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בַּת-בָּבֶל, הַשְּׁדוּדָה: אַשְׁרֵי שֶׁיְשַׁלֶּם-לָךְ-- אֶת-גְּמוּלֵךְ, שֶׁגָּמַלְתּ לָנוּ
אַשְׁרֵי שֶׁיֹּאחֵז וְנִפֵּץ אֶת-עֹלָלַיִךְ-- אֶל-הַסָּלַע

How can one be compelled to accept slavery? I simply refuse to do the master's bidding. He may torture me, break my bones to atoms and even kill me. He will then have my dead body, not my obedience. Ultimately, therefore, it is I who am the victor and not he, for he has failed in getting me to do what he wanted done. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am not for others, what am I? If not now, when? ~ Rav Hillel, Pirke Avot

This Red Sea Pedestrian Stands against Judeophobes

This Red Sea Pedestrian Stands against Judeophobes
Wear It With Pride

30 November 2009

Next On The Chopping Block: Jerusalem?

This story appeared at Arutz 7 today.
A stream of recent reports indicates that Prime Minster Binyamin Netanyahu is suspending construction and growth in the capital city of Jerusalem, in contradiction of his statements.

The latest report came from reporter Ariel Kahane in Makor Rishon. He wrote Monday that Netanyahu turned down plans to build 130 units in Har Homa and 30 more in Pisgat Ze’ev. Both are large neighborhoods built on land liberated by Israel in 1967.

Kahane notes that Minister of Housing and Construction Ariel Attias (Shas) presented the plans to Netanyahu some ten days ago. The plans also included 20 units in Ramot, and in the end, this was the only plan for which Netanyahu allowed Atias to issue a tender. Ramot is older than both Pisgat Ze’ev and Har Homa.

By withholding the tender for Pisgat Ze’ev, home to some 40,000 Jews, Netanyahu essentially overturned a mini-security cabinet decision to continue to build there.

900-Unit Project Stopped
Four months ago, it was similarly reported that though Netanyahu promised never to stop building in the capital city, he had frozen a much larger construction project in Pisgat Ze’ev. The project was to provide another 900 housing units in the neighborhood.

Asked about the above report at the time, Netanyahu spokesman Mark Regev said, "No comment."

If this is in fact true (a "no comment" is an admission of guilt where I come from), what will be the public reaction when the Netanyahu government begins talking about giving back the Golan Heights and dividing Jerusalem? It is coming. Who is going to stop it? The Yesha Council? We know they will be nothing but complicit. It will be up to the people to stop it. It will be up to the people of Israel to continue to build in the face of the government's orders to stop; in Yesha, and Jerusalem. It will be up to the people to demand the end of the Netanyahu government, the end of the secular control of Israeli life, and the beginning of Jewish leadership for the Jewish state. Respect for the Torah, government institutions that reflect our law, and remembering whom we serve...this is the path to our survival; not giving up our lands to those who would murder us, not kowtowing to a world community that willingly let us go up chimneys and, with its foot dragging on Iran, is showing it will gladly do so again.

A wise man once said that he would rather have a strong Israel that the world hates, than an Auschwitz the world loves. I couldn't agree more. It is not the White House, the EU, or even the Arabs that are our worst enemies; it is those who claim to lead us, and those that continue to allow them to lead, that do us the most harm. It is time for the Jewish people to break this cycle. Everything depends on this.

28 November 2009

The Rebellion Begins

The Netanyahu government callously handed out orders to Yesha mayors regarding the construction ban on Friday afternoon, just before Shabbat. Big Brother in Jerusalem ordered the IAF to do flyovers of the Yesha communities to photograph their current state of development.

The Civil Authority distributed orders stripping community leaders of their authority to approve any building, and even construction of anything that currently has no foundation, even if a permit had been approved. Beit El's local authority head, Moshe Rosenbaum, ripped his orders to shreds. Ariel Mayor, Ron Nachman, also made clear he will not enforce the order:
Because they took away my authority as mayor to authorize projects in my jurisdiction, I hereby give up my authority to enforce these orders. If anyone violates this building freeze in my jurisdiction I will not act against them. If the Civil Administration wants to handle it, they are welcome to. I am out of the picture."

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister's office is indicating that he will attempt to prevent a Likud Central Committee debate on the freeze, despite the fact that MK Danny Danon received the required 200 signatures to force the meeting.

Moshe Feiglin disputed the notion that Bibi has betrayed Yesha, pointing out that everyone should have seen this coming, and that no one should be surprised.

At Danon's rally, which was not attended by any other Likud MKs, (Tzipi Hotobeli being an exception), an indication to me that the ministers will not be doing much in the way of standing up an opposing this freeze, there was also a fair bit of Obambi bashing as well. Though it now appears that four Likud ministers have come out against the freeze: Silvan Shalom, Yuli Edelstein, Gilad Erdan, and Moshe Kachlon.

Netanya Likud activist Ben-Zion Ben-David said, "We overcame Pharaoh, Antiochus, and Salah a-Din. We'll overcome Obama too."

Ron Nachman referred to the Resident Jew Hater as "Hussein Obama," which we all know must make Nachman a great big racist. Join the club Ron. I've been a racist since 2008.

Beit Arye mayor called the Marack administration anti-semitic, and the "worst ever for the Jews."

At this point I would like to make clear that it is my considered opinion that this freeze is about something far larger than pleasing the White House, easing international pressure, or moving forward on negotiations with terrorists.

Israel is not going to get anything at of this deal, not from the Arabs, who have made it clear will not grant any concessions for this move; not from the White House, which has already made it clear will be lining up to make more demands soon; nor from the international community. Why then go to these lengths to photograph settlements, to issue these orders before the full cabinet voted on this initiative, and the talk of preventing a Likud Central Committee debate? Because this move is really about curbing and blunting the growing power of religious Jews in Israel; the same reason why Bibi used the courts to prevent Moshe Feiglin his rightful seat in the Knesset.

Observant Jews are the largest growing demographic in Israel, Judea, and Samaria. After the evacuation of Gush Katif, many are still living in temporary housing, kept off balance, and in a state of discord. Now the political power of the religious community will be focused on fighting this freeze while the elites of the left continue to attempt to consolidate their power in an attempt to thwart the growing strength of the nationalist camp.

The Jewish people need to wake up and understand that people like Netanyahu, who blunted his own party's majority in the Knesset to keep Feiglin out, will enforce policies on the ground that weaken Israel, simply so that the elites that keep recycling them into positions of power, will stay in control, and keep the circus of corruption alive. It is up to those who believe in the survival of Israel, and the Jewish people, to band together against these elites, and finally replace them with a power structure that honors the will of the Israeli people, and the will of HaKadosh Borachu, who put us in this land with purpose.

