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בַּת-בָּבֶל, הַשְּׁדוּדָה: אַשְׁרֵי שֶׁיְשַׁלֶּם-לָךְ-- אֶת-גְּמוּלֵךְ, שֶׁגָּמַלְתּ לָנוּ
אַשְׁרֵי שֶׁיֹּאחֵז וְנִפֵּץ אֶת-עֹלָלַיִךְ-- אֶל-הַסָּלַע

How can one be compelled to accept slavery? I simply refuse to do the master's bidding. He may torture me, break my bones to atoms and even kill me. He will then have my dead body, not my obedience. Ultimately, therefore, it is I who am the victor and not he, for he has failed in getting me to do what he wanted done. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am not for others, what am I? If not now, when? ~ Rav Hillel, Pirke Avot

This Red Sea Pedestrian Stands against Judeophobes

This Red Sea Pedestrian Stands against Judeophobes
Wear It With Pride

30 November 2010

New Israeli Poll: Kahane Was Not Wrong

The Israeli Democracy Institute has released the results of a recent survey of Israeli Jews. Turns out that 53% feel that the state is entitled to encourage Arabs to emigrate from Israel. An overwhelming 86% feel that critical decisions of the state should be made by a Jewish majority. Some 55% feel that greater resources should be directed to Jewish and not Arab communities. Sixty-two percent feel that as long as there is a state of conflict between Jews and the Falacstinians that the views of Arab citizens in Israel on foreign affairs and security should not be taken into account.

Well, this is in line with a recent independent survey commissioned by the Israel Project that showed that 60% of Arabs think that a two-state solution should only be temporary, leading ultimately to the elimination of Israel. Some 58% agreed with the statement, "This is the time for armed struggle."

I think it's safe to say that a whole lotta Israelis think that Rabbi Kahane was right. You can say it too. You'll feel better.

Bottom line is forget the "Jewish state" thing. The Land of Israel was created by HaShem for the Jewish people. He created for the Arabs as well. We are not demanding their land. They need to stop demanding ours, and live in theirs. That is a formula for peace.

And considering the Chanukah begins tomorrow night, here are some thoughts from him on the notion of miracles.

29 November 2010

Wiki Leaks...Pass The Pampers

There has been a much anticipated brouhaha over the latest set of releases from WikiLeaks, and it looks like someone got caught in an embarrassing round of trouser gallery. That would be none other than our own beloved Pampers.

In the run-up to this latest file fest Camp Pampers did what it seems to do best...apologize. There were apologies galore around the world, even for Israel, in anticipation of the serious embarrassment potential. But so far it seems that it is the ne'er-do-wells at Camp Pamp that have the most egg on the puss over revelations regarding the name calling by American diplomats, etc. Though I have to admit that I was a bit surprised to find that Nicolas Sarkozy is a boxers man. I would have taken him for an obscene bikini briefs guy.

All kidding aside, well...some of it far it seems a bit anticlimactic. Still, there will likely be some feather ruffling which will probably make our diplomatic corps' job a trifle more tedious as no doubt there will be some question as to the veracity of their marketing in the truth and sincerity department (you and I call that spin and lying), which is a pity as being perceived as sincere is what diplomacy is all about. I guess we'll just have to see how things go after the smoke clears. If our ambassadors stop receiving cultural antiques, and start getting sacks of dung from their host countries, then I'd think it's safe to say that things are not at all well.

So, what are some of the juicy tidbits in this round of pass the jelly pants? Well, it seems that Israel, which had been warned about some potential embarrassment, is so far earning a richly deserved credibility prize on a couple of key issues. First, Iran.

Documents confirm that not only were Israel's warnings about Iran's nuclear program correct but, as reported on this blog since Diaperman took office, the Sunnis are far more worried about Iran getting the bomb than they are about the need for creating a state for a sham people whose national inspiration is killing Jews...I know that may come as a shock, but apparently the Arabs are just like anyone else..wanting to save their own ass first. And, despite Pampers' attempts to try and link halting Iran's nuclear program with creating "Palestine," clearly the Sunnis see these issues mutually exclusive. So, if we had to rank Sunni priorities, halting Iraninan hegemony would be at the top of the list, while Falacstinian statehood would be somewhere far below importing more comfortable toilet paper, which jives with reports that Saudi Arabia has made deep cuts in financial aid to Mahmoud Abbas and company.

On top of all this, Saudi Arabia is not too happy about Pampers' foot dragging on the whole nukes issue...and he bowed down to the king and everything.

Also brought to light is Syria and Iran lying to the IAEA about their nuclear programs (Syria's is of course a smoldering hole in the ground at the moment).

High priest of baal, Ehud Barak, plays a starring role in the new leaks with his warning the US that Iran's nuke program would reach the point of no return by the end of this year. If no action were taken by then any collateral damage from a military strike would be insufficient to shut it down. So I guess it's safe to say that we can hold Slick Willy, Shrub, and the Barry responsible for the current reality of a nuclear Iran. If it weren't for Stuxnet, they'd have a functioning nuclear reactor by now. Instead, it's starting to look like they have a very large, and very expensive bread machine.

Speaking of nukes, I find it pretty unreassuring that the US has been wholly and totally unsuccessful in its attempts to remove enriched nuclear material from Pakistan, which makes me think that maybe we, and our allies, should get on the stick with kicking the Taliban's ass and bringing something resembling stability to that country before we end up with youtube video of Mullah Omar laughing diabolically and glowing like a nightlight from sitting on enough plutonium to send a DeLorean back to the future about a hundred times.

