It's the same in any lingo

בַּת-בָּבֶל, הַשְּׁדוּדָה: אַשְׁרֵי שֶׁיְשַׁלֶּם-לָךְ-- אֶת-גְּמוּלֵךְ, שֶׁגָּמַלְתּ לָנוּ
אַשְׁרֵי שֶׁיֹּאחֵז וְנִפֵּץ אֶת-עֹלָלַיִךְ-- אֶל-הַסָּלַע

How can one be compelled to accept slavery? I simply refuse to do the master's bidding. He may torture me, break my bones to atoms and even kill me. He will then have my dead body, not my obedience. Ultimately, therefore, it is I who am the victor and not he, for he has failed in getting me to do what he wanted done. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am not for others, what am I? If not now, when? ~ Rav Hillel, Pirke Avot

This Red Sea Pedestrian Stands against Judeophobes

This Red Sea Pedestrian Stands against Judeophobes
Wear It With Pride

29 June 2008

It's My Chair Now

Powerful people on high have taken it upon themselves to anoint me the new DNC Chair.  I've always wanted my own chair, and now I've got one.

As the new Chair I want to assure you that the new and improved DNC will be better, stronger, faster, in addition to coup free.  Yes, the DNC will be COUP free, but not COUPON free.  We need coupons and we need them bad.  I opened up the vault, behind the portrait of Joe Stalin, which I've replaced with a portrait of Mel Brooks, and all there was was $10, some lint, and a cube of chicken flavored bouillon.  I'm ready to spend the last $10 on Tastycake chocolate cupcakes so get those coupons in here ASAP!

27 June 2008

I Can Make Him Drop Out of the Race

We've all been wondering what it will take to get Captain Puketasitc to drop out of the race.  I have the answer: raw broccoli, some garlic, potato chips, a closed room, and my ass.  The ingestion of this combination of foods will produce a wretched fart cloud so nasty that he will do anything I ask.  That's when I will ask him to look into the web cam and give his concession speech.

Hey, if Olberass can suggest a super duper delegate take Hillary into a room and murder her I can suggest making Pampers smell my most nasty farts until he drops out.  Fair is fair.  Farts is farts.

Jam It Good!

It's not easy going through life with your head up your ass, unless you're Captain Puketastic that is.  The Grand Vizier of Doucheland does it every day.  Tonight he was at the Mayflower Hotel with HRC.  If the reports I'm hearing are correct, my theory that he is a psychotic sociopath is holding true.  Good for you Pampers!  At least you're consistent.

Hillary, if your arms get tired of holding him up please feel free to drop him anytime.

25 June 2008

New From Ronko!


That's right Naughty Nazi Nancy from Ronko!  Pose her any way you want.  Whether it's goose stepping with Pampers or rolling over to the Shrub, this little lady has all the right moves.

Pull her string and hear her flip flop!

"FISA is bad.  We can't let the phone companies off the hook."

"FISA is great!  The phone companies didn't do anything wrong, and violating the Constitution is good!"

"Hillary Clinton needs to shut up and go away!"

"I love Hillary Clinton, she's the bestest ever!"

"Auchtung!  Everyone under zee bus!"

"Unity!  Unity!  Unity!"

Oh that Naughty Nazi Nancy.  Never a dull moment.

Naughty Nazi Nancy Botox Injection Kit sold separately.

24 June 2008

Get on the Bus Gus

Yeah, Pampers threw us under the bus.  So we've built our own bus, an International Harvester called Just Say No Deal.  This coalition of the various tribes of the Clinton Nation have different views, orientation, philosophy of get the idea.  But one thing we have in common is we are shocked and aghast (well, I'm not shocked, but I am aghast) at how the Democratic Party took its most sacred principles and flushed them down the crapper so they could annoint a wholly unqualified, racist, fascist, homophobic, misogynist scumbag like Barack Pampers Obama, when they had a fully qualified and vetted champion of the middle class, social and economic equality, and the environment in Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton; who also happened to garner more votes than Pampers, polled ahead of Pampers against McCain, and who is not backed by a seemingly endless parade of terrorists, and bigoted preachers.

