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בַּת-בָּבֶל, הַשְּׁדוּדָה: אַשְׁרֵי שֶׁיְשַׁלֶּם-לָךְ-- אֶת-גְּמוּלֵךְ, שֶׁגָּמַלְתּ לָנוּ
אַשְׁרֵי שֶׁיֹּאחֵז וְנִפֵּץ אֶת-עֹלָלַיִךְ-- אֶל-הַסָּלַע

How can one be compelled to accept slavery? I simply refuse to do the master's bidding. He may torture me, break my bones to atoms and even kill me. He will then have my dead body, not my obedience. Ultimately, therefore, it is I who am the victor and not he, for he has failed in getting me to do what he wanted done. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am not for others, what am I? If not now, when? ~ Rav Hillel, Pirke Avot

This Red Sea Pedestrian Stands against Judeophobes

This Red Sea Pedestrian Stands against Judeophobes
Wear It With Pride

19 April 2008

Mel Brooks and the Meaning of Life

In times of madness I have always found solace in comedy.  And nowhere more so than in the wisdom of Mel Brooks.  Personally, I think this quote sums up these times better than any:

"Tragedy is when I cut my finger.  Comedy is when you walk into an open sewer and die."

17 April 2008

Hamas Endorses Barack Hussein Obama

Yes, it's true!  Hamas, the terror organization that has uncompromisingly dedicated itself to the destruction of Israel, has endorsed Barack Hussein Obama.  This story broke on Sunday on WABC radio, and it has only been picked up by FOX News.

This comes to me on the heels of Obama's inability to state in last night's debate that he would consider an attack on Israel an attack on the United States.  He said he would take the, "appropriate action."  What is the appropriate action for a man who doesn't support Israel?

Hillary on the other hand made it perfectly clear that if Iran nuked Israel, or other nations in the region, there would be swift retaliation.

Anyone who thinks Obama is a friend of Israel is a fucking fool.

The Great Debate

There is no doubt about it; Hillary Clinton rocked Philly tonight.  What was the key to her success?  Firstly, she was debating a moronic asshole named Barack Hussein Obama.  Then there are the obvious elements: her unrivaled command of the issues (I was especially proud of her when she tooted her own horn about the fact that she warned the Congress last year about the then impending subprime mortage crisis; she was the only voice on the Hill that was probably even aware of the issue), her poise under fire, her eloquence...I could go on.  But in the end the knock out punch was without a doubt that Hillary remembered that she was in Pennsylvania, not fucking France, or San Francisco.  Hillary can go to any state and do that because she knows this country, what makes it tick, and who it is that makes it go: you, me, the blue collar workers Obama labels as racist bible thumping gun toters, ordinary people.  Not the douche fucks on billionaires row!  There are no billionaires without us, and Hillary knows that it's about time that someone got them off our backs.  And that someone is her.

I have not commented yet on Clinggate so I will now.  I think the quote that everyone is talking about--the bitter comment and the clinging to guns etc--is the least of it.  The most significant moment was that 30 second clip of him talking about people not being receptive to a 46 year old black man named Barack Obama, which got a very big laugh.  What is so significant about that moment?  It's the moment that Barry uttered the code; he revealed that he is racist, and that he does in fact subscribe to the screed of Jeremiah Wright.  And why did it get a big laugh?  Because these rich San Francisco elitists support Obama as the means to expatiating their White guilt.  

Yes Barry I am telling the world that I know you are a racist, Jew hating, piece of shit asshole fuck who coddles and connects with terrorists.  I have a news flash for you, you sanctimonious piece of crap:  YOU WILL NEVER BE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

And it feels so good saying that.

Ya know what feels even better?  Saying PRESIDENT HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON.

12 April 2008

Carolina in my Mind

Things are heating up, and this campaign is motivated.  Obama's still trying to get his foot out of his mouth.  I wonder how he'll react to the pressure.  I can't help but recall the press conference that he ran out of after he answered, "Like eight questions..."  Shmuck.