26 November 2009

Another OMV First: The Golden Turkey Award

Yom Ha Turkey seems like an auspicious time to unveil a new douchalicious award.

The first ever Golden Turkey Indik Eisl Prize goes to Secretary of State HILLARY CLINTON!!!!

Hillary has earned the prize by revealing what this blogger has been saying since last year, that Marack Pajama intends to force Israel to accept the 1967 "green line" as her final status borders (this of course would mean a divided Jerusalem, as well as being cut off from the tombs of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, and Leah, as well as Aaron's sons.

Here's the proof, right from the horse's mouth:
"We believe that through good-faith negotiations the parties can mutually agree on an outcome which ends the conflict and reconciles the Palestinian goal of an independent and viable state based on the 1967 lines, with agreed swaps, and the Israeli goal of a Jewish state with secure and recognized borders that reflect subsequent developments and meet Israeli security requirements."

As I, and innumerable Jewish bloggers have written over the last several months, there is no possible way for Israel to secure her borders at those lines. That's why we're not giving up the high ground you dummy. Swapping land? Yes, that inane idea has been floated before. It has been, and always shall be just plain stupid.

This land does not belong to the Arabs. It belongs to us. Wherever you put a shovel in the earth you uncover more evidence that ties us there as the aboriginal people of this land for 4000 years. The Falacstinians? Not so much. Forget the Torah. Archeological evidence is indisputable, even to non-believers. The Arabs have tried to pass themselves off as the Philistines, the Hittites, Jebusites...I think they should try saying they are the Visigoths next...just for shits and giggles.

So, good luck trying to get us back to the Auschwitz lines of '67. The Falacstinian state idea crashed an burned when the Arabs chose 100 years of Jewish genocide instead of coexistence. B"H we'll have Jews instead of kapos running the country soon, and the Arabs will finally have to accept the 22 countries they already have. They don't get another.

Take your Golden Turkey and cram it, Hillary. And then cram it up George Carp Face Mitchell when you're done.

The Nationalist Camp Strikes Back

In the wake of Bibi's decision to advance the construction freeze in Yehuda and Shomron, the nationalist camp is reacting exactly as one would expect them to...they are pissed.

Calls for his resignation are already being made. Likud faction leader Moshe Feiglin feels the same way I do; that the freeze is a clear indication that giving up the Golan and dividing Jerusalem are probably not far behind:
"The writing on the wall is clear. Anyone who participates in this objective proves he did not learn a thing from the crime of the expulsion [of Jews] from Gush Katif.
I'm calling to anybody to whom the nation of Israel and the future of the state are dear, to join the Likud in order to replace Netanyahu with a leader who has a G-d."

Amen, brother!

Nadia Matar, leader of Women in Green, has declared that Bibi has shown weakness, and is emboldening Iranian douchebag Mahmoud Igogettajob.

Danny Danon plans to bring the issue to a vote in the Likud Central Committee (which may very well prove futile, as it did in the run up to the evacuation of Gush Katif).

In an interview with Israel National News Danon said:
"...if the prime minister continues in his strategy of trying to satisfy the White House, we might find ourselves negotiating getting back to the '67 lines. I think deep inside, the prime minister knows we have no partner -- he knows there is no leadership in the Palestinian Authority.

"I think Netanyahu is doing this to show there is no partner - but still, it is a major mistake. The price he is paying is too heavy and dangerous. Three months ago, he said he would consider freezing construction in Judea and Samaria only after two conditions were met: major gestures from the Arab world, and re-starting the negotiating process with the PA. Today we see that he is paying full price, in cash, without either one."

So, what's so new about that? Bibi laid down a number of conditions for the resumption of talks. He's backed off virtually all of them. If the freeze is not stopped in the cabinet there will be an abundance of tzuris (Yiddish for deep shit).

The Freeze

And so it begins. The Netanyahu Security Cabinet has voted to approve a construction freeze in Yehuda and Shomron. It must next come before the entire cabinet for a vote. Netanyahu is once again sticking Israel's neck out for the Arab knives, calling on the Falacstinians to negotiate a two-state solution. They have already rejected the plan because it does not include a freeze in Jerusalem.

Ehud Barak was quoted as saying that the two-state solution is the only solution. Readers of this blog, and anyone with a fully functioning brain, knows that a two state solution is merely the Arab's final solution for Israel, what they have been salivating for since 1967, a platform from which to launch another attempted destruction of the Jewish state.

Netanyahu continues to stress that there will be no cessation of construction in Jerusalem, which the Arabs are calling a red line that cannot be crossed. The Falacstinians say they will not talk without Jerusalem on the table, which Bibi has said will remain undivided, and under full Israeli sovereignty. He also said he would encourage expanding new construction in Yesha, and would reject a two-state solution...during the campaign.

One can look at this in one of two ways:
  1. Bibi is merely continuing the juggling act of trying to make the West happy, while maintaining terms that the Arabs will never accept or
  2. He is legitimately preparing to evacuate large swaths of Jewish communities in the heart of Eretz Yisrael
Whatever the case, the freeze, if approved, will create another line at which all future negotiations will have to begin (negotiations that should not even be taking place). It brings the Arabs a step closer to their goal of nullifying UN Resolution 242, and puts Jewish families in a state of stasis; families that are expanding and need homes, schools, and other facilities.

It is also important to keep in mind that at least 3000 units in Yesha are going to be worked on through this 10 month freeze, as well as construction in Jerusalem which, contrary to Marack Pajama and Ban Ki-Idiot, is not a "settlement." The question is, will a government that has not approved any new construction since it took power, do so after this 10 month period? I have a feeling that the answer is going to be NO.

So now we must see how the national camp reacts. There's going to be a lot of shit hitting the fan folks, so stay tuned. Likud MK Danny Danon, true to his word, is already circling the Likud wagons. The full cabinet vote is Sunday.

23 November 2009

The Brother-in-Law Weighs In: Bibi Should Quit

Bibi's brother-in-law, Hagi Ben-Artzi has told Army Radio that Bibi should quit as Prime Minister rather than approve a deal releasing Falacstinian terrorists in exchange for Gilad Schalit.

From JPost:
"Such a deal will lead to a vicious wave of terror," Dr. Hagi Ben-Artzi told Army Radio on Monday, claiming that when Hamas spiritual leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin was freed in a prisoner swap deal, it led to the second intifada.

"The results are very clear," he said, "and I say this out of a great love for Bibi, and call on him not to take responsibility for the possible deaths of hundreds or thousands of Israelis."

"It will be a huge boost for terror, and it will bring big waves of attacks, as he himself has written in his books," he said. "If he signs the deal, it will prove he has no spine."

"He, more than anyone else, preached for 30 years a policy of fighting terror and opposing surrendering to terror," he continued, adding that in one of the premier's books, "Fighting Terror," he dedicated a whole chapter to the issue, and said that as a future leader, he would not free terrorists.