But back to Israel and the issue of credibility. Guess who has even less than before? hardly seems possible, but it's...Mahmoud Abu-in-a-Suit Abbas. Seems our favorite Holocaust denying cockroach and the rest of the PA goon squad had prior information about Operation Cast Lead, Israel's military response to Hamas' years of unremitting rocket attacks on Israeli civilians. And just who was it that provided this advanced warning? That would be...Israel. Whoops.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it Abbas who was leading the cheerleading for Hamas resistance, and investigating Israel's so-called "war crimes?" Undoubtedly he was hiding under his desk praying that Israel would finally do Hamas in so he could be the sole thug on the block. Oh, and it looks like Egypt was in on the OCL skinny as well, which comes as no surprise considering Egypt would like to see Hamas gone as well...along with their Muslim Brotherhood benefactors. I guess we can forget about the Hamas/Fatah duets album that Pampers and Hillary thought was such a good idea back in 2009.

Oh, and Ayatollah Khameini may have terminal cancer, or he has been replaced with an android copy that lives on guavas and wombat feces.

Wombats poop in cubes. If anyone sees Ayatollah Khameini eating this he's an android...or a disgusting little bugger.

So, there's a little taste of the latest WikiLeaks. There's so much information coming out that there is no real possibility of doing a complete analysis here at this point so I'll just slather highlights from time to time. But for now I'd like to leave you with this encouraging thought. Considering the potential damage these leaks could cause, Pampers was still unable to prevent this from happening. This means that one of two things is true:
  1. He wanted this stuff leaked.
  2. His arm is not as long as he would like to think.
Both are potentially true, but the second should generate a degree of hope for those of us who would still like to see liberty preserved in this republic of ours.

And now, for those who may be feeling the painful sting of embarrassment from these new leaks, here's a lesson from Dr. Karl Gruber from the University of Going a Bit Red in Helsinki.

27 November 2010

Can Israel Say, "Go Shove It," Now?

It's official...again. The moderate peace partner of Fatah, the PLO faction supposedly led by PA doormat Mahmoud Abu-in-a-Suit-Abbas has, once again, officially declared that it will not now, nor ever, recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

From Arutz-7:
The Fatah Revolutionary Council voted to “affirm its rejection of the so-called Jewish state or any other formula that could achieve this goal” at its fifth convention in Ramallah over the weekend.

“The Council also renews its refusal for the establishment of any racist state based on religion in accordance with international law and human rights conventions,” the council said in a statement issued at the end of the convention.
In addition, the Fatah Council also rejected the "land for peace" notion, which even most leftists in Israel realized was dead when the evacuation from Gaza only led to increased Muslim rocket attacks.
Image from Elder of Ziyon

Apparently there is nothing racist about the demand that any new Falacstinian state would be free of Jews, while demanding that Arabs would allowed to live in the remaining land known on the world stage as Israel (Meanwhile, the ignorant brain dead racist leftists of the world call Israel the "apartheid state"...if they were sober enough from their meth smoking bingefest they might even know what the word "apartheid" meant.).

It's at this point that the Israeli Prime Minister, if he were a Torah Jew and not some fraud who wore a kippah on his head when he felt it suited, would say something to the effect of, "The recent Fatah convention declaration demonstrates to me and the Israeli public that there is no hope for peace, nor coexistence with the Arabs calling themselves 'Palestinian.' It is clear, as it was in 1947 when the Arabs rejected the partition of the remaining third of the Jewish mandate, that the Arabs wholly and totally reject the UN resolution that called for the creation of the modern state of Israel as a Jewish state, and an Arab state west of the Jordan River. Instead, Fatah seeks to continue to live in a state of enmity with us and seek our destruction. Based on this undeniable reality the State of Israel declares war on Fatah, Hamas, and all illegal Arab terror armies west of the Jordan River."

But Bibi the baby is Prime Minister so I expect nothing but more kowtowing and butt-kissing while Jews continue to be the targets of Arab snipers, firebombs, and rockets.

At this time of year, the week we begin the celebration of Chanukah, it is important for every Jew to remember that the first to fall in the Hasmonean revolt were Jews, Hellenists, who embraced their Greek occupiers with the same stupidity and short sightedness of those in the Israeli government, and the "Peace Now" crowd, who suffer from Arab induced Stockholm Syndrome and believe that the land of Israel is something that can simply be given away to those who openly call for the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people.

If Bibi continues to move forward with talk of freezes and negotiations with these Arab animals, hopefully the Likud, and the Israeli public, will put this fraud out to political pasture and raise up leadership that puts the G-d of Israel, and the land He gave us, first.

24 November 2010

OMV Golden Douche Award Recipient Jenny Tonge

It's been quite some time since OMV has awarded a Golden Douche Award...the Turkey Day break seems like the perfect time, and boy do we have a doozie for you!

Liberal Democrat peer, the Baroness Jenny Tonge (if that isn't a brilliant porn star name then I can't help you) apparently has gone off the handle again. She hates Jews so much she just can't help herself. Some of you may remember the Baroness from some of her earlier work like, I Could Be A Homicide Bomber.

This time this pustulant waste of air has declared that Israel is of course the reason for terrorism on earth.
“The treatment of Palestinians by Israel is held up as an example of how the West treats Muslims and is at the root cause of terrorism worldwide. Even Tony Blair has now admitted this publicly. Why do we let it continue? Is it Holocaust guilt? We should be guilty -- of course we should. Is it the power of the pro-Israel lobby here and in the USA? I do not know.”

Jenny, maybe you can get in touch with Hustler and do a nude spread with Helen Thomas.

Jenny you are such a vile scumbag douche Muslim ass-kissing disgrace that it defies description. No wonder the likes of Pat Condell find themselves regularly red in the face...they are being governed by idiots such as yourself.

If Israel is held up as an example of how Muslims are treated by the West then I would expect that Muslims would have little trouble with the West, apart from the lack of mass conversion to Islam...which is after all the Muslim's biggest problem with the West.

In 1967, when the Jews liberated the eastern half of Jerusalem from Jordan's illegal occupation, they almost immediately, and stupidly, gave over control of the Temple Mount to the Muslim Waqf, allowing them to maintain control of the Al-Aqsa mosque while barring Jews from going to the Temple Mount with any regularity, while the Israeli police have arrested Jews who were allowed to go there for attempting to pray. They have also been given regular access to the Tomb of the Patriarchs, while they desecrated Joseph's tomb, and are now attempting to cut off Jewish access to the Tomb of the Patriarchs by building a market place on the one road Jews can use to get there...with armed escort of course.

