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בַּת-בָּבֶל, הַשְּׁדוּדָה: אַשְׁרֵי שֶׁיְשַׁלֶּם-לָךְ-- אֶת-גְּמוּלֵךְ, שֶׁגָּמַלְתּ לָנוּ
אַשְׁרֵי שֶׁיֹּאחֵז וְנִפֵּץ אֶת-עֹלָלַיִךְ-- אֶל-הַסָּלַע

How can one be compelled to accept slavery? I simply refuse to do the master's bidding. He may torture me, break my bones to atoms and even kill me. He will then have my dead body, not my obedience. Ultimately, therefore, it is I who am the victor and not he, for he has failed in getting me to do what he wanted done. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am not for others, what am I? If not now, when? ~ Rav Hillel, Pirke Avot

This Red Sea Pedestrian Stands against Judeophobes

This Red Sea Pedestrian Stands against Judeophobes
Wear It With Pride

31 December 2009

The RCP Confronts Ambassador Cunningham With Truth

A delegation from the Rabbinical Congress for Peace recently met with the American ambassador to Israel, whose offices are still not located in the capital city of Jerusalem, to express the truth that the notion of "land for peace" is a lie and a failure.

"The past 17 years have proven without a shadow of a doubt that every square inch ceded by Israel to the Palestinians was transformed into a platform of hatred and terrorism," RCP Director Rabbi Avrohom Shmuel Lewin told the ambassador. "In other words, the 'land for peace' formula in the Israel-Palestinian context, besides being a formula that goes against the Divine will, is ineffective, obsolete, and an exercise in futility. Most of all it is a dangerous policy that only leads to bloodshed and instability in the region and harms vital American interests in the region as well," Lewin said.

The delegation was headed by Rabbi Joseph Gerlitzky, Chairman of the RCP, who is also the Rabbi of Central Tel Aviv where the US embassy is located. Rabbi Gerlitzky presented the ambassador with the Halachic (Jewish legal) ruling signed by over 350 prominent rabbis in Israel that it is forbidden to give up even one inch of territory controlled by Israel today because it will bring bloodshed and instability to the region.

"In the name of the overwhelming majority of rabbis in Israel," he said, "we request of you Mr. Ambassador, to convey our Halachic message to President Barack Obama that it is time for a complete reversal and reassessment of U.S. policy in the Middle East. The 'land for peace' policy never worked and harms U.S. interests in the region and the world at large."

The ambassador was visibly moved by Rabbi Sholom Gold, a leading rabbi in Jerusalem, who described the suffering that the Jewish People have endured ever since the implementation of the Oslo Accords and the agreements that followed. "It's all a play of words, there is no peace process," he said. "From the day that we started conceding and withdrawing we did not have one day of rest and peace. Why should our enemies want to make peace with us when they see that with terrorism they get what they want? Even the U.S., Israel's supposedly best friend, sides with them in demanding a freeze and evacuation of settlements. Is the triumph of Arab terror one of American interests?" Gold asked.

Ambassador Cunningham reportedly told the delegation that he didn't see how there could be a solution to the issue without considering the "Palestinians."

Okay Ambassador. Let us consider the Falacstinians. This is a nationality that doesn't exist from a country that never existed. It was created with the backing of the Arab League as a tool to execute a terror war against Israel, using "refugees" as a propaganda crisis, while openly advancing a policy of genocide against the Jews of Israel. The only thing we need to consider is how to rid our land of terror armies that have only one goal: ridding the land of Israel of every Jew. There are some 22 Arab countries in the Middle East Mr. Ambassador. They can live in any one they want, or live in our land as resident aliens according to Jewish law. The Muslims exert sharia law in their countries without so much as a boo from the world, so we should exert Jewish law in Israel. They've had 100 years to embrace coexistence. They have embraced only genocide. Not one more drop of Jewish blood should be shed for this farce the world calls the peace process.

When asked what the RCP's solution to the problem was Rabbi Gerlitzky replied:
"You must switch the entire approach to the situation. We all believe in the Holy Bible and up until now we tried every formula except for that which is delineated in the Bible. Let's try it and who knows, Mr. Ambassador, maybe this is your defining moment, that G-d Almighty has placed you in this capacity in order to precipitate a new course which will bring a true peace to the entire region."
As I have written here before, there is only one real argument for why the Land of Israel is our home. Read about it in the Torah. It's the only argument that matters, and is the only one the government of Israel has yet to embrace. Even the Koran says the land is ours. It's time for the Arabs and Marack, and the secular Israeli Left to get over it.

May 2010/5770 be the year that the racists of the world finally shut up, back off, and accept that the Land of Israel was given to us, and no one else, and realize that there are a lot of us who really don't give a damn what the world thinks.

Abbas Blesses Rav Chai's Murderers

Four Fatah gunmen of that party's Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, the terrorist group that is responsible for the majority of Jewish deaths since the signing of the Oslo "Peace in our time" Accords, killed a father of seven in cold blood as he drove home in his car. Their leader is Mahmoud Abbas. On December 29th, Palestinian Media Watch reported that this bloodthirsty, genocidal Jew hating bastard declared the three murderers, who were gunned down by the IDF when they failed to surrender to them, as shaheeds, holy martyrs.

Salam Fayyad, and other terrorist leaders of the PLO also praised the murderers.

These are the people that Marack Pajama, Hillary Clinton, the EU, the UN, and the rest of the Jew hating world expect us to give our land to; to the people who send out terrorists to gun down our people, and then praise them as martyrs and heroes. King Shrub II and his toady Kindasleezy Lice of course wanted the same thing. At least with that joke of an administration the Secretary of State paid lip service to condemning such acts. I'm still waiting for Secretary Clinton to condemn the murder of an innocent father of seven. But there was no hesitation on the part of the Marack administration to stick its nose into IDF business regarding the operation that saw these three murderers killed. Of course, when guns you've handed over to the terrorists end up being used to murder a Jew you better move quickly to try and cover it up. You wouldn't want Marack's Israeli approval numbers dipping below 0% (Y'all know that the 4% approval rating he got was within the margin of error, right? In other words, the reality may be that no one in Israel approves of him...but we know that there are at least three, and their names are Peres, Bibi, and Barak.).

What does it say about an American administration when they knowingly want to force Israel to create a state out of its lands to be run by Jew murdering scumbags? It says they hate us and want us dead. If you think otherwise you are so completely stupid that it is nothing less than a miracle that you are capable of feeding yourself, let alone read this blog.

For the rest of you who are not so stupid, what are you going to do about this?

30 December 2009

Daniel Hershkovitz: Portrait of a Sellout

Fat cheeked, bespectacled, knit kippah wearing Jewish Home MK Daniel Hershkovitz is a bloody sellout, siding with the Hellenists in the Netanyahu government against the Jews of Yehuda and Shomron. This same man who sought to unify his party with Ichud Leumi, until he was recently rejected by Yaakov Katz because of Jewish Home's continuing participation in the Netanyahu government, now shows his hand. He has aligned himself with Bibi and his plans for Judenrein in Yesha, and he is in fact, a terrible liar. Bibi believes in the right of Jews to live in all of Eretz Yisrael? That must be why he supported the chorban, the destruction of Gush Katif, and gave 90% of Hebron to the Arab terrorists. I'm assuming that Hershkovitz does not play poker, and if he does, that he loses...a lot.

Watch the following video as the pig head can't even look the INN reporter, Yoni Kempinski, in the eye as he talks about giving his "sympathies" to Yesha leaders (who will also sell the Jews up the river as they did in Azza), and residents.

There is no better government? How about a government led by people who actually have reverence for Hashem, Torah, and the Land of Israel? That is the better government you sycophantic douche. Who does this fat head think he's fooling with that kippah on his head? He knows that Bibi is going to evacuate Yesha if he can, and not only that, Hershkovitz is ready to help. I see it in his evasive, lying eyes. Almost as telling is his statement towards the end where this treif Hellenist says he sees his party's partnership with the government as "very important." That, my dear friends, is the rub.

Hershkovitz, if he was true to what he claimed to stand for, would have left the government when the Security Cabinet voted in favor of the freeze and Hellenist High Priest Barak started handing out edicts, but he won't leave. He has tasted power, though he is on a short Bibi leash, and he likes it. He will drive the bulldozers into Yesha towns himself before he leaves the government, all the while chanting his mantra about how his presence in the coalition will be helpful to the residents.

Professor Hershkovitz, you are a worthless sellout. Katz was right not to unify with you. You have chosen to stand with the secular Hellenist priesthood, and have forsaken our bond with the land in yet another act of chillul Hashem committed by this government. You want to drive the bulldozers so badly? Fine, but at least do us the favor of taking off your kippah. Those should be worn by those who have reverence for HaKadosh Borachu, not those who disgrace Him.

Hershkovitz, you make me want to puke. Take off the kippah and move to Sweden. And you may as well take the Yesha Council with you.

29 December 2009

It's A Bird! It's A Plane! No, It's Another Falacstinian Joke!

PLO tool, Salam Fayad announced earlier this year that the PA plans on building institutions necessary for statehood. In my mind examples of this would be a democratically elected legislature that would be free of terrorists goon squad heads like Mahmoud Abbas and Mohammed Dahlan; an executive branch that was not comprised of terrorist goon squad heads, and a court system that was not comprised of terrorist goon squad heads. But clearly there's a little too much hashish in the shisha because the PA seems to think that one of the institutions it needs is an international airport...

This four runway hub for trafficking weapons and terrorists to kill Jews would be built in Area C, which is currently under Israeli security control. Seeings how Bibi is intent on creating a terror state in Israel's heartland I can understand their optimism. PA sources told Al Hayat that they assume that the United States will pressure Israel into allowing the construction of the airport.