It's time to accept certain realities about Mr. Netanyahu. Despite his tough talk during the campaign about rejecting a two-state solution, he has been endorsing it. Instead of advancing construction in Yesha, and issuing new tenders, he has brought construction to a virtual halt.

He has stood firm on Jerusalem, and is to be commended for it. But very little action has been to stand up to the Marack administration and demand the condemnation of illegal Arab construction while he attacks Jews for building on land they own.

Why would anyone be surprised that Bibi would take a stand in a book regarding releasing terrorists, and then contradict that position once in office. He has released terrorists simply so we could watch a video of Gilad Schalit. He's already broken this stance.

As much as I want to see Schalit go free, consenting to Hamas demands is an act of weakness that will embolden them and bring further terror attacks. Just as embracing the Peres driven fallacy Oslo that resulted in more than 1500 dead Jews, this proposed prisoner exchange will further weaken Israel in the eyes of our enemies.

I feel nothing but a torn heart when I pray for Gilad's release, and think of the suffering of his family. I want nothing more than to see him be liberated from the hands of his captors. But how many more will die as a result of this exchange? I know that as one person, one Jew, I have no right to condemn a man, or deny him his freedom. I have no earthly idea what it is like for him, or his family. But the weight of history stands with Ben-Artzi. Every time Israel backs down to the murderers, Jews die. Better that the IDF attempt operations to free him than let these men go free.

It is still unclear what of this deal is rumor, and if any of it is based in real fact. If it is true, and Bibi breaks down on this, as he very well may, the residents of Yesha should become very concerned, and active, because they will be next to suffer from the spinelessness of the Knesset.

22 November 2009

Enter the Jackass

This is possibly one of my favorite parts of being a blogger: exposing the racist schmucks that come here to spew. It's been a long while so I'm delighted. The latest is an Egyptian racist scumbag who left the following comment:
didnt the arabs piss in yehweh(jehova)vagina and then they pissed in zion's shithole after fuckingg him with a dildo that is all present in the piece of ratshit that called talmud
Let's break this wisdom down and get to the heart of the matter. Sure, there are lots of swear words, which always appeals to me. But if you're going to curse someone it's very important to use precise language. After all, the universe was created with the spoken word of Hashem. Words have power, and must be used precisely to be effective. Here's are some perfect examples:
He shall stretch forth his hand also upon the countries; and the land of Egypt shall not escape. (Book of Daniel)

But he shall have power over the treasures of gold and silver, and over all the precious things of Egypt; and the Libyans and the Ethiopians shall be at his steps. (Book of Daniel)

And over the sea affliction shall pass, and the waves shall be smitten in the sea, and all the depths of the Nile shall dry up; and the pride of Assyria shall be brought down, and the sceptre of Egypt shall depart away. (Zechariah)

And the land of Egypt shall be desolate and waste, and they shall know that I am the LORD; because he hath said: The river is mine, and I have made it. Therefore, behold, I am against thee, and against thy rivers, and I will make the land of Egypt utterly waste and desolate, from Migdol to Syene even unto the border of Ethiopia. No foot of man shall pass through it, nor foot of beast shall pass through it, neither shall it be inhabited forty years. And I will make the land of Egypt desolate in the midst of the countries that are desolate, and her cities among the cities that are laid waste shall be desolate forty years; and I will scatter the Egyptians among the nations, and will disperse them through the countries. For thus saith the Lord GOD: At the end of forty years will I gather the Egyptians from the peoples whither they were scattered; and I will turn the captivity of Egypt, and will cause them to return into the land of Pathros, into the land of their origin; and they shall be there a lowly kingdom. It shall be the lowliest of the kingdoms, neither shall it any more lift itself up above the nations; and I will diminish them, that they shall no more rule over the nations.

And a sword shall come upon Egypt, and convulsion shall be in Ethiopia, when the slain shall fall in Egypt; and they shall take away her abundance, and her foundation shall be broken down.

Thus saith the LORD: they also that uphold Egypt shall fall, and the pride of her power shall come down; from Migdol to Syene shall they fall in it by the sword, saith the Lord GOD. And they shall be desolate in the midst of the countries that are desolate, and her cities shall be in the midst of the cities that are wasted. And they shall know that I am the LORD, when I have set a fire in Egypt, and all her helpers are destroyed. (Ezekiel)
I could go on, but I think you get the point.
So, what do we gather from all this, aside from the fact that racist schmucks are the same all over? That it sucks to be Egypt. Oops.

Now it's possible that this little douche waste of resources is just some Obamabot ass using a proxy to appear Egyptian, and yes those little dildos will actually take the time to do something like that, but let's assume this jackass is in fact Egyptian. If he comes back I'll publish his IP address. Fun!

World's Shortest Lived Agreement

It didn't take long for Hamas' so-called agreement on the rocket ceasefire to be shown to be complete crap. Not long after Fathi "Fathead" Hamad announced an agreement between rival terrorist clubs not to fire rockets into Israel Saturday, the IAF bombed two weapons manufacturing locations in north and central Azza, and a smuggling tunnel at the Rafah border, in response to rockets launched into Israel by Islamic Jihad.

It's no surprise that this so-called agreement didn't last (most likely it never existed), but it is a surprise at the lack of control that Hamas seems to actually have in Azza. I thought they were so dominant. I thought they had everyone under their thumb. But it seems that they can't seem to control the rivals that they supposedly dominate. These rivalries are tribal, longstanding, and have been shown to even supersede their mutual hatred of, and desire to kill Jews.

Israeli officials never gave any real credence to Fathead's announcement, and Islamic Jihad made it known today that no such agreement was reached, and that they reserve the right to continue their "legitimate resistance" against Israel. What they are resisting is a mystery since Israel has not held any land in Azza since the evacuation in 2005. There is no "occupation" to resist...oh wait...the Jewish state exists so they must continue to try and kill bad. And though Israel has maintained strict control of its border with Azza, it allows tons of humanitarian aid in regularly so that the terrorists can boost it and sell it to the people they are supposedly fighting for. It is one of the great sick jokes of our time being perpetrated by these worthless Arab criminals, and yet the world loves them and wants to give them a state just as fast as they desire to strip Israel of its most basic human rights, namely that of self-defense and security.

Frankly, it amazes me that humanity has managed to make it this far considering how unbelievably stupid people are.

21 November 2009

Hamas Gets High On Goldstone

The Goldstone blood libel is certainly working its magic with Hamas. Their latest crazy is the belief that Goldstone ties Israel's hands and that she won't attack them ever again. Hamas' so called "interior minister," Fathi Hamad, told the press that the Goldstone report will stop Israel from launching any further operations into Azza.