It's time to put this fraudulent clown away.  Pennsylvania gained 400,000 jobs during the Clinton years, that's hardly falling through the cracks.  If Bush hadn't burned Bill's bridge to the 21st century with tax cuts, and allowing the exporting of manufacturing jobs to China (yes Berserk that was Bush's fault not Bill's you asshole), even more jobs would have been created. 

It's time to rebuild the bridge, roll back the tax cuts, and stop the flow of American jobs to China.  Obama has proven he doesn't give a damn about the working class, from the Maytag plant he silently watched close up, to his latest escapade calling  the working class of PA and the Midwest a bunch of bible beating, gun toting morons (okay that's a paraphrase, but that's the message).

Hillary comes from the working class.  She knows our struggles.  She grew up with them.  She doesn't take the middle class for granted.

Stand up people.  Contact your local campaign headquarters.  Come down to NC!  Go to Indiana!  Hit the streets in PA!  Now's the time to put Berserk to bed.

Obama Loves the Taste of Feet

He must, because he keeps putting his foot in his mouth.  This time he's insulted the working class  Obama is an elitist pig dipping his beak into the big money of billionaire's row in San Francisco, and taking money from lobbyists and corporate interests while lying to the American people about it.

This fraud, this liar, this vicious scumbag has no idea what makes America function; the very people that he chooses to malign to his rich benefactors.

I am sick to death of the media fawning over this pretender who doesn't give a damn about anything beyond his own myth.  He is exactly what we don't need in the White House.  There was a time when I thought that Hillary should tap Obama to be his VP to make sure that there are no rifts in Democratic support.  Not anymore.  This scumbag will hopefully be sent back to Illinois to fester in his bigotry and arrogance.  We make your wealthy friends' lifestyle happen you worthless douchebag fuck.  Screw you!

Hillary, thank you for standing up for the working class, the middle class.  Once again you have demonstrated that you are the candidate who believes in us, who has been, and will always be our advocate.

I reread my last post about Donna Brazile.  I don't regret it.  It is a disgrace that someone who is supposed to play a vital roll in her party is such a vile, uncaring scum.  No wonder she supports Obama.  She's as elitist as he is.  You go fuck yourself too scumwaffle...again!

11 April 2008

Donna Brazile is a Fucking Pig

Read this and be shocked and horrified that this angry, power hungry douche sits on the DNC's Credentials Committee.  She is so in the tank for Oblahma it's scary.  In my opinion (now you can't sue me you pig), she is also a race baiting, delusional fart knocker who is responsible for launching the racism campaign against Hillary and her supporters, on behalf of her Sith Lord Berserk Oblahma, with her Bradley Effect comment the night of the New Hampshire Primary.

Donna, you're a skank and a scumbag.  

10 April 2008

This is Hilarious

This was just so fucking funny that I had to share it with you.


Flags of Freedom

The Olympic torch came to San Francisco yesterday. The mayor had the route changed to avoid the throngs of protestors that came out to voice their opposition to the Chinese government's chronic violations of human rights, and the repression of the Tibetan people. I consider that an act of cowardace on the mayor's part. It's time that we stopped living in the shadow of fear of China's economic power. It's time we stopped letting economics dictate our policy.

I applaud Senator Clinton for leading the way once again, calling on President Bush to boycott the opening ceremonies at this summer's Olympic games. I noticed that, as usual, Berserk Oblahma was incapable of taking a stand on this issue until Hillary spoke up. It's all part of his, "I agree with Senator Clinton" campaign. Shmuck.

Follow her lead America. Call the White House and demand that King Shrub boycott the opening ceremonies.

09 April 2008

Speak Out for Hillary!

A protest is being staged in New York City to protest the media's bias against Hillary Clinton.  I urge any and all supporters who are able to attend this event to do so.

If I could I'd go too, and burn my bra...well, I'd burn my girlfriend's of her cheap ones...bras are expensive.

Anyway, go out and stand up to the Obamuskateers at NBC this Friday!!!