Hmm...let's think a minute about what happened to the Atarot airport, near Jerusalem, in 2000 when Arafat launched the second intifada terror war rather than accept statehood (this was supposed to be an international airport that only ended up being used for internal Israeli flights only as the international community of Jew haters thought that use of it as an international airport would be akin to recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital...which it is). It came under fire from Arab neighborhoods and had to be taken over by the IDF. And of course the Gaza airport, which the IDF destroyed when the 2000 terror war began.

As long as the subject of necessary institutions is being discussed, here are some more the PA ought to consider for all the terrorists, I mean tourists, that will be flocking to visit the Falacstinian Authority when they fly into their new airport:

The Tulkarem Hard Rock Cafe
Victoria's Secret Outlet
Sbarro (why bomb ours when they'd have one in their own backyard?)
House of Landmines

The sad thing is that with Bibi in the Big Chair, they might get their airport...even without the Jew Hating White House's help.

On a completely different subject...did anyone count the number of days it took Little Lord Fraudleroy on his Christmas vacation to make a comment to the American people about the foiled terror attack on the Detroit bound airliner?

Was it:
  1. 3 minutes?
  2. 3 hours?
  3. 3 days?
That's right...3 days. Well, can you blame him? He did get that awesome Autobots/Deceptacons playset from Santa. You wouldn't want his fun to be spoiled by a terror attack would you?

And just in case you were wondering...the Crown Prince of Change (how's that working out for you Obamazombies so far? Are your arms tired from clapping for all our soldiers coming home from the war yet?) didn't make his statement on Monday until after he had a workout, and played tennis with Michelle Antoinette. Then he played golf. How does he do it? He's like Superman...I mean Stupidman.

When is someone going to impeach that S.O.B.?

27 December 2009

Rav Meir Chai Murdered with M-16s

That's right, the American issue rifle that the United States has been supplying to America's own terrorist militia, funded with American tax dollars, was used to kill a Jew in Samaria. Roll that around in your head for a moment America.

At this point there is no report as to whether these weapons came directly from the United States government, or were purchased on the black market. Let's apply Occam's Razor and find out.

What is the simplest answer to this mystery? Did these weapons get purchased on the black market, when AK-47s are the standard weapon of the Falacstinian terrorists (many supplied by the dummies running...I mean ruining Israel), and are readily available or, were these M-16s supplied to the Falacstinian "Security Forces," which is largely comprised of Fatah Al Aqsa Terrorists, by the United States Government, paid for by American tax dollars?

Occam's Razor says that it is a lot easier to suppose that these terrorist scumbags were given these weapons by the United States. Why make the effort to buy them from a supplier when the US is giving them away for free?

Anyone who thinks ballistics reports will be issued confirming that these were US supplied weapons, please take on step forward so I can laugh in your face.

So here's the other side of the farce; brought to you by Bibi the Fat-headed Idiot. In discussing the notion of a prisoner exchange involving Gilad Schalit, Bibi pointed out that one of the terrorists involved in the Chai murder was recently released from an Israeli prison. Now, just for a moment, I'm going to put my feet in Bibi's loafers.

I am the Prime Minister of Israel. A Jew has been murdered by Fatah terrorists, most likely with weapons supplied to them by the United States. It turns out that one of the terrorists was just released from an Israeli prison. As Prime Minister I would no longer discuss the notion of prisoner exchanges (okay, to be fair, I would not have entertained the notion in the first place).

But here in the real world, where the Prime Minister's spine is made from a mixture of part mayonnaise, part Nutella, this is not what happens. Instead, he has stated that in a prisoner exchange deal for Schalit, any terrorists released would not be allowed to go back to terror activity, "in the field."

So they could build bombs and rockets, plan operations, dig tunnels, smuggle weapons, etc, just as long as they don't participate in any operations. I feel much better now, as I'm sure all of Israel does. See? America isn't the only country in the world being led by the grossly incompetent.

Speaking of America, read about how the United States is sticking it's nose into the entire Chai murder fiasco. Seems to me that the ass covering by the Americans has already begun, which tells me that those M-16s were gifts from the USA. So America, how do you like funding your own Arab terror squad? Feels good doesn't it? Oh, and by the way, Dayton's boys got started under Bush, not Obama, so you Republicans and conservatives out there (especially you Jews who think Bush was such a friend to Israel), drop the hero worship, because just like his daddy, and your god Ronald Reagan, along with Jimmy and Bill, he was just another president who cared more for Arab oil, and the requisite funding of terrorists required to placate OPEC, than Jews, or fighting terror. So you people should also be asking does it feel to be a tool?

25 December 2009

Rav Chai's Murder: Post Script

Several months ago I wrote a post on Ehud Barak transferring 1000+ AK-47s to Keith Dayton's Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade Security Forces (for those of you Americans out there that still don't get it...American tax dollars are being used to train and arm Arab terrorists that kill Jews). The fat headed pig traitor bragged about how ballistic tests were run on each gun so Israeli officials would know whether or not any guns they transferred were used to kill Jews.

Now we have a Jew murdered by the terrorists that America and Israel are arming. I wonder if ballistics tests will be run on the rounds used to kill Rav Chai, and if so, will the results be released if it is found that the guns used to murder him came from Israeli transfer?

I would imagine the answer to be no.

All of Am Yisrael must join in the mourning of this innocent man, killed in cold blood by the devoted enemies of the Jewish people to whom the world, and Israel's betrayers in the Knesset, desire to give our land so that they might fashion yet another terror state on our borders. We should engage the fast of Asara b'Tevet to his merit, and to all those who have fallen at the hands of our enemies in defense of Hashem, and the land we have been given.

Shabbat Shalom.

24 December 2009

Rabbi Meir Chai Murdered By Abbas' Terrorists

Rabbi Meir Chai, 40 years old, of Shavei Shomron, was murdered, shot dead by Fatah terrorists while he drove his car on Route 57 in Samaria. Baruch Dayan Emet.

There is no dispute who committed this act. Falacstinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas' Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade claimed responsibility for the murder. There is also no dispute as to who is really guilty for this crime.

The murder of Rabbi Meir Chai (may G-d avenge his blood) is on the hands of Bibi Netanyahu and Ehud Barak. It is they who dismantled the checkpoints, eased the restrictions on the Arabs, and reassigned IDF soldiers to enforce the illegal freeze on Jewish construction. Now that Chai is dead, a large force of IDF soldiers and police are looking for the murderers who escaped the scene. Had the army, that Barak claims is under the sole authority of the state and no other body, been doing its job--protecting the citizenry--instead of protecting Civil Administration officials delivering their illegal freeze edicts to the Jewish communities of Judea and Samaria, I suspect that Chai, a father of seven including a 2 month old, and well loved Torah scholar, would still be alive.

This is the first Al Aqsa killing since the freeze edict was handed down. If history has told us anything, it will not be the last. More than 1500 Jews were killed, most by the Al Aqsa Martyrs, the terrorists controlled by the Fatah regime that the United States wants to run a Falacstinian state on our soil, since the signing of the Oslo Accords. This is what we get when we engage in this false peace process with these genocidal murderers: DEAD JEWS. No doubt this makes the UN, EU, The White House, the Arab League, and Sweden orgasm with bloodlust. This must be why they all demand Israel create a country to be run by these murderous, exploitative scumbags. The more Jewish dead, the bigger the orgasm.

Prime Minister Netanyahu, Defense Minister Barak, this blood is on your hands. How will you pay it back? Will you at last end this farce? If you do I will send you a photo of the monkeys flying out of my butt.

How much longer will the people of Israel let this G-dless government of idol worshipping idiots let them be murdered for a peace that will never happen? How much longer will the people of Israel allow these power hungry liars, who hold their own political power in higher esteem than Jewish blood, continue to lead the Jewish nation down the path of suicide?

Sunday is Asara b'Tevet; the 10th of Tevet. On this day we fast to remember the day when the Babylonians laid seige to Jerusalem in 589 BCE. On this day in 5770, the Jewish people should commit this fast to strengthening our resolve to bring down these defilers of G-d's name. They are a disgrace, and are complicit in the death of yet another Jew.

Answer us Mr. Prime Minister! How many more Jews will you let die for this worthless enterprise? Instead of using the army to hand down illegal edicts against Jews in yet another one of your acts of chilul Hashem, the defamation of G-d's name, use it instead to drive our enemies from our land so that we can return to it. If you will not, then resign and make way for those who will.

23 December 2009

Yes, It's a Jewish State

Arab Knesset MKs have their undies in a bunch because Likud MKs are introducing a bill that attempts to reassert the nature of Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people. How could the Jews have the temerity to do this? Well, because it's a Jewish state. Even the UN, and the League of Nations before it, said so. But still, a Jew cannot assert this truth without the Arabs pitching a hissy.

Likud MK Yariv Levin stated:

“There is a need to clarify basic truths that were clear in the past but for
some reason have been forgotten. There is a need to remind people again that the
State of Israel is not 'a Jewish and democratic state,' but rather 'a Jewish
state with a democratic regime, and that Israel was established for the purpose
of being the state of the Jewish people."

Frankly, I'm amazed that someone in the Knesset besides Tzipi Hotobeli, and the 4 members of Ichud Leumi, actually remember that. Maybe there should be a national holiday.

Arutz 7 reports:

He was referring to a bill that he proposed together with MK David Rotem
(Israel Our Home), intended to prevent the Supreme Court from knocking down a
temporary ordinance that prevents PA Arabs from gaining Israeli citizenship by
marrying Arabs who are Israeli citizens.

Another proposed law that
aroused tension was debated in the Knesset's Constitution, Law and Justice
Committee on Tuesday. The bill would amend the Cooperative Association Law so as
to make it possible for Acceptance Committees in communities in the Galilee and
Negev to deny applicants the right to build a home there if they would not fit
the “lifestyle and social fabric” of the community, as well as the basic
ideology it espouses. The bill's opponents object to the fact that it would
allow the Jewish towns to reject Arab applicants. It was being prepared for the
first reading.

