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בַּת-בָּבֶל, הַשְּׁדוּדָה: אַשְׁרֵי שֶׁיְשַׁלֶּם-לָךְ-- אֶת-גְּמוּלֵךְ, שֶׁגָּמַלְתּ לָנוּ
אַשְׁרֵי שֶׁיֹּאחֵז וְנִפֵּץ אֶת-עֹלָלַיִךְ-- אֶל-הַסָּלַע

How can one be compelled to accept slavery? I simply refuse to do the master's bidding. He may torture me, break my bones to atoms and even kill me. He will then have my dead body, not my obedience. Ultimately, therefore, it is I who am the victor and not he, for he has failed in getting me to do what he wanted done. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am not for others, what am I? If not now, when? ~ Rav Hillel, Pirke Avot

This Red Sea Pedestrian Stands against Judeophobes

This Red Sea Pedestrian Stands against Judeophobes
Wear It With Pride

28 February 2009

The Resistance Grows

For months now various parties have brought legal challenges to bear on the issue of Shirley Juan Martin Luther Lincoln Peron Jr. Jr.'s constitutional eligibility to be President of the United States. The concerns of private citizens have largely been dismissed by the press, the courts, and even by some members of the PUMAsphere. I myself have felt that though this issue deserves a due hearing in America's courts, it was an issue in which people were placing false hope as the petitions of American citizens have been ignored by the criminals running our federal government. But events are unfolding that cannot be ignored.

Two active duty soldiers in the United States military have agreed to be listed as plaintiffs in upcoming legal action to demand that the Resident provide complete documentation to demonstrate unequivocally that he is constitutionally eligible to serve, and refuse to accept any orders from the Commander-in-Chief until they are satisfied that this is the case. A retired Major General has also agreed to join this suit (H/T to Diamond Tiger at Logistics Monster).

It has been clearly demonstrated time and again that the government of the United States is no longer upholding its part of the contract that is the backbone of our republic. I expect the concerns of private citizens to be ignored. Who is willing to ignore the petitions of members of our armed services? Who is willing to ignore the voice of the people who put their lives on the line to protect our freedom?

A convergence of forces is forming. The anger of private citizens who are watching the current administration and the Congress erode our civil liberties, which the government does not have the power to do, while they literally stick their hands in our pockets to fund the destruction of our economy, and make as many of us dependents on the federal government as possible, is merging with a groundswell in our military that is clearly stating it will not serve the unconstitutional policies being advocated and promulgated by the Congress and the White House.

As a citizen of the United States, and a patriot, it is reassuring to know that among the men and women who have sworn to protect us from threats, foreign and domestic, there are those ready to stand and defend us from the growing tyranny that has taken shape in Washington. The rights of our states, and ourselves, are in jeopardy. Our servicemen and women know this. They are standing up. They are speaking out. You must do the same.

Watch this video, and help make it go viral.

It's your republic. Defend it.

If It Smells Like a Fart...(UPDATE)

Kassam and Grad rockets fired by Hamas are continuing to fall on southern Israel. Israel is not engaged in military action in Gaza, but since the end of Operation Cast Lead 65 rockets and mortars have been fired at Israel. Today a rocket ripped through an Ashkelon school, fortunately empty at the time of the attack. Where is the Leftist peacnik outrage at Hamas' continued violation of Israeli human rights, and Hamas' violation of international law? Oh yeah...the Jews are really just bloodthirsty nazis who deserve to get rocketed. Fuck you assholes.

Hat tip to garyinchapelhill for the first two posters.

So this week is a very popular Judeophobe convention: Israeli Apartheid Week. Catchy title eh? Nothing screams universal human rights than nazification, propaganda, and bullshit. But who are the nazis here I wonder?

The poster above is being used to promote this year's Israel bashing convention. Interestingly enough it appears it could be based on this Nazi propaganda poster depicting the United States as the evil warmongers and racists, supported by Jews.

I wonder if the douchebags that will attend this convention think the allied invasion of Europe was good or bad? I suspect bad, as the Nazis were unable to wipe out all the Jews of Europe as a result.

The government of Israel is not engaged in a policy of genocide against Palestinians. They spend too much of their citizens tax dollars on humanitarian support of Palestinian people, despite the fact that Hamas, the malevolent rulers of Gaza, boost aid meant for the people they are exploiting...I mean leading...and then sell it to them. Humanitarian aid to Jews from Nazi Germany included making lampshades from the skin, blankets from the hair, and soap from the fat of Jews.

When I can buy Israeli lampshades fashioned from the flesh of Palestinians then this poster will be apt.

While some might consider this poster to be a critique of the Israeli government, it is a gross, anti-Jewish display. It is very convenient for bigots to serve themselves by comparing Israel to Nazi Germany. The notion has certainly been advanced by more prominent people than say... Joseph Cannon, who displayed this poster on his blog during Operation Cast Lead.

How can you tell a Jew hating bigot? They're the ones saying that Israel attacked Gaza because they want to kill all the Palestinians, instead of finally, after 7 years of rocket attacks from Gaza, and no action from the international community after filing complaint after complaint with the United Nations, decided to act in defense of the unalienable rights its citizens.

The Palestinian people also have unalienable right to live free of terror kleptocracies that exploit them, and are main reason why fences, checkpoints, and humanitarian aid are still issues in Gaza and West Bank. Contrary to popular belief, the Israeli people don't consider killing Palestinians the national pastime. But you wouldn't know it if you attended the Israel is the Most Evil Country in the World (which is where the Jews live in case you didn't know) Conference.

So what's more productive for Palestinians; holding conferences that promote anti-Israeli sentiment which, in the end, only causes Israel to justify maintaining control of the borders, checkpoints, etc, or dedicating to efforts to wrest control out of the hands of the gunmen that are the reason the people have no control over their collective destiny? Hmmm...

And just in case that doesn't make sense, here's what the promulgation of a hate campaign against Israel accomplishes in the minds of Israeli voters...a right wing Israeli government that, at it's heart, has no interest in the existence of a Palestinian state, and will most likely be comprised of extremist parties that would rather see the land between the Mediterranean and the Jordan free of Arabs.

When are these idiots going to get it?

Ironically, with the rise of a new right wing government in Israel (just to demonstrate how ignorant many critics of Israel are, they often refer to the Kadima government as Israel's neocons, when they are in fact just a bunch of spineless idiots) there may be a wakeup call for the world community and the Arabs when they realize that a Netanyahu government has no interest in negotiating with a political body that is pledged to Israel's destruction.

So have your bigoted, Jew hating conference. So far it's only contributed to more bloodshed, and the entrenching of the opposing governments.

How's that working out for everybody?

For another perspective, check out Countess Farquar

27 February 2009

Clinton Down on Israel?

A story is getting some circulation implying that Secretary Clinton has changed her stance on Israel, and now no longer supports it. The story cited does not actually have a quote from Clinton so I don't even know what she said, and neither does anyone else who saw the story.

For Secretary Clinton to suggest that Israel move on sending humanitarian aid to Gaza does not seem so unusual considering that she is advocating for human rights for all people, as well she should. I do find it unusual for a story to be run saying she has changed her tune when there is no quote. Nor is there as yet an official statement from the State Department.

AFP reports: Israeli foreign ministry spokesman Ygal Palmor said he was unaware of any such messages and the prime minister's office said it would not comment "as long as there is no official US statement" on the issue.

I think we will have a clearer picture as to where the Secretary stands when she travels to the Middle East next week. If she is admonishing Israel I am sure that the leadership will remind her, as was reported here, that the UN suspended humanitarian aid shipments after Hamas stole tonnage of aid from a UN warehouse after the UN refused to hand it over to them. Hamas then reportedly sold this food and material to Gazans. Fucking nice.

At least there is something good to report regarding Pampers and Israel. It is being reported in Haaretz that UN and U.S. officials are reporting that the United States will boycott the Durban II conference on racism as the the document being produced singles out Israel. The final document is "not salvageable." Haaretz reports "The United States will not attend a United Nations conference on racism that critics say will be a forum to criticize Israel, and will no longer participate in planning sessions for it."