My suggestion to Hamad is to stand at the Erez Crossing with a copy of the report in his hands and see how well it works at preventing Israeli tanks from turning him into a Rachel Corrie Memorial Latke.

In the meantime, he also announced that Hamas reached an agreement with the other genocidal Falacstinian factions in Gaza to stop launching rockets into Israel, and that rockets will only be launched in retaliation for Israeli incursions into Azza...but I thought the Goldstone blood libel was supposed to prevent that Fathead, I mean much for that notion.

Fathead said:
"We are not preventing the resistance by any means. However, we are making sure that every move is coordinated through agreement between the groups, especially after the last war."
So, in other words, Hamas doesn't like Israel's new policy of responding to Arab rocket attacks with attacks on munitions factories and smuggling tunnels. They would rather have the ceasefire to rebuild their arsenals, after which they can launch a coordinated attack on Israel involving all the various terrorist clubs in Azza, which they seem to think Israel will not respond to because of the Goldstone blood libel.

Wow, you guys are going to go far with that sort of logic. And the world wants these people to have a country of their own. Here's an idea. They can live on Marack's homeworld of Planet Asshat. Best of luck on your journey, idiots.

20 November 2009

This Is A Plan?

As I wrote a couple days ago, the PA's tack on the peace process farce changes every time a Falacstinian official cuts the cheese. It's a bi-national state one minute and a unilateral declaration of independence the next. It's not helping that, thanks to the ineptitude of Commander Waffles and his Cast of Idiots, no one in the region has a clue as to what anyone wants, requires, demands, thinks, etc. In fact, the only consistent policy from the White House is racism against Jews.

So what's the PA's game? Are they just completely stupid? Are they backed into a corner due to their tireless desire to enact a final solution to Israel and her Jews? Or, do they find themselves facing a situation of a growing Jewish population in Yehuda and Shomron, along with a rising tide of Jewish nationalism that, in the face of nearly 100 years of unrelenting Arab violence against them (long before there were "settlements" or a "green line"), is coming to no longer accept that coexistence is viable, or even desired?

I think we're dealing with a combination of all of these things. If the latest plan is unilateral independence, what's the reason? As I've written before, Abbas has threatened intifada. Arab/Muslim incitement over the Temple Mount is being used to fuel the violence. I believe this call for unilateral independence is part of the same strategy. It was tried in the late 90's and was flatly rejected. There doesn't seem to be much backing for it now. A unilateral move by the PA would be met by full annexation by Israel, and it would only be a matter of time before full scale violence broke out (I am not unconvinced that this is what the White House wants, as it would be a pretext to fulfill Samantha Power's blood lust vision of invading Israel and imposing a PA state at the green line). So, apart from the promise of maintaining the conflict, and the international flow of money into the PA's pockets that it generates, what is the point?

I think Zalman Shoval might be onto something in a letter he wrote to JPost. He posits that this move for unilateral independence is an attempt to undo UN Resolution 242 which was voted on in the wake of the Six Day War. As Shoval points out, 242 is the only basis for any and all negotiations with the Falacstinians and the surrounding Arab countries. More importantly, it stipulates that Israel need not surrender all the territory it gained in the conflict, and that final borders would be determined, based on Israel's security needs. Resolution 242 makes it plain that Israel need not accept the green line as its final borders, and can be used by Israel to flatly reject any negotiations where that border is a pre-condition. In fact, Israeli diplomats are more than happy to have 242 be the starting point for any future negotiations, as futile and ludicrous as those negotiations are, and have been in the past.

Shoval goes on to note that Fatah and PLO official Yassir abd Rabbo has confirmed that their intended strategy is to get the UN to pass a resolution making the green line the border on which negotiations would be based, nullifying 242 completely, putting all Jewish Yesha communities in jeopardy, as well as potentially leaving the entire nation of Israel in range of Arab rockets from every border, as well as having the effect of completely shutting down Israel's airspace. It is a recipe for a war of devastating consequence, particularly for the Arabs. It is an insanity that could only be accomplished with the support of the White House.

I have been saying since 2008 that it was Marack's desire to force Israel to accept the 1967 borders, leaving her vulnerable to Arab attack. If the PA moves forward with its plans to nullify 242, it will be interesting to see whether Little Lord Fraudleroy will back them. Of course, all of this would leave Oslo null and void, and force the government to decide whether it will finally realize the fallacy of coexistence.

Shabbat Shalom l'kulam.

19 November 2009

The IDF Unity Law

With IDF soldiers of Shimshon and Nachshon brigades protesting their use as evacuators of Jewish communities in Yesha, the talk among many officials is what to do about insubordination in the ranks. A divided army does not serve the best interests of Israel. The response so far has been to jail protestors, restrict them from holding command duties, and a few other related penalties. This is no solution at all. If anything, it's going to potentially undermine the unity of the army even further, and alienate the soldiery from the chain of command.

Rather than act like a bunch of knee jerk reactionaries, a group of Knesset MKs has decided to put forward a bill that would eliminate the problem entirely. If the problem is soldiers protesting being made into political pawns, executing political agendas in the evacuating of Jews from their lands, the simple solution is to legislate that the army cannot be used for this purpose. And so, here comes a bill, "for the unity of the army."

A nation's army exists to defend its land, not execute the political will of politicians at home. This bill seeks to legislate that such orders would be executed by the police, not the army. The IDF could then go back to doing its job. If the soldiers knew for a certainty that they were not going to be ordered to evict Jews from their homes there would be no need for protests, and the army would remain unified.

Likud MK Tzipi Hotobeli, one of the few MKs who is worth a damn, explains the bill

It will be better for all concerned when this matter is cleared up. The fact is that this dissension will only increase. Soldiers are no different that citizens who understand that evacuating Gaza only brought death. Land for peace is a lie. The soldiery knows it and doesn't have the stomach for kicking their own people off of land they know belongs to them, land they know enhances and maintains Israel's security.

Here's hoping the idiots in charge get the message.

18 November 2009

Building Continues in Gilo. Camp Pampers Takes A Dump

The Netanyahu government has approved the construction of 900 units in the southeastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo. Though Bibi has curtailed construction in Yehuda and Shomron, he has made it quite clear that Jewish construction in Israel's capital will continue unabated. In fact, he has made this point clear several times. So what did Pampers do when he found out? The same thing he does every time a Jew decides to build; he crapped himself.

It is being reported by a variety of sources that Pampers spoke to Fox News saying:
"I think that additional settlement building does not contribute to Israel's security. I think it makes it harder for them to make peace with their neighbors."
I haven't had a good rant at Marack Pampers' expense in a while so this is gonna be a doozy.