MK David Rotem, who chairs the committee, said, “I am not
ashamed to represent Zionism. When I seek to establish a Jewish community I am
not ashamed of it. We have the same rights but not the same obligations. This is
a Jewish state that was established for the Jews.”

MK Ophir Pines
(Labor) and the Arab MKs angrily accused Rotem of “racism," "apartheid,” and
“finishing off the country.”

Sorry dudes. It's a Jewish state. It's the homeland of our people, not yours. That's not racism. It's reality. Racism didn't seem to be much of an issue when Arab countries forcibly ejected more than 800,000 Jews from their homes, seized their possessions and property, and murdered plenty in 1948. I don't recall reading any accounts of Arabs protesting, screaming about apartheid, etc. What is going to finish the country is the combination of the Left's obsession with destroying the Jewish character of Israel and Arabs, who hate Israel and the Jewish people, continuing to operate their genocidal terror armies on Jewish lands with that Leftist controlled government's permission.

If the Arabs don't like living in the Jewish state they should stop bitching and go back to their homelands; all 23 of them, and get out of ours. Don't let the door hit you on the ass on your way out

22 December 2009

Ehud Barak: High Priest of Baal

During the reign of king Ahav, worship of the idol baal was introduced into Israelite society. Resistance to this idolitry was led by Eliyahu HaNavi; Elijah the Prophet. After hiding for 3 years by G-d's command, Eliyahu appeared before Ahav and challenged the 450 priests of baal to prove that the idol was more powerful than Hashem. They implored their lifeless diety to consume the flesh of a bull they had sacrificed, but failed. Eliyahu's sacrifice was consumed by a great fire from the sky, upon which the witnesses among the people of Israel declared, "Adonoi Hu HaElohim;" The Lord, He alone is G-d. Eliyahu then commands the people to capture the priests. Eliyahu put them all to the sword.

Today Israel has the esteemed privilege of having the new high priest of baal, Ehud Barak presiding of the ministry of defense. Today the brazen ass, while further condemning Rabbi Eliezer Melamed as failing to adequately come out against soldiers protesting against being used to evict Jews from their homes, against Jewish law, declared
"One of the foundations of a democratic state is a monopoly on the use of force
on the one hand; on the other is the state's authority over the citizens. The
citizens express their stances through political activity and the ballot box.
The State has an army and the army is under the authority of the State, and
of no other body

And here lies the failure of the government of Israel. The People of Israel are only under one authority, the G-d of Israel. The state is not to be worshipped. We are answerable to Hashem alone, not some fat cheeked, pig headed betrayer of HaKadosh Borachu and the Jewish people.

Unfortunately, Rabbi Melamed, by deferring to the decision of his fellow Hesder Yeshiva heads, and signing the declaration against soldier protests, has turned his back on his defense of G-d and Torah. He has shown the other side of his mouth. While one side speaks of Torah truth, the other says that soldiers should be silent in the face of the government's violation of Torah truth. They should not protest government policies that order them to evict Jews from their homes, but should refuse to obey those orders when given. Telling the truth of Torah cannot be done in silence. Melamed compromised himself, and in the end is still out of the Hesder program. His credibility is no longer existent. He needs to recant his decision to support the ban on soldier protests or accept the fact that he is just another betrayer of the G-d of Israel, like the rest of the Hesder Yeshiva heads who signed the declaration.

These are difficult times for the Torah observant in Israel, and in exile. The leadership is fading, turning to baal. I have news for you, your high priest Barak's god will not redeem you. So go. Cut off your beards, give up your tefillin, and pick up a ham for the Fast of Tevet. As Yeshiyahu asked, what good are your fasts? You have sided with the state against Hashem. Your fasts are meaningless, as are your yeshivas. Petition your high priest Barak to grant you absolution.

For more honest discourse on this I recommend listening to this post at The Jewish Fist.

21 December 2009

Jimmeh's Pie Hole Opens Again

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Jimmeh the Dhimmi Carter for once again opening the stupid, hateful fart chamber that passes for his mouth. The scumbag really outdid himself this time, trying to apologize to American Jews for "stigmatizing" Israel.

First, titled your book Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid. There is no such country, nor has there ever been a country called Palestine.

Name a king, president, or prime minister who has ruled over a country called Palestine...not the PLO, not the Palestinian Authority (which is the PLO), but a country called Palestine. You can't dipshit, because there is no such place, nor is there such a people. And since you clearly haven't a clue as to what "apartheid" was, you might want to explain why Arabs in Israel have the right to vote, hold public office, speak their native tongue, and own property. Maybe that's because Israel is not an apartheid state you jackass.

Now, let's go to your "apology," and break it down with Shtueynalysis...

"We must recognize Israel’s achievements under difficult circumstances [which would be fighting off the efforts of 23 Arab countries to eradicate the Jewish state off the face of the earth by killing every Jew in it...those are not difficult circumstances you's called genocide...which clearly you have no problem long as it's directed at Jews.] even as we strive in a positive way to help Israel continue to improve its relations with its Arab populations [even as we attempt to force Israel to make nice with the very people who want to commit the aforementioned act of genocide] but we must not permit criticisms for improvement to stigmatize Israel [we must not make our calls for Israel to commit suicide by creating a second terror state on its borders...because Hamasastan is working out so brilliantly...actually look like we think the Jews deserve to die, even though that's what racist bigot Jew haters like my peanut farming self really want].

"As I would have noted at Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, but which is appropriate at any time of the year, I offer an Al Het for any words or deeds of mine that may have done so." [that comment is so unbelievably asinine that I am tempted to leave it alone, but...I...just...can't...the Al Chait prayer is recited on Yom Kippur in which we say to G-d, "We have sinned against you..." and recite a long list of acts that we have committed knowingly and unknowingly].

What Farter is talking about is making Tshuva...a turning away from one's wrong ways, and embracing a path to correct one's life. This is what Jimmeh Farter's act of Tshuva would sound like, if he wasn't a braying, racist, bigoted, Jew Hater:

"I would like to say to the world Jewish community that I am truly sorry for writing books, and giving speeches in which I basically characterize Israel as a fascist Narzi state for their supposed poor treatment of the Falacstinians, when in fact it is the Arabs who have, by word and deed, demonstrated that they are committed to the genocide of the Jewish people in the land of Israel. If the world community is committed to a just and lasting peace in Israel then they will provide enough Egged busses and falafel lunches for every Arab in Eretz Yisrael who hates the Jews to cross the Jordan River over Allenby Bridge into the state of Jordan that Great Britain created for them in the early part of the 20th century."

What makes this idiot think that he can invoke something Jewish like the Al Chait and be absolved for his sins? You're a piece of crap Jew hater Jimmeh, and without committing a true act of Tshuva, you will go to the grave that way.

And now...two comments from Ynet that I adore. Honestly, I didn't write these...really.

After all he has said and done, jimmy carter asks for an Al hait, here it is Jimmy: DROP DEAD YOU ARE ETERNAL SCUM. Carter could beg for 50 years and my answer would be the same, you went too far for forgiveness, you need to make yourself whole with your maker not us. After all the lies, insinuations, the misrepresentations and piublic attakcs, now you offer attonement. No WAY ... lets give Carter what he deserves, a big no. Let him go live with his terrorist buddies in gaza. and beg for forgiveness. He is an embarassement to the US and just so he knows, we did not forget his calling everybody who disagreee with obama, a Racist. Based on the last poll that included 96% of Israel. To conlcude: Carter is lower than camel dung and smells no better.
you have done unimaginable damage and it is entirely too too late to even think of forgiving you for the many lies in your book, your many disparaging remarks and twisting of the truth regarding our country and community and for lending a helping hand, supporting and encouraging the islamic terrorists of hamass and other arabists rejectionists of israel as a jewish country to kill us, to murder jews, to terrorise us in our land and you, sir, it is known, never ever met a TERRORIST OR ISLAMIC TOTALITARIAN DESPOT OR A TYRANT YOU DID'T LIKE.
our situation in the usa and in israel is the result of your presidency and your love affair with the mullahs of the world. look what you have done to the usa, never mind israel

go to hell, and remember, while going there, make sure you and your wife stop to put another wreath on arafat's grave, as you both did umpteen times. HOW COULD YOU PUT A WREATH ON A TERRORIST, LIAR AND ABUSER OF HIS PEOPLE?


not an apology, never. not accepted. take your recent and past book and disclose all the lies you fermented in there. your apology should not be to the jews in the usa. it should be directed at israel whome you bashed and denigraded, disrespected and harrassed.

shame on you.

how could an idiot like yourself look in the mirror daily and know his texts and life are a lie.

may you go to hell. we are not buying your apologies and foxman can't accept them for israel.
So yeah, Jimmeh...go shove it.

20 December 2009

A Question of Loyalty

The issue of the future of Jewish life in our ancestral lands is quickly coming to a head. First, Defense Minister Ehud Barak kicked Har Bracha Yeshiva out of the Hesder Yeshiva program for failing to swear fealty to him rather than G-d. The heads of the Hesder Yeshivas have failed to take the proper stand, coming out against protests by soldiers against using the IDF to evict Jews, while saying that it is not okay for the IDF to evict Jews. In other words, the policy is wrong, but the people who are expected to carry it out cannot speak out. At the same time, these same rabbis say that if they follow orders to evict Jews they are disobeying G-d (which they would be).

Could there be a more spineless mixed message? Either stand up for Torah or shut up. As far as I am concerned, these students are now without valid teachers. What is the point of delivering lip service to Torah law you tell soldiers not to stand up for it? Don't protest, but don't follow the orders either?