He Sees You When You're Sleeping...

Sorry dear readers that I allowed this story to slide unreported for so long.

The mystery is solved.  The identity of Santa Claus has been reveled.  It's West Virginia Senator, and Berserk Oblahma Shill Jay Rockefeller!

In his remarks at the time of his endorsing the Golden god of Change the Senator stated, "I know what's going on in every part of the world all the time."

Obviously Jay is not God, for if he were he would know that Berserk Oblahma is a complete idiot who doesn't know a goddamn thing about foreign policy, despite having lived in Indonesia for four years.  I can only conclude that Senator Jay is in fact St. Nicholas himself.  I noticed that at his endorsement press conference Senator Rockefeller failed to answer whether Berserk was naughty or nice.  I think you know I know you know we all know the answer to that question.

For all you doubters out there answer this.  Have you ever seen Jay and Santa together at the same time?  HA!  In your face!

The Persistence of Kool-aid

To get an idea of what a Clinton supporter is typically up against in the blogosphere I present

You really owe it to yourself to read through the comments so that you can experience how fascist an extremeleftocrat can be.  I've always said that the political spectrum is not linear.  Fascism is where the Right and the Left meet; and that my friends is a really scary fucking place.

My comment series appears at the end.

It's a weird world out there.

08 April 2008

Howard Dean...Eat my Shorts!

I got another email today from consummate ass Howard Dean.  Today he wanted to point out that John McCain made an ass of himself during the Iraq hearings today.

Howard, people shitting in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

Governor Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!!!  You are an idiot.  You and your pathetic little boys club are working night and day to stack the deck against Senator Clinton by putting undo pressure on the Super Delegates to hand down their decision in July, and not at the Convention.  You are letting yourself be bullied by the Obama campaign and their 24/7 effort to make sure that MI and FL don't count, thus violating the Constitutional rights of the citizens of 2 states.  You, Senator Obama, and the DNC are taking Democratic out of the Democratic Party.  If MI and FL are not counted, and Berserk Obama gets an illegitimate nomination, not only will I not give one thin dime to the DNC, I will be voting for my cat Chester Hopewell in November.


Inane Obamamite of the Week!

This is our first contest and we're very excited!  Scour the blogosphere for the most ridiculous, in the tank for Obama comments you can find.  Submit them by leaving a comment here.  I will be selecting the top 3 for publication.

Best of luck, and may the Schwartz be with ya!

Barack Obama: Foreign Policy Expert

Taylor Marsh passed this along this morning via Huffpost. Apparently Berserk Obama doesn't need to pick a foreign policy expert for his VP because he's already far more knowledgeable on the subject than both Hillary Clinton and John McCain. Why? Because he lived in Indonesia, and has impoverished relatives in Africa; therefore, he knows the people. That's right, the Golden god of Change knows all the people of the world, and thus their needs, because he lived in Indonesia for four years as a kid, and has poor relatives in Africa (I think the fact that he recently bought a multimillion dollar house in Chicago, and still has impoverished relatives in Africa, tells us all we need to know about this scumbag; if he won't take care of his kin, how can we expect him to take care of us?).

Read that again just to make sure you have that pedigree down. Now answer this question for me: Why the fuck is anyone in this country remotely considering having this buffoon in the Oval Office? Someone please answer this for me.

I would also like an ounce of whatever Obama is smoking so that I can stack the 10 weeks I spent in Israel against Hillary Clinton's foreign policy credentials: Eight years as First Lady, meeting with foreign dignitaries, ambassadors, officials; extensive behind the scenes work in Northern Ireland that notables, like Nobel Prize winner John Hume, have said was instrumental to the success of the peace process; her meeting with the Macedonian government to secure an opening of the border to larger numbers of Kosovar refugees, thus helping alleviate a major humanitarian crisis in the Balkans; standing up to the Chinese government by calling them out on their poor human rights record; sitting on the Senate Armed Services Committee...