Canada and Israel had already declared their intentions not to attend the conference, which promises to be a great Israel bashing affair. Get your tickets now Judeophobes. It ought to be a hootinanny.

The End of Sholshim

In Judaism the thirty day period following the death of a family member is called shloshim, which literally is the number thirty. This period also includes the initial seven day period that more people are familiar with; Shiva (seven) from which the phrase "sitting shiva" comes from.

The thirty day period makes a lot of sense. It is only now that I do not find myself tearing up at the slightest thought of Isabel, no longer feel the heavy weight of her departing when I pull into the driveway at night, knowing she won't be there. The pain is there, and always will be, but it is becoming more about knowing what I must live with, rather than wondering how I will...if that makes sense.

I have sometimes thought that perhaps I should have waited until Isabel's shloshim was over to bring a new addition into the family. In the end time is not a luxury that rescue dogs have. Their time is limited. Though Shelly was scheduled to go into a foster home, her adoption has made room for another dog that deserves a shot at more time to find her forever family as we like to say.

We found the right dog, really she found us, and she is alive and safe. In the end that's what Isabel would want most.

Certain things have been confirmed with her passing. She was a far greater friend, and source of joy and comfort than I truly understood. I always knew it, but not having her here brings real emphasis. Another is that our animals truly are family. I've always felt that way, but now I have a much greater appreciation of the potency and magic of the bond.

Memories of Isabel a flooding back too. I am writing them down, if only as a record for myself.

So now, moving out of shloshim, it is time to look forward as well as back. Shelly and her big sister are forming their own relationship. Further ways to honor Isabel are in the works. She is still my dog, and always will be. I hope I will always be able to learn from our relationship. In doing so, our relationship endures.

26 February 2009

Bill Ayers: Under the Bus, or Driving It?

Alan "Crypt Keeper" Colmes interviewed Juan Martin Lincoln Peron Jr. Jr. mentor-non-mentor Bill Ayers this week. Apparently the professional radical is pissed about Pampers committing 17,000 American soldiers to Afghanistan.
It's a mistake. It's a colossal mistake, and you know, we've seen this happen before, Alan. We've seen a hopeful presidency, Lyndon Johnson's presidency, burn up in the furnace of war. I fear that this brilliant young man, this hopeful new administration could easily burn their prospects of a great presidency in the war in Afghanistan or elsewhere.
Brilliant young man? I guess you could say that. He allowed himself to be made and placed where he is, managing to cut loose those he's done using (and they seemingly stick around hoping that he'll let them once again press their lips against his rear cheeks), while still attracting sycophants who some how fail to see that they too will end up under the bus (Rahm, I think you're gone, you just don't know it yet). But the real brains are the sickos that got this cypher into the White House.

Hopeful new administration? Well, he is the Great White Hope of American Socialism, and if the opposition doesn't start acting seriously, instead of a bunch of fucking sissies, we could be screwed a lot worse than this douche has screwed us in his first crappy month in office.

But is Billy really miffed? Is this a genuine lovers quarrel, or a feint? With signals pointing to the ending of the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship program, which allows 2000 underprivileged kids to get out of the rotting D.C. public schools and attend private schools, at the end of this fiscal year, I can't help but think that Billy Boy wants these kids back in public schools so they too can become prized cogs in his "engine of revolution." The Douculus Bill stipulates that any new funding for the program must be passed in separate legislation, not a rider. Since the Democrap Party hates school vouchers it's quite possible that his program will go down the tubes.

Should the public school system be sacrificed on the altar of vouchers? I think it should be fixed, if that's possible. But why should 2000 kids, whose other option is shit, have their futures mortgaged by these same assholes who have just driven them into taxation servitude...without representation? Why must it be either or? Because too many people are too fucking obtuse to think otherwise.

Here's what the kids have to say about it:

I remember the days when I thought that redeeming the Democrap Party was an effort worth attempting, provided Pampers lost big. They can just go fuck themselves, along with the Republicans who brought us warrantless wire tapping.

23 February 2009

I Feel My Valve Closing

Once again I find myself having to expose another example of Leftist Judeophobia. 

I posted a variation of my thoughts on Pakistan, etc over at another blog I write for, and got the following comment in response from someone calling themselves Dancing Opossum (the only one that anyone would consider thoughtless and half baked on the thread).

First off, quoting Mark Steyn on a supposedly liberal blog? Really, was Rush Limbaugh too nuanced?
Second, “laying down to radical Islam?” Could your rhetoric be any more overblown? Maybe you should stop reading necons and read some history instead (and no, “From Time Immemorial” doesn’t count.)
And finally, it’s highly amusing to hear anyone refer to Hamas as a genocidal terrorist group. Hamas would not exist if it weren’t for the genocidal terroristic actions of that illegal, apartheid rogue state that we keep sending money and arms to, namely Israel. (But we get so much in return, right? Bombing of our ships, selling of our intelligence, two unecessary wars–with the ever-present possibility of a third, with Iran–and the hatred of the entire Arab world. Such a great tradeoff!) “Talking with” Hamas is not only an absolute necessity at this point, it’s the only moral AND practical thing to do.
Being respectful of my host I did not lay down a Shtuey style attack.  But there are no such rules here and so...

I see no problem quoting anyone as long as their argument is supported by facts.  Steyn certainly qualifies.  And I am not a liberal, not in the current American vernacular at any rate.  

Ironic that this Jew hating ass advises me to study history instead of propaganda.  It is because I have studied history that I understand that the essence of radical Islam is not hatred of America because we supposedly support Israel (I could make a very strong argument that the United States, apart from money and some weapons systems, does not support Israel at all).  They hate us because they have not converted or killed us.  If you actually study history instead of propaganda Dancing Idiot, you'd understand that this is the essence of jihad.  It's a holy war in the name of Allah to convert or kill infidels you moron.  Why is it that the ignorant from this dingdong to Ron Paul to Pampers think that if we just cut off our money to Israel, if we just sell her out to her enemies, the Islamists will stop wanting to kill us?  Do you really think that if we let Israel be wiped off the face of the earth that they'd send us Tickler Bouquets instead of planes crashing into our cities?  Are people really that fucking stupid?  Yes they are.

But the ultimate stupid, coming from someone who advises a student of history not to read propaganda, is calling Israel an "illegal state" when the leftist Temple of Justice, the United Nations, sanctioned the creation of the State of Israel.  Whoops!  And once again I am forced to point out that if Israeli policy was that of genocide Hamas wouldn't exist.

My god, how is it that we are plagued with such ignorance and stupidity?  No wonder we're so fucked.

22 February 2009

Come Ride the Appeasement Train

Guess who is conquering Pakistan?  Why it's our old pals the Taliban.  The Pakistani government plans to cede the Swat Valley to their control, allowing them to impose sharia law, as they did in Afghanistan, in order to placate the Islamic radicals.  And what is Juan Martin Luther Lincoln Peron Jr. Jr. going to do about it?  So far all indications say not a goddamn thing, unless you consider urging the Pakistani government to curb militant Islamists doing something.  Here at OMV we call that BIOYA: Blowing It Out Your Ass.

Richard Holbrooke was recently in India flailing his arms like a chicken saying, "See, now the US, India, and Pakistan have a common enemy."  Mr. Holbrooke fails to see that the Taliban are not the enemy of the Pakistanis.  They are their new rulers.  Now that they have Swat, only 100 miles from Islamabad, how long do you think it will be before the Taliban lay siege to the capital?  And with what will surely be a new safe haven, how long will it be before Al-Quackers are establishing new training zones in Swat (if they haven't already)?

And you ladies of Swat, well let's just say you're screwed.  Surveys in the area show support for women having greater access to education and healthcare, but 67% of men surveyed support "honor killings."  Under Taliban rule you will surely get them.  My advice to you is get the fuck out of there if you can.  