So what are we PUMA's going to do?  Well, I know what I'm going to keep doing:
  1. Expose the coup and all its fraudulant aspects.
  2. Help pay down Senator Clinton's debt
  3. Help unify the Clinton Nation into the strong axe required to end the candidacy of Pampers
  4. Do what I can to renew the Democratic Party as the party I used to belong to many years ago, but had to leave back in 2000 when they couldn't defend their own against Shrub.   
  5. Choke off money to the Pampers campaign and the DNC.
  6. See what we can do to make a difference in Denver.
  7. Hopefully have a good time doing it.                                                                                                   
It remains to be seen how we PUMAs will handle the upcoming election should HRC fail to secure the nomination.  Some of us will vote for McCain (which is looking more and more like the best way to bring down the DNC considering it is now completely tied to the Pampers campaign).  Some of us will stay home (which I personally am against as there are plenty of downticket coconspirators that need to be voted out of office).  Some of us will write in third party candidates.  Some of us will write in Hillary Clinton.  Some of us will write in my cat Chester Hopewell.  But what all those strategies have in common is that WE ARE NOT GOING TO VOTE FOR BARACK PAMPERS OBAMA AND SUPPORT THE DNC COUP!

Hopefully the media and the nation will start believing the message.

Get on the bus Clinton Nation.  There's plenty of room, and the music rocks (as long as I have something to say about it).

Super PUMA!

Clinton Nation, I have to keep reminding you that you are the bomb.  You are the strongest political force in the nation.  You will determine the next President of the United States.  And you can do that by doing four very simple things.

1)  Speak out against the Fascist National Committee Coup.  We know that HRC would have been the pledged delegate leader had the RBC seated the MI and FL delegations at full strength, and with fair reflection.  She would have had 1725 to Pampers' 1707.  This is our most important task.  If we allow May 31, 2008 to stand then we might as well all move to Russia and spend the rest of our lives voting for Putin surrogates.

2)  Help HRC pay down the debt.  This helps her politically, and sends a clear message to Pampers and the FNC as to where our allegiance lies.  It also makes a strong statement for the economic and political independence of women in general.  Keep in mind that this summer marks the 160th anniversary of the first women's conference at Seneca Falls.  From its inception the women's movement understood that economic independence is vital to building the power for women in society.  As supporters of the strongest woman candidate in American history I believe we need to honor that.

3)  We must ceaselessly advocate the Clinton agenda; universal healthcare, universal pre-K, economic and social equality, human rights, swift movement to energy independence and building a nuclear free green economy that creates jobs, helps fight climate change, and strengthens our national security.

4)  Join the ranks at Just Say No Deal.  No to Obama now and forever!

We have the power to elect the next President.  I suggest we use it.

23 June 2008

It Was Never About Pampers

So, you still don't think that the Pampers selection was rigged?  Wake up and smell the Aqua Velva.  Donna "Grendel" Brazile and Coward "Yeehaw" Dean were planning this back in 2004. There is ample evidence regarding Coward Dean's Pampers Obsession going back to 2004. Well now we can stop speculating about co-conspirators because Grendel was in on it from the beginning.  From Donna's own mouth in Slate, 2004:

thank you mjr17 for the Slate article by the way!  Wayback Machine...ACTIVATE!!!

"This is a new moment to identify and recruit better messengers.  Perhaps it's time to tap into the "Obama" factor:  Scour statehouses for young, energetic, inspiring, and emerging leaders with the ability to connect the head and heart."

So this has never really been about Pampers.  It's about the image that he represents.  The DNC decided that, like Greg Brady in the Johnny Bravo episode of the Brady Bunch, he fit the suit.  Which is why Pampers, when you go down in flames, Howard and Donna will not be there to pick you up and dust you off.