Where to start? How about with the fact that Jerusalem is not a settlement you narcissistic, racist douchebag. It's the capital of Israel, and the capital of the Jewish nation entire; and has been for more than 3000 years you stupid idiot. Secondly jackass, new construction does in fact make Israel safer. Each new home means another Jewish family, which means we bring Israel that much closer to the tipping point when more of the world's Jews live in our homeland, which includes Gilo, all of Jerusalem, and all of Yehuda and Shomron (you call it the West Bank because you're a Jew hating racist).

I know how much you hate the thought of a beautiful Jewish woman pregnant with yet another Jewish baby, but let's face it, observant Jews have the highest birthrate in the land of Israel. Sorry The Barry, we're going to keep on building homes for them. And once there is authentic Jewish leadership in the Knesset, the building will resume in Yesha at a faster pace than ever before, until the Arabs accept the reality that adopting a policy of Jewish genocide for nearly 100 years leaves them with no place between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean. Sorry The Barry, that's the price they pay for their never ending quest to wipe us off the face of the earth. You, J Street, Ban Ki-Moon, and the rest of the racists can spin it any you want, but you can't blame their hate and racism on us. They've been trying to kill us long before there was a "green line," so kindly take your patronizing, anti-construction bullshit and park it where the sun don't shine. We exist, and have been living in our land unbroken for 4000 years. You don't get to tell us where we can live, or where we can build. valve is wide open!

And now it's time to slap UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. This braying jackass is so fucking clueless that he referred to Gilo as a "settlement" built on land "conquered from the Palestinians in 1967." Hey, dumbshit, there was no Palestine. Yehuda and Shomron was not claimed by the Arabs in 1947 when the organization you "lead" partitioned the land. It was illegally occupied by Jordan after it invaded our land in 1948. We took Jerusalem, and Yesha back from Jordan. Here's a thought for you douchebag: if you're going to attempt to "fix" a problem, you ought to know what the fuck you're talking about before you open your mouth.

Now, let's have a pity party for the Falacstinian Authority. First they say they're going to push for a bi-national state. Then they went back to their stupid notion of declaring an independent state. Then they deny that this would be unilateral...because the UN would sanction it...

Abu In A Suit advisor Nabil Abu Rhadineh says the Gilo construction, "destroys the last chances for the peace process." Best news I've heard all year. I'm not sure where Rhadineh has been, but this farce has been dead since the evacuation of Gush Katif brought intensified rocket fire from Azza. Those rockets began waking Israelis from the Oslo induced stupor that led them to believe that the PLO could be negotiated with, leading to peace. The Falacstinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity, accept when it comes to killing Jews, which is why, if the majority of Israelis have their way, there were never be an Arab state carved out of our land, ever.

Is the world that fucking stupid, or just that hateful of Jews? Let's make Marack answer that question on Fox News.

J Street And The Iranian Lobby Together At Last

How could anyone possibly doubt that J Street is pro-Israel when they are so busy working overtime, getting cozy with the pro-Iranian NIAC lobby. They both oppose sanctions against the Iranian government to thwart its nuclear development, and have something else in common: they are both funded by George Soros.

Isn't that special?

There are all kinds of juicy details, like how NIAC seeks to undermine Dennis Ross and create a "Send Hillary" campaign. So sweet, so thoughtful. I wonder how many Clinton supporters will ask, "How high," when NIAC says, "JUMP!"

Read the whole sordid tale over at Politico.

Remembering the Holtzbergs

It has been a year since the terror attack in Mumbai claimed the lives of Chabad Rabbi Gabi Holtzman, his wife Rivka, and their unborn child (may G-d avenge their blood). By all accounts these were people of good will, fulfilling the Chabad mission of strengthening Jewish life in communities around the world.

Our own local Chabad Rabbi shared a memorial video with us this evening as we lit a candle in their memory. The spirit of their work endures. The lives they touched endure. Their son Moshe endures.

I think the video speaks for itself.

16 November 2009

The Polls Tell The Tale

There is a poll running over at Israel National News asking readers what the best solution is to the Arab/Israeli conflict. The choices are:
  1. Two states for two peoples
  2. Transfer the Arabs to Arab countries
  3. Maintain the status quo
  4. Give the Arabs of Yesha Jordanian citizenship
At this writing, 1369 people have voted. Only 2% believe in maintaining the status quo. The two states for two peoples idea has 5%. Twenty percent of voters believe they should be given Jordanian citizenship. SEVENTY-TWO PERCENT believe the Arabs should be transferred to other Arab countries. Rabbi Kahane, may G-d avenge his blood, would be proud.

This sentiment is further reflected in Haaretz polling which indicates that Yaakov Katz' National Union party stands to double its current electoral showing, an indication to Katz that the Israeli public is now realizing that Netanyahu is not going to turn Israel from the deadly path of Oslo and the Wye Accords, that instead of rejecting the false two-state solution, he embraces it, as reflected in his government failing to issue any new tenders for construction in Yehuda and Shomron, which even the Olmert government didn't do. The polling indicates the public is moving even further to the right than as reflected in the elections in February.

That's right world. When faced with an intractable enemy, whose unrelenting mission is your genocide, you do not keep them in your midst. There are 22 Arab countries in the world. There is one Jewish country. Go to your people and live long and prosper. It is time for the Arab occupation of Jewish land to end. Go in peace.

15 November 2009

Undoing the "Oslo Mindset"

Yoel Meltzer has published the most refreshing op-ed I have read in a long time. His premise is that Israel is caught up in an "Oslo mindset" that is the cause for the political and social calamities being faced by Israel domestically, and internationally. In it he lists an 18 point program for helping Israel shake itself loose from the self-destructive zombie state of the Oslo false peace scenario which has directly resulted in the deaths of more than 1500 Israelis, and embrace a "Jewish mindset."

What follows are Meltzer's 18 points, most of which reflect what I have been saying here, and what movements like Manhigut Yehudit, under the leadership of Moshe Feiglin and Shmuel Sackett, have been advocating. The more this gets written about, perhaps the more Israelis will begin to understand that assimilation is not Israel's destiny or purpose. It is long past time for Israel, and the Jewish people, to come to grips with who we are, and what it is we are supposed to be doing.

1. There is a purpose to the unfolding events of history, and there is a purpose to life. It’s not all random.

2. Real authentic Judaism is much more than what it has been reduced to, to a black and white system of “do’s and don’ts”. The halachic side, although very important, is only part of the picture.

3. The Jewish people have been chosen for a special role in the world.

4. This role can only be fulfilled by the collective Jewish nation living in the Land of Israel.

5. Establishing complete sovereignty in the Land of Israel and creating a model society, from top to bottom, according to the ideals and morality of Judaism is essential for fulfilling this role. However, this nationalistic aspect of Judaism is not an end-goal in and of itself, but rather, a platform that will enable us to fulfill our lofty role of being a “light unto nations.”

6. Israel must interact with the world in order to have an influence, but at the same time must remain separate and independent in order not to be further confused and fragmented by the assimilation of non-Jewish ideas and values.

