared, when the celebrations were barely over? We turned over the Jewish people's holiest place to the Muslims, to the Waqf, which only lets Jews go up to the Temple Mount for 3 hours on any given day, where we cannot even pray audibly, lest we be arrested.

We turned our holiest place over to the very people who drove us out, who sniped at us from our walls, who used the Western Wall as a junk heap, and a toilet. And what do the Muslim Arabs do now? They incite their people to "protect the mosque" because it was Yom Kippur, and then Sukkot. And when the police shut the Temple Mount down what did they find? Piles of stones and bricks that were to be rained down on the heads of the Jews below.

This is what we reap for showing kindness to those who have dedicated their lives to killing us. We gave up control of our holiest place to these people, and for what? To have bricks and stones dropped on us? It is madness.

But what is more mad is that now, with tensions in Jerusalem running high, because of the inciting and hatred of the Muslims, the PA foreign minister is appealing to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, to ease the tension. He briefed him on, "Israeli escalation measures against the Palestinians in Jerusalem and the actions the Israelis have been taking in recent days against al-Aqsa mosque," and for the Secretary General's, "immediate intervention to prevent Israel from escalating the situation in Jerusalem."

This is what we get when we surrender what is ours. It is a disgrace. And yet, Israel throws lavish celebrations to mark the reunification of the city and calls it "pride." There is nothing to be proud of when Jews give over their holiest place to those that seek our deaths. There is nothing to celebrate when the Jewish state commits an act of chilul Hashem. When we take Har HaBayit back, that will be something to celebrate, that will be something to be proud of. I see nothing noble in celebrating when Har Habayit is not in our hands, and those that hold the keys use it as a platform from which to do us harm.

And just to throw salt in the wound, the Supreme Court of Israel announced today that it is refusing to hear a case regarding police discrimination against religious Jews on Har HaBayit. The court also rejected a petition to allow Jews to ascend Har HaBayit on Friday and Shabbat.
Chairman Yehudah Glick of the Temple Mount Human-Rights Organization, which filed the petition, said in response:
"Before my eyes stood one central thing, the profaning of G-d's name in that during the seven days of Sukkot, when we are commanded to be seen before the Lord in the place that He will choose, the Temple Mount is closed to Jews, following Muslim violence."
And so the Supreme Court commits yet another act of Chilul Hashem in the name of the Jewish state.

07 October 2009

Washington's Racism

You may or may not remember a post I wrote a few months back about the case of Menachem Binyamin Zivitofsky. Born to American citizens in Jerusalem, Zivitofsky is unable to list Israel as the country of his birth because that might "prejudge" the negotiations between the Israelis and the Falacstinians.

His parents filed suit under the premise that a 2002 law allows the State Department to permit this listing. According to the Embassy Law Blog:
The court dismissed the complaint as presenting a non-justiciable political question because President Bush expressed an opinion which entered into the defendant's Foreign Affairs Manual, 6 FAM §1393.1(b), see Statement by President George W. Bush Upon Signing H.R. 1646, 2002 USCCAN 931, 932 (Sept. 30, 2002).

Under the statement, the congressional mandate operates as an impermissible interference in presidential authority to conduct the foreign affairs of the United States, and the executive refuses to list Israel in passports of American citizens born in Jerusalem.

HR 1646 states:
The Congress maintains its commitment to relocating the United States Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and urges the President, pursuant to the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 (Public Law 104–45; 109 Stat. 398), to immediately begin the process of relocating the United States Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.
The pertinent portion of Bush's signing statement:
Section 214, concerning Jerusalem, impermissibly interferes with the President's constitutional authority to conduct the Nation's foreign affairs and to supervise the unitary executive branch. Moreover, the purported direction in section 214 would, if construed as mandatory rather than advisory, impermissibly interfere with the President's constitutional authority to formulate the position of the United States, speak for the Nation in international affairs, and determine the terms on which recognition is given to foreign states. U.S. policy regarding Jerusalem has not changed.
The reality of all this is that not only does the United States not recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, it does not recognize Jerusalem as even being a part of Israel. But the sad fact is that this goes a lot further back than Marack and king Shrub II.

I was relating the Zivitofsky story last night to some friends, and one revealed that the same thing happened to her 1988, while that Bitberg SS wreathe laying scumbag Ronald Reagan was still the Senile Idiot in Chief.

But if you require a little more racism with your blogpost, let me remind you that an Arab born to American citizens in Israel can have "Israel" removed from their passport.