I think everyone should be renewing their interest in what the fuck Juan Martin Lincoln Peron Jr. Jr. was doing in Pakistan when he was in college.

With world governments waving the flag of appeasement and capitulation we will all be looking for new and creative ways to say, "We are fucked."

Mark Steyn elaborates on the ever growing bullshit.

Since we lack competent leadership to whom shall we turn to stand up to the cancerous spread of radical Islam, and for that matter, who's going to stand up to Resident Peron Jr. Jr.?

The Man From U.N.C.L.E.?

The Rat Patrol?

The Avengers?

Peter Gunn?

Wonder Woman?

Maxwell Smart?

I'm putting my money on The Bishop

Wewease Wodewick!

By calling him Baracus Obamacus, my blog sister Cinie made me realize that Juan Martin Lincoln Peron Jr. Jr. very well might make us call him Caesar.  

We already have one poll going at the top of the blog, but what do you think his Caesarian name should be?  Submit your nominations for our next poll.  The winning Caesarian moniker will be used at OMV at least through the ides of March.

I will kick it off with Caesar Stupidus Dumb Assicus.

One thing's for sure.  Regardless of the name, Caesar Obamacus will never be as funny as this...but the umming and uhhing is a good start.

21 February 2009

Foggy Bottom Statement on Hamas

Haaretz is reporting that State Department Spokesman Gordon Duguid has said that,
"U.S. policy toward Hamas would not change until the Islamist militant group accepted the existence of Israel, stopped trying to violently overthrow Israel, sought to reengage in the peace process and stopped trying to rearm by smuggling rockets and other arms into Gaza."
That being the case George "Grouper" Mitchell, looks like you'll have a long time to wait on that Palestinian unity government you're dreaming about.  

Meanwhile in Ramallah, a PA official is quoted as saying that the Pampers Kangaroo Court has given the green light for unity talks between the factions.  The above conditions do not as yet seem to be an issue registering in the minds of either the PA, Hamas, or the Egyptians.  Quelle surprise!  In fact, it appears that the PA/Hamas desire for unity is being born out of worry as to what kind of government Netanyahu is going to form, now that Shimon Peres has given him the go ahead to do so (it could also be a feint by both sides in attempt to vanquish political rivals once and for all...possibly leading to a new round of toss your foe off a building). It sounds like a stance of resistance rather than one of negotiation; understandable considering the block Israeli's voted for is one that clearly wants Hamas to be taken out.  I second that emotion.  But a two-state solution is not in the mind of Bibi, or the Israeli right, or on the minds of Fatah and Hamas.

I personally support an eventual one state solution (I think my vision is a bit different from Likud's or the PA). But this can only be achieved when the Fatah/Hamas terror kleptocracy is brought to a permanent end, and the establishing of an economic federation is begun that represents the building of a true symbiosis between Palestinians and Israelis, and creates a political atmosphere in which the Palestinians can build institutions/parties that are not predicated on Israel's destruction, which could eventually be part of a government that would exist democratically for Jews and Arabs to live as equals between the Mediterranean and the Jordan.

Is this likely to happen?  I doubt in my lifetime.  In fact, monkeys will most likely fly out of my butt first.  With Fatah/Hamas still seen as the governmental authorities there, and a unicameral Israeli governmental system that continues to indulge the religious right that, in its heart wants an Arab free Israel, there is not even a foundation on which to take the first step to real peace and end to this conflict.  Get rid of the terror kleptocracy first, while Israel establishes a constitution with a bi-cameral legislature.  Then talk.  Until then there is no point.  I suspect that Bibi will reject legitimate talks out of hand.

Has the stage been set for a Peron Jr. Jr. administration spat?  Oh I hope so.

19 February 2009

To Gaza With Love

The grouper-faced George Mitchell has made the Juan Martin Peron Lincoln Jr. Jr. position on Hamas clear.  He wants it to be part of a united Palestinian government, giving further legitimacy to a terrorist organization that seeks to kill Jews and destroy Israel (this statement was of course made while Secretary Clinton is in Asia.  If she leaves State publicly, I suspect it will be over Israel.  It will be interesting if she makes her own statement on this.  I hope she does, and it is in opposition to this Mitchellian notion of pure stupid.  Things might get juicy...we'll see).

All you leftist peacenik Jews out there that voted for this asshole are probably of the mind that Israeli children deserved to get rocketed, and must be very excited about this prospect. Go fuck yourselves douchebags.  

Fortunately for Israel it looks like Avigdor Lieberman of Israel Beitanu is backing Netanyahu, along with Shas, which all but clinches the fact that Shimon Peres will ask Bibi to form the coalition government.  For her part, Tzipi Livni, the sore winner that lost, has declared that Kadima will be siding with the opposition, insuring that the Israeli government, at least for the near future, will be right-wing in nature.  Lieberman said his backing of Likud is contingent on Livni being part of the government.  I suspect this was in exchange for stopping any criminal investigation that might be taken up by the Israeli Secret Police, but if it's true that Livni is in the opposition camp, which seems pretty solid, who knows...this is Israel. 

Haaretz is reporting that Livni would consider joining a coalition government that was Netanyahu led if it was a Likud-Israel Beitanu-Kadima coalition.  Having said publicly that he made the mistake of not going with a unity government in his last go round as PM, Bibi may go for that, but this would mean a serious compromising of his ideals and platform.

President Shimon Peres is expected to ask Bibi to form the coalition on Sunday.  There are so many cliffhangers:

Will the opposition stay strong and continue backing the dumbass notion that the best way to to move Israel forward is to sell out to their enemies?

Will Bibi stay true to his right wing ways and go with the will of the voters?

Will Tzipi and Bibi get caught doing it and then name their love child Tipi?

All these questions and more will be answered next time on "As the Falafel Turns!" 

We're just going to have to wait and see how Bibi plays it.  He may choose to keep his enemies close.  He may choose to attempt his right-wing policies.  The only thing I care about is that the next government of Israel does not sit down for negotiations with the Palestinians while the terror kleptocracy is in place.  There can be no real peace until it is dismantled permanently.  If Bibi can take his "economic peace" concept (which has been tried and was considered to be bullshit by the Palestinians), and use it as tool to make peace more profitable than terror then there is an opening.  Until then the Palestinian Authority and Hamas should be told by Israel to go fuck off.

And let us hope that the first message of a Likud led government to George Mitchell, and his dumber than stupid notion of a  terror kleptocracy unity government being acceptable to Israel is, "Go fuck yourself asshat."

Mr. Mitchell...lesson 1: Don't try and make Israel sit down at the table with a terror kleptocracy.  We know you want to destroy Israel so the radical Islamists will sing Cumbaya with us and the jihad will end.  Those of us here in the Land of Not Big Stupid Fucking Idiot Morons will continue to understand that destroying Israel only opens the door for the Islamic consumption of Europe.

Lesson two:  Shut the fuck up asshole.

18 February 2009

The Big Picture: Don't Cry for Pampers

So there were a lot of threads spun by the web masters at the Lair of Pampers.  We did our best to spread the word that Obullshit was a big fat fraud and a liar, but 67 million Americans were too busy circle jerking to speeches to see the truth, so here is the big picture.

Barack Pampers Juan Martin Luther Lincoln Peron Jr. Jr. is a power hungry punk ass who used every elected position he ever had to propel him upward.  Now that he's reached the highest office in the land there is only one thing to what he can to stay there.  How?  It's a multi-headed approach.

First, make everyone afraid...VERY afraid.  The economy is going down the tubes, we must do something now...blah fucking blah.  So you ram a "stimulus" package through Congress that even the supposed Republican opposition did precious little about (it's not as if they ran like Paul Revere to expose to the world exactly what was in this piece of legislation...the only thing they care about is that the legislation fails to do anything about the economy...again...any of you who are putting one shred of faith in the Republican Party to rescue us you are living in a dreamland).