7. Israel can and must sever the dependency on US economic aid.

8. The real goal of the Jewish State must be alive in our hearts and mind in order to affect our daily lives.

9. Without internalizing these ideas and changing our mindset and eventually our lives, the endless killing in this region, as well as in the world, will continue.

10. The future of the world is dependent on the Jewish people getting their act together.

11. Properly understood, the real goal of the Jewish state is the most idealistic undertaking in the history of mankind.

12. Continuing along on the same path, functioning within our individual and collective “comfort zones”, will not lead us out of the mess. We must, as individuals and as a nation, constantly strive to expand and stretch our comfort zones.

13. Every Jew should feel proud, yet humbled, of the role he has been given, and totally motivated and inspired to do his part.

14. Complaining will not change a thing and it is a waste of precious energy.

15. A positive vision-oriented way of thinking is essential.

16. The Arab and Iranian threat are serious problems facing the Jewish State, and like any problem, they certainly must be dealt with. However, they are not the source of our problems, but rather, the outward manifestation of our own internal problems. Thus, dealing with them alone will not bring us the desired harmony and salvation. The real problem is internally within the Jewish people themselves and stems from a lack of clarity as to our true purpose in the world.

17. There are no shortcuts

18. The world is waiting.

The Blind Leading The Stupid (and news of the weird)

Super genius Ehud Barak, in response to Saeb Erekat's announcement that the PA could push for a bi-national state between the Jordan and Mediterranean, or demand an independent state in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza, demonstrated just how deeply some Israeli politicians suffer from Stockhausen Syndrome.

Having so absorbed Arab propaganda that Judea and Samaria is Arab land, and that the Falacstinians are a "people," Barak believes Israel faces dark alternatives if she does not negotiate a settlement with the parties that have sworn to destroy her: a bi-national state, or the unilateral declaration of an independent Falacstinian state in Yesha.

From JPost:
The defense minister said that the fact that Israel was controlling another people for 42 years was at the root of "weakening international support for Israel and phenomena like the Goldstone Report." Barak stated that "it is our responsibility to end this. We have vital interests and nothing needs to happen at any price or by running amok, but we must not be confused regarding our responsibility to reach an agreement with the Palestinians."

Yet another prominent Israeli politician publicly accepting the myth of "occupation," while dismissing the genocidal aims of the Arabs. Reaching an agreement with those who have sworn to kill you is not being responsible. It is being stupid. The Goldstone Report did not happen because Israel is "controlling another people." International support for Israel is not weakening because Israel is "controlling another people."

These things are happening because there has never been much in the way of support, or love of Israel by the international community. Barak is blind to his own nation's history. What was the problem in 1929? What was the problem in the 30's? What was the problem in 1948? What was the problem in the 50's and 60's? There were no "settlements." There was no "occupation," unless you define it the Arab way: the presence of a single Jew anywhere between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean.

Yes, Israel has been irresponsible. Not because it is "controlling another people," but because it has failed to eliminate its enemies. The PLO/Hamas are not parties to be negotiated with. They are parties to be destroyed. No sovereign nation would tolerate a genocidal force in its midst as long as Israel has. And why does this happen? Because Israeli politicians are, for the most part, still guided by the false Zionist notion that if Jews will just act like everyone else, and do what the world tells them to, the world will suddenly stop trying to kill us. This was a false premise in the early 20th century, and it is just as false now.

There is only one guarantee of survival for a Jewish state: the removal of its enemies from her midst, in conjunction with the establishment of real Jewish leadership in Israel that believes enemies are eliminated, not negotiated with and given Jewish land, period.

So while blind, stupid idiots like Ehud Barak and Shaul Mofaz think inside the box of death that the world has been desperately trying to put Israel in for the past 61 years, at least there are some voices that are speaking something resembling sense.

Addressing the Saban Forum in Jerusalem, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman addressed the elephant in the room, reportedly saying that establishing a Palestinian state will not end the conflict. He also reportedly stated that Israeli Arabs would demand the creation of autonomous zones in the Galilee and Negev, while strengthening ties with the PA. Now, this was supposed to be a closed door forum, but Lieberman's comments were immediately reported by Israeli news outlets. So, when do you think the retraction and backspin from Lieberman will happen? I'm guessing no later than Monday, if it hasn't happened already.

Uzi Landau said that any unilateral actions toward declaring independence should be met with an accompanying Israeli annexation of territories in Yehuda and Shomron. Allowing things to go that far with a hostile enemy is ludicrous. If Hamas/PLO were eliminated, if the Israeli body politic was led by those who have the conviction to remove the enemy from their midst, none of this would be an issue. What's the difference between taking that initiative now, or waiting for this dueling unilateral action that Landau describes, which would no doubt lead to bloodshed, perhaps on an even larger and more anarchic scale? Why is decisiveness so elusive for Israeli politicians?

There is only one way to achieve peace with a political/terrorist body that is dedicated to your genocide: Victory.

In a related story that can only be characterized as "news of the weird," DEBKAfile is reporting that Marack Pajama is sending Bill Clinton to lead emmisaries to the PA to put the kaibosh on the Arabs unilaterally declaring an independent state in Yesha. If this is true then it can only be about one thing: Marack, who lost control of the Middle East diplomatic front faster than a contestant in a greased pig catching contest, would only become more unpopular in the region than he is now, and would have no peace settlement for his 2012 resume. This is what happens when you elect a narcissist with daddy issues to the presidency. Way to go America!

Jordan Jumps On The Incitement Bandwagon

When searching for political relevance, the seemingly continuous pastime of the Hashemite regime in Jordan, the thing Jordan does best is join in with the rest of the bullies trying to show it can throw its punches too. This time it's over incitement involving the Temple Mount.

Seems like the new Arab ploy is to emphasize the importance of Jerusalem to the Falacistinians. If they just bitch and moan long enough and loudly enough the world will think that Jerusalem belongs to the Falacstinians and not the Jews. And that if Arab/Muslim leaders push enough buttons they can create an incident to spark the third intifada, which Mahmoud Abbas threatened in June would take place if the Jews were to do something as outrageous as take a nationalist stand on its sovereignty over its lands, including Jerusalem.

Jordan's contribution comes in the form of a statement from the Jordanian ambassador to the US, Zeid Ra'ad Zeid al-Hussein (I think the second Zeid is for emphasis), to the Washington Times that Jerusalem is a powder keg that could be set off by Jewish extremists' attacks on Muslim holy places. This is the dressing sprinkled over what I am calling the "Jerusalem Agenda," which involves maximizing the propaganda campaign that seeks to delegitimate the role of the Jerusalem in Jewish life and history, while simultaneously making it appear to be more holy to Muslims than Mecca.