Now here's the real head splitting thought: if foreign policy is his greatest strength, what the fuck are his weaknesses? Basically he is telling the world that he is incompetent. And this is what Obamamites want in the White House? Really? Ashton you can come out now. I've been punk'd I get really, people think he should be President?

What are the chances I could get my doctor to write me a script for morphine? If Obama gets the nomination I'm gonna need it.

Seriously, I don't think I can continue to live in a country that would elect an such an arrogant, lying, duplicitous, racist, unqualified scumbag as Berserk Obama.

Tell the world: HILLARY '08!

UPDATE: 4/9/08

Joe Wilson wrote an excellent commentary as to why Berserk Oblahma is naive on foreign policy.

Yes Berserk, let's go back to the glory days of Reagan and Bush foreign policy when secret wars were funded by selling weapons to our enemies, and we allowed Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait so we would have a pretext to establish a permanent military base in the region. What a brilliant plan!!!

Berserk, you're a first class moron.

07 April 2008

Busted MSM!

It's the cool thing in the mainstream media to call Hillary Clinton a liar.  The latest round was an attempt to discredit a heart wrenching story she's been telling on the campaign trail about the suffering and death of an ordinary, hard working American at the hands of the health care industry.

Guess what you sorry excuses for journalists?  The story is true!

America, you have no idea how important it is for us to stop Barack Obama.  You have no idea how the media is lying to you.

We are through the looking glass.  2+2=5.  Be very afraid.  

You've Gotta Fight for your Right to Paaaaaarrrrty!

The citizens of Michigan and Florida are fighting for their constitutional rights to have their franchise matter.  Barack Obama has dedicated himself to silencing them.  And that douche fuck wants to be our President.  Not if I have anything to say about it!

And you have something to say about it too!  Stand up for Michigan and Florida!  Stop Obama!  What Obama doesn't want you to know is that the vote tallies in Michigan and Florida were officially tabulated and certified by the Secretaries of State of both states.  Those votes are considered legal under the Constitution of the United States.  Barack Obama and the Democratic National Committee don't want those votes to count.  This is not a dictatorship!  Tell the DNC to count the votes!

Patriot Games

Now the Chicago Demon Spawn is trying his best to prove to us that he loves his country.  Of course you love it Barack.  You became a Senator and your wife got a big fat raise.  And you might end up being made the Democratic Party's nominee for President (not if I and the citizens of Michigan and Florida have anything to say about it).  You're political connections help put you in your fancy house too.  Yeah, you love America.  

Blah blah blah you sanctimonious fuck.

No one's buying it except your brain dead legion of sycophants.  You make me want to puke.

Fuck you Obama!

I love American too pal.  I love it so much that I will take whatever non-violent action I can to make sure that you never become the Democratic Party's nominee for President.  I will tell every Obama supporter I speak to that you are a stone cold liar wrapped in false piety.  And give them the tools to find out for themselves.  I get a Chris Matthews kind of feeling up my leg when I hand them a copy of an article about how you lie about not taking money from lobbyists, or how Hillary Clinton played a substantive role in the Northern Ireland peace process, and in helping influence the Macedonian government to open the borders to Kosovar refugees. 

As I've said before, you are the worst kind of scum.  You pray on the idealistic and ignorant with lies lies and more lies.  What's scary is how effective his campaign has been at it.  They've actually managed to create, with the eager complicity of the MSM, an alternate reality where up is down, black is the new bitch, and taupe is America's favorite color...and if you don't like it, must be a racist malcontent.  We'll have to sit down and have a talk about your disagreeability. 

I happen to like my disagreeability.  It's one of my most patriotic qualities.  You should try patriotism sometime; you could start by taking your jackboot off the necks of Michigan and Florida you cock.  We all know about the fucking pledge.  We all know that the candidates agreed the delegates would be stripped.  But what no one counted on was that the people would come out in such large numbers to make their voices heard regardless.