Then hide all kinds of booby traps in the legislation like:
  1. A proposal to end the amend the Constitution's provision on Presidential term limits.
  2. A grant of billions of dollars to ACORN to run up the fraudulent voter registrations to "get out the vote."
  3. Legislate the highest level of government dependence as possible because the king needs you to come hat in hand to supplicate yourself before his altar, and kiss his fucking ring.  And those who get the gifts now, he sees as bought votes in 2012.  The sad truth is that people are so fucking stupid that this is exactly what will happen, even if the welfarestocracy is worse off in four years than they are now.

Then you can try and grant amnesty to illegal aliens which ACORN then registers to vote, telling them, as they did their registransts in this past election, to vote for Pampers (after all, he is the the guy who granted you wouldn't want to be deported would you?).

And you could also open the borders to Mexican immigrants letting in millions who would all register and vote for their savior Pampers, because he's the one who let them in (he'd probably make them get his O tattooed on their assess with their ACORN voter registration numbers).

With that kind of bullshit (I'm sure that Pampers actually thinks he can get the Constitution changed and eliminate his term limits...he's such a fucking sociopath that you know he believes it, and the people backing him are such fucking psychos there is no limit as to what they might do to make it happen...

Speaking of psychos...has anyone heard anymore about the investigation into the murder of Bill Gwatney?  That's right...they closed the case. 

If the Constitution were changed he could conceivably be king for the rest of our lives.  Can you imagine having to live with this fucking bullshit for 40 years?  

So yeah, once you steal an election and get yourself installed in the highest office in the land the first thing a power hungry douche would do is move to make sure he can keep it for the rest of his life.

Oh, and you do know that Pampers' DoJ is refusing to release documents from the Bush Administration regarding the wiretapping bullshit.  Why? because he's going to keep tapping our phones, and most likely expand the program.  Did anyone in their right mind actually believe this braying ass when he said it was better to pass a bad bill and fix it later than let it lapse?  Sadly, yes, which is why I love my country, but have to wonder about a lot of the people living in it; 67 million to be exact.

So, who are you going to turn to?  Still think calling your Congressman is going to help?  If you think the answer to that question is "yes" you better get used to saying king Pampers, or Dear Leader Pampers, or whatever title he decides to give himself.

And what does Wall Street think about the new Peron socio-fascist economy.  If you said they think it blows ass you are correct!

Just watch this...

Good morning America you're stupid.

I Regret Nothiiiiiiinnnnng!

I regret never taking a photograph of the marquis of a local McDonald's bearing the 9/12 message:



I'd say that you would just have to picture it in your mind, but I don't have to thanks to the chunk of shit lovingly referred to as "Vanity Fair."

In July of 2007 the magazine released an Africa issue "guest edited" by his dudeness, Bono.  A series of 20 Annie Liebowitz covers appeared, including one featuring Don Cheadle and Juan Lincoln Peron Jr. Jr.

Fast forward to 2009 where Commander Waffalo appears on the cover of Vanity Fair while his wife, Eva O'Jackie Peron appears on the cover of Vogue.

Is there a more perfect testimony to this ever burning shit bag we are experiencing than a Vanity Fair cover declaring the beginning of the...easy Shtuey...don't perforate your valve..."Obama Era" using a recycled photo of Teleprompter Jesus with the legend:

The Obama Era Begins
PLUS Hollywood 2009

16 February 2009

Ignorance Is Bliss

If you haven't read it yet, OMV has received a comment from "Anonymous" on the post "Stupid Goys and Boys With Toys," (this is not FT who is a regular reader).  This merry soul said the following as part of their statement against my post on the little spoiled rich kid pissants at Pampshire College:
...your entire argument is based on the members of SJP either hating Jews or hating themselves as Jews. Such a woefully simplistic and intellectually bankrupt argument will forever place you on the margins of legitimate public debate on this issue and make you an embarrassment in the eyes of history when world opinion comes around, just as it did with South Africa divestment.
Wow...where to begin.  Yep, my argument is that the members of the SJP operate from a position of ignorance and Judeophobia.  One need only read their posted history of the Israeli "occupation" of Palestine, which they refer to as the Palestinian homeland.  

The SJP considers all the land between the Mediterranean and the Jordan to be Palestine, despite the establishment of Israel by the international community.  They use the same language as Hamas and other anti-Jewish propagandists, in describing the "occupation."  My personal favorite line is when the SJP contends that Israel intended to expand its territory in the conflict that followed their declaration of Independence.  Funny how they would manage to do that without an air force, little in the way of tanks, and in the face of invasion by multiple nations with superior fire power.  Such rewriting of history is typically reserved to the pages of Arab textbooks printed by UNRWA, but the SJP embraces the same bullshit.  Sure they say Jews and Arabs should be able to live side by side, but where exactly do the Jews get to live under a Hamas regime?  According to Hamas doctrine the Jews have a right to be dead.  Advocating the end of the rights of Jews is Judeophobic, period.  They claim to condemn all violence, but do not call for any boycott or divestment from parties that do business with Hamas or the Palestinian Authority, neither of which recognize Israel's right to exist, and use violent, illegal action against Israeli civilians.  That is Judeophobic, and hypocritical.  To say otherwise is in and of itself bigoted.  Of course these idiots would have to boycott Israel again as it funds a great deal of humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people with its own tax dollars.  Whoops!

Anonymous goes on to say my argument is "intellectually bankrupt."  I love that.  Here's a wake up slap anonymous.  Defending racism, which you have, is intellectually bankrupt.  Pointing it out and standing against it is not.

And because I am intellectually bankrupt I will be placed at the "margins of legitimate public debate"...FOREVER!!!  Ooooh...I'm all a tremble.  So far Anonymous, standing against racism and standing up for universal human rights has been a stance appreciated not only by the readers of this blog, but by members of the public at large with whom I have engaged in debate, lecture, and discourse.  I have had my horizons expanded, and expanded the view of others.  Most people appreciate my candor. 

But my personal favorite part is when Anonymous tells me that I will be made an "embarrassment in the eyes of history..." when world opinion changes.  First, world opinion has largely been against Israel for years, as has the UN.  Since world opinion has largely stood in condemnation of Israel, the change in world opinion could only be more in favor of Israel, which makes sense as it stands on the front lines against radical Islam, stands up for its right to exist, and advocates the dismantling of terror kleptocracies that hold Palestininans hostage to terrorist guns and poverty as a means to legitimate their illegal violations of Israeli human rights and sovereignty, as well as their violations of international law.  The American and world media is still largely against Israel.  We can keep waiting for world opinion to change and recognize that Israel has a right to exist, and that Jews are entitled to the same human rights as Arabs and anyone else.  That will be a refreshing change.  I could talk about Israeli violations of human rights, but that was not the subject, and there is no need to discuss the issue, when the topic was the ignorance of pimple faced stoners at Pampshire College.

Quite frankly I don't expect to be remembered by history, but thank you anonymous for thinking so highly of me, and this blog, to think that historians would make any effort to judge me in any way, whether it be positive or negative.  As for being an embarrassment, I hope that I am an embarrassment in the eyes of history.  Humanity should be embarrassed for its conduct toward Jews, Arabs, blacks, Tibetans, women, gays, children, indigenous people, animals, the environment...and I will continue to stick my finger in the eye of people like you anonymous, and all other bigots who say, "Peace be with you" but are really saying, "Go to hell."

Since Anonymous obviously didn't read my entire post, or Dershowitz's article, I will once again print Tom Friedman's quote used in said article and post.
"Criticizing Israel is not anti-Semitic, and saying so is vial. But singling out Israel for opprobrium and international sanctions - out of proportion to any other party in the Middle East - is anti-Semitic and not saying so is dishonest."
This is what the SJP has done.  Their stance is Judeophobic.  If the shoe fits, fucking wear it.