So, just to be clear...Arabs can take Israel off the passport. Jews born in Jerusalem cannot put Israel on the passport. We wouldn't want anyone to be prejudged...unless they're a Jew. And the real reason for this is, of course: oil. This policy is not about negotiations. It's about angering the Arab League and OPEC. Any Jew in America who thinks their blood is worth more to Washington than Arab Oil is a colossal ignoramus.

And since this whole racist nonsense centers around the White House and the Department of State, let's go right to the horse's mouth. I already mentioned Ian Kelly's whitewashing of Marek Edelman's Jewishness in an earlier post, but let's run the instant replay, complete with the Israeli Foreign Ministry's contrasting statement.

Israel's statement:
The Jewish people and the State of Israel are mourning the death of the last surviving leader of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. Marek Edelman was one of the commanders of the heroic rebellion of Jews against Germans; a rebellion which salvaged human dignity at the Holocaust's time of complete darkness.

And Ian Kelly's statement:
On behalf of the Department of State I wish to express our sympathy and solidarity with the people of Poland upon the death of Marek Edelman, the last surviving leader of the 1943 Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and an activist in the Solidarity movement. We extend our sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Edelman and salute his life dedicated to the defense of human dignity and freedom. The United States stands with Poland as it mourns the loss of a great man.
Thanks Ian for so thoughtfully and thoroughly erasing Edelman's Jewishness. We wouldn't want anyone to think that someone as respected and upstanding as Marek Edelman was ....gasp!...a Jew. And I guess we wouldn't want anyone to think of Jews as people who stand up for themselves. I understand. You like us much better when we're bleating, breathing in poison gas, or falling dead into open graves.

Well, that's just too damn bad.

But, in the end, Kelly is only following the example of his boss, State Department Major Domo Hillary Clinton.

According to Israel National News, The American Consulate in Jerusalem, which has already admitted that it sees itself as the American representative to the Falacstinian Authority, published an Eid Il-Fitr greeting from Hillary to all her beloved Muslim friends on September 19th, the first day of Rosh Hashanah. She made no mention of the holiday, nor was a Rosh Hashanah greeting from her published at the American Embassy website. In fact, the only mention of any seasonal holiday celebration is video of a dinner hosted at the Embassy in celebration of............IFTAR!

The Consulate itself is also operating as a spy nest for the White House, keeping a watchful eye on Jewish construction in Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria. The President has no control over our border with Mexico, where gun toting drug mafiosos and gangs are assuming control, but don't feel unsafe because he's got three eyes on the Jews and their construction.

Wake up my schluffie people. You are strangers in a strange land. Your rights are subverted. Your homeland is under constant policy attack. Your tax dollars are funding the training and arming of Arabs, the majority of whom are Al Aqsa Martyr terrorists, under the tutelage of Lt. Gen. Keith Dayton. You can petition your useless legislators all you want. You can march on the White House. I think those actions are important. We must not be silent in the face of this government's obvious racism against our people. But the one sure way to defend the Jewish people, and Israel, is to pack your bags and get ready to go home.

06 October 2009

An Open Letter To The World

The text of this letter was written by Rav Meir Kahane HY"D, who was gunned down in 1990. It is not odd, nor coincidental that the text of this letter is still valid today as it was when it was first written. And its validity will continue to remain as long as the Arab continues to dream of destroying Israel and killing its Jews. It's validity will continue as long as the rest of the world continues to try and prod Israel and her Jews, to our collective death.

So, here's a finger in your eye to the Arab League, Richard Goldstone and friends, OPEC, the UN, the EU, the mullahs of Iran, every Arab in Israel who calls Israel Independence Day the "Nakba," Hamas, Fatah, the PFLP, the PLO, Hezbollah, Marack Blowbama and his entire administration of kapo douchebags, and every liberal Jew hating douchebag that openly or secretly curses the "Zionists" because they don't have the balls, integrity, or conviction to say "Jews."

The text is reproduced below the video. Enjoy world. And then kindly go blow it out your ass.

Dear World,

It appears that you are hard to please. I understand that you are upset over us here in Israel. Indeed, it appears that you are quite upset, even angry and outraged. Indeed, every few years you seem to become upset over us. Today, it is the brutal repression of the Palestinians; yesterday, it was Lebanon; before that it was the bombing of the nuclear reactor in Baghdad and the Yom Kippur War campaign. It appears that Jews who triumph, and who therefore, live, upset you most extraordinarily.

Of course, dear world, long before there was an Israel, we the Jewish people upset you. We upset a German people, who elected a Hitler and we upset an Austrian people, who cheered his entry into Vienna and we upset a whole slew of Slavic nations - Poles, Slovaks, Lithuanians, Ukrainians, Russians, Hungarians, Romanians.