In an open letter to Yeshiva students, and those among them preparing to enlist, Hesder Yeshiva rabbis stated the following:
An open letter
From rabbis/educators in the Hesder yeshivas
To the yeshiva students, and youth awaiting conscription
Dear students and youths!

We turn to you at a time in which many in the country are discussing the relationship between Torah commandments and the authority of the military commander.

As educators who send their students to serve in the IDF, we are committed to answer this question in a clear and precise way, as we were taught by our greatest rabbis: Chief Rabbi Shlomo Goren of blessed memory, Chief Rabbi Avraham Elkana Shapira of blessed memory, Rabbi Shaul Yisraeli of blessed memory and Rabbi Moshe Tzvi Neria of blessed memory.

We have therefore written the following before you:

May you only be strong!

By the grace of G-d we have been given the gift of living in a time of redemption. A time of ingathering of exiles, of establishment of the State and a Jewish defense force, the Israel Defense Force or IDF. All these constitute a great sanctification of G-d's name and are steps toward the complete redemption.
To our sorrow, for some time now, the army is also being used for purposes that have nothing to do with defending Israel, and are contrary to the will of Hashem, as it appears in the holy Torah. This situation throws the soldiers of the IDF into a reality in which there is a contradiction between the commandments of G-d and the orders of the military commander.

Therefore, we must teach ourselves and all of Israel, that our belief in Hashem the G-d of Israel and the acceptance of the yoke of His Kingdom, are the source of our devotion in the war to assist Israel. We need to make it clear to everyone that this loyalty to Hashem stands above all other loyalties, to the government or to the army.

Through this very trouble shall we be delivered.

We will make it clear that while it is true that the army has one commander – he, too, must be loyal to the G-d of Israel. This clarification will uplift our army to loyalty to Hashem our G-d, a loyalty through which the true Israeli military consciousness shall be clarified. It is not “my power and the might of my hand that hath gotten me this wealth, but the Lord your God... gives you power to get wealth” (Deuteronomy 8).

The Gemara in Sanhedrin Tractate teaches us that it is a mistake to declare loyalty to a flesh and blood king without noting that our primary loyalty is to the Word of Hashem!

The Yad Ramah [a 12th century Jewish sage from Spain – ed.] explains the passage by saying that any declaration of loyalty must be carried out in the fashion of the sons of Gad and Reuven, who told Joshua: “As we obeyed everything that Moses told us so shall we obey you, only let the Lord your G-d be with you as He was with Moses; Every man who goes against your orders will be put to death, may you only be strong.”

They declared loyalty and then lessened it, in case they would be ordered to transgress against the Torah and its commandments.

We teach our students, the Hesder Yeshiva students, to be loyal soldiers out of a commitment to to the Word of Hashem. We are certain that the Name of the Lord which we bear is what strikes fear into the hearts of our enemies, and it is what awards us with salvation and the glory of victory.


Rabbi Yigal Abutbul, Rishon LeTzion Hesder Yeshiva
Rabbi Ben Tzon Elgazi, Kerem BeYavneh Hesder Yeshiva
Rabbi Shmuel Eckstein, Afikei Daat Hesder Yeshiva in Sderot
Rabbi Yochanan Ben Zakai, Kiryat Arba Hesder Yeshiva
Rabbi Shlomo Binyamin, Lev LaDaat Hesder Yeshiva in Sderot
Rabbi Ariel Bareli, Afikei Daat Hesder Yeshiva in Sderot
Rabbi Ohad Baruchi, Tverya Hesder Yeshiva
Rabbi Eyal Gefen, Rishon LeTzion Hesder Yeshiva
Rabbi Chaim Gross, Mitzpeh Eshtamoa Hesder Yeshiva
Rabbi Amir Garti, Shavei Shomron Hesder Yeshiva
Rabbi Erez Vatik, Shavei Shomron Hesder Yeshiva
Rabbi Shiloh Tovi, Afikei Daat Hesder Yeshiva, Sderot
Rabbi Elisha Yinon, Beit Shean Hesder Yeshiva
Rabbi Yaakov Yehudah Yakir, Beir Orot Hesder Yeshiva
Rabbi Yitzchak Levi, Kerem BeYavneh Hesder Yeshiva
Rabbi Yishai Lange, Beit Orot Hesder Yeshiva
Rabbi Yair Frank, Shiloh Hesder Yeshiva
Rabbi Nachum Tzafri, Elon Moreh Hesder Yeshiva
Rabbi Noam Konigsberg, Shaalabim Hesder Yeshiva
Rabi Eliyahu Shachor, Elon Moreh Hesder Yeshiva
Rabbi Aryeh Stern, Kerem BeYavneh Hesder Yeshiva
Rabbi Shalom Shmidt, Ramat Gan Hesder Yeshiva
Rabbi Yedidya Shimon, Rishon LeTzion Hesder Yeshiva

With the vote by the rabbis against protests, how are the students supposed to know what to do? They are asked to deny Torah truth while being told they must stand up for it. The entire program is in jeopardy, and students are without teachers.

Meanwhile, a secret military plan of action against Yesha residents has come to light and is enraging the populace.
"...the army is planning to enforce the government-ordered construction freeze on Jewish towns in Yesha with the help of six brigades, the entire Border Guard forces of Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem, Israel Air Forces helicopters and drones, the Shabak (Shin Bet) and police, intelligence forces, and IDF reserve units. The forces are required to submit a daily report to the General Staff and the Defense Minister by 1 PM each day.

The Shomron Residents Committee released a sharp statement in response: “This war plan formulated against the pioneering settlement enterprise in Samaria and Judea, together with the plan against the hesder yeshivot which produce the best of Israel’s soldiers, turns [Defense Minister] Ehud Barak into a war criminal.”

“With the full backing of Netanyahu, who so cynically called us ‘brothers,’ Barak is wasting billions of shekels of the People of Israel’s money in order to promote his own standing in the Israeli left – instead of investing the money in building and developing the Galilee, Samaria, Negev and Judea. We will fight without compromise against Barak’s criminal actions, and we will continue to build our land wherever Arab nationalism threatens to turn it into terrorist states.”

The document states that the plan is on the “General Staff” level, and outlines the plan to destroy new Jewish buildings throughout Judea and Samaria. It appears that the plan is set to be put into operation within two weeks.

“The security forces will display zero tolerance vis-à-vis violence against the forces engaged in enforcing the construction freeze, demolitions and evictions."

There can be no doubt that this is the prelude to evacuation of Judea and Samaria, clearly against the will of the Israeli public that voted for a government that would refuse to allow the creation of an Arab state in our land, and would support expanding the construction of communities in Yesha. Now that it is clear that this government is going to do the exact opposite, what are the people of Israel going to do about it?

The irony is that the military is clearly able to mobilize its forces to destroy Jewish life, while it sits on its hands as Hamas arms itself in Yesha. Rather than eradicate the Arab armies that exist on our lands, the military plans to eradicate Jewish communities.

The choice for Israel is clear: will Am Yisrael side with a G-dless government that acts against Torah, and the will of the people, or will we fight against these Hellenists?

An interesting poll has been released indicating that 55% of Israelis (including 51% of those who see themselves as secular) see the residents of Judea and Samaria as the modern Maccabees, the Hasmonean led fighters that liberated the land from the Selucid Greeks and their Jewish Hellenist collaborators. Only 13% see IDF officers this way, and only 6% see Knesset members this way. It is clear where the people of Israel are looking for the future of the survival of Israel and the Jewish people. It is not the current G-dless leadership. It is to the Torah Jews of Yesha to whom they are looking.

If the Jews of Yesha rise up against the government, will the people follow? Will the army split? We know what Barak will do. He has already made his mafioso threats that if the residents of Yesha just comply with the destruction of their communities there will be no need for him to use force against them.

The time to end the secular government of Israel is now. Alas, there is no real leadership. Where is the Matityahu among the people? The Hesder Rabbis have betrayed their students. The government has betrayed the Jews of Yehuda and Shomron. Where are the nationalist leaders now? Where is Katz? Where is Feiglin? They will do nothing but rant. It is the people who must stand up now.

This is the test of our time. This is the replaying of our test at Sinai. Is it the golden calf or Hashem in which we will place our trust and faith? The time is short. If the reports are correct, the Jews of Yesha will be under attack in less than two weeks. To whom will we be loyal?

17 December 2009

Are You A Maccabee?

What does it mean in the modern age to be a Maccabee? It's a simple message, a simple thought.

When the Selucid Greeks demanded that Jews sacrifice swine to their gods, some Jews stepped right up to do so. The first that did so in the presence of Matityahu, the son of Yonaton, the High Priest, fell to his sword, which began the Maccabean revolt.

Beyond being ready to fight outsiders who come to kill us, a Maccabee is ready to take on his own people when they act against G-d.

Look at what is happening in Yehuda and Shomron right now. The government has banned Jewish construction and yet, Jews build. The police come to help the Civil Administration deliver cease and desist orders from Jerusalem. They are met by throngs of people to prevent them from entering their communities.

The question that no one desires to even think about is what will happen if soldiers come to effect the cleansing of Jews from Yesha, which is what the Jew Hater in the White House, the UN, the EU, and the Arabs want. Will the residents be nonviolent or will they take up arms against their own in order to stand by Hashem? Will the soldiers cut down their own to enforce an act they don't believe in, or will they side with G-d? No one wants to answer these questions because either answer is beyond our comprehension.

The bottom line is that neither the soldiers, nor the residents of Yesha should stand against each other. The enemy is in Jerusalem. The enemy is ready to betray Hashem, because the enemy does not fear Hashem. The enemy bows down before the god of power, not the G-d of Israel. In such a circumstance, all those who fear, revere, and love Hashem are obligated to act.
Hashem is not waiting for the right moment to take down the godless Leftist elites of Israel.
Hashem is waiting for the people to act.