So while the Jews have given the Muslims the freedom to access and control holy places, the same cannot be said of the Muslims vis a vis the Jews...but the Baronmess thinks the Jews are the problem.

I cannot even get into the wholly and totally ludicrous notion that the Jews of Israel are responsible for terror around the world. Clearly not a student of history, the Baronmess fails to understand that the PLO was founded in 1964, a good three years before Israel liberated Judea and Samaria from Jordanian occupation, and at a time when those areas were ethnically cleansed of Jews. She also fails to grasp, as do all those who decry Israeli "occupation," that between 1949 and 1967 there were no calls for the creation of a "Palestinian" state in the "West Bank." It wasn't until Jews took control of those areas, after being attacked by Jordan, that anyone even thought about "Palestinian" statehood. Racism and hypocrisy at its finest.

Baronmess Jenny Tonge is the embodiment of Jewish Derangement Syndrome, the embodiment of anti-Jewish racism, and sheer lunacy that causes groups like Code Pink to light their hair on fire when Israel attempts to put an end to Muslim rocket attacks on Jewish civilians, but to not give one crap about the human rights of Jews who are the victims of those rocket attacks. We get it Jenny, the human rights of Muslims, a religion that advocates violating the human rights of women, children, and all non-Muslims, are to be defended, while the human rights of Jews to even exercise the most basic right of all...sovereignty in their own land, are to be stripped and denied.

You are small, stupid, idiotic dipshit who should be drummed out of public service. Luckily for you your nation has abdicated its sovereignty to Muslims who make a mockery of British society and values, and leave politicians cowering in the corner like scared little children if they dare even suggest that adherents of the "religion of peace" should accept the notion that Britain is a sovereign nation and not an Islamic caliphate. You are a vicious, sniveling hateful ratbag.

Congratulations Baronmess Jenny Tonge on receiving the OMV Golden Douche Award for Ignorant Jew Hate, Stupidity and Spinelessness. You should move to Riyadh and see how you fare.

Bibi Hoodwinked?

It appears now that the White House and Foggy Bottom have pulled a fast one on Bibi. A senior US diplomatic official has 'fessed up that Hillary's promises were just to get Bibi to bite at the proposed freeze offer.

Now the word is...gosh Bibi, we know Hillary promised you the moon, but the Barry is only offering a bucket of poop. Now Bibi is standing around looking like an idiot with a bucket of poop in his hands.

Big shock...Hillary lied to Bibi. Stop the valve!

Arutz-7 posted the following:
As Israel waits for a letter clarifying America's guarantees in exchange for a proposed building ban for Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria, a diplomatic source has come forward saying that no such letter is on its way. United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton misled Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, and contrary to reports, the U.S. does not guarantee an end to the freeze, the source said.

The source, a senior diplomat with inside knowledge of Netanyahu's recent meetings in Washington, said Clinton made commitments when talking to Netanyahu, but later slipped out of them by claiming that she had not been speaking on behalf of U.S. President Obama – who, she said in the end, did not give his approval.

When Netanyahu called the State Department to clarify America's position, officials expressed surprise at his surprise, the source continued. While Clinton made promises, Netanyahu knew from the beginning that Obama has the final word, they allegedly said.

Clinton had told Netanyahu that the proposed construction freeze would last for three months, and that it would end regardless of whether or not there was progress in talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. After that, she said, America would not push for a third building freeze.

However, according to the diplomat, U.S. leaders have since said that the building ban for Jews in Judea and Samaria would only end if Israel and the PA reached an agreement on the borders of a proposed PA state.

Unforlelee for the Barry this "bait and switch" will certainly backfire. There is no way Bibi is going to get any support for a freeze under these conditions, he barely had enough support to begin with. Then again, as I have been saying since last year, everything the Barry has done regarding Israel has been for one purpose: to fan the flames of war between the Arabs and the Jews.
Hamas poster of their pal "Abu Hussain." Really, they put this thing up.

When peace talks fail to start (the media keeps saying "re-start," but they would have had to start in the first place...they just can't stop propping up this loser in spite of all the evidence that the Commander-in-Change is...a loser), the Falacstinian call for unilateral recognition will continue until it goes to the General Assembly, UNSC, or whatever other Arab run kangaroo court is selected for the venue. The Barry will not back Israel in the UN and then all hell breaks loose. When Israel fails to cede land for this sham terror state you might just see the UN send soldiers that actually fight with actual weapons for the first time since maybe the Korean War. The UN won't do jack squat about Darfur or Tibet, but you can bet they'd love to have a crack at killing Jews. And if the UN doesn't send soldiers then I guess the Barry will. I wonder just how many of our guys would consent to going over and fighting soldiers of the army of the only real ally America has in the region?

So most likely this whole thing leaves the Barry as the one holding the bucket of poop in the end. Why should this issue be different from all others?

23 November 2010

The Latest On Z Street vs IRS...

Nearly three months ago I blogged on Z Street's suit against the IRS for delaying their application for 501 (c)(3) status. The IRS agent with whom Z Street made contact admitted that their application had been referred to a special unit within the IRS that handles their "Israel Special Policy," in which Jewish organizations are examined to determine if their views on Israel contradict that of the current White House administration.

The United States responded to the Z Street complaint by filing a motion to dismiss with the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. The United States is claiming that Z Street failed to cite a statute issued by Congress waiving sovereign immunity, and that their suit should be filed in a tax court designed to give organizations a redress of grievances regarding the 501 applications and other such actions.

Interestingly, after reading the government response from top to bottom, I find no language to indicate that the federal government was denying the charges brought against the IRS, namely that they are engaging in viewpoint discrimination against Jewish organizations that contradict administration policy and that this is an infringement on their First Amendment guarantee of free speech.