Stupid Goys and Boys With Toys

Looks like you can't keep an ignorant racist liberal down.  In the JPost, Alan Dershowitz writes about a bunch of ignorant idiots at Hampshire College, in Amherst Massachusetts,  who have a little racist group of Israel bashers.  They successfully petitioned the College's Board of Trustees to divest from companies that support the Jewish state.  No doubt this is because they feel Israel's program of herding Palestinians into cattle cars, gas chambers, and rendering their fat into soap, their skin into lamp shades, and their hair into blankets...wait...that was the Nazis...the Israelis are the idiots who keep delivering aid into Gaza that ends up in the hands of people determined to kill them, and exercise a great deal of restraint while conducting military operations in order to protect civilian lives.  I can see how an ignorant liberal teenager who spends most of their time pulling bong hits and watching reruns of Ren and Stimpy could confuse the two.

Notable supporters of the Goycott include Noam "I hate myself for being Jewish" Chomsky, racist Green Party idiot Cynthia McKinney, Rashid Khalidi, Howard Zinn, and former Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters.  With support like that it is no wonder the Ignorant Students for Hating Jews at Hampshire are feeling so proud of themselves.

Now that these morons have accomplished their goal, much to the glee of members of the faculty (Chomskyites, self-proclaimed anarchists, and liberal lobotomy victims comprise much of the faculty at Pampshire...most of whom no doubt jizzed buckets when Pampers "won" the election), the first college to actually commit to such a divestment, they are calling on other colleges to follow suit.

See, here's the thing kids.  What you morons don't know is that Pampshire's endowment is one of the smallest in the country.  The amount of money it invests in those companies is small potatoes and will not be missed by those companies, or Israel for that matter.  Your insignificantly puny school is also part of a consortium of colleges in the area that I suspect will not be divesting from Israel as they are not so prone to ignorance and liberal judeophobia as Hampshire.  Here's another newsflash: you kids are nothing but a bunch of fucking hypocrite douchebags.  I guess urging your school to divest from companies dealing with genocidal governments like Sudan, or brutal dictatorships like North Korea was never on the table because they aren't Jewish states.  Thank you for so admirably demonstrating liberal judeophobia and liberal hypocrisy.  You are a model of what every American should not want to be.  Dershowitz quotes Tom Friedman in his column.  I think it's worth reproducing here:
"Criticizing Israel is not anti-Semitic, and saying so is vial. But singling out Israel for opprobrium and international sanctions - out of proportion to any other party in the Middle East - is anti-Semitic and not saying so is dishonest."
My suggestion to the racists at Hampshire is this: go back to your dorms, whip out your bongs, and go back to sleep.  When you wake up the cause du jour will be saving the Texas Prairie Chicken.

Though Dershowitz's concern over whether this will spark a wave of divestment is valid, I suspect that this will be much ado about nothing.  I do encourage the Jewish students of Hampshire, and the other colleges of the consortium, to stand up to these racists.

Here's an instructional video to help you identify more companies and products to boycott.  When you give up your computers then we'll see how dedicated you Hampshire pricks really are.

Don't ally yourselves with idiots.  Do not support Hampshire College.  In fact, here's the email address of the organization that pushed for "divestment."  Why not email them, give them a piece of your mind, and send along a link to the above video.  I did.  And it felt really good.

In other news, it looks like a French and British submarine accidently collided.  Humans are so fucking smart.  They've made underwater death ships so effectively hidden from sonar that they can't see each other anymore.  Maybe that's what Gandhi meant when he said an eye for an eye makes the whole world stupid.  Luckily, there were no fatalities or radiation leaks, at least none that the British and French governments are willing to report.  I suspect that people are now talking about the fact that allied nations should have some kind of transponder system so they can detect each other and avoid collisions while remaining hidden from their enemies like the Russians, and the Walrus.  Nah, they're probably talking about intalling bumpers and airbags.

15 February 2009

The Soft Parade

While butt-faced douchebags like No-Dick Morris speculate that Secretary Clinton is being marginalized by the Lincoln Jr. Jr. administration by his restructuring of the NSC, the appointment of special envoys to the Middle East and Pakistan, and the presence of Samantha "The Monster" Power in the NSC, I would say that Secretary Clinton is engaged in exactly the kind of work she told King Pampers she would undertake; engaging the governments of foreign powers to make progress in open, democratic elections, advancing the cause of human rights, and undertaking expanded development programs in the Third World.

Here's an excerpt from her speech at the Asia Society on the 13th:
So I leave for Asia ready to deliver a message about America’s desire for more rigorous and persistent commitment and engagement, ready to work with leaders in Asia to resolve the economic crisis that threatens the Pacific as much as any other region, ready to strengthen our historic partnerships and alliances while developing deeper bonds with all nations, ready to help prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons in Asia, ready to expand our combined efforts on 21st century challenges like climate change and clean energy, pandemics, and income inequality.

...we are also ready to reach beyond ministerial buildings and official meeting halls, as important as those are. We’re ready to engage civil society to strengthen the foundations needed to support good governance, free elections, and a free press, wider educational opportunities, stronger healthcare systems, religious tolerance, and human rights.
In the grand scheme of things, this is the most important work being done to attempt to secure the Safety and Happiness of the American people.  A free, educated, healthy, and environmentally sound global community, where governments' end being the happiness of society (with the vision of what that happiness entails emanating from the people, not from oligarchical criminals who can't even get their cabinet installed because of their nominees' corruption), is ultimately the best way to ensure economic growth, nullify the tactics of terrorism, and preserve our liberty.  Secretary Clinton, succinct and thorough as usual, maps the path for us.  Will Juan Lincoln Peron Jr. Jr. allow her to do her job?  That remains to be seen.  

It is vital that this work must also be accomplished at home, as well as abroad.  Unfortunately, it seems that currently there is no one in our Congress, or the White House, that is actually engaged in any activity that cultivates the happiness of our society.  So far the Braying Ass Party has only served to serve itself, which translates into efforts that further destroy our civil liberties, eliminate privacy, corrupt our elections, bankrupt our children, and open the door for Martin Peron Luther Lincoln Jr. Jr. to be king of America until we eat our own brains.

And make no mistake, the Republican opposition does not stem from some desire to protect us from the Braying Ass's destructive policies.  They are simply gambling on Braying Ass failure as a means of propelling themselves back into the majority so that they can control the process of curtailing our civil liberties, and the flow of the money.

So it looks like there are two foreign policy trees in our government.  The diplomatic game playing that yields precious little, is more for show, and most likely to cause the eruption of violent action between nations, is in the hands of people like Joe "7-11" Biden, Samantha "The Monster" Power, and ultimately Juan Martin Luther Peron Lincoln Jr. Jr.   The other is the hands of Secretary Clinton, and ultimately Juan Martin Luther Peron Lincoln Jr. Jr.  

Take a guess in which one I am placing any shred of optimism.

I hope that the passage of the Black Widowulus package has woken up Americans to the cold hard truth:  You cannot petition the lords of Washington with prayer.  Phone calls, petitions, letters...these things accomplish nothing.  Your government is not listening to you.  Your government is not interested in how you live, what you think, what you desire, or how you feel.  Your government does not care.  Stop telling yourself that if you just make one more phone call to your legislators that it will make a difference.  It will not.  You are wasting your time.  

It's time for us to disengage.  It's time for us to encamp, generate solutions, and put them into effect, whether our government approves or not.  This is our republic, not theirs.  They serve us.  We are not meant to serve them.  They serve by our consent.  The majority of Americans apparently have not figured that out yet.

I remember the people of Poland, Ukraine, the youth of Beijing, standing up to their leaders in the name of Liberty.  Perhaps it will take the rising of American totalitarianism to wake people up to remember how much they value their freedom.  

There's this thing called the Bill of Rights.  It's first article says something about Congress being prohibited from impinging on our right to petition the Government for a "redress of grievances," (we get to demand that the government correct actions it has taken that have been against our interests.  I personally think the best way they could get that ball rolling would be for the entire Congress to resign, with new elections held.  Only citizens who have not previously held, or are currently holding office, and who are not related to, or employed by current office holders, may run in these elections).