When the nation of Israel stood between the waters of Yam Suf, and the chariots of Pharoah, the waters did not part until the people took it upon themselves to act. When did the waters part? When Nachshon, in an act of faith, leapt into the water. Only when the people committed themselves to G-d's providence were they rescued. But even in the face of plagues visited on Egypt, even when the entire nation of Israel stood before the very presence of G-d at Sinai, still the golden calf was made.

Those that were responsible for the golden calf transgressed more deeply than the generation that was destroyed by the flood. Why? Because those destroyed by the flood did not know Hashem. There was no Torah. There was no revelation at Sinai. Those who made the golden calf did so in the wake of a moment so profound and resonating that we Jews today who sit around the seder table on Pesach count ourselves among those who were at Sinai. We are part of the chain of souls of the nation that was there.

But if those that worshipped the golden calf did more evil than the generation destroyed by the flood, those in power in Israel now that are preparing to butcher the land and rip us out of it are committed to a far greater evil. Why? For 2000 years our scattered nation prayed and dreamed for the redemption of our people, for a return to our land and a rebuilding of our institutions; to live in our land and be strong, to live our way of life as free and independent people again. After 2000 years we were able to return and strengthen the remnant of Jews that remained in our land, a land that never stood as an independent country held by any other people at any time in history.

Here is an irrefutable fact that no Arab, no NGO, no President or Jew Hating White House Resident can alter. The only time that the land of Israel housed a free and independent country was when it hosted the nation of Israel. It was true 3500 years ago, and it is true now. Never was there a country of Palestine, or any other. It has been a province of many an empire. It has only ever been an independent country for our people.

Now that the independent Jewish country is reborn in the land of Israel, and we have liberated our land, and our holiest place, all we can seem to do is give it away. In the face of the actuation of Hashem's promise to our people, Jewish politicians seek to undo it. They gave away the Sinai twice; gave away Azza, where Isaac dwelled; gave away the Temple Mount; and now they are plotting to give away Judea and Samaria, the first lands purchased by Abraham. These are far greater crimes against G-d than the golden calf could ever have been.

But the greater crime will be if the Jewish people refuse to be Maccabees, refuse to stand up and end this failed un-Jewish, G-dless governmental system. And we will all share the guilt and the responsibility for what will happen if we in Israel, and in exile, fail to act; fail to leap into the waters; fail to show our faith, reverence, fear, and love for Hashem with all our heart, soul, and might.

Our nation was saved from Pharoah when we acted. The miracles of Chanukah were performed because we acted. We are standing between the waters and the chariots. Who is willing to jump in? We are standing before a desecrated Temple. Who is willing to find the oil? Who is willing to light it? Who is willing to be Nachshon? Who is willing to be a Maccabee?

16 December 2009

The Rachel Corrie Memorial Latke Prize 5770/2009

This year's selection for the recipient of the Rachel Corrie Memorial Latke Prize was difficult indeed. So many out there have lined up against Israel in support of the Arab terror war against Israel that it was nearly impossible. With a slate of esteemed nominees like Marack Pajama, Dick Goldstone, Rahm Emmanuel, Hillary Clinton, and of course the always nominated Shimon Peres, it was a veritable cornucopia of myopia.

For those of you who are unaware, Rachel Corrie was an American peacenik dupe of the International Solidarity Movement, who swallowed anti-Israel propaganda like candy, and actually went to Gaza, unknowingly allowing herself to be put in harm's way in their effort to enrage the Western world with images of an American activist being killed by the Jews. With no knowledge of the real history of the conflict, or international law, Corrie and a few fellow idiots played chicken with an Israeli bulldozer. She lost.

While it is deplorable that a human being died, anyone who sides with genocidal terrorists gets what's coming to them. Putting oneself out of the line of sight of a bulldozer driver with limited visibility, who is knocking down a house hiding a smuggling tunnel, is just plain stupid, especially when the other protesters later made it clear that the bulldozers had been routinely doing their best to avoid hitting them....whoops! The responsibility for her death lies squarely with the Arabs who knowingly put her in harm's way as a propaganda tool, and Corrie herself, who went to a war zone and chose to defend terrorists, who later nearly kidnapped her parents when they went to Gaza.

And so, each year during Chanukah I am left to award the Rachel Corrie Memorial Latke Prize to a figure on the world stage who, in grand fashion, stands with the genocidal Arab terrorists who abuse and murder their own people, while targeting Jewish civilians and kidnapping soldiers in violation of international law. I came very close to naming Dick Golden Dickstone, but in light of the events in Judea and Samaria over the past couple of weeks, it is only fitting to award this year's Rachel Corrie Memorial Latke Prize to.......

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak!!!!

Yes, as Defense Minister, Barak is charged with enforcing the Netanyahu government's Jewish building freeze edict in Judea and Samaria. So far he has managed to overstep the bounds of the edict, forcing a halt on projects that were already approved and/or begun before the freeze was ordered; he is enforcing an edict that is actually illegal under Israeli law as only the Security Cabinet voted on it, and his actions have led to scenes of violence between Jews, like this:

He has removed IDF protection from places like Efrat leaving Jews vulnerable to Arab attack; he is refusing to take any action to halt illegal Arab construction in Judea and Samaria; he has referred to the Jewish liberation of our land from the Jordanians in 1967 as an "occupation" of a people and a country that has never existed, exposing himself as the Stockhausen Syndrome sufferer he is; and most recently has violated the free speech of Har Baruch Yeshiva Rabbi, Eliezer Melamed, by ejecting his yeshiva from the Hesder program (where IDF soldiers can also attend yeshiva) for conveying the message that it is immoral for Jewish soldiers to evict Jews from their homes.

In fact, it is against Jewish law, and Rabbi Melamed is upholding that law because, unlike Barak, he actually follows and respects it. He is doing exactly what a true rabbi is supposed to do, make sure that those under his tutelage follow the halacha. Halacha is clear: Jewish soldiers may not evict Jews from land given to them by G-d. There is no halachic argument to refute it. In fact, Melamed's action is the best barometer as to who is a true Rav, and who is a collaborator. A true Rav, one devoted to Torah and Hashem, will stand by Har Baruch against Barak. Those who don't should be forgotten. This is not a time for sitting on fences, or collaborating. Those who find that type of behavior acceptable have failed to learn Matityahu's lessons on the worth of collaborators.

In a column of Melamed's to appear Thursday, a portion of which has been published by Arutz Sheva, he writes:
Rabbis are obligated to say the Torah truth as they see it, even when they need to pay a price for it,” he continues. “I never called for demonstrations within the army, but I will not consent to sign an emphatic denouncement of these protests just because of pressure and threats.”

"Instead of the Defense Minister distancing the military from all public controversy, or at the very least refraining from giving orders that contradict Jewish law – he incites the greater public against rabbis who supposedly endanger military discipline.”

"It is forbidden to express opinion on Torah matters under pressure from the government, and a rabbi must say his inner truth; in that he represents the sacred legacy of our nation. And these things are true of the Hesder yeshivas rabbis as well; they do not need to be under the discipline of of the military commanders, but to voice their opinion freely.

"Some rabbis are applying great pressure on me to sign [a declaration against refusal of orders] in order to end the painful confrontation with the Ministry of Defense. On the other hand, the spokesmen for the Ministry of Defense can be expected to present this in the media as the defeat of Torah opinion by the Barak government. On the face of it, there is a great temptation here. A tiny signature on a sentence whose contents I identify with and that does not contain any denouncement of the protesters, and it will be possible to go on as usual in the yeshiva, without wasting hours on writing articles and without losing an annual budget of NIS 800 thousand (based on the number of students).”

"Since I am, for the time being, part of the larger group of Hesder yeshivas, I have agreed upon the advice of my father and teacher [Rabbi Zalman Melamed of Beit El – ed.], and other rabbis, to transfer this decision to the forum of yeshiva heads which will convene on Sunday to discuss the affair.”

Every Rabbi that signs that declaration should be abandoned by their students, who should flock to Melamed's yeshiva. To sign such a declaration is to stand falsely in the face of Torah. It would not be the first time that a lone man stood upright in the face of collaborators. That is one of the things we remember during Chanukah. But I have to say that I question Melamed's passing the buck to the other yeshiva heads. Will he abide by their decision if it goes against the Halacha? For the sake of Am Yisrael I hope he does not.

Barak is part of the Left's continuing campaign to curtail the rising power of observant Jews in Israel in the hopes of maintaining their own power that has no respect for the Torah, for the people, or the G-d of Israel. He, and the rest of the Hellenists are willing to do anything, including putting the entire nation of Israel in jeopardy, just so they can continue to bow down to their god of political power, and all the false gifts that god gives them.

And so, human dung heap Ehud Barak, you are this year's winner of the Rachel Corrie Memorial Latke Prize.

Choke on it you pig.

15 December 2009

Yaacov Herzog on Chanukah

Yaacov Herzog (1921-1972); rabbi, Israeli ambassador to Canada, and director general of the Prime Minister's Office, wrote the following on Chanukah and the Rebirth of Israel:
Hanukkah comprehends Judaism to mean Jewish independence-- in the physical and political sense-- in that small land on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean, where the threefold bond of land, people, and faith was forged for all time. Hanukkah also enshrines the dialogue between Israel and the nations of the world from earliest times. The central theme is of the few against the many, of a people-- its soul kindled by immortal dispensation-- pursuing its distinctive course through the ages against all odds: a people confident in its faith that no mortal force, whether active or passive, whether of oppression or hatred, whether of discrimination or assimilation, could in the final analysis deny it the fulfillment of its spiritual and national destiny, both for itself and in the broader context of human progress....