The Z Street press release summarizes the mess this way:
The government’s position is that (1) it can violate the Constitution whenever it wants and the only way to stop it is if the government agrees to be stopped, and (2) Z STREET should go to a different court to get something it should already have - tax exempt status - were it not for the constitutional violation the government has inflicted upon it.

Lori Lowenthal Marcus, the founder of Z Street made the following statement regarding the motion to dismiss:
As every American knows, the US government is bound by the Constitution, and it can be hailed into court and ordered to cease unconstitutional action whether it consents or not. This evasive measure simply compounds the unconstitutional process by which our effort to achieve tax-exempt status has been, and is being, reviewed.

"We have provided evidence that another applicant for charitable exemption was asked by the IRS, in writing, in connection with its application, whether it supports the existence of Israel, and what that organization’s religious beliefs are about Israel. The other organization is a Jewish one with a religious focus and has nothing to do with Israel at all. There is something very serious, and very wrong, in the process the IRS is using to allocate tax exempt determinations, and Z STREET is committed to exposing and righting that wrong.”

The IRS picked on the wrong Jew.

As I said when I first blogged on this story, the ramifications of this case are far reaching and effect every American, be they Jewish or not. Still not sure why? Here's a portion of Z Street's Opposition to Dismissal (emphasis mine):
Notwithstanding the clear illegality of the policy at issue in this case, the United States takes the position that the Complaint fails to state a claim. The government’s motion is a compound of two elements: an insistence that the United States cannot be compelled in court to abide by the Constitution unless the government voluntarily declares its willingness to submit, through waiving its sovereign immunity; and a refusal to acknowledge that this case seeks a constitutional decision-making process, and not a tax exemption or a refund of tax improperly collected.
Neither defense can possibly succeed. The law is clear – indeed, the Constitution itself is clear – that the United States government need not consent to have the strictures of the Bill of Rights enforced against it. That’s the whole point of having a Bill of Rights: it applies all the time, and constrains government action all the time, not only when the government wants it to. The cases recognize as much, and indeed no case cited by the government says otherwise – for the simple reason that none of the government’s cases on sovereign immunity involve a claim for injunctive relief to compel a federal official to obey the Constitution.
What we are talking about is not only an abrogation of first amendment speech protections by the federal government, but also their flagrant attempt to undo the right of Americans to petition the government for a redress of grievances (also protected by the first amendment) by falsely hiding behind the cloak of sovereign immunity.

So what's the thrust here? The government believes it can tell you what to think, and thinks that if you don't like it there is nothing you can do about it. How's that hope and change workin' out so far America?

I urge you to closely monitor this case, and will bring updates as they are available. I doubt that the founders of Z Street thought that, in addition to advocating and educating the public about Israel, they would be on the front line in the fight to stop the encroaching tyranny that the current administration represents.

The entire federal motion to dismiss can be read here. Z Street's brilliant response here.

22 November 2010

The White House UN Circus Maximus

Only those living under a rock are unaware of the White House full court press being brought to bear against Israel as Juan Hussein Soetoro continues to use the non-existent negotiations between Israel and the Falacstinian PLO Authority as his mask of foreign policy toughness, while things at home continue to stagnate and the Republicans prepare to assume control of the Congress.

Secretary of Hate Hillary Clinton supposedly hatched a new three month plan for a freeze of Jewish construction in Judea and Samaria. Bibi came home with a laundry list of promises that Hillary supposedly made:
  • More F-35 fighter jets
  • A promise not to call for another freeze
  • A promise not to demand a freeze on construction in Jerusalem
  • Vetoing any anti-Israel resolutions in the UN
All of these are now proving to not be true. The Hate Department is currently denying that some of these promises were made, including allowing construction to continue in Jerusalem, while others are conditional. The F-35s that Bibi made sound would be presented to Israel as a gift Israel must now buy, and apparently only after an agreement is reached on the borders of a Falacstinian terror state. So apparently either Bibi or Hillary is a big fat liar. I'm going with "all of the above."

Which brings me to the UN. As I wrote in the previous post, the US is using its veto in the UN as both carrot and club against Israel. If Israel plays ball the US will veto any resolution recognizing the unilateral establishment of a Falacstinian State. Though Juan Hussein Soetoro would likely be committing political suicide if he were to back such a measure, and either commit UN or US troops to Judea and Samaria to fight the IDF, considering that he seems completely unconcerned (especially if he has already decided not to bother running for a second term) he is completely capable of deciding to do just that. We of course know that Samantha Power would love nothing more than to send troops in there. But apparently the White House is already shafting Israel at the UN.

The United Nations Human Rights Council (who would have thought the UN could produce a bigger joke than the General Assembly?), according to Arutz-7, passed nine resolutions this past month against Israel. The United States failed to object to a single one. The US representative also remained silent while a session for the "universal periodic review" of human rights protections in Lebanon turned into an Israel bash fest. Here's a little snippet...

Since the US is already leaving Israel pissing in the wind at the UN what good exactly are any promises from the White House regarding a veto of anti-Israel resolutions? Their not.

Ironically, the PLO doesn't seem to be getting much help from the US in the UN either. In September the US blocked an attempt by the PLO to gain rights in UNESCO. It has been the policy of the US to treat the Falacstinian Authority as a non-state...because it is a non-state. Apparently this doesn't make Abu in a Suit Abbas happy. In a speech earlier this month he stated that Falacstinian statehood is a:
“promise and a debt around [Obama’s] neck and it must be realized."
What's the matter, you not happy with the $500 million? Hey Abu, perhaps you have failed to notice that keeping his promises is not something Juan Hussein Soetoro is very good at. Unfortunately you are obviously too stupid to have figured that out yet...then again, Bibi hasn't figured it out either.