In America, the people who give a damn come out and vote.  And voting is the right of every citizen of this country; regardless of age, color, or creed.  It's guaranteed by this document that we call the fucking Constitution of the United States.  I know you've heard of it because you've been wiping your arrogant, misogynistic ass with it all over the country.


Stupid is as Stupid Does

Having been cruising the blogosphere for a few months now I think I can uneqivicolly say that there is nothing more stupid than an a blogging Obama supporter.  Here's a comment from a member Obama's United Dummies for a Fraudulent America:

In commenting on Senator Clinton's proposed boycott of the opening ceremonies of this summer's Olympic games, a bone head commented: "Pathetic!  They are never accountable for anything!!  DO WE WANT 4-8 YEARS OF THIS %$*&@!"

Huh?  Read it again, keeping in mind this is a comment about a proposed Olympic boycott.

Huh?  I don't even know where the fuck to being with this.  This is the kind of moronic douche that is voting for Obama.  These are the morons that are driving the success of the biggest con man in American politics since, well...King Shrub II.

Senator Clinton, I sent a comment to you urging you to make a statement against the violence in Tibet, and stand up against the Chinese occupation.  Thank you for answering the call of the Tibetan people.  Once again, you have demonstrated that you are a voice for Human Rights.  I expect nothing less from you when you are in the White House, and I know you will deliver.

06 April 2008


I used to think that if a video surfaced of Obama beating a puppy that people would finally wake up and see that he is a complete scumbag.  

Now I'm convinced that Obama supporters would just form community puppy beating clubs.

I haven't seen the American people so stupefied  by a demagogue since Ronald Reagan; the scumbag who sold out his friends and colleagues to McCarthy.  The fuck laid a wreath on an SS memorial, crushed the middle class, sold arms to our supposed enemies to fund a secret war in Central America, and yet, upon his death, he was worshipped like he was the second coming of Thomas Jefferson or something.

Are we through the fucking looking glass here?  Are we so collectively stupid that we are just going to make the same mistakes over and over and over until we accomplish Grover Norquist's dream; crippling the government to the point that the only thing it does is make money for the rich, and wage war?  Oh wait...King Shrub II has pretty much finished what Reagan started.  A McCain presidency will seal the deal.

Everyone should read the transcript of Bill Moyer's address to the 2004 Inequality Conference. 

There is a lot more at stake than you think.  I do not want my country in the hands of John McCain.

05 April 2008

In the Name of Love

Yesterday we stopped to remember a man who is arguably the greatest American.  Martin Luther King, Jr.; civil rights leader, champion of the poor, voice of American Conscience.  He brought us together in a movement of non-violence to raise us up from the pit of racism and hate, and bring us all to mountaintop to give us a glimpse of the Promised Land where we would ALL be, "Free at last."

Martin has been a hero of mine since childhood.  Clips of his speeches were played as public service announcements.  They raised my awareness, and drew out my questions.  I asked my mom about Dr. King.  She told me he was a great man who believed that everyone had the right to be free, and have equal rights under the law.  I was raised in a Jewish home where justice, and freedom for all people was a cherished right.  I knew who Martin was before I knew of JFK.  I knew the dark name James Earl Ray before Lee Harvey Oswald.  And I knew that we were all equal, even as the local Catholic kids would throw me to the ground and call me a kike.

Since his death, many have attempted to claim the King legacy, for good or for ill, and I am wary of those who claim his mantle, wary of those people who allow that to be ascribed to them.  Many have spoken this way of Barack Obama.  Even as the Obama candidacy embodies so much of what Dr. King fought for, the man represents much of what he fought against.

King was no shadow man.  King took a real stand.  He put his body and his life on the line.  He embraced all faiths and races.  He supported all who suffered needlessly, and risked all he had to do it.  Barack Obama has not ever, and will not ever take those risks or make those sacrifices.  When he rallied with Illinois Maytag workers, he let cameras roll, but did nothing to stop the closing, even though his friend, and campaign contributer, Lester Crown was a major Maytag shareholder.  Obama said nothing.  He did nothing.  The plant closed.  Those men lost their jobs.  Lester Crown made a fortune.