The Maccabees of old were not only members of the priestly house and, as such, guardians of Judaism; they were also leaders of their people-- generals and statesmen. In summing up political and military prospects, the criteria were the same in ancient times as today. The Maccabees could not have ignored them, and yet they embarked on a revolt against Greek oppression that, in light of what we know today about the balance of forces in those days, must have seemed remote indeed from any chance of success. They acted as they did because failure to act would have meant total physical destruction and spiritual eclipse. But an inner voice told them that if the tragedy of Jewish destiny is a precarious existence on the brink, its triumph is achieved by total commitment to faith, through which peril can be challenged and overcome. In our time, over two thousand years later, the sons of the Maccabees faced a situation that, in poignancy and despair, recalled the circumstances in which their forefathers had likewise found themselves....

But the passage of time had not obliterated the spirit of the Maccabees-- their resolve, their faith, and the message of their experience bridged the gap of time and guided their heirs in the twentieth century. If archeology one day uncovers the political and military estimates of those who sent Greek forces to crush the Hasmonean revolt, we might assume that their analysis of the Jewish prospects would not be far different from the assessments that were prevalent in 1948. Redemption flashed anew, when every mortal assessment would seem to have denied its validity. The few vindicated their cause against the force of the many. As Hanukkah is celebrated throughout Israel today, its true significance and innermost spirit can be grasped for the first time since the festival was initiated thousands of years ago....

The dialogue of a redeemed people with the world has but begun. The testament of the Maccabees will be vindicated. On Hanukkah let us clasp hands in spiritual fraternity and historical involvement. Let us recall the testament of Mattathias, the father of the Maccabees; privileged indeed are we to live in this generation. May we be worthy of the destiny that summons us forward.
[from the Hanukkah Anthology; Phillip Goodman, The Jewish Publication Society; 1976]

Yes, the dialogue of a redeemed people and the world began in 1948, and it has ended up in the same place as it did in the days of the Greek occupation. We are surrounded by enemies, in the region, and the world, who seek to force our capitulation, tear us from our land, and even deny our historical connection to it. But the enemy isn't simply in Egypt, or Lebanon, or Turkey, or Syria, or Jordan, or Saudi Arabia, or Azza, or Judea, or Samaria, or Iran, or the European Union, or the halls of the White House; the enemy lies in the government of Israel as well, and has the same aforementioned goals. As in the days of Matisyahu, and his sons we call the Maccabees, assimilationist Jews threaten the very existence of our nation.

They seek to tear us from our land, force the capitulation of observant Jews that seek to live in it, and deny our historical connection to it by not only referring to our land as "occupied territory," but by refusing to present to the world the one reason why we cannot give up one square inch of our land: it was given to us by the G-d of Israel, and we are commanded to live there. We are commanded to keep it. We are commanded not to give it away. This is the only thing that matters, and it is the one case that the secular Israeli government, and Alan Dershowitz refuse to make.

It is no coincidence that the first to fall by the sword in the Hasmonean rebellion were Hellenist Jews; those who capitulated to the Greeks and made sacrifices to their gods, and those who collaborated with them.

Security is not a reason for keeping the land and wresting from its Arab occupiers; the Torah is the reason. Certainly we know that if the Arabs are given Judea and Samaria all of Israel will be the victim of Arab rockets, but the reality is that giving it to them should not even be on the table. Playing host to those who have sworn to kill us is not only insane, it violates the Torah. When we have stood steadfast by our covenant, the land it represents, and by Hashem, no enemy, no matter how great, has ever defeated us. This is the context in which the oil was found, and burned, and in which an army of 40,000 was defeated by 3000. There is no hope that the current leaders of Israel will remember this, care about this, or understand just how wrong they are, until it is far too late.

The rulers of Israel are not afraid of demonstrations in the streets. We had those in 2005 and lost Gush Katif. The only thing they fear is losing their power. It is up to the people of Israel to take that power from them, and put it in the hands of those who understand what it means to burn the last cruse of oil in the wake of empires come and gone, and in the face of history.

14 December 2009

Chanukah Jew Hate

It just wouldn't be Chanukah without some good ol' fashioned Jew Hate, would it? Sure, it would be nice to go one year without reports of racist dingdongs vandalizing public chanukiah displays, disrupting events, or desecrating synagogues, but we all know that's not going to happen any time soon. And so, the yearly Jew Hate display has become as expected a tradition as latkes and fried donuts.

Let's go through the list. In Vienna over the weekend, the Chabad rabbi was assaulted by, try not to faint from disbelief...a Muslim...who burst through the crowd with the obligatory yelling, and proceeded to pummel the rabbi with his fists. Clearly, and thankfully, this schmuck was not quite motivated enough to collect his 72 virgins by jamming a bomb up his rear. He did nearly sever one of the rabbi's fingers by biting it. Shortly after, the crazed Islamic assailant fell into a river of molten lava causing the collapse of Barad Dur, and the final eradication of Sauron the Great...sorry, I couldn't resist.

Rabbi Dov Gruzman is recovering in a Vienna hospital, and has assured the public that the ceremonies will continue through the remainder of the eight nights of Chanukah. In fact, Rabbi Gruzman expects the celebration to grow larger as a result of the attack. We pray for Rabbi Gruzman's speedy and complete recovery so that he can be continue to shine the light of Jewish life in Vienna soon.

In Connecticut, escaped lobotomy patients, better known as neo-narzi dickheads, decided to stir up trouble at a chanukiah lighting, showing up in masks (how brave), with Narzi flags and banners, and yelling the usual Narzi slogans. On Long Island a chanukiah was taken and dumped in a pond, and another was broken. Police have labeled the Long Island incidents as hate crimes...I feel much better, don't you?

But INN and JPost are reporting the ultimate winner for this year's display of Jew Hate in Moldova, where an Orthodox Priestly Dickhead, and his little helpers in Kishinev, stole a metal chanukiah from a public display and dismantled it as part of a pro-Orthodox Christian Idiot protest that, by definition, must defame Jews. The "priest" caught on the video said:
"We are an Orthodox country. Stephan the Great defended our country from all kinds of kikes, and now they come and put their menorah here. This is anarchy.

"The Jews can try to kill us, to traumatize our children,” the priest charged, adding that Jews try to “dominate people.”
It's anarchy! The Jews are celebrating Chanukah! The Jews are celebrating Chanukah! Yes, the world is chocked full of stupid, and apparently Moldova has more than it's share. High five!

Yes, we sure love to dominate in the Holocaust, or the Kishinev pogrom in which the Moldovan populace joined in sacking and slaughtering the Jews, destroying their property, slitting people open alive and stuffing them with goose feathers...should I go on? I guess the Narzi persecution of the Orthodox Church was not enough to squeeze even the slightest bit of empathy from these morons for the Jewish people. Go fuck yourselves, idiots.

I couldn't be happier that this incident was caught on video.

Roll that beautiful goy footage!

Jesus would be so proud.

The Sparks Within

Rebbe Yehuda Aryeh Leib Alter, more commonly knows as the Sfas Emes, was one of the brilliant souls and minds of Chassidism. Born in 1847, he served as the 2nd Rebbe of the town of Ger. He once wrote:
Every Jew is blessed with an inner spark that never wavers in its commitment to Hashem. No matter how assimilated the Jew may appear to be, an inner spark endures that always remains pure. Through hoda'ah, gratitude to Hashem, this pristine spark survives intact, and the Jew is able not only to retrieve but also to expand the influence of this spark.

Reflecting the same thought, Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch (1808-1888) wrote:
One single spark, loyally treasured in but one single Jewish heart, is sufficient for God to set aflame once more the whole spirit of Judaism. And if all the oil, if all the forces that were to have preserved the light of God in Israel, were to be misused for the light of paganism-- even then, one little crucible of oil, one heart which, in a forgotten hidden corner, imprinted with the high priest's seal, has faithfully remained untouched and undefiled, this one crucible is sufficient to become the salvation of the entire sanctuary, when the right time and hour has come. "And even though all countries were bowed in obedience to Antiochus, if every man forsook the land of his fathers and assented to the king's command, even then, I and my sons and brothers will not forsake the laws of our fathers"-- thus spoke the loyal Hasmonean heart of one single hero advanced in years-- and Israel's sanctuary was saved....

And if you, yourself, were the only one who still preserved the spirit of the Maccabees in his home, remember that one single Jew, one single Jewish home is ultimately in itself sufficient to serve as foundation for the reerection of the entire Jewish sanctuary.

We have been dampened, reduced in numbers by force of arms and the designs of evil men. The situation today has not changed. And yet the sparks, the lights of Chanukah will increase over the course of this week, casting their light into the darkness, and hopefully, causing every Jew who sees these lights to remember who they are, why they are here, in whom they should put their trust, and to remember the spark within; the spark that never wavers.

13 December 2009

A Great Balagan Happened There

During Chanukah it is traditional to play with the four sided top called a dreidle (sivivon in Hebrew). Each side of the sivivon has a Hebrew letter: In exile those letters are נ ג ה ש which are an acronym for the phrase :Nais gadol hayah sham; "a great miracle happened there. In Eretz Yisrael the ש is replaced with the letter פ which stand for the word po, or here, so the letters stand for "a great miracle happened here."

There have been many miracles that have occurred in the land of Israel since the days of the Maccabees; most recently they have involved Jewish military victories against larger, better armed Arab armies. It is also a miracle that, despite completely inept, irrational political leadership that insists on maintaining a declared enemy population within its borders, and has, and is planning on again giving away Jewish land to that same genocidal enemy, Israel has managed to survive as long as it has. With the gross corruption and incompetence at the highest levels of the Israeli government, and the military for that matter, it is nothing less than Divine intervention that has kept Israel alive, especially since Menachem Begin stupidly gave the Sinai away to a still embittered enemy in Egypt that facilitates the arming of Hamas in Azza and, as recently as last month, still declares that it refuses to accept Israel as a Jewish state, its sole geo/political purpose as recognized by international law.