And we go back a long, long way in history of world upset. We upset the Cossacks of Chmielnicki, who massacred tens of thousands of us in 1648-49; we upset the Crusaders, who on their way to liberate the Holy Land, were so upset at Jews that they slaughtered untold numbers of us. We upset, for centuries, a Roman Catholic Church that did its best to define our relationship through Inquisitions. And we upset the arch-enemy of the church, Martin Luther, who in his call to burn the synagogues and the Jews within them, showed an admirable Christian ecumenical spirit.

It is because we became so upset over upsetting you, dear world, that we decided to leave you - in a manner of speaking - and establish a Jewish State. The reasoning was that living in close contact with you, as resident-strangers in the various countries that comprise you, we upset you, irritate you, and disturb you. What better notion, then, than to leave you and thus love you - and have you love us? And so we decided to come home, to the same homeland from which we were driven out 1,900 years earlier by a Roman world that, apparently, we also upset.

Alas, dear world, it appears that you are hard to please. Having left you and your Pogroms and Inquisitions and Crusades and Holocausts, having taken our leave of the general world to live alone in our own little state, we continue to upset you.

You are upset that we repress the Palestinians. You are deeply angered over the fact that we do not give up the lands of 1967, which are clearly the obstacle to peace in the Middle East. Moscow is upset and Washington is upset. The Arabs are upset and the gentle Egyptian moderates are upset.

Well, dear world, consider the reaction of a normal Jew from Israel. In 1920, 1921 and 1929, there were no territories of 1967 to impede peace between Jews and Arabs. Indeed, there was no Jewish State to upset anybody. Nevertheless, the same oppressed and repressed Palestinians slaughtered hundreds of Jews in Jerusalem, Jaffa, Safed and Hebron. Indeed, 67 Jews were slaughtered one day in Hebron in 1929.

Dear world, why did the Arabs - the Palestinians - massacre 67 Jews in one day in 1929? Could it have been their anger over Israeli aggression in 1967? And why were 510 Jewish men, women and children slaughtered in Arab riots in 1936-39? Was it because of Arab upset over 1967? And when you, World, proposed a U.N. Partition Plan in 1947 that would have created a Palestinian State alongside a tiny Israel and the Arabs cried and went to war and killed 6,000 Jews - was that upset stomach caused by the aggression of 1967? And, by the way, dear world, why did we not hear your cry of upset then?

The Palestinians who today kill Jews with explosives and firebombs and stones are part of the same people who - when they had all the territories they now demand be given them for their state - attempted to drive the Jewish State into the sea. The same twisted faces, the same hate, the same cry of "idbah-al-yahud" - "Slaughter the Jews!" that we hear and see today, were seen and heard then. The same people, the same dream - destroy Israel.

What they failed to do yesterday, they dream of today - but we should not "repress" them. Dear world, you stood by the Holocaust and you stood by in 1948 as seven states launched a war that the Arab League proudly compared to the Mongol massacres. You stood by in 1967 as Nasser, wildly cheered by wild mobs in every Arab capital in the world, vowed to drive the Jews into the sea. And you would stand by tomorrow if Israel were facing extinction.

And since we know that the Arabs-Palestinians daily dream of that extinction, we will do everything possible to remain alive in our own land. If that bothers you, dear world, well - think of how many times in the past you bothered us.

In any event, dear world, if you are bothered by us, here is one Jew in Israel who could not care less.

Rav Meir Kahane (Z"L)

Keeping Up Appearances

With Grand Wizard of Middle East Screw-ups Marack "I Can Has Olympics?" Blowbama now officially a complete foreign policy failure, to match his stellar accomplishments of HopeyDopey at home, there's really only one thing the little dingy that couldn't can do now...make it look like he's doing something.

The centerpiece of Barry's Shlock Opera was supposed to be a peace treaty between Israel and the Arabs. I don't think I need to rehash that mess, except to say that all Commander Waffles has managed to do is make sure the two sides are as far apart as possible.

Now, as I've been telling you all along, the Marack peace initiative is based on one premise: get Israel to surrender to the 1967 lines so that she is reduced to indefensible borders so that she can be more readily destroyed by the people Barry really loves: the Arab Muslims. Then the Muslims will love us like a puppy and that whole notion of convert or be blown up on planes, trains, and automobiles will all just go away, and the world will love Barry and want to have Marack Chia Pets in their homes. If he can't do that, fostering an atmosphere of violence is just as good, and with the riots in Jerusalem, and the threat of another intifada even greater than it was when Abbas threatened one in June, it looks like we are well on our way. Then Marack can try and look presidential as he tries to get the sides to kiss and make up. And if he's really lucky, any Israeli action will be condemned by the usual suspects.