So what does all this backhandedness at the UN mean for the Arabs and Jews? Just what I've been saying all along...that Juan Hussein seems to be doing everything possible to fan the flames and bring on the next war, which he no doubt hopes would result in correcting what he sees as the historical mistake that is the establishment of the modern State of Israel. Hate to break it to you the Barry, but Israel's reestablishment and continued existence is not in your hands, and well above your pay grade.

14 November 2010

Bibi As Esav: UPDATE

Bibi has returned from the United States with a ludicrous proposal to freeze Jewish construction again for three months. What does Israel get in exchange?

Concessions from the Arabs on their obscene border demands?


A cessation of the Falacstinian Authority's campaign of incitement against Jews on TV, radio, newspapers and schools?


A statement, in Arabic, from the Falacstinian "leadership" and the Arab League that Israel is now recognized as the historic, present, and future home of the Jewish people as Bibi demanded a few short weeks ago as a precondition for a freeze extension?


But Shtuey...Bibi has accepted the terms of the United States' freeze demand. He must have gotten something.

Oh, he did. In exchange for the emasculation of Jewish sovereignty in its historic homeland, Bibi has given up the birthright of the Jewish people for 20 fighter jets and an automatic veto of any anti-Israel resolution or demand in the UN.

Funny how history repeats itself. Just a couple weeks ago we read in the Torah about how Yaakov's twin brother Esav, a G-dless man who only cared about his instant gratification and gave no thought to the future, or the ways of his father, sold his birthright to Yaakov for a bowl of lentil stew. Someone explain to me how Bibi is any different?

Bibi Netanyahu, who only covers his head for ceremonial shows in Israel, who shows no thought for Torah, was met with threats in Washington and decided that rather than exercise the will of the Jews of continue construction in all of Israel and end negotiations with the Arabs...he has literally sold Israel's birthright, the land of Israel (and forsaken his father, who as recently as 2009 called for taking complete control of all Jewish lands and forcing a situation in which the Arabs would leave), for the modern equivalent of lentil stew.

Israel does not need twenty jets so what is this really about? It's about the Arab plan to demand recognition in the UN as a state in all of the land of Israel liberated from Jordanian and Egyptian occupation in 1967. If this proposal is brought to the UN, the United States will support it in the UNSC (though this has not been announced in public, I think it is safe to say that this is the scenario presented by the White House), unless Israel consents to the 3 month extension...which will then be extended again, and again...until Judea and Samaria are taken by the Arabs and every Jew is forced out.

There was a time when the United States supported Israel in the UN on the merits of their alliance. The White House now uses this support as a lever to force Israel to commit suicide. This demand should have been met with defiance. It should have been met with a statement that not only will Israel no longer engage in this process, but will annex Judea and Samaria and declare war on the PLO and Hamas. Instead, this demand was met with bowing and scraping, and fear.

Need the world be reminded again that it is the Arabs who rejected the creation of an Arab state in 1947 on the very land (more of it actually) that they say they want now, and attempted to slaughter all the Jews instead?

Need the world be reminded again that it was King Hussein of Jordan that attacked Israel in 1967, under pressure from UAR, which precipitated Israel's invasion and reclaiming of what the world calls the West Bank? Had Jordan's guns been quiet, no doubt Jerusalem would still be divided.

Need the world be reminded that Yassir Arafat and the Arab League created the PLO prior to 1967, before the so-called occupation, and that the Jewish liberation of Judea and Samaria has nothing to do with the Arab's continuing desire to kill every Jew in the Land of Israel?

Need the world be reminded that following Oslo Yassir Arafat rejected Falacstinian statehood and launched a war against Israel? Need the world be reminded that following Oslo more than 1500 Jews were murdered by Arabs? Need the world be reminded that after withdrawing from Aza in 2005 Arab rocket attacks against Jewish civilians increased?

There is no peace to be made with the Arabs. Netanyahu knows it. He is afraid of Juan Hussein Peron and what will happen if he doesn't do something to continue this negotiation farce. He is afraid of the world accepting an Arab state on the 1967 borders because the White House has told him they will make it happen. He is afraid because he fails to put his faith in the G-d of Israel.

In about two weeks we will begin the festival of Chanukah, the remembrance of how HaShem supported the efforts of a small army of Jewish warriors against the massive army of Greek occupation. Matityahu and his sons sought to end non-Jewish occupation in the land of Israel, recpature the Temple, and once again sanctify it, and the Land of Israel, to G-d's service...which is the only purpose for our being there in the first place. Because of the desire for Kiddush HaShem, the sanctification of G-d's Name, HaShem supported them and made their victory possible.

Though the world hates Israel, though the world would no doubt cry out in anger and rage, when you are faced with an enemy that continues to call for your destruction you do not give them what they want. You do not give in to terrorists or genocidal maniacs. Bibi has written books on this, but betrays himself, and he is his only god. When faced with an enemy that continues to make it clear will continue to kill you and drive you from your land there can only be one response. It is the only response that has ever brought success and peace to Israel: you take up arms against your enemies and drive them out of the land.

Bibi suffers from the same syndrome as David Ben-Gurion and all the other leftist Zionists. He still believes that if he rejects Torah, if he rejects the G-d of Israel, and just settles for a nation of Jews that acts like the rest of the world the world will love Israel. The last 100 years have proven conclusively that this is not true. This belief has no merit, and inevitably results in more Jewish dead.

And what is the Falacstinian response to the new proposed freeze extension? Though they have not made an outright rejection of the plan, the Arabs want the freeze to be extended to Jerusalem. The majority of Likud MKs in the Knesset are against this plan, but the Knesset does not have a say in this. It will be up to the mini-cabinet of 7 men to decide. If it is approved it would be up to Likud to replace Bibi as party leader and end his rule.

Jewish nationalists have been threatening to remove Netanyahu from power since the first freeze was proposed. If this extension passes they ought to put their money where their mouths are and end Netanyahu's political career. As we have seen for the past 4000 years, there are grave consequences when Jews give away the land.