Sucks to be you.

22 June 2008

A Cause Worth Getting Behind

The 160th anniversary of the first women's conference at Seneca Falls is fast approaching.  Considering its amplified significance, in light of Senator Clinton's historic campaign, I decided to do a little research into the history of the conference.  In the process I stumbled upon an amazing organization facing a fight of its own.

The National Women's History Museum needs a home, a place where the unique story of American women's history can be told.  The Smithsonian has a perfectly good building on the National Mall, but they would rather let it rot than allow the museum to make a home there.  The Smithsonian is in fact a well entrenched boys club so that doesn't really come as much of a surprise.

The Senate has been historically supportive of the museum, but the House has not.  As supporters of Senator Clinton I believe we have an obligation to support the museum's mission.

At the 150th Anniversary of Seneca Falls, then First Lady Hillary Clinton, clearly defined the need to tell the story of American women.  We can be true to that vision by helping promote the National Women's History Museum, helping it become the venue to house the voice of American women's history as we renew a much needed conversation on human rights.  And, appropriately enough, it was President Clinton's Commission on the Celebration of Women in American History that called for the museum's creation.
I encourage you to visit the museum's website, sign up for electronic updates, send them words of encouragement, and donate.  In the coming weeks I will pass along ways that you can help lobby on behalf of the museum.   Clinton Nation, do me proud.

Way to Go Buttface

Champion of the Constitutional Rights of American citizens, Nancy Pelosi, decided it was time to stand up for our rights of privacy by bending over to Bush...AGAIN!  This time it was the new and improved FISA bill that gives AT&T, Verizon, etc protection from prosecution for letting the government tap our phones and read our emails under Bush's warrantless wiretapping scheme.  So your opposition to the FISA bill this past winter was just a dog and pony show to be followed up by your amazing, stupendous flip flop parade.  Awesome Nancy...HIGH FIVE!!!

Of course Pampers is going to vote for the bill when it hits the Senate floor.  The Tool says that it will put the tapping determinations back in the hands of the courts so that Bush can't just pretend he's Hitler and ignore the law.  "It restores FISA and existing criminal wiretap statutes as the exclusive means to conduct surveillance--making it clear that the President cannot circumvent the law."

In classic form, Senator Arlen "the man" Specter had to make clear to the nation what I've known all along:  Pampers is a first class idiot, Nancy Pelosi is Bush's doormat, and we're getting screwed again.  He contends that the exclusivity provision of the FISA bill is worthless "because that specific provision is now in the 1978 act."  

What does that mean?  It means that the House has passed yet another law that Shrub can ignore and then tap our phones again!  Again...High Five Nancy!

Now, for those of you kool-aiders (read hopelessly stupid idiots) who love to come here let me explain one more time what it is you're supporting.  On the one hand we have Arlen Specter, a Republican no less, who believes that the right to privacy is sarosanct, and that any FISA bill that allows the President to ignore its provisions is faulty and needs to be reworked.  Pampers on the other hand thinks that tapping our phones is perfectly cool and he really won't give a crap when Bush ignores the law again.  In fact, he probably won't know it's happening because he's too busy approving the designs for your new brown shirts and jack boots.

Who would have thought that a Republican would be the one standing up for my Constitutional right to privacy, and against abuses of the Executive Branch?  And wow, quelle surprise!  Pampers is falling on the side of fascism...who would ever have guessed?  Well, it will make it easier for him to figure out who is involved in the resistance should he get elected (you can suck on the hope tailpipe of that...'cause he's gonna lose).

Gosh Pampers you sure are in a pickle!  If you support FISA and vote for it, we'll have more confirmation that you're a fascist douche.  If you vote against it you'll be painted as weak on National Security, which you are.  

Wouldn't it just be simpler to drop out of the race?  C'mon Pampers, you'll feel better if you do.