But what Marack has done is show the Israelis that the best course of action is to stand free of America and act in her own best interests, instead of kissing American hind quarters in order to be slapped in the face with gloves instead of the back of a hand.

But we all know how Marack hates to look like he's lost. He's a very, very sore loser. So sore in fact that he may have an Olympic stadium, funded by Oprah, built in Chicago and make NBC broadcast Fakelympics with computer generated athletes, instead of the real games from Rio.

In the spirit of not looking like a loser, Marack is sending George Carp Face Mitchell back to the Middle East for another round of Waste My Time. Surely there are a million other things he'd rather be doing than going back to Israel to talk to Ehud (I love the way he says "terror") Barak, Bibi (Go the hell away you annoying Washington Envoy) Netanyahu, and Mahmoud (Rub my nipples) Abbas, so they can all tell him, "Sorry, but they're not being nice so no talks and no freeze." But at least Marack will be able to say, "Look, um...uh...peace the Middle East is um...important and we um...will continue to work at uh...Iran nukes Israel out of existence."

It's official. My comment, which I will shamelessly report I have seen used across the blogosphere at least 3 times by people who are not me, "Obama is going to make Jimmy Dhimmi Carter look like Winston Churchill," has officially come true. And what's even worse is...I miss that war criminal putz lying constitution shredding jackass, W Shrub. I mean, there's really no difference accept that Shrub wasn't so scripted so you would at least get some good lines on a regular basis.

Video doesn't lie. Who's got the better bloopers? Marack has that teleprompter everywhere he goes. He's a complete waste of time and space.

I think it's obvious...when faced with choosing the better of two losers...Shrub wins.

04 October 2009

Not As A Lamb

Am Yisrael has lost one of its great modern heros this weekend. Marek Edelman who, at the age of 24, served as the deputy commander of the ZOB, a Jewish resistance militia that helped launch the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, and its last surviving leader, has passed away at the age of 90.

Having survived the Nazi repression of revolt, which began in January, climaxing in the weeks between April 19th and May 16th 1943, Edelman joined the wider Polish resistance against the Nazis in 1944. He lent himself to the cause of Polish freedom against the Soviet backed regime as an unofficial part of Lech Walesa's Solidarity Movement. Upon hearing of his death, Walesa said:
"He was an upright, unequalled human being. There are no words to express the loss."
In a statement, the Israeli Foreign Ministry said:
"The Jewish people and the State of Israel are mourning the death of the last surviving leader of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. Marek Edelman was one of the commanders of the heroic rebellion of Jews against Germans; a rebellion which salvaged human dignity at the Holocaust's time of complete darkness. Half a million Jews were held prisoners in Warsaw Ghetto, the largest ghetto in Europe built by the Germans."

He became a trained cardiologist, and worked at the hospital at Lodz, saving lives until the end of his days.

As Prime Minister Netanyahu pointed out in his address to the UN General Assembly last week, we live in a world where leaders still purvey the insidious lie of Holocaust denial and, as was demonstrated by the whining liberal ladies at the River of Vomit blog, we live among those who feel that there's been enough talk about the Holocaust. Seeing Schindler's List ought to cover it. As he was told by the Lubuvicher Rebbe, the only way to dispel this darkness, this disease that attempts to tell us that the Holocaust never happened, or that we have learned its lessons (so stop talking about it you annoying's so emotionally manipulating), is to tell its stories AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN until there is no one left on this earth but the ultimately immoral who will deny it; until every man woman and child on this earth comes to grips with the greatest depths of human cruelty; and until every Jew in Israel and in Galut understands that survival of the Jewish state is not enough, that Israel's leadership must embrace the Jewish people's unique role in the world, embrace and defend all of its lands, and that Am Yisrael must understand the divine dictum that when an enemy plots to come and kill you, you kill him first; that even on the Sabbath, when your enemy merely comes to glean the leavings of your fields it is incumbent upon you to attack him and drive him off because first it will be the leavings, then an animal, then a child, then a family, then a town and on and on and on until the entire nation is threatened.

It is happening right now with shootings, fire bombings, thefts, and knife attacks from Arabs against Jews on the rise. And it is Am Yisrael that is to blame because it continues to tolerate leadership that denies its Jewishness, that denies, its unique relationship with G-d, that denies its unique relationship to the Land of Israel as its indigenous people.