Perhaps Bibi thinks that if he accepts this freeze he can buy time until the Republicans take control of Congress. Bibi, in case you haven't noticed, Amalek in the White House does not accept the concept of our separation of powers, and will use executive orders to accomplish his goal of correcting what he feels was the historic mistake of the creation of modern Israel. The people do not support a freeze. They do not support the creation of a Falacstinian state.

Esav sold his birthright for lentils. Yaakov built a pillar to HaShem. Bibi has made is choice.

What will Israel do?

If you are interested in what Bibi's father has to say about resolving the conflict go here and here.

UPDATE: Likud members are coming together to voice their objection to this latest freeze plan. Shas ministers have said they will abstain from voting. They are now being hounded by activists. The people of Israel do not want this. Danny Danon, who has been a strong voice for the platform that Likud ran on in the 2008-09 elections states exactly why this new freeze must be resisted, and why it is now clear, and should be clear to Bibi, that Juan Hussein Soetoro is not a friend of Israel. He may in the end be powerless to stop this, but at least he's speaking out and attempting to launch a resistance. May G-d be with you Mr. Danon, and all those who stand up for Judea and Samaria.

11 November 2010

The Falacstinian Money Pit: More American Tax Dollars For Terrorists

So, while the Federal Reserve is quantitatively easing us into a potential economic collapse on par with Wiemar Republic Germany, and the pResident is gallivanting around the world on our dime apologizing for the existence of America and continuing to kiss Muslim ass in Indonesia, condemning Israel...again...for building more housing in the Israeli capital because...well...those pesky Jews just keep having more babies...while he praises Indonesia for its religious diversity in a country where 86% of the people are Muslims (not a surprise coming from a man who considers the United States a Muslim country and thinks it has 57 states) what could the administration possibly do to up the scale of douchiosity? Approve giving the Falacstinian Authority $150,000,000 to lower its budget deficit.

Take a moment there and squeeze that one out...I'll wait...

We are so up to our eyes in debt, thanks to Shrub II and the excesses of the current administration, that we could all end up waking up at any time living as employees of a wholly owned subsidiary of the PROC. Wait...we already bad. Naturally the thing to do is piss away money we don't have to reduce the deficit of a terrorist regime that finds it seemingly impossible to even begin to figure out how to go about planning to build the most basic of political institutions that any legitimate state would have. And why exactly are the terrorists of the PLO in debt anyway?

Let's December of 2007 an international star-studded list of nations and NGOs met in Paris and agreed to pledge $7.4 billion to the PLO (that's nearly $2.5 billion a year for those of you trying to keep score). There are established nations that would love to have a budget like that. But the PLO claimed it needed $1.8 billion in aid in 2008, and $1.2 billion in 2009.

In 2009 Juan Hussein Peron Jr. Jr. swelled U.S. aid to the PLO up to $980 million (supposedly in response to the need for humanitarian aid needed after Operation Cast Lead...despite the fact that even during that conflict Israel trucked in food, medicine, and other humanitarian aid stuffs by the ton).

In September PLO Prime Sinister Salam Fayyad asked UN donors for $500 million to eliminate his budget deficit. On November 4th the EU gave $28.5 million in Euros to the PLO for pensions and salaries for PLO "public-sector employees" (we call them gunmen, or terrorists).

And let's not forget that Juan Hussein gave $900 million to Hamas last year.

But let's look at the 2010 U.S. figures...just for shits and giggles. For those of you that think this $150 million is a bolt from the blue, I got news for was already appropriated by Congress in this year's budget according to the Congressional Research Service. The announcement by Hillary was conveniently held up until after the midterm elections, a callous tactical move considering Marack's Middle East Peace Fiasco was in full flounder and the Donkeys were losing their collective shit.

So what's the total breakdown in US aid allocations for the PLO terrorists for this year? Here are the figures from the CRS:

  • First comes the $150 million for the deficit short fall...(how did they know when allocating the budget that there would be a short fall this year? I mean, what happened to the nearly 2.5 billion in pledges they should have gotten this year? Someone at Hate must have one helluva crystal ball.)
  • Next comes USAID's $250.4 million which gets broken down like this:
  • • $38 million – governance, rule of law, civil society (this would include dedicating public spaces to terrorists who murdered Jewish civilians, publicly lynching and throwing homosexuals off buildings, and sending photographers to shoot images of Arab children throwing rocks and running at moving cars for publication around the world...what a civil society).
    • $93.5 million – health, education, social services (this would include the continued campaign of incitement against Jews on PLO run TV, radio, newspapers, and schools)
    • $95 million – economic development (I suppose this would be a reference to bribes)
    • $23.9 million – humanitarian assistance (They're not building a second luxury mall in Gaza with money raised from the Gaza City bake sale)
The remaining $100 million was allocated for "International Narcotics Control and Law Enforcement":
  • $96 million Training, non-lethal equipment, and garrisoning assistance to PA security forces in the West Bank, supporting efforts by the U.S. Security Coordinator (this would be the vaunted force of largely Al-Aqsa Brigade members, some of whom were involved in the murder of Rabbi Meir Chai, father of seven...the weapons used? American m-16s)
  • $4 million for Governance, rule of law, human rights, and institution-building assistance,including to strengthen PA ministries and the justice system and to encourage judicial independence (again I throw up in my mouth a little as the sentence for selling land to a Jew in a PLO court is death)
Source: FY2010 Congressional Budget Justification for Foreign Operations, Department of State

Now here's something interesting. Haaretz, the Israeli leftist's choice source for disinformation, reported in August that Arab countries were cutting their aid to the PLO. At the time the PLO was reporting that their aid for budget support was only $583 million (funny that's the same amount that the US and EU gave them this year, including the aid announcements in November).

In 2009 Saudi gave the PLO $241.1 million. By August 2010 that amount dropped to $30.6 million. The UAE gave the PLO $173.9 million in 2009. By August of 2010 they had given nothing.