When two Black sanitation workers were crushed to death because they couldn't ride in the front of the truck with the whites, and were sheltering themselves from the rain, a strike began.  These men needed a voice; a voice that Martin knew he possessed.  He went to Memphis to stand up and support their efforts as part of his new war on poverty.  It cost him his life.

My parents took me to see the film Gandhi back in the early 80s.  It made an incredible impression on me.  I knew who he was, but to see the reenactment of his non-violent struggle made me understand what a powerful weapon it is.  We talked about how Gandhi inspired King, and that it was non-violence that made the Civil Rights movement he led so powerful.  As a Jew I was proud that my people stood up in such great numbers, and even gave their lives for the seminal struggle of our nation.

I look at the people Barack Obama surrounds himself with, the church he belongs to, and his pandering statements.  The Obama campaign, and Obama the man are insults to the partnership between Jews and Blacks that made the Civil Rights movement a success.  He is an insult to the memories of Chaney, Goodman, and Shwerner; a black man and two Jews, Freedom Riders, who died together for the cause of Civil Rights.  And I am asked by Tripp Jones to embrace him.  I will not embrace that liar.  I will not embrace a man who surrounds himself with those who stand against the very principles for which Martin Luther King Jr, my hero, stood.  I will not.  

I choose to honor Dr. King in the way that I conduct my life; defending the rights of all people, by speaking out against liars and frauds who would use King's legacy as a tool of duplicity and division.  One day Martin, we will get to the Promised Land.  And I'll do what I can to help get us there.

03 April 2008

Why in god's name am I Voting for Clinton?

Is it because she's the most honest?  There's no such thing as an honest politician.

Is it because she's a woman?  I do feel strongly about having a woman in the White House, but that's not the real reason.

Is it because she has the best policies?  Well, for the most part she does.  I wish she were backing HR 676, but she, like Obama and McCain, have been bought by the health insurance industry (sorry Hillary, I love ya, but it's true).   But at least she is mandating coverage for everyone, and will make it affordable with tax breaks and subsidies.  Eliminating restrictions on "previous existing conditions" and "experimental" treatments helps her plan too.

It's because she is wicked smaart, and has an amazing grasp of the issues.  Check her out with Jim Cramer on "Mad Money."

I almost get an economic pup tent listening to her.  She's crazy smart.

Can you imagine Obama blub blubbing his way through that.  I don't care if he was editor of the Harvard Law review.  I've heard him talk about the economy.  He can't touch her.

One Step Beyond

Looks like Bill Clinton finally started using my argument:  Obama can't win in November because he can't win Florida, Ohio, and PA.  Guess who beats McCain in those states?  You guessed it, Ms Unpopular herself...Hillary Clinton.

Obama's already lost, he just doesn't know it yet.  On the bright side, if Obama gets nominated and loses, we'll never have to worry about him ever again.

Oh, and for all the hoo ha about Obama catching up, the Quinnipiac poll is back to where it was in PA in February.  Obama hasn't gained ground.  It's square one, and Clinton is still ahead.  She's also kicking his ass in WV, KY, and IN polls.  Didn't hear too much talk about that from Keith "the worst fucking in the tank for Obama tool in the world" Olbermann.  

What a shill that douche turned out to be.  Keith, why don't you go fuck yourself you lame excuse for a journalist.  What a sanctimonious fuck you are with your Edward R. Murrow act.  You're just as duplicitous as Obama.  My computer must have Smell-o-vision because every time I see you on it I smell what must be Obama's ass.  You and Obama's other ass monkeys; Chris Matthews, and Chuck Todd probably circle jerk to Obama speeches.  You make me want to puke!

And another thing, how does Obama expect to win without white votes?  He's not getting them in PA or Ohio.  He's fucked.  I only hope that the super delegates see the light.  We can't afford another 4 years of bullshit from the Republicans.

Hillary Kenobi you're our only hope.  You should have seen her on Mad Money.  She was brilliant.