That would be a fine start.

Who will give us soft asylum?

The Birds

We had a little treat today.  The cedar waxwings have arrived.  These migrating birds are passing through town, feasting on the ripened winter berries.  We were very pleased to see our little fruit eaters.  Apparently the waxwings are at risk for alcohol poisoning from eating too much fermented fruit.  I suppose every flock ends up encountering problems with drinking and flying.  But I bet they don't bonk their heads while getting into their helicopters.

 Here's a cool fact, the coloring on the tips of the waxwing's tail feathers depends on what kind of berries they are eating at the time their tail feathers are coming in.  If someone pantsed Pampers we'd know what color you get from eating doucheberries.

14 February 2009

American? Idiot

In my continuing quest to mock Resident Pampers I decided to gurgle "Obama is an Idiot," and see what came up.  Gurgle says that there are about 12,300,000 results.  Twelve million, three hundred thousand results for "Obama is an idiot."  Here are four.

The View From Here

LaRouche PAC

Brought to you in odorific Douche-O-Vision!  Enjoy!

13 February 2009

Physical Comedy Is Still The Best

Here's some great footage of Resident Lincoln Jr. Jr.  As you can see, he's got the Marine One stroll down.  Walking seems to be good; no stumbling...the obligatory wave is okay (sure he has the gait of someone not used to walking in this level of gravity (what is the g force of Planet A$$hat anyway?).  His salute appears casual and weak.  That's a Marine Mr. Resident.  Give him a decent salute.  You ought to pause and look him in the face.  Then it's up the stairs...wave...doh!

If we had elected a shorter President perhaps this national embarrassment could have been avoided.  At least he has enough sense not to wear the stove pipe hat while helicoptering.

12 February 2009

Martin Luther Lincoln Jr. Jr. Plan Bombs

The AP (Associated Pampers) is reporting the drop of world wide stock markets amid growing skepticism that King Pampers' Douchulus Plan and TARP Carp is going to do one blessed thing to help stimulate the world's largest, and most vital economy.  Why are they so down in the dumps?  Because they know it's a lot of fucking bullshit that isn't going to work.  Wow, we've only been screaming about this since the first TARP plan was announced.

Gosh gee, I wish there was someone out there who had a plan to rescue the toxic mortgage mess, keep people in their homes, and free up the credit lines so banks would start lending money again and the bucks would flow.  Oh wait...someone did.  She used to be the Junior Senator from New York.  She had this crazy fucked up notion that if we brought back the Home Owners Loan Corporation that was created under FDR, a plan of proven success that actually generated a profit, then we could turn this whole thing around.  Unfortunately, our Congress, and the White House were and are occupied by a bunch of fucking criminals whose only interest is tanking our economy and driving up such huge deficits and debt that the social safety net is destroyed, and government's only functions will be rewarding the rich and waging war.

But Shtuey, that was the Republican agenda initiated by Ronald Reagan.  Martin Luther Lincoln Jr. Jr. is a Democrat.

And now you know that both parties are corrupt, beyond redemption, and not interested in whether you live or die.  Sucks doesn't it?  Boy, I sure am glad that thousands of people are taking to the streets to protest what is in effect the financial gang rape of every tax payer in the country.  Oh why bother.  Just keep calling your legislators.  I'm sure that will help.

And what did we hear from Resident Lincoln Jr. Jr. today?  That we should be more like Lincoln of course.  Every time this scumbag opens his mouth I want to vomit.  This, above all things, is why I wanted him to lose.  Now we have to endure an endless stream of fucking bullshit from that lying mouth, with that preacher crap to boot.  And all from the pen of that douchefaceasshole Jon Favreau.  This is like some sick fucking nightmare, all the more fucked up because right now I wish this fuck face was still in the White House.

And in his ever growing vomitous campaign to convince us that he is in fact Lincoln, Martin Luther Lincoln Jr. Jr. announced that he is emancipating the slaves.

Thoughts On Government: Part IV

There is much a do about the three Republican Senators who broke ranks to vote for Douchulus: Olympia Snowe (Me.), Susan Collins (Me.) and Arlen "Magic Bullet" Specter (Pa.).  They are being tarred as traitors to their party and the nation by Republicans, and patriots by the Left.  What's the big deal?  They are members of one corrupt party voting for the continued raping of the citizenry by the other party.  A scumbag is a scumbag, I don't care how they vote.  We have collectively sat on our hands while our corrupt government destroys our civil liberties, mortgages our healthcare, sucks the social safety net into oblivion, and sends our men and women to die for Halliburton's no-bid contracts.  The Democrats gave us the Community Reinvestment Act which opened the door for the destruction of our financial systems.  The Republicans gave us warrantless wire tapping and the suspension of habeas corpus.  This is essentially like being Palestinian and having to choose between Hamas and Fatah, only the Democrats and Republicans don't threaten to kill your family if you don't vote for them (at least not yet).  Stop being doormats for these corrupt butt faced liars and thieves.  This only happens because you let it.  You can blame the system.  You can blame Corporate America.  You can blame Santa Claus for all I care.  Bottom line is that we only have ourselves to blame for taking it.

Here is the final portion of Adams' Thoughts on Government.  
The dignity and stability of government in all its branches, the morals of the people, and every blessing of society depend so much upon an upright and skillful administration of justice, that the judicial power ought to be distinct from both the legislative and executive, and independent upon both, that so it may be a check upon both, as both should be checks upon that. The judges, therefore, should be always men of learning and experience in the laws, of exemplary morals, great patience, calmness, coolness, and attention. Their minds should not be distracted with jarring interests; they should not be dependent upon any man, or body of men. To these ends, they should hold estates for life in their offices; or, in other words, their commissions should be during good behavior, and their salaries ascertained and established by law. For misbehavior, the grand inquest of the colony, the house of representatives, should impeach them before the governor and council, where they should have time and opportunity to make their defence; but, if convicted, should be removed from their offices, and subjected to such other punishment as shall be thought proper.

A militia law, requiring all men, or with very few exceptions besides cases of conscience, to be provided with arms and ammunition, to be trained at certain seasons; and requiring counties, towns, or other small districts, to be provided with public stocks of ammunition and entrenching utensils, and with some settled plans for transporting provisions after the militia, when marched to defend their country against sudden invasions; and requiring certain districts to be provided with field-pieces, companies of matrosses, and perhaps some regiments of light-horse, is always a wise institution, and, in the present circumstances of our country, indispensable.

Laws for the liberal education of youth, especially of the lower class of people, are so extremely wise and useful, that, to a humane and generous mind, no expense for this purpose would be thought extravagant.

The very mention of sumptuary laws will excite a smile. Whether our countrymen have wisdom and virtue enough to submit to them, I know not; but the happiness of the people might be greatly promoted by them, and a revenue saved sufficient to carry on this war forever. Frugality is a great revenue, besides curing us of vanities, levities, and fopperies, which are real antidotes to all great, manly, and warlike virtues.

But must not all commissions run in the name of a king? No. Why may they not as well run thus, "The colony of to A. B. greeting," and be tested by the governor?

Why may not writs, instead of running in the name of the king, run thus, "The colony of to the sheriff," &c., and be tested by the chief justice?

Why may not indictments conclude, "against the peace of the colony of and the dignity of the same?"

A constitution founded on these principles introduces know ledge among the people, and inspires them with a conscious dignity becoming freemen; a general emulation takes place, which causes good humor, sociability, good manners, and good morals to be general. That elevation of sentiment inspired by such a government, makes the common people brave and enterprising. That ambition which is inspired by it makes them sober, industrious, and frugal. You will find among them some elegance, perhaps, but more solidity; a little pleasure, but a great deal of business; some politeness, but more civility. If you compare such a country with the regions of domination, whether monarchical or aristocratical, you will fancy yourself in Arcadia or Elysium.