21 June 2008

There You Go Again...

So Pampers flip flopped on public financing.  Why is everyone so shocked?  The douche was mixing the batter for this waffle back in March.  You want the straight dope on this?  I'll give you the straight dope.  What did we just find out from the Pampers campaign's money changers?  That he just had his weakest month of fundraising of the year.  

This is how you spin Pampers style.  Your fundraising numbers are weakening.  Rather than taking public financing and allowing the McCain campaign, and the media, to have the opportunity to speculate that his taking public financing is a sign that Camp Pampers is having a hard time raising money, he can project a sense of bravado and declare that he will have no problem raising the bucks.  So instead he looks like a hypocritical douche.  But because this is Pampers he is saying that he's rejecting public financing as he feels the system is broken.  But taking money from lobbyists and coroporate interests while lying about it is new politics.  This is just the kind of crap that makes my valve close.

No one said that Pampers was the brightest bulb in the box.  And no one is going to be accusing him of being honest either.

16 June 2008

I've Got the Power!

So what can we deduce from Al Gore's desperate endorsement, and pathetic schnoring email?  That Obama and the DNC can't raise any money.  All the professors are maxed out, and the college kids have no fucking money.  

Now, for those of you Pamper Pushers out there who still don't have a clue, it is the 18 million who voted for Senator Clinton that have all the power.  We will be deciding who wins the White House.  We hold the keys!  We open the door!  We decide who goes in and who does not!

Feels pretty fuckin' good.

Have a great summer!

And thank you Blue and Camille for acknowledging my originating Pampers as the moniker for Obambi.  Why Pampers?  Because he whines like a baby and shits his pants.  If I were in his shoes I guess I'd poo my trousers too.

The Circle is Complete

The great Greek medical aficionado Hippocrates was made famous by the oath that bears his name.  Part of this oath is to, "Never do harm to anyone."  His lesser known half brother Hypocritese is famous for saying, "People who say one thing and do another are fucking douchebags."

Al Gore now has the distinction of having pissed off both.  By endorsing MOE Pampers, the popular vote loser, Goredilocks has harmed Democracy, and the Democratic Party, all while managing to make himself look like an ass.  Good job Al.

But don't take my word on it.  Let's get it straight from the ass's mouth.  

"A vote is not just a piece of paper.  A vote is a human voice; a statement of human principle.  And we should not let those voices be silenced.  Not for today, not for tomorrow, not for as long as the country's laws and democratic institutions let us stand and fight to let those voices count."

But apparently this ass has no problem endorsing the candidate who was not his party's popular vote leader, and who was handed presumptive nominee status by the DNC's flushing of fair reflection, and the silencing of the voters of Michigan and Florida.

With one endorsement Al Gore has simultaneously invalidated himself and the Democratic Party.  Good job Al!  

High five!

Trouble in River City

Camp Pampers sure is putting on a good show isn't it? Everything's smooth sailing. Or is it? Let's take a look at the reality that's brewing beneath the surface shall we?

First, let us go to the great state of Massachusetts where last week Ed O'Reilly, with the help of the Clinton faction of the Mass delegation, got on the ballot to take on J. Lurch Kerry. Shot heard round the world people. There is also plenty of word that Clinton supers are holding fast to their candidate in spite of the overwhelming pressure being placed on them by the FNC, and the Chicago thugs at Camp Pampers. And when I say thugs, think of that in the worst possible terms, multiply that by a factor of 10, and then you'll have an inkling of how powerhungry and corrupt the couselors at Camp Pampers really are.

Now we find out that a Wisconsin pledged delegate may be replaced because she is planning on voting for McCain in the general election if Pampers is the Democratic nominee. I think it's safe to assume that this person is not alone. If even Clinton delegates are ready to vote for McCain then where is the support of the presumptive nominee? Other than the cabal that put him where he is, I can't really say.