That's right America, while the Arabs have figured out that it's better to jam cash up a camel's rear than give it to the PLO, the Hate Department is giving the Arab terrorists of the PLO nearly 17 times more cash than the Saudis.

Are you banging your head against the wall yet?

Now the Israel haters on all points on the political spectrum will say: But Shtuey, you're full of crap because the U.S. gives Israel $3.8 billion in aid every year (actually they will say 6-7 billion because they are just plain dumber than a bag of hammers). I have two answers to that.

1) Most of that aid is in loan guarantees for Israel to pay for housing, absorption of immigrants and refugees, etc, and Foreign Military Financing. Israel has never defaulted on any of these loans, so the U.S. is actually getting that money back as opposed to the money it flushes down the PLO crapper. FMF works this way:

Congress has ruled that Israel receive its FMF aid in a lump sum during the first month of the fiscal year. Once disbursed, Israel’s military aid is transferred to an interest bearing account with the Federal Reserve Bank (how convenient). Israel uses interest collected on its military aid to pay down its non-guaranteed debt to the United States, which, according to the U.S. Treasury Department, stood at $625 million as of August 2010. Israel cannot use accrued interest for defense procurement inside Israel. In the end, FMF grants from the U.S. only amount to a little more than 18% of Israel's total defense budget, and most of the money it represents ends up in the hands of American military contractors like General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin, and in the United States Treasury.

2) Israel would be better off without that money as it would likely make a lot more cash selling military hardware and technology to countries the U.S. doesn't want Israel dealing with because Uncle Sam doesn't want the competition. It would also mean that Israeli Prime Ministers would feel less obligated to come home from state visits to America with their nose smelling like the Chief Executive's rectum.

According to Isaac Ben Israel, the times certainly have a changed:
In contrast to practices of the past, Israel has not received any technological know-how from the Americans in recent years. Certainly Israel has received weapon systems from the US: combat systems, aircraft, electronic warfare systems, and various first line equipment of the highest quality of US technological production. But in recent years these items have arrived in sealed boxes that may not be opened; Israeli specialists may not know what is inside them and occasionally oversight groups arrive to preclude the possibility that anything was opened illegally.
[From: Isaac Ben Israel, Israeli Security Dependence on the US, Institute for National Security Studies, The US and Israel under Changing Political Circumstances, Tel Aviv, Israel, November 2009, pp. 75-79.]

So, where are the billions of dollars from the PLO budget that has produced no civil infrastructure, no political institutions that are not based on the genocide of Israel's Jews, no independent judiciary, or anything else of any substance? Rather than blather on, here's a little video that ought to shed some light on how your tax dollars have been flushed down the worthless Arab toilet known as the "Palestinian Authority" over the years.

Enjoy Moos.

10 November 2010

Take Off To The Great White North

Since Operation Cast Lead, the Israeli response to years of Gaza rocket fire against Israeli civilians (more of a political calculation by the Olmert government than an actual true military response), the campaign to delegitimize Israel has gone into overdrive. Though this campaign has been going strong since the Oslo Fiasco saw the political legitimization of the PLO terror organization when it became more commonly known as the "Palestinian Authority," it has gained steam and now is a well funded operation that finds itself at home in every branch of the United Nations from the so-called "human rights council," to UNESCO, college campuses, and the halls of political power from the European Union to the American Hate Department currently headed, if only nominally, by Hillary Clinton.

Though the United States Congress is largely still supportive of Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state free and secure from its hostile neighbors, the Executive Branch has historically been hostile to Israel, covertly and overtly. For those who still vacillate over whether or not the pResident is a friend of Israel or its worst nightmare, I offer the following video of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper that was posted at Arutz-7 today.

In stern, unequivocating language, the Prime Minister makes his stand clear. He has paid a price for it, and that he will continue to do so, as avoiding being vilified by one's enemies is not morally justifiable if it means turning your back on an ally, a country whose values you share, and whose purpose you believe in.

In contrast, let us look at Little Lord Fraudleroy in the White House. You could argue that he has turned his back on Israel, instead choosing to cozy up to her enemies to create a greater air of legitimacy with the Muslim world and appear to be a more "honest broker," as Harper suggests. This is what the blind have been lead to believe since Juan Hussein Peron Jr. Jr. engaged the Arab/Muslim world in Cairo in 2009.

The reality is that Juan Hussein did not turn his back on an ally. The reality is that he does not consider Israel an ally. He does not share Israel's values. He does not believe in Israel's purpose. Instead, he supports the notion so popular among his friends like Rashid Khalidi, that the creation of the State of Israel was a historical mistake, one that must be corrected by forcing it to retreat to indefensible borders in the hopes that it could then be consumed by her encircling enemies, or forced to absorb the grandchildren of Arabs who left the land of Israel with the promise to return and move into the former Jewish homes after the eradication of the Zionists by the Arab Legion, thus erasing Israel of its Jewishness, and then its Jews.

One need only hear Harper's words, spoken to an Ottawa conference on anti-semitism (Jew hate) and contrast them with the pResident's statement spoken in Indonesia, the land of his youth, and a majority Muslim country. When asked about Israel's plan to build more housing in Jerusalem, Juan Hussein stated:
"this kind of activity is never helpful when it comes to peace negotiations."

"I'm concerned that we're not seeing each side making the extra effort involved to get a breakthrough."

I find that very interesting since Bibi made it clear this past year that Jerusalem is not a settlement, but the capital of Israel, and that Jews will continue to build there wherever, and whenever it likes. I would suggest that Bibi condemn the United States for any construction in Washington, D.C. and see how that goes over.

I also find it interesting when Juan Hussein says he's not seeing each side making an "extra effort." Israel took down checkpoints and roadblocks, which have directly led to Jews being murdered by Arab gunmen. Israel froze construction in Judea and Samaria, an unprecedented move, in the hopes of getting the Arabs to come to the table. I'd call that an extra effort.