I propose that there be a new dreidle fashioned replacing the nun for the word nais (miracle) with the letter bet (ב) for balagan which, among its many uses, essentially means a ball of confusion and chaos. That is exactly what Israel is experiencing, and has been experiencing since 1993 when Israel stupidly became involved in the Oslo mentality that capitulating to terrorists, accepting their false historical narrative, and giving up Jewish land, would somehow make them unrabid genocidal murderers, whose only common goal is to kill every Jew in Israel. So, after withdrawing from Sinai, Azza, and southern Lebanon, as well as giving over control of Arab population centers in Yehuda and Shomron, where is the love?

Perhaps in can be found in the latest attack on Jews in Yesha, the stabbing of a woman in Gush Etzion by an Arab, presumably a resident of the nearby village of Al Aroob. Why did this attack happen? For one simple reason: Defense Minister Ehud "Mr. Freeze" Barak ordered the removal of the checkpoint at the intersection where the stabbing took place. You see, stupid idiots like Barak think that if a Jew makes a goodwill gesture to an Arab, like restoring their uninhibited freedom of movement, that they will stop wanting to kill Jews. Instead, as consistently happens when the Leftists do something this stupid, the Arabs use their freedom of movement to immediately begin killing Jews via stabbings, shootings, axe wielding, and of course roadside bombs and homicide belts. There has never been a time when this was not the case...NEVER. And yet, stupid moron fucks like Barak and Bibi repeatedly put Jews in harms way by taking down checkpoints.

The IDF's military presence is being downgraded across Yesha. IDF assets are being used to protect the Civil Administration Gestapo trying to enter Yesha communities. Recently, the IDF installation in Efrat, near Beit Lechem (Bethlehem) was withdrawn. It will likely be only a matter of time before attacks start happening there in earnest. And why is this? So that the Jews will feel naked and vulnerable, and perhaps decide that staying in Yesha is not such a good idea. Then perhaps they will stop resisting their impending evacuation. In fact, the exact opposite is true. Seeing that the army is being used against them, it seems that some Jews are taking matters into their own hands.

A Jewish protest campaign called Price Tag is seeing Jews lashing out at Arabs in the face of the law enforcement against Jews in Yesha, while Arabs are being given the freedom to attack them, and build illegally without opposition. The most recent incident involved the vandalizing of a mosque in Shomron. While local rabbis and other Jewish leaders are condemning the act (it is presumed it was a Price Tag incident due to graffiti found at the scene, though investigations have not turned up any actual suspects as yet), the simple fact is that this type of thing is only going to keep happening.

The Jews of Yesha are living there for one simple reason: the land was given to us by G-d, and we are commanded to live there. We are not there as occupiers. We are not there because of hatred. We are there because G-d demands it. Even the Koran teaches that the land belongs to the Jews, and that we are to live there. If the residents are left unprotected, and are being threatened with eviction, you bet your ass they are going to take matters into their own hands.

In the meantime, the PA and the White House are doing everything possible to create an atmosphere that will force the commencement of the third intifada in the face of the weakness in Jerusalem. They can smell blood in the water, and so does the White House. Aaron Klein is reporting that Marack administration officials have made it known to the PA that the White House wants most of Yesha evacuated, and Jerusalem divided.

The path to peace does not depend on Jewish weakness and capitulation. It depends on strength, faith, and adherence to our relationship with Hashem. The Arabs of the Middle East are united in their purpose: killing the Jews and destroying Israel. The Jews of Israel do not have a common purpose. The people, in increasing numbers, do not desire to see an Arab state created west of the Jordan River, but the Leftist leaders and their mindless zombie followers, who clearly don't live in Sderot, Ashdod, Ashkelon, or anywhere else that kassam rockets fall, still think that if they hand an Arab a knife and stick out the Jewish neck, that the Arab won't slit the Jew's throat.

And so, the great balagan happens there. And it is going to keep going down this way until one of two things happens:
  1. Israel is destroyed
  2. The Jews of Israel remove the Hellenist capitulators from power and replace them with Maccabees who will not give away Jewish land, who will not entertain terrorists within the borders of Eretz Yisrael, and who will unequivocally say that the land of Israel is given to us by G-d, is given to no one else, and that no man made law or force can change that.
The time to end the Left's control of Israel is now. Unlike Moshe Feiglin's ludicrous notion that this can wait for elections, when the damage will already have been done, and the evacuation of Yesha will be a fait accompli, the time to act is NOW, before a single bulldozer destroys a single Jewish home. It is time for leadership that will turn the bulldozers on the illegal Arab construction, and will turn the guns on Fatah and Hamas instead of giving the guns to Keith Dayton's Al-Aqsa Martyrs Terrorist Army; Washington's own Arab terror squad.

Instead of debating whether to or not to release convicted killer Marwan Barghouti, currently serving 5 consecutive life sentences for perpetrating terror attacks against Jews, he should be pushed out of a helicopter over Gaza, or at least be stripped of his ability to participate in Fatah and PA business, as well as his cable tv, internet, and conjugal visits.

And, just so we end on a high note, Israeli security forces apprehended a 27 year old Arab who is suspected of attempting to carry out a bombing in Ashkelon. A resident of an Arab village in Yesha, he was in the city illegally.

And Hamas, on the eve of it's 22nd anniversary of terror, is declaring that it is rebuilding its armed force in Judea and Samaria to continue its war against the existence of Israel there, a much easier task now that the critical checkpoints are down, and the IDF is busy protecting the Civil Administration Gestapo instead of Jewish communities. They also plan to reveal a "surprise" at their terror party tomorrow. I bet it's a legion of suicide toddlers. Their mothers will be so proud. I wonder if Barak, Peres, and Bibi will be there to pin medals on them? The great miracle there would be if that didn't happen.

11 December 2009

Chanukah Sameach!

Nothing chaps my ass more than when a Jew declares that Chanukah is "just a minor holiday that got big because of Christmas." This kind of statement is typically made by a Jew that just doesn't know their history, or the ramifications of the holiday. Chanukah is, in my opinion, one of the most critical festivals in the Jewish calendar.

Chanukah is not a time for giving presents. This is a modern convention that has led many non-Jews, and secular Jews, to think that Chanukah is the "Jewish Christmas." It is anything but, though it does mark a birth, well...really a rebirth.

In part it commemorates the victory of the Maccabean led Jewish fighters over the Syrian Greeks who had outlawed Torah study, the use of Hebrew language, circumcision, and other vital Jewish practices. It was also a victory over the so-called Hellenist Jews who desired to assimilate into Greek society, adopt their religious practices, and culture.

In the wake of this military and cultural victory, the Temple was reclaimed, and the process of its purification and rededication (the word chanukah means "dedication" in Hebrew) began. Even before the Temple had been cleaned of the impure animals that had been brought in for sacrifice by the Greeks, and their idols had been removed, the Maccabees desired to relight the fires of the Temple's menorah; the seven branched candelabra whose flames were ritually kindled by the priests as commanded by Hashem. Only one cruse of oil bearing the unbroken seal of the high priest could be found in the Temple compound. It should have only lasted for one day, but burned for eight.

This past week, our rabbi asked us why is it that Chanukah's primary remembrance is that of the burning of the oil, and not the military victory over the Greeks? To my mind it is because all things come from Hashem. The Maccabean victory, the reclamation of the Temple, the oil, all were a product of Divine Will. The oil, the rededication of the Temple, this is what gave the defeat of the Greeks meaning. But the rabbi made another point.

The Maccabees, still bloody from the battle, the Temple unclean, desired to kindle the fires of the menorah to awaken the Jewish heart, to be a sign that our national and spiritual life would never be extinguished, so long as we stand by who we are, and never acquiesce to those who attempt to break our bond with Hashem, assimilate, or destroy us.

Today, in the reborn State of Israel, the modern Hellenist Jews; the Baraks, Peres, and Bibis of Israel, still desire to makes us like the rest of the world. They seek to divide us from our land, to forsake our bond with Hakadosh Borachu, the Holy One Blessed Be He. All throughout the festival of Chanukah, the Jews of Judea and Samaria will be rededicating themselves to their bond with G-d, the land He has given us as the embodiment of His unbreakable covenant with us, and to their fight (which should be the cause of all of the Jewish people) to continue to live in and build in the heartland of our people.

Beit El, Chevron, Shiloh...these are not places that we have invaded and stolen. They are places that have been ours for more than 3000 years. This land was not given to Ishmael and Esav. This land was given to us. It was not given to the Muslims by Allah. It was given to us, and the Koran teaches this. The land is not the Knesset's to freeze. It is ours to build up and live in. The Land of Israel is the home of the Jewish people. It is time to bring an end to the Arab occupation.

This Chanukah, above all others, when the world is lining up to break Israel, drive us from our land, drive us from Jerusalem, and the Hellenists of the Knesset seek to make Israel just another country, rather than the land of the Jewish nation, bound in an everlasting covenant with G-d, we must kindle the fires of our history and purpose, stand up, and push back. It is long past time for us to shed the shtetl mentality of exile, and embrace the strength and faith of the Maccabees.

Have a blessed, joyous Chanukah and Shabbat. May the flames of the chanukiah burn in the heart of every Jew, inspire us to turn back to our purpose, complete the liberation of our land, and return to Hashem.

For more on Chanukah, check out this post at Bob Martin's blog.

