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בַּת-בָּבֶל, הַשְּׁדוּדָה: אַשְׁרֵי שֶׁיְשַׁלֶּם-לָךְ-- אֶת-גְּמוּלֵךְ, שֶׁגָּמַלְתּ לָנוּ
אַשְׁרֵי שֶׁיֹּאחֵז וְנִפֵּץ אֶת-עֹלָלַיִךְ-- אֶל-הַסָּלַע

How can one be compelled to accept slavery? I simply refuse to do the master's bidding. He may torture me, break my bones to atoms and even kill me. He will then have my dead body, not my obedience. Ultimately, therefore, it is I who am the victor and not he, for he has failed in getting me to do what he wanted done. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am not for others, what am I? If not now, when? ~ Rav Hillel, Pirke Avot

This Red Sea Pedestrian Stands against Judeophobes

This Red Sea Pedestrian Stands against Judeophobes
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11 May 2008

The Grand Viziers of Douche

So apparently there is a blog dedicated to trashing Taylor Marsh and members of the community there.  These fucks following a genuine ass, who's stated greatest policy strength is foreign policy because he lived in Indonesia for 4 years when he was a kid, and has "impoverished" relatives in Africa, even have little peon investigators collecting our posts.  And we're the idiots?

I am a bona fide target of their derision which, in the feeble mind of the average Obama supporter, must make me startlingly spot on with my analysis of the Grand Douche Fuck Obama.  They are even wasting their time quoting my blog, posting my survey results, and saying I am latently homosexual, elitist, and 5 years old.  I didn't realize that followers of the holy one, blessed is his pee, considered it a bad thing to be gay.  Apparently it is.  So much for uniting.  

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for honoring me with so much of your precious time that you otherwise occupy with circle jerking to Obama's audio book and getting your brown shirts starched. 

You're awesome!

I see none of you have the balls to comment here.  Funny, your candidate doesn't have the balls to debate.  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Obamabots; the strongest argument for keeping abortion safe and legal.


american girl in italy said...

hahah rock on!

i love your quiz.

Anonymous said...

I know 5-year-olds, and you aren't five. You're more like twelve. But there's nothing wrong with that; 12, 39, same freedom of speech.

(But...abortion jokes fall flat with both pro- and anti-choice folks. Just sayin'.)

Shtuey said...

I don't know anonymous...that joke killed 'em at the Sands.