If the colonies should assume governments separately, they should be left entirely to their own choice of the forms; and if a continental constitution should be formed, it should be a congress, containing a fair and adequate representation of the colonies, and its authority should sacredly be confined to these cases, namely, war, trade, disputes between colony and colony, the post office, and the unappropriated lands of the crown, as they used to be called.

These colonies, under such forms of government, and in such a union, would be unconquerable by all the monarchies of Europe.

You and I, my dear friend, have been sent into life at a time when the greatest lawgivers of antiquity would have wished to live. How few of the human race have ever enjoyed an opportunity of making an election of government, more than of air, soil, or climate, for themselves or their children! When, before the present epocha, had three millions of people full power and a fair opportunity to form and establish the wisest and happiest government that human wisdom can contrive? I hope you will avail yourself and your country of that extensive learning and indefatigable industry which you possess, to assist her in the formation of the happiest governments and the best character of a great people. For myself, I must beg you to keep my name out of sight; for this feeble attempt, if it should be known to be mine, would oblige me to apply to myself those lines of the immortal John Milton, in one of his sonnets:--

"I did but prompt the age to quit their clogs
By the known rules of ancient liberty,
When straight a barbarous noise environs me
Of owls and cuckoos, asses, apes, and dogs."

11 February 2009

Here's Another Fine Mess You've Gotten Me Into

Once again the Israeli electorate is screwing the pooch with its ludicrous system, and ideological indecision.

As it stands, Tzipi Livni, the spineless-mass inheritor of the dingdong Kadima Party is sitting on top of a 1 seat majority in the Knesset.  Bibi "I Was a Cheltenham Shoe Salesman" Netanyahu's Likud Party has 27 seats.  The Labor Party only has 13 seats.

Here's the rub.  The right wing parties (Likud, Israel Beitanu, and Shas) have the largest political presence in the Knesset.  Those three parties control 71 seats.  What does this mean?  In the convoluted world of Israeli parliamentary structure it means shitstorm.  

Because Israel has more political parties than Imelda Marcos has shoes (is she still alive?), no single party every receives enough votes to gain a controlling share of the seats in the Knesset.  It is usually up to the party who wins the most mandates on election day to form a coalition bloc that allows them to form a government.  With Likud only 1 seat down at present it may be that the right wing bands together.  If this is the case, Livni would have to cobble together a coalition of minor parties (imagine trying to get 75 Jews to agree on one thing, then try getting them to do that 100 times...if the question were whether the schnitzel was too dry you might have some luck, but this is politics.  In this regard, for every 3 people there are 4 opinions.).  

Tzipi Livni will now attempt a combination of ass kissing, bribery, and blackmail, to woo Avigdor Lieberman and Israel Beitanu's 15 mandates to her side.  If he does you can bet it was blackmail that got him there.  You see, it's very popular in Israeli politics to threaten rivals with prosecution for various crimes if they don't comply (a major reason why Ariel Sharon pushed withdrawal from Gaza and formed the Kadima party in the first place).  I can see no other reason for a man who wants Israeli Arabs (and Jews for that matter) to make loyalty oaths to the Jewish State, or have their citizenship revoked, being demoted to resident status, would join a coalition government with a corrupt party that has negotiations over the Golan Heights on the table, and balked on finishing off Hamas during Operation Cast Lead (toppling Hamas is one of Lieberman's top priorities, same for Netanyahu).

But this presents a conundrum for Bibi as well.  He could probably very easily form a coalition with IB and Shas.  But compared to IB and Shas Likud looks like lefty Labor in some respects (are you confused yet?).  In that coalition Bibi would be controlling a right wing coalition from its left.  

Bottom line is this.  Livni and Kadima may walk away with the most seats of any one party.  But it could be Lieberman who holds all the cards and who would be the one deciding Israel's political future for the next term.  

The fly in the ointment for Livni is that the army's ballot results aren't counted, at least I haven't heard they were tabulated yet.  It's possible Likud could pick up a seat.  Certainly Netanyahu has the easier path to forming a coalition than Kadima.  This could come down to Israeli All-Star wrestling: Livni v Bibi in the steel cage.  Ironically, though she is a spineless weather vane like Olmert, I think she'd take Bibi down.  Of course, she'll take Israel down with her.

But let's not count out Likud.  Bibi knows how to bust balls, and could very well end up in the Prime Minister's chair when the smoke clears.  Right now this is just too close to call.  The only thing we know for certain is that Labor, under Ehud Barak, is joining the opposition to whomever comes out ahead.  This hurts Livni's chances for political survival.  Labor's 13 seats would have gone a long way, but Kadima is a rudderless ship and Barak knows it.  When in doubt, choose contrarianism.

I cannot say which way this will go at the moment.  If Livni can't get the majority coalition she's screwed.  As usual, we probably won't know who will be running the Knesset for possibly a month.  In the meantime, I suggest making some hummus, tahini, falafel, and a some ful.  This is gonna be interesting.  What does seem clear is that the majority of Israelis voted for right wing parties.  They want an end to the terror kleptocracies in the West Bank and Gaza.  They are tired of rockets and suicide bombs, and they know that giving up land for peace with Hamas or the Palestinian Authority is a dead end (dead being the operative word).

I guess Americans can take comfort in the fact that we only get fucked by two parties instead of twenty thousand.

09 February 2009

Thoughts On Government: Part III

So the night we returned to town we were driving along the freeway and saw a car with a sticker on saying "History is Our Story."  The O's were of course that sickening fascist O.  We both groaned.  There are apparently plenty ratfucker zombies out there who still think the black Blago is going to change Washington and make it work for the people, and all the other bullshit lies he told.

So what's the thrust here?  His story is our story?  I got news for you asswipes.  Most people did not get to go to privileged private schools and Ivy League schools.  Most of us did not serial rape democratic process to gain elected office, and then use each position to elevate ourselves to the next one.  What will it take before the zombies wake up and realize that the shit my dog took in my yard is doing a better job managing our economy than Martin Luther Lincoln Jr. Jr?

Time and again our founders warned us what would happen if the people did not educate themselves regarding democratic process and principle, the machinations of their republic, and the character of those aspiring to run it.  Congratulations America for proving them right.  You elected a nitwit that you know nothing about, and swoon over his historic nature.  Here's a news flash assholes; electing a corrupt lying sack because he's half Black is not historic.  It's fucking stupid.  If John Adams came back from the dead I would personally drive him to the home of each of the 67 million idiots who voted for Pampers so he could punch each one of you in the stomach.

And for those of you still laboring under the misguided notion that Congress cares, Congress listens, Congress is insuring your safety and happiness, blah blah need only look at the fact that the Senate voted to pass Douchulus, despite the fact that overwhelming numbers of us are against it. Are you ready to move to dissolve this Congress yet? Let me know when you're off the fence. Ask yourself what it will take to get you pissed off enough about the criminality of Congress, and the Executive for that matter, to actually do something. Will your house have to be seized? Your child drafted? Your assets frozen? What??? It's not as if you're not paying attention.

Speaking of being punched in the stomach by John Adams, here's part 3 of Adams' Thoughts On Government.  He's going to be getting into the nitty gritty of the structure so read carefully.  See anything you like?  We're going to have to overhaul the bullshit we have now so take a look and see what you think.
A representation of the people in one assembly being obtained, a question arises, whether all the powers of government, legislative, executive, and judicial, shall be left in this body? I think a people cannot be long free, nor ever happy, whose government is in one assembly. My reasons for this opinion are as follow:--

1. A single assembly is liable to all the vices, follies, and frailties of an individual; subject to fits of humor, starts of passion, flights of enthusiasm, partialities, or prejudice, and consequently productive of hasty results and absurd judgments. And all these errors ought to be corrected and defects supplied by some controlling power.

A single assembly is apt to grow ambitious, and after a time will not hesitate to vote itself perpetual. This was one fault of the Long Parliament; but more remarkably of Holland, whose assembly first voted themselves from annual to septennial, then for life, and after a course of years, that all vacancies happening by death or otherwise, should be filled by themselves, without any application to constituents at all.

