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בַּת-בָּבֶל, הַשְּׁדוּדָה: אַשְׁרֵי שֶׁיְשַׁלֶּם-לָךְ-- אֶת-גְּמוּלֵךְ, שֶׁגָּמַלְתּ לָנוּ
אַשְׁרֵי שֶׁיֹּאחֵז וְנִפֵּץ אֶת-עֹלָלַיִךְ-- אֶל-הַסָּלַע

How can one be compelled to accept slavery? I simply refuse to do the master's bidding. He may torture me, break my bones to atoms and even kill me. He will then have my dead body, not my obedience. Ultimately, therefore, it is I who am the victor and not he, for he has failed in getting me to do what he wanted done. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am not for others, what am I? If not now, when? ~ Rav Hillel, Pirke Avot

This Red Sea Pedestrian Stands against Judeophobes

This Red Sea Pedestrian Stands against Judeophobes
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19 July 2010

"Under Siege," "Starving" Gazans Open New Luxury Shopping Mall

To hear the international media, Hillary Clinton, Marack Ob-la-di Ob-la-da, and Code Pink tell it, the poor people of Gaza are starving, victims of Israel's horrible siege that has left them destitute and desperate. Well, Gaza has redefined desperate and starving as it has recently celebrated the opening of a new luxury shopping mall that even sells products from the "Zionist entity."

You can see a full report and write up on the starving victims of Israeli brutality shopping for toys, clothes, makeup, getting their faces painted... from Tom Gross. Scroll down and see the restaurants, swimming pools, and bursting markets that the Gaza Ghetto victims frequent. See hypocrite liar Lauren Booth, Tony Blair's sister-in-law, buying groceries and strolling through manicured gardens in what she called the "world's largest concentration camp."

While numb brain dead Jew hating zombies report on the "humanitarian crisis" in Gaza, and idiots like Joe Cannon espouse the notion that Israel is a Nazi regime and Gaza is like the Warsaw Ghetto, while the EU, world bank, and even the government of the United States pumps millions of dollars into the hands of genocidal terrorists whose only goal is to kill every Jew, things seem to be going quite well in Gaza.

Here's a newsflash. No one was getting their face painted, buying makeup, or toys in the Warsaw Ghetto.

So while the standard of living in Gaza is higher than that of Turkey, I assume we will continue to hear the litany of pseudo outrage against the "humanitarian crisis." I suggest that those who continue to espouse this lie just admit that there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza, and that they are Jew haters who want to see Israel destroyed. At least you would be honest...for once.

Those of you who are not falling for this Arab scam, the next time you are confronted by someone wailing about the poor people of Gaza, you can direct them to the truth...and rub their faces in it.


Mary Ellen/Nunly said...

This is the story I was going to tell you about when I stopped over the other day...but the videos you showed were so overwhelming that I forgot what I came to say!

Isn't this unbelievable?!? Of course, the liberal progressives will never admit this because it puts in a cramp in their love-fest for the terrorists.

I think the whole world has been turned upside-down Shtuey.

Shtuey said...

Nunly, it is beyond my comprehension this hate that people have for us. Today we spent the day fasting and mourning the destruction of both Temples, and the tragedies that have befallen us for the past 1940 years. It's staggering.

The fact that such obvious reality is ignored, and lied about by the Code Pinkers who visit Gaza leads me to one conclusion...these people hate justice, the laugh at human rights and, most importantly, hate Jews and our country so much that they are willing to say and do anything to garner support by the people they feel to be their best hope for destroying us.

Yes, the world is upside down. The Prophets told us it would get like this. We just have to hang on and not lose our faith.