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בַּת-בָּבֶל, הַשְּׁדוּדָה: אַשְׁרֵי שֶׁיְשַׁלֶּם-לָךְ-- אֶת-גְּמוּלֵךְ, שֶׁגָּמַלְתּ לָנוּ
אַשְׁרֵי שֶׁיֹּאחֵז וְנִפֵּץ אֶת-עֹלָלַיִךְ-- אֶל-הַסָּלַע

How can one be compelled to accept slavery? I simply refuse to do the master's bidding. He may torture me, break my bones to atoms and even kill me. He will then have my dead body, not my obedience. Ultimately, therefore, it is I who am the victor and not he, for he has failed in getting me to do what he wanted done. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am not for others, what am I? If not now, when? ~ Rav Hillel, Pirke Avot

This Red Sea Pedestrian Stands against Judeophobes

This Red Sea Pedestrian Stands against Judeophobes
Wear It With Pride

14 April 2010

Yassam Saves Efrat From Menacing Patio

The Nation of Israel faces innumerable threats; Arab terror armies occupying the land, radical Islamic jihadists amassing rockets of greater range and accuracy, Iran's unabated quest to build a nuclear weapon, the UN's constant need to condemn Israel for defending herself, and a racist Jew hating administration running the White House to name just a few. But clearly, in the minds of the leading portions of the Israeli body politic none of these threats rank nearly as high as the one posed to Israel by a concrete patio in Efrat.

That's right, a concrete patio that was poured by a house in Efrat measuring 25 meters square and 3 centimeters thick was considered so dangerous, so menacing, that it was destroyed by 50 Yassam policemen. What was the family thinking when they installed this menacing monstrosity? Was it to be a launch pad for mortars and rockets to be fired at Arab villages? Nope. Was it to be the foundation of an extension on the house to acomodate a bedroom for Marack's worst nightmare...a Jewish baby? Nope. Was it to be the floor of a bomb factory? Nope.

It was poured by a new family of immigrants so they could host their son's bar mitzvah. That's right...for a bar mitzvah.

Why do I have a feeling that the weasel-faced little Suicide Now douche Yariv Oppenheimer is behind this? The moron has nothing better to do than collect Euros and photograph Jews pouring concrete. He should only be deported to Sweden speedily in our days.

The mayor of Efrat, Oded Ravivi, was arrested for trying to block the tractors from ripping the vicious patio from the ground. Upon his release he stated:
“This was disgraceful and humiliating behavior on the part of the security establishment, which during this memorial period [between Holocaust Day and next week’s Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers] sees the need to employ its forces to destroy a concrete surface, while at the same time closing its eyes to the hundreds of illegal Arab houses in the vicinity.”
Since high priest of baal, the fat faced coward known as Ehud Barak, refuses to meet with Yesha leaders, Ravivi must take his complaint to the IDF Central District Commander. I'm so sure he will deliver Ravivi's message to Barak. Ravivi might also remind him that their job is to protect Jews from daily Arab terror attacks, not aiding and abetting Yassam assaults on bar mitzvah patios.

Chodesh tov!

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April 13, 2010

76 Senators sign on to Israel letter

More than three quarters of the U.S. Senate, including 38 Democrats, have signed on to a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton implicitly rebuking the Obama Administration for its confrontational stance toward Israel.

The letter, backed by the pro-Israel group AIPAC, now has the signatures of 76 Senators and says in part:

We recognize that our government and the Government of Israel will not always agree on particular issues in the peace process. But such differences are best resolved amicably and in a manner that befits longstanding strategic allies. We must never forget the depth and breadth of our alliance and always do our utmost to reinforce a relationship that has benefited both nations for more than six decades.

A similar letter garnered 333 signatures in the House, and its support marks almost unified Republican support for Benjamin Netanyahu's government, along with strong, but more divided, public Democratic discomfort with Obama's policies in the region.

Signatories include key Democrats like Armed Services Chairman Carl Levin, Chuck Schumer, and Robert Menendez as well as all but four Republicans, with signers including Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, John McCain, and Scott Brown.

Majority Whip Dick Durbin, however, did not sign; nor did Foreign Relations Chairman John Kerry and ranking member Richard Lugar.