10 December 2009

The Humiliation of My Sisters

On Tuesday, young women who had been involved in protests against the expulsion from Gush Katif in 2005, testified before the Knesset's Committee for the Advancement of Women regarding their treatment at the hands of the Israeli Police. A woman, who was 17 at the time, gave the following testimony:
“A policewoman took me to the public restroom, closed the door and did not lock it, and told me to take off the outer clothes,” she said. “After arguing, when I realized I had no choice I stripped and remained with the underclothes. Then I was transferred to the police station at the Russian Compound where I was placed in a small room and told to strip completely. After I refused the policewoman told me that in that case she would have to call in a male policeman to help her. In order to prevent this situation I agreed to strip completely.”

MK Tzipi Hotoveli, who chaired the session, said:
“the things we heard here are evidence of an unbearable reality and it appears that the search was conducted for the sake of punishment and was not necessitated by reality. This is a means of striking fear into hearts and it does not advance the rule of law... The police stations and those who work in them have to undergo a complete revision with respect to this matter and there must be greater sensitivity in the matter of searches on a woman's body.”

I think it is safe to say that these tactics are going to be used against the young women in Judea and Shomron protesting the execution of Bibi and Barak's plan to destroy Yesha's Jewish communities in order to create their Falacstinian Terror Canton. This proposed giving away of our land is a great enough affront to Hashem. Isn't the humiliation of daughters of Israel, violating Jewish codes of modesty, just gilding the lily?

How much longer will the Jewish people allow our nation to be run by these sick, demented Hellenists?

09 December 2009

Dayton's Heroes? Try Dayton's Zeros

Lt. General Keith Dayton's armed force of renamed Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade members just doesn't pass muster. According to Arutz-7, they had to relinquish control of Shechem to the IDF, who engaged in counter-terror maneuvers to pick up an Islamic Jihad operative.
The suspect, Zalach Mahmad Zalach Buchari, was responsible for planning a suicide bombing in the Tel Aviv central bus station in January 2002, in which 28 people were wounded. A second suicide attack was foiled by security forces at the last minute. He also planned to abduct soldiers and has been hiding in Shechem for seven years.

According to its agreements with Israel, the PA is responsible for eliminating the terrorist infrastructure in Shechem, as well as other large Arab cities in Judea and Samaria. The IDF action Tuesday night bore out frequent military officers’ statements that the success of the PA forces in maintaining law and order is dependent on the IDF.

They have warned that if the IDF were to totally abandon the area, terrorists would regain the upper hand. "We see progress, but we won't give them full control of the cities. They're not capable of fighting Hamas and Islamic Jihad," a senior IDF officer, coordinating between General Keith Dayton and the PA, recently told TIME magazine.
Naturally, the thing to do is freeze Jewish construction in Judea and Samaria, in order to prepare for the cleansing of Jews in the heart of our land, to make way for the terrorists to run a flourishing democracy that will live in peace and harmony with Israel. For those of you who have yet to understand; accept the fact that anyone who believes this "two-state solution" could ever possibly work is obviously high on PCP. If you are one of these people, or know someone who suffers from this delusional, drug induced stupidity, please check them, or yourself, into rehab. You are not fit to live in normal human society as you either support the destruction of the Jewish people, are an idiot who is a danger to themselves and others, or both.

I can see why Dayton's Heroes might have a problem executing such a mission as the one mentioned above, considering that the force is almost entirely made up of terrorists. The entire endeavor is a sick joke. The question American tax payers ought to be asking themselves are

  1. Who is running the military intelligence show, and are they so completely stupid that they don't realize that Dayton's Heroes are almost all terrorists?
  2. Does Dayton have a poppy seed sized brain and not know he is training men who moonlight as terrorists, or does he know, and the United States is knowingly funding, arming, and training terrorists who would be fighting and killing soldiers and civilians of one of America's strongest allies?
  3. Are you tired of your country and your military being run by total shit for brains idiots?
Where is the oversight? Where is the accountability? It's nowhere to be found obviously, because we're talking about the Jewish state. Arming the terrorists who aim to destroy it, that's just par for the course. But then again, the dumb ass idiots in the Knesset are knowingly arming these idiots too, so there is plenty of blame to go around.

Bottom line is that Dayton's Heroes could not, and will not be able to maintain security, fight Hamas and Islamic Jihad, or maintain order in any Arab town in Judea and Samaria. Anyone who thinks these men are motivated to do so is either a liar, or just plain stupid.

These "security forces" are as big a joke as the "peace process."

Once again, I have the answer to this entire problem:


07 December 2009

Women of Valor

As reported yesterday, a lot of young women were involved in the protests in Kedumim over the weekend resisting the Yesha construction freeze. The trend continued today in Maaleh Levona where the girls prevented the inspectors from entering, and in Revava where more young women surrounded inspectors until the Yassam police arrived.

A young woman from Kedumim, an 11th grader, told Arutz-7:
“I told the police they have not right to touch me. What can they do to me? Arrest me? They won’t put me in jail, but I am prepared to sit in prison for the sake of the Land of Israel. The government is shooting itself in the foot. Netanyahu does what the Americans tell him to do.

“What are we? Ragdolls of the Americans? We are fed up.”

Chanting "Am Yisrael Chai" (the people of Israel live!) at the top of their lungs, these young women are the new Maccabees. In the tradition of Miriam, Devorah, and Hannah, these young women are standing up for our land and for the G-d of Israel. May they be a laser beam of shame to Bibi, Barak, and the rest of the G-dless kapos in the Knesset who live to give our land to our enemies in worship of the god of their own power. Forget the worthless Yesha Council. These are the heroes. Here is leadership.

Keep fighting beautiful sisters. You are a credit to our nation, and a blessing to the G-d of Israel. May Hashem bless each and every one of you with strength, and long life. You are the future of our people. In your hearts I see our hope.

06 December 2009

How Low Will This Go?

The fallacy of the construction freeze in Judea and Samaria is already well known. The PA has already said it won't negotiate. The United States is already applying pressure on Israel to divide Jerusalem, and evacuate Yesha, while allowing Arabs to build illegally anywhere they wish. Yes, the Marack White House is racist against Jews. Let's not pretend that this is not so. It's insulting to anyone who has a brain larger than a poppy seed.

Now the premise for the United States' freeze demand on Jewish construction is that it prejudices the negotiations between the Falacstinians and the Jews. So what should we assume when the US makes no demand that Arabs stop building? That the United States means to evacuate every single Jew from Yesha and East Jerusalem. No Maaleh Adumim, no Ariel, nothing. It's all on the chopping block, and Bibi means to deliver for his lover in the White House.

If the United States was a fair broker, Arab construction would also have to stop. It's not. What is the other ramification for this? That the White House would rather support the Arab oil regimes, that export terrorists to kill Americans, than Israel which exports life saving technology to the world; that the White House would rather have Jewish blood on its hands than help save lives. But guess what America? Blowbama is not the first Resident to sacrifice the Jews in favor of the Arabs who fund and export terrorists to kill Americans. George Bush I and II, whom so many Republican and Jewish bloggers seem to love, did so, and their ultimate idol, Ronald Bitberg Reagan, did as well. How convenient is memory loss for Jewish Republicans and so-called conservatives? You're all a bunch of stupid dupes, right along with the stupid idiot liberal Jews who voted for Blowbama. Let us not of course forget Bill "Where is my penis today?" Clinton, and Jimmy the Dhimmi Carter.

So while the Jew haters of the world continue to line up against Israel, what is happening in Yesha? The violence between the Jewish residents and police is escalating. Reports are that the mayor of Kedumim, and his deputy, were both hit by police, while young girls were thrown on the street. What follows is some of the footage taken today.

The worthless Yesha Council, which already betrayed the residents of Gush Katif in Azza in 2005, held an emergency meeting spouting about resisting the freeze. If the residents of Judea and Samaria put any faith in the Yesha Council they are making a very foolish mistake. If they are so against this freeze why were they virtually silent in the months leading up to this action, when Bibi made it clear that it was going to happen. The Yesha Council mounted no resistance to this, because they will most likely be rewarded for their collaboration, or at least believe they will be rewarded.

Tzipi Hotobeli also attended the meeting saying:
"...this struggle is not only over the Land of Israel, but also over the bankruptcy of Israeli democracy.

"Likud is deviating from its path and the prime minister is deviating from his path. It's a disgraceful and pathetic excuse to say that the American pressure prompted the freeze. This struggle must expand. We must enlist more Knesset members and ministers…We must rouse Likud members."
I applaud her efforts, but I think it is clear that Likud is not going to be able to stop this. The party's central committee will not be able to change the order, nor will they be able to replace Bibi as the head of the party.

If Likud's nationalist camp and Feiglin's Manhigut Yehudit faction left the party and merged with Ichud Leumi, under a Torah driven, nationalist platform, committed to expanding the settlement of our lands in all of Israel, and the destruction of Fatah and Hamas, then there would be hope for Israel. This would not mean an avoidance of bloodshed. But better it be shed by driving our enemies from the land, than by Israeli police attacking Jewish residents, and by the emboldened Arab terrorists launching a new wave of violence against us, which has always been the result of these unilateral moves.

After giving back the Sinai in the 50's Egypt went to war in 1967. When we withdrew from southern Lebanon under Barak, Hezbollah amassed more rockets and attacked in 2006. We withdrew from Gaza in 2005 and more than 7000 rockets fell on Israel, and Gilad Schalit was kidnapped. We gave the Temple Mount to the Waqf and they won't let us have equal access, and it is used as a launch pad for riots and violence against us.

Another war is inevitable. The question is, will it be on our terms, or theirs? If this government isn't torn down and replaced by a real Jewish government soon, it won't matter. The Arabs will have their launch pad in Yesha, and the war will come. Then Jews will be crying over the shed blood of their brethren, or the shed blood of Arabs, depending on what side of their nation they stand.

For right now, it's Jew against Jew. The only thing that will make the Arabs and the White House happier is when the Arabs get their shot at shedding Jewish blood. That day is coming, I'm afraid.