3. A representative assembly, although extremely well qualified, and absolutely necessary, as a branch of the legislative, is unfit to exercise the executive power, for want of two essential properties, secrecy and despatch.

4. A representative assembly is still less qualified for the judicial power, because it is too numerous, too slow, and too little skilled in the laws.

5. Because a single assembly, possessed of all the powers of government, would make arbitrary laws for their own interest, execute all laws arbitrarily for their own interest, and adjudge all controversies in their own favor. [Blog note: President Adams, looks like it can happen with a bi-cameral legislature as well...please come back and help put the genie back in the bottle.]

But shall the whole power of legislation rest in one assembly? Most of the foregoing reasons apply equally to prove that the legislative power ought to be more complex; to which we may add, that if the legislative power is wholly in one assembly, and the executive in another, or in a single person, these two powers will oppose and encroach upon each other, until the contest shall end in war, and the whole power, legislative and executive, be usurped by the strongest.

The judicial power, in such case, could not mediate, or hold the balance between the two contending powers, because the legislative would undermine it. And this shows the necessity, too, of giving the executive power a negative upon the legislative, otherwise this will be continually encroaching upon that.

To avoid these dangers, let a distinct assembly be constituted, as a mediator between the two extreme branches of the legislature, that which represents the people, and that which is vested with the executive power.

Let the representative assembly then elect by ballot, from among themselves or their constituents, or both, a distinct assembly, which, for the sake of perspicuity, we will call a council. It may consist of any number you please, say twenty or thirty, and should have a free and independent exercise of its judgment, and consequently a negative voice in the legislature.

These two bodies, thus constituted, and made integral parts of the legislature, let them unite, and by joint ballot choose a governor, who, after being stripped of most of those badges of domination, called prerogatives, should have a free and independent exercise of his judgment, and be made also an integral part of the legislature. This, I know, is liable to objections; and, if you please, you may make him only president of the council, as in Connecticut. But as the governor is to be invested with the executive power, with consent of council, I think he ought to have a negative upon the legislative. If he is annually elective, as he ought to be, he will always have so much reverence and affection for the people, their representatives and counsellors, that, although you give him an independent exercise of his judgment, he will seldom use it in opposition to the two houses, except in cases the public utility of which would be conspicuous; and some such cases would happen.

In the present exigency of American affairs, when, by an act of Parliament, we are put out of the royal protection, and consequently discharged from our allegiance, and it has become necessary to assume government for our immediate security, the governor, lieutenant-governor, secretary, treasurer, commissary, attorney-general, should be chosen by joint ballot of both houses. And these and all other elections, especially of representatives and counsellors, should be annual, there not being in the whole circle of the sciences a maxim more infallible than this, "where annual elections end, there slavery begins."

These great men, in this respect, should be, once a year,

"Like bubbles on the sea of matter borne,
They rise, they break, and to that sea return."
This will teach them the great political virtues of humility, patience, and moderation, without which every man in power becomes a ravenous beast of prey.
This mode of constituting the great offices of state will answer very well for the present; but if by experiment it should be found inconvenient, the legislature may, at its leisure, devise other methods of creating them, by elections of the people at large, as in Connecticut, or it may enlarge the term for which they shall be chosen to seven years, or three years, or for life, or make any other alterations which the society shall find productive of its ease, its safety, its freedom, or, in one word, its happiness.

A rotation of all offices, as well as of representatives and counsellors, has many advocates, and is contended for with many plausible arguments. It would be attended, no doubt, with many advantages; and if the society has a sufficient number of suitable characters to supply the great number of vacancies which would be made by such a rotation, I can see no objection to it. These persons may be allowed to serve for three years, and then be excluded three years, or for any longer or shorter term.

Any seven or nine of the legislative council may be made a quorum, for doing business as a privy council, to advise the governor in the exercise of the executive branch of power, and in all acts of state.

The governor should have the command of the militia and of all your armies. The power of pardons should be with the governor and council.

Judges, justices, and all other officers, civil and military, should be nominated and appointed by the governor, with the advice and consent of council, unless you choose to have a government more popular; if you do, all officers, civil and military, may be chosen by joint ballot of both houses; or, in order to preserve the independence and importance of each house, by ballot of one house, concurred in by the other. Sheriffs should be chosen by the freeholders of counties; so should registers of deeds and clerks of counties.

All officers should have commissions, under the hand of the governor and seal of the colony.

Just When You Thought It Was Safe

Judeophobes beware, my eye is always watching.  Guess what I found out about your part time lover, Hamas?  They stole 10 lbs of supplies...oh wait...I'm sorry...200 tons of supplies from, ironically, the United Nations, who have now suspended relief distribution.  Remember when I said that Hamas, as the bastard twin of the Palestinian Authority Kleptocrat Terror Show, was very much responsible for the continued poverty and suffering of Palestinians in Gaza?  This is why, Jew haters.  I'm sure you'll find ample reason to blame the Jews for this.  I don't know why Hamas would do such a thing to the UN.  After all they fund the publishing of their propaganda text books, and the schools where the lies within are taught.  Maybe Secretary Ban can come hold Hamas hands and gaze sorrowfully with puppy dog eyes and ask them not to do it again.

According to JPost: Nuaf Atar, a Fatah operative captured during the operation [Cast Lead], told the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) that Hamas government officials "took over" humanitarian aid Israel allowed in and sold it when it was supposed to be distributed for free.

Larry and Susan at NQ must be beside themselves over the actions of their prodigal sons at Hamas Terror Inc.

Ooops.  And it seems that this isn't the only such incident that has occurred between Hamas and UNWRA.  Apparently Hamas' "Social Affairs Ministry," what Tony Soprano might refer to as a "crew," got pissed because UNRWA refused to hand the stuff over.  So Hamas stole the goods from an UNRWA warehouse instead.  I wonder if anyone from UNRWA got whacked.

Who'd have thunk it?  The Gaza Strip is being run the same way as Martin Luther Lincoln Jr. Jr. Chicago mob is running America.

High Five!

Seriously, if I were Ban Ki-Moon I'd be showing Hamas what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass (the UN is about as thoughtful as Walter here...but at least Walter is Shomer Shabbas).

Oh, and in case you forgot, tomorrow is the Big Israeli Election Fun Show.  Who will be fucked over and whose nose will smell like whose ass?  Stay tuned.  Don't worry Leftist Jew Haters.  It will be weeks before there's a functioning government over there.  Plenty of time for Hamas to find new and creative ways to kill the people you love to hate.

Announcing the Arrival of Shelly

Today was another transitional family day here at OMV.  Isabel was buried beside a magnolia tree on Friday in a place of fond memories.  The Spreadles got to make her goodbyes, which consisted of trying to chase appropriate a send off as could be asked from those two and their mutual fondness for the bushy tailed varmints.  

We let our girl have one last moment in the yard as the lone dog.  She was bored stiff and was ready to get back in the car to pick up her new sister.

Shelly had been named Ellie at the shelter.  Her new name comes from a nickname that I bestowed pretty early on in Isabel's life with me.  I had dubbed her the Shellies, which I probably called her as much as her own name.  Seeing so much of my girl in her it seemed only appropriate that she carry the memory of the name.

The Spreads is certainly enjoying her new playmate.  They went tearing through the yard.  The Pose actually panted vigorously, something I only see her do in the summer, though it was pretty warm today.  I think they're going to be great pals.

The challenges of having a new puppy are already apparent.  Potty training, knowing when it's play time and when it's chill time.  She has made excellent progress with sit today.  It's going to take some getting used to for all of us, but it's nice to see someone give Spreads a run for her money.  

Shelly has learned an important boundary today...not to try and mess with her sister's dog bed spot.  She was put in her place by her sis.  I can tell my girl is glad to have someone to play with but, like me, still wishes Isabel were here.  Shelly will find her place in the pack just like the Spreads did when she came aboard, and we'll all be here to help her.

Welcome aboard Shelly.  We're so glad to have you.