It's not a wholly irrational plan considering that the world seems to accept every story the Arabs tell as truth, whether it is the made up fairy tale of Palestinian nationalism, or that IDF soldiers are harvesting Arab organs.

So, while the Arabs are filling wheelbarrows with rocks to throw at Jewish worshippers we're supposed to believe that it is Jewish extremists that are the threat, just as the world is supposed to believe that there is no Jewish connection to Jerusalem, despite the overwhelming physical evidence, and the fact that it is mentioned in the Tanach, the Hebrew Bible, more than 800 times, but only mentioned in the Koran zero times.

Watch the video. He seems so concerned doesn't he? Oh yes, there will be a toxic religious atmosphere because of the Jews...I think if you watch carefully you can actually see crap coming out of his mouth...and of course the solution is to get the Jews out of Jerusalem.

So while Zeid says that the Netanyahu government's determination to continue building in Jerusalem will end negotiations, this fabled attack by Jewish extremists will be the "show stopper." So when the third intifada is launched, expect to hear from the Arab media that it was Jewish extremists attacking Muslim holy sites that caused it. We certainly wouldn't want the Arabs inciting violence against Jews to be seen as the problem. That would be dealing with reality, and very few in the international community seem interested in dealing with that.

12 November 2009

Smoking Crack With Hassan Nasrallah

Chief looney tune, and ever expanding fat cheeked Jizbullah leader, Hassan Nasrallah, is smoking crack. What other possible explanation can there be for his latest festering gob of dung? This is so hilarious that for a while I thought I had punctured my diaphragm with a rib.
The Associated Press is reporting that the genocidal blob of kibbeh has accused Marack Pajama of having, "an absolute bias in favor of Israel and disregard for the dignity of Arabs and Muslims."

He also seems to think that Marack has gone even farther in his military support of Israel.

I didn't make that up. Feel free to continue reading once the hysterical laughter subsides. I'll wait...

Never mind that Marack is the most openly hostile American "president" Israel has probably ever experienced, making Jimmy Carter look nearly like a friend in comparison, and that military requisitions from Israel for a variety of weapons and spare parts are currently tied up in by-design bureaucratic nonsense, the F-22 sale got crapped on, and the F-35 sale has also been facing more dickering.

The AP reports:

Obama's initial settlement demand was "an American ploy to pass the time and gain Arab sympathy," Nasrallah said, adding any "illusions" anyone had about Obama being more evenhanded have now collapsed.

"What we see is absolute American commitment to Israeli interests, Israeli conditions, and Israeli security ... while disregarding the dignity or feelings of the Arab and Muslims people and their nations and governments."

Nasrallah has it all wrong. Marack wants Israel to freeze construction. He wants Israel's security compromised by moving the borders back to the 1967 lines. The problem is that he, and the circus of morons around him, like Rahm Emmanuel and David Axelrod, haven't the slightest clue as to what the hell they're doing.

Marack kissed Arab/Muslim ass in Cairo, has bowed down and kowtowed to Muslims all over the place, and has turned a blind (or tacitly approving) eye to the problem of radical Islam, even when a radical Muslim guns down our soldiers on our own soil; not surprising though, considering his reckless inaction in Afghanistan is costing American lives on a regular basis.
He made the demand for a Jewish construction freeze, including in Jerusalem, promising that the Arabs would make concessions, which they did not, meaning Israel had absolutely no reason to even consider Marack's demands. Meanwhile, the Falacstinian Authority got the impression that Marack would deliver Israel on a plate, which also didn't happen. What does all of this mean? That Marack is experiencing a narcissist's worst nightmare: everyone in the Middle East hates his fucking guts.

And I dispute that there is such a thing as a dignified Arab government. I see nothing dignified in brutal fascist regimes that condone honor killings, secret police brutality, torture, and the advocating of Jewish genocide.

To whomever is supplying Hassan with his crack...please, stop.

11 November 2009

Thoughts On The Anniversary of Kristallnacht

The more things don’t change, the more they stay the same. Just ask Germany. This week marks the 71st anniversary of Kristallnacht, the “night of broken glass,” when the Nazi regime began its mass effort at purging Germany of its Jews. From the destruction of Jewish property and houses of worship, to the deportation of tens of thousands of Jews to concentration camps, Kristallnacht is a nightmare that continues to haunt Jewish consciousness. So how did Germans mark the anniversary? By bedecking the walls of a new Dresden synagogue with swastikas.

A study for the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs states:

“There are no effective, large-scale activities against anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism, and the majority of Germans would not support them. Although certain individuals and organizations try to put the problem on the agenda, this is much more cosmetics than a successful strategy.

“...resolutions by the German parliament to reject anti-Semitism…are ineffective actions…presented to the world as a strong defense against the charge of anti-Semitism."
The more things don't change, the more they stay the same.

In the wake of the issuing of the Goldstone report, and the collective fallout of Operation Cast Lead, we have heard much about human rights…for Arabs. We have heard virtually nothing from the world community regarding the human rights of Jews. I have argued here that the reason for this is obvious…our people in exile have always been “other.” With the redemption of our nation’s homeland Israel is not seen as the historic sovereign homeland of the Jewish people, it is the country bestowed upon the people of “other.” We are scorned and hated in exile. We are hated for asserting our sovereignty in our land. We are hated for defending ourselves. We are hated for doggedly refusing to die.

When idiotic Americans, Jews among them, march in the streets with signs saying “Smash the Jewish state,” and “Globalize the Intifada,” without so much as a word of condemnation from the illuminati of the human rights community, it is quite clear where Jews stand…not quite close enough to the edge of the death pit for the world’s liking.

Now we are forced to endure a man in the White House who openly advocates a racist policy against us in our own land, condemning Jewish construction, while condoning illegal Arab construction. In his defense, the only difference between Marack and previous presidents is that they kept their Jew hate behind closed doors, while promulgating racist policies that prevent an American Jew born in Jerusalem from declaring they are born in Israel, this in addition to not even having our capital recognized by our supposed dear friend, America. The White House has, and continues to value the oil and money of our enemies over the blood of Jews. The State of Israel should act accordingly.

Like Shylock in The Merchant of Venice I have to ask my own questions: If we find love shall we not marry? If we marry, shall we not have children? If we have children, shall we not build homes for them? Shall we not build schools for them? If our enemies move against us, shall we not kill them first? If our enemies, with whom we are expected to negotiate, have openly declared they seek our death, shall we not eradicate them?

Over the bloody course of our history, how many Jewish mothers and fathers have been forced to watch their children die at the hands of their enemies? How many Jewish children have been made orphans?