But there are other rumblings too. Camp Pampers has been quick to put down rumors that Arlen Specter is planning on launching investigative hearings into the actions of the FNC surrounding Florida and Michigan. My advice to you dear readers is to watch and wait. Unless you hear Senator Specter say there will be no hearings, then the possibility exists.

And I think it's safe to say that the FNC's move to Chicago is not sitting well with party leaders, elected officials, FNC employees, or delegates to the convention. Everyone knows who these scumbags at Camp Pampers are, and I doubt that they are picturing themselves running through fields of daisies to meet in the poisonous embrace of David Blacksploitator Axelgoebels.

Camp Pampers is also furiously trying to convince anyone who will listen that MOE can win the general election without Ohio and Florida. Why? Because they know damn well that he has no chance of winning Ohio or Florida. But guess who would? Say it with me...Hillary Rodham Clinton. Sucks for you Camp Pampers.

Instead of Ohio and Florida, Camp Pampers is going to try and convince you that he'll flip Virginia, Colorado, NM, NV, and I suppose the extra 10 states that Pampers invented. Go ahead and roll the dice on that FNC. Good luck with that.

What does all of this mean? It means that we do not have a nominee yet. It means that nothing is set in stone. It means Clinton Nation needs to keep its collective ear to the ground, and shoulder to the wheel. Get busy!

15 June 2008

Coming to Hillary's Defense: PAY DOWN THE DEBT

Click on the title of this entry to help Senator Clinton pay down her debt.

Having suspended her campaign, you may feel like hope is gone, democracy in America is dead, and you have no choice but to vote for McCain.  We're not there yet, and there is always hope.  Shitler doesn't have a trademark copyright on hope.  In fact, hope is the last thing MOE (margin of error) is peddling.  He's peddling despair.

He wants you to believe America is in the crapper, that it's worthless, and only he can redeem it (and you can redeem yourself by voting for a black guy).  Yes yes MOE we know you're so awesome and the rest of us are just losers in comparison.  Ya know I'm still trying to find anything that you published as the Grand Poobah of the Harvard Law Review.

America doesn't suck MOE.  What sucks is that the people who have been running it suck, including yourself, and have been bleeding us dry.  No need to run through the laundry list of Bushshit  is there?  And then of course there's the Democratically controlled Congress, which has managed to generate a lower approval rating than Shrub.  Mazel tov assholes.  Hey Pelosi, weren't you going to stop the war, stop giving Bush a blank check?  You're a worthless steaming pile of turd.  But at least Barack Shitler has been fighting to stop the war.  Though I'm not sure how he hopes to do this by continuously voting to fund it.  Well maybe he means he's doing it with all the anti-war legislation he's passed.  Oh wait...he hasn't entered any.  Well, at least he's speaking out against it on the Senate floor...oh wait...he hasn't done that either.  Well, I'm sure that at least in his own mind he's doing a spectacular job fighting the war.  He certainly has the douchebags at Code Pink convinced by a speech David Axelrod made in his basement (like Wayne's World only less important).

So Clinton Nation, you're feeling blue, you're feeling down.  Turn that frown upside down because there is something you can do in defense of Democracy, and in defense of Senator Clinton:  HELP PAY DOWN HER DEBT!  Shitler's campaign, the DNC, and the media (led by Keith Bloatermann, Chris Asshole, and the now dead Tim Pussert) had been demanding she drop out since February.  Senator Clinton told them to park it where the sun don't shine and pushed on, campaigning in all 50 states.  She did this to fight for us, to speak for the voiceless, to fight against the ignorance and duplicity of the MOE campaign.  When I got the brief chance to meet her I told her how proud we all were of how she was continuing to fight.  That's what makes her great, and makes this country great.  But as a result of that fight she has run up a significant debt.  Senator Clinton found her voice, now we have to use ours.

Show the DNC and the MOE campaign who has our support.  Show them who has the power to change the course of this election.  Show them that we would rather invest our money in helping our candidate that they are still trying to push off the stage.  Open your wallets and contribute NOW!