Since the only effort the Arabs have made, while they continue to broadcast the PLO's genocidal message on PA TV, radio, newspapers, and schools, is to whine to Juan Hussein and wait for him to adopt their position on everything from borders to Jewish construction, you might think that the "extra effort" statement would be applied to the Arabs, who have, apart from the incitement and whining, done nothing, at a rate of naught.

Considering the attacks on Jews that have orphaned nearly 20 Jewish children in the past year, along with the firebombings, burning of Jewish land, sniper attacks, rock throwing, stabbings, etc, perhaps you might think that Juan Hussein would condemn this violence as "not being constructive to building trust," or whatever other doublespeak he and his Jew hating lackeys at the Hate Department use every time a Jewish apartment is built. But waiting for that would be like waiting for Godot, without the hilarious use of the word "morpion." Noting the absence of his concern for PA incitement, violence, and illegal construction, I'm left to believe he means he'd like to see an extra Arab effort to kill more Jews.

Now let's contrast Juan Hussein's message with that of Prime Minister Harper.

This is what a friend of Israel and the Jewish people sounds like. A statement like this from a man who has been in the Arab lion's den and remains steadfast on the side of Israel, as opposed to Juan Hussein, who is engaged in the political equivalent of hiring an interior decorator to dress up said lion's den, should be sending a clear signal to Bibi, and American Jews, as to what friendship and solidarity looks like. Spewing cliched lines about "standing shoulder to shoulder," or "unwavering support," means nothing. Taking a stand against Israel's detractors and enemies, and recognizing that these are also enemies to the entire free world (such as it is), is everything.

Instead of continuing to make trips to the United States for yet another round of pin the cliche on the Bibi, perhaps Israel's Prime Minister should take off to the Great White North and spend some time with a friend.

03 November 2010

Some Post Updates: The UNESCO Fiasco and UNRWA's Witless Whitley

In response to the UNESCO decision to declare M'araht Machpelah (the Tombs of our Patriarchs and Matriarchs), and Kever Rachel to be mosques, instead of sites holy to the Jewish people where Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, and Leah buried, Israel has announced that it has suspended all cooperation with it until the body reverses its decision.

Commenting on the suspension, Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon remarked:
“This resolution was adopted by the Arab automatic majority, lead by the Palestinian Authority, in another attempt to de-legitimize Israel. UNESCO has become a rubber stamp for the PA.”

National Union MK Aryeh Eldad called the resolution anti-semitic and that:
“Islam is trying to rob the past and falsify history.”

They are also attempting invoke the same statement by building a mosque adjacent to Ground Zero. The Muslim world considers this land and these places to be lands conquered by Islamic jihad. They cannot tolerate it being inhabited and controlled by its indigenous people, which is why they will never accept the presence of a Jewish homeland there, and why attempting to make peace by giving land to them is a useless and totally stupid notion (see post-evacuation Aza). This Islamic line of reasoning is why there is no peace and why, until the Jewish people fully assert its sovereignty over all of Eretz Yisrael and eject of destroy the illegal occupying Arab terror armies of Hamas and the PLO, there never will be peace, and even then there will not be peace, but at least the Ishmaelite murderers would be gone.

Eldad went on to make an excellent point. Past Israeli governments who have neglected these sites, and failed to maintain or assert complete Jewish control over them, are also to blame.

The first step is ban Muslims from going to these sites. Arabic signs, flags, banners, etc should be removed. They are a chilul HaShem, a desecration of G-d's Name. But the greater act of chilul HaShem is that this hasn't been done already. Though the Talmud tells us that HaShem regrets creating the Ishmaelites, they will continue to torment Am Yisrael until we fully embrace our land and, more importantly, our role as HaShem's sanctified nation.

But let us leave UNESCO to choke its Jew hating chicken and move on to another Jew hating arm of the Jew hating UN: UNRWA.

I recently referenced the exiting director of UNRWA's New York office, Andrew Whitley, who made a statement that the Arab countries had to accept the fact that they needed to absorb the Falacstinian refugees who fled Israel either at the behest of the Grand Mufti, or out of fear of Jewish reprisals for the Arab massacres of Jews that took place in Eretz Yisrael throughout the early 20th century. Apparently the Ishmaelites were not at all pleased. The Falacstinian Authority and the Hashemite regime in Jordan (home to a majority Falacstinian population on land that the League of Nations designated to be part of the Jewish homeland) both condemned Whitley's remarks. No doubt Ishmaelite controlled UNRWA also took a massive dump on Whitley. I guess the fear of a fatwa was too much to bear and Whitley recanted, stating yesterday that his comments were, "inappropriate and wrong." So much for having a spine.

Well, this is what happens if you tell the truth at the UN where the only truth that is of interest is the UN-truth.

02 November 2010

Election Night

Here are a few thoughts on the results so far. First, that mental patient lunatic botox refugee Nancy Pelosi will not be Speaker of the House next year.

Barney may have won but you're not going to be the Finance Committee chair anymore. Suck it, pig.

Massachusetts, you people are clearly dumber than a bag of hammers for reelecting Obambi 1.0 Deval Patrick. You people redefine stupid. What's in the chowder up there sure as hell isn't common sense.

Allen West kicked Ron Klein's sorry J Street lovin' ass. It's sad when Klein, a Jew, aligns himself with the Arab League agenda loving J Street. Kudos to West, a non-Jew, whose support for Israel, all of the land of Israel, is rooted in his support of Jewish sovereignty in all of Eretz Yisrael, and his understanding that it is Israel that is the bulwark against the rampage of jihad.

Joel Pollack has sadly lost his bid to serve the Illinois 9th District and so another "two-state" final solution J Street loving Jew, Jan Shackowsky, posing as a supporter of the Jewish state, festers in Congress like a steaming puss pile. Any Jew who defends Mobamba as being good for Israel is...well...a partisan nutbag douche. Joel, we know you understand the real nature of the conflict, and that Israel is a singular and indispensable ally against islamic jihad. Run again.

Blowbama is going to India on what is being reported as a $200 million a day holiday to India. You can keep him.