Marek Edelman possessed the finest qualities of what it means to be a Jew; taking up arms to defend his people against the Nazi genocide rather than being led like a lamb to the slaughter (Such passivity is Chilul Hashem, an affront to G-d for which there is no excuse in a post Holocaust world, when there is a Jewish nation, with a Jewish army.); and then dedicating his life to being a beacon of morality, telling his story to whomever would listen, lending his considerable authority to crusade for a just cause, and embracing a career of p'kuach nefesh, saving lives.

Honor this man, this Jew, this precious soul by reading his story, in his own words. Share it with your friends and loved ones, so that his life, his story, his heroism, and his dedication to his people are never forgotten, and so that no one will ever be able to deny that it happened.

And just so my fellow Jews in America understand exactly the nature of the government that is controlling this country, here is the official statement from the Department of State's Ian Kelly:
On behalf of the Department of State I wish to express our sympathy and solidarity with the people of Poland upon the death of Marek Edelman, the last surviving leader of the 1943 Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and an activist in the Solidarity movement. We extend our sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Edelman and salute his life dedicated to the defense of human dignity and freedom. The United States stands with Poland as it mourns the loss of a great man.
This is the nature of the government of the nation in which you reside. Like the memorials erected by the communists at places like Babi Yar, not one mention that Edelman was a Jew; there is not even an expression of sympathy to our people.

Wake up Juden! It's time to go home.

Baruch Dayan HaEmet. Blessed is the Judge of Truth.

03 October 2009

Oh, What A Tangled Web We Weave When We're Completely Full Of Crap

Wouldn't ya know it, as soon as the PA decided to defer its draft proposal endorsing all the recommendations of the Goldstone Inquisition to the UN Human Rights Hypocrisy Council, the Falacstinian protests began.

Protests broke out in various places in Azza (translation: Hamas got people into the streets to make rival Fatah look like weak Israeli co-conspirators). Fatah members also condemned the deferment, calling for an emergency meeting of the Fatah Central Committee Jew Haters Club.

Falacstinian human rights groups banded together and released a statement which included the following:

"All victims have a legitimate right to an effective judicial remedy, and the equal protection of the law. These rights are universal: they are not subject to political considerations.

"As human rights organizations, we strongly condemn the Palestinian leadership's decision to defer the proposal endorsing all the recommendations of the Fact Finding Mission, and the pressure exerted by certain members of the international community. Such pressure is in conflict with the United States' international obligations, and is an insult to the Palestinian people."

And so we have a hypocrisy duet, which almost sent the OMV Douchenfuher 5000 Hypocrisy Meter into a full blown meltdown.

Firstly, we have the Falacstinian human rights orgs whining about justice and equal protections, when they could care less about Hamas violating Israeli human rights by attacking civilians, and admittedly using civilians as human shields. So much for equal protection.

Then we have the Fatah controlled PA. During Operation Cast Lead, Fatah members provided Israel with intelligence that helped effect the taking out of Hamas members and other hard targets. Beyond that, they pressured Israel to keep up the attacks until Hamas was fully driven from obvious play at getting the IDF to do what Fatah cannot, after which it would hope to be the de facto power in charge of Azza again (I assume that any remaining Hamas operatives would have been thrown off the appropriate buildings in a rousing game of Terrorist Rival Pitching, which temporarily became the official sport of Azza in the wake of the IDF's withdrawal from the area in 2005. It was replaced by the almost as popular Wedding Shoot 'em Up, and Gay Lynching. Boost the Aid is another popular Hamas past time.). Many Fatah officials were rather open in their disappointment that Hamas was still in control of Azza when the operation came to its premature end. But then, the PA turned around and accused Israel of committing "war crimes," and appealed to the Hague to investigate them.

The bottom line is that the deferment happened because it was politically expedient to do so. An affirmative vote on the matter would have given the Israelis cover to completely disengage from the "peace process" sham, as Bibi threatened in his speech to the UN, and in his cabinet meeting this week. Now the PA has bought time for their patron in the White House to continue to pressure Israel to make concessions, a plan that has been a colossal failure thus far, though Little Lord Fraudleroy hasn't seemed to notice. I think the stinging slap in the face by the IOC rejecting Chicago as Olympic host might keep his big yap shut for a few days before he tries beating on Israel again. He's also right in the middle of his renewed Iranian Nuclear Impotence Campaign, so that might keep him occupied for a while.

In the meantime, Israel has some breathing room to effectively focus on Iran, a situation that the Europeans and Arabs are watching with greater and greater concern, especially now that they know there is virtually no hope of America actually doing anything about it.

The more I think about it, the more Marack is like the baker from Sesame Street...

And the PA will continue to be genocidal Jew-hating hypocrites.