The DNC wants to shut down the convention.  They want to strip Senator Clinton of her delegates.  They are so choked for money because of our boycott they are talking about not even hosting a convention and coronating Shitler.  If we pay down her debt we send a strong signal to the DNC now FNC (Fascist National Committee), and MOE that we are not getting in line, that Senator Clinton is the far superior candidate, and that our loyalty and allegiance is to her, not to a party that forsook its ideals to hand the nomination to MOE.

Don't panic.  The money you donate does not go to Pampers.  By law any money you contribute now goes to paying down her debt.  But we only have until the convention.  Get your friends and family to put in their bucks and help strengthen the political foundation on which she stands.  Clinton Nation:  at this moment you are the most powerful entity in the country.  Show your power and help pay down the debt.  Do it today!

You can also contribute through ACT BLUE.

Through ACT BLUE you can help finance the campaign of Ed O'Reilly who is running against John Lurch Kerry in the Democratic Party primary this September.  It is imperative that Kerry, a man who is making substantial profits off the Iraq war,  be run out of the Senate.  He is a disgrace to his state, the party and the nation.

Of the elected officials in Congress known to be profiteering on the war, two are Pampers endorsers; Kerry and Jay Rockefeller.  What a fucking surprise.


I Hit a Wall

That's right, I got campaign fatigue.  I have to admit that it was pretty demoralizing to see that the DNC is bent over and is now taking it in the butt from the Pampers campaign in his Chicago penthouse.  But when your golden god of change has the money I guess that makes you his beeotcha.  How does it feel Howard?  Is it like you dreamed?

I reached out to my friends.  They gave me a few smacks.  Then I realized...what do I care about this ship of fascists?  They're a convulsive, vomitous mass that serves no purpose and has no power.  The most powerful force in the country right now is us: The Clinton Nation.

If we are able to, we'll push Pampers of the stage.  If we should fail we are still the ones who get to decide who walks into the White House.  McCain wants us, and is making a good bit of effort to get us.  Though it isn't hard when Grendel the Beast has been pushing us into his arms with her raving bullshit.  Pampers, being a witless tool, doesn't want us but he knows he can't win without us.  And by now he knows that HRC can't deliver us.  It only took a week.  

Pampers can spend all his money, and his legions of idiots can get fitted for their brownshirts.  They still can't get him elected without us.  Too bad so sad.  You stupid fucks thought that shitting all over us, and HRC was such big fun.  And quite frankly it was a challenge keeping up with stronger, and more powerful Stupid Gauges to meter the extent of the stupid coming out of your pustulant mouths.  And now you run around with your hair on fire screaming that we're sore losers. 

If standing up for democracy, and standing against facism and fraud makes me a loser then that makes an Obamanoid the same as it was before; dumber than a bag of hammers. 

We're the ones with the power to put your guy in the White House, or send him packing.  Sucks to be you.

got arugula?

11 June 2008

A Little Club Soda Will Get That Out...Liar!

Poor Pampers the legions of the Clinton Nation won't get behind the great pretender.  CNN grossly underestimates the numbers of us that will stay home or vote against Barry Bonds in November.  If I heard correctly (not that it matters when the source is CNN) 25% of Clinton voters will stay home in November without her as the VP, and 17% will vote for McCain.  Guess what Pampers?  McCain only needs 9% of us to kick your ass.  And guess what else?  Senator Clinton isn't stupid enough to tie herself to the human Hindenberg.  So let's jack up those numbers shall we?

Go ahead super delegates, nominate Obama.  That's what Coward Dean wants.  The sociopath is going to make you pay for dropping him like a hot rock after Yeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhaaaaaaaww!  

Is it any wonder why we need to destroy the party in order to bring it back?

Time to change that diaper Michelle.  Looks like Pampers shat himself again.

10 June 2008

The Puss Pocket

People have been wracking their brains over how it is that the media is so in love with Puss Pocket.  I don't think it's necessarily that they are in love with him as much as they are in hate of Hillary.  The media will crap all over the puss pocket eventually.

My dog took a gigantic dump this evening.  Howard Dead popped up and gave the turd Michigan Delegates!   Superb!

Declaration of War!

We the PUMAs, the legions of the 18 million, this day of 1oth June, 2008 hereby declare war against the Democratic Party, the DNC, and the Obama campaign! We wholly and totally reject Obama's status as "presumptive nominee." We oppose the RBC's rejection of fair reflection. Handing Barack Obama 59 unearned delegates gave him the nomination. Had the RBC fully seated Michigan and Florida, with fair reflection (a bedrock tenet of the Democratic Party's delegate distribution system) Hillary Clinton would have 1725 pledged delegates. Obama would have 1707. Hillary Clinton is the people's choice. Obama is a bigoted, anti-semitic, homophobic, misogynist pig who is not worth to like a turd from Senator Clinton's shoes.

We will fight him in the media. We will fight him in the blogosphere. We will fight him on the ground. We are cutting off large sources of money to the DNC. We are preparing to fund the RNC. Many of us are prepared to campaign and vote for John McCain. We will not condone the rise of fascism in America. We are getting the media's attention. We are the prize in the general election should Obama be nominated.

Pampers, you are on notice YOU WILL NOT GET OUR VOTES SWEETIE!!!

Senator Clinton, we are rising in your defense! Rise in defense of fair reflection. You are the nominee. Fight for your delegates! Fight for your party! Fight for your nation!  On second thought screw the party, you don't owe them a thing.  But your nation, definitely worth fighting for.
So now the letters are really small because we don't want make Grendel mad.  She might try and make us recite the rules and then swallow our brains.  That would definately suck.

05 June 2008


The Democratic Party is going to nominate this guy?


04 June 2008

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Hillary fucked with the boys again.  She made history by getting more votes than any primary candidate in history.  Then she made history again by being the first candidate to defeat the guy who declared himself the nominee on the last night of primaries.

Obama, you're a pussy.  There I said it.  You're a big fucking pussy.  You got 59 unearned delegates from Michigan.  You're like Barry Bonds not breaking the homerun record.  Putz.

Now we wait to see if she concedes or suspends.  She ought to suspend because we all know the fascist is going to implode like a fucking nova by August.  Seriously, there hasn't been a week that's gone by in the past month that there hasn't been a terrorist or racist preacher scrubbed from his campaign.  I just want to know whether I continue advocating for Hillary, or order my McCain stickers and lawn sign.

You know what'll probably bring Obama down?  We'll find out that he frosts his pubes or something stupid like that.  Racist preachers on his campaign okay.  Frosted pubes bad.  Honestly I don't know how some people respirate.

02 June 2008

The Great Michigan Delegate Giveaway

Since the RBC gave Obama 59 unearned delegates from Michigan, I decided to call the DNC and get some Michigan delegates too.  What the hell?  I wasn't on the ballot so I figure I'm just as entitled as he is to free delegates.  Why should Ovomit get them all?

It's easy and it's fun.  Just call 877-336-7200 and ask for your free Michigan Delegates.

Call now!  Don't delay!

The Death of the Democratic Party

Mark the date:  May 31, 2008.  The day that the Rules and Bylaws Committee drove a stake through the heart of the Democratic Party.  One of the last living Democrats on the DNC--Harold Ickes--gave the eulogy.

Pampers Ovomit supporters cheered wildly as fair reflection, the most basic tenet of Democratic Delegate distribution, was stripped away.  The Republican Party rigs the general elections.  The Democratic Party rigs the primaries.   At this moment your vote no longer has any meaning or purpose.  Franchise in America as we know it is dead.

Now we will see if 17 million Americans, led by a 60 year old woman in a pantsuit, can revive it.