When the world stands by silently while Jews are incinerated in buses, markets, restaurants, discothèques, shot at, and rocketed; when there is no outcry when swastikas appear on the walls of synagogues the week of the anniversary of Kristallnacht, when the world community lines up to condemn Israel for the most basic right of any sovereign nation, that of self-defense, it is quite clear that the world does not care about the answers to those questions. In spite of this, we continue to serve the world. Whether it is Latet, Shevet Achim, Magen David Adom, or any other of the great number of altruistic, life saving organizations created, run, and administered by Jews, by Israelis, we continue to bring healing and help to those in need, even as the world resents our existence, and attempts to deny us the most basic human freedoms.

If the world cared more about supporting the human rights of Jews than it does attempting to strip them from us, there would be no rockets falling on Sderot, Ashdod, Ashkelon, and Be’er Sheva. There would not be yet another generation of Israeli youth being raised on running to bomb shelters, another generation of Israelis growing up in a society of collective post traumatic stress.

And so, when the world once again sits on its hands as our enemies come to kill us, or tries to twist our arms behind our backs to force us to give up our land to our enemies, I respectfully extend my middle finger at the world and say, “Go to hell.”

08 November 2009

Post #800: Rantings, Ravings, and a Tale of Two Idiots

Well, here I am writing my 800th post here at OMV. I'm very thankful to all you devoted, if not deeply disturbed readers out there. Who would have thought that cyberspace was longing for a blogger making frequent use of the word "douchebag?" Thousands of hits later, and read in more than 75 countries, I'm just chugging along slapping the idiots, morons, dingdongs and yes, douchebags, who are screwing our collective pooch with their false morality and blim-blam.

Thank you all who keep coming back for more, who leave comments and send emails. I'm just doing my best to tell it like it is, as best I can. I'm glad to have each and every one of you riding with me on this little Twirl-a-Rhea Funfest, which will continue on as long as our planet continues to be invaded by the forces of Planet Asshat. Allow me to wax poetic about two such colossal idiots: Saeb "Gastric Bypass" Erekat, and Shaul "What the hell am I doing?" Mofaz.

Both have recently proposed equally stupid plans for peace. Saeb, whose favorite past time is living the high life in his fancy house, and BMW, while decrying the fate of his "people," has said that if the two-state final solution fails to come about he would back the alternative death plan: a bi-national state for Arabs and Jews. This plan is so laughably stupid that even Shimon Peres would have to sleep on it before saying yes to it.

No doubt this "bi-national" state would be about right of return for Arab "refugees" so they can push the demographics as far in favor of the Arabs as possible. Saeb fails to read the tea leaves. The growing majority in Israel has no interest in coexisting with the Arabs any longer. They are tired of them calling their country the nakba. We gave you genocidal douchebags all of Azza. You turned it into a giant launch pad for more rockets. Israel knows land for peace is a lie, and more and more Israelis, in the face of increasing Arab calls for the destruction of Israel, are realizing the reality that perhaps Meir Kahane (may G-d avenge his blood) was right.

Only an idiot invites the man who stabbed his daughter in the heart to come sleep on his floor.
And if it takes an idiot to do that, we have just the man to fill that roll. His name is Shaul Mofaz, and when it comes to Israeli idiots, he is doing his best to make it known that he is the most idiotic of them all. Don't believe me? Read this:
"Israel will lead and will not be led. We will stop occupying another nation. We must strengthen Israel's position internationally. As a first step, the Palestinian state will be in 60 percent of the West Bank and Gaza. 90 percent of the Palestinians will be there and no settlements will be evacuated."
He then goes on to say that he will graciously keep the main settlement blocks near the green line, but would evacuate 68,000 Jews from our ancestral homeland. This is the kind of guy who makes loving every Jew really really difficult. Here's an idea Shaul. Why don't you enlist in the PA "security forces" with the rest of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade so you can kill Jews yourself instead of letting the middleman do it for you?

This statement is so mind numbingly dysfunctional it borders on sublime. Like so many stupid idiots in the Knesset, Mofaz actually thinks that by giving up Jewish land to Arabs that the world will finally start liking us. Shaul, the world will like us when we're all dead, not a moment before. The Herzlian notion that by trying to be just like the rest of the world, the world will like us. I have no interest in the world liking Israel. I have interest in Israel surviving and thriving. It cannot happen by kowtowing to a world community that would like to see us destroyed. Better to live than to be liked.

And pray, tell Shaul, what nation are you occupying exactly? There has never been a country called Palestine. Israel is certainly not occupying a country that doesn't exist...or are you high on LSD? Maybe Israel is occupying a magical land of pixies and unicorns with a river of moonbeams...yes, let's stop occupying the unicorns. They only desire to spread peace, joy, and magic to the Jews. Do me a favor you braying jackass; when the drugs wear off, move to Sweden.

This is what I'm talking about. Israel's government is laden with stupid idiots who actually believe the Arab propaganda that has been thrown in their faces for so long, with the help of the likes of Shimon Peres.

Where are the leaders who understand that when you have an enemy like Fatah and Hamas in your midst you destroy it, not negotiate with it? Here's an idea, let's send Shaul and Saeb out on a date together. They can give each other candy and flowers, go to dinner and a movie, then go to a motel and see which one can come up with the greater festering pile of stupid. I can't wait to see what that looks like.

01 November 2009

Ushpizim? Hardly.

The journalist who concocted the blood libel story of the IDF harvesting Arab organs for the Swedish paper, Aftonbladet (which I'm pretty sure is Swedish for bigoted Jew hating scuzbag), Donald Bostrom, arrived at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv today so that he could attend a media conference in Dimona.

Mr. Bostrom received the sort of welcome that one would expect from Israelis. Youth from the Beitar movement greeted him with protests, and the Ministry for the Negev and the Galilee withdrew its financial support from the conference after it heard that Bostrom was attending.

Can someone please explain to me why it is that Israel is regularly allowing its enemies to enter the country? This past summer hundreds upon hundreds of Fatah terrorists gathered in Beit Lechem to hold their genocidal Jew hating convocation. Some of the attendees came from foreign countries, with blood on their hands, including Khaled Abu Absa, who was one of the perpetrators of the 1978 bus massacre in which 38 Israelis were killed, including 13 children, and 71 were wounded.

Abu Absa was in an Ashkelon prison, but was released in a prisoner exchange. Now, apparently, like a Southwest Airlines customer, he "may now move freely around the country."

What is it about Israelis that they consistently seem to toss common sense out the window, in favor of offering hospitality to her enemies? I mean, if you were the head of a country whose bloody enemies were gathering to discuss the best way to move forward with killing you, wouldn't the sensible thing be to drop a bomb on the building?

What can be done to reach out, strengthen, and heal a nation whose leadership, in large part, suffers from Stockhausen Syndrome?

More than 1500 Israelis have been killed since Oslo. How many more will have to die before the nation is inspired to put real Jewish leadership in the Knesset, who will defend the people and the land of Israel from those who seek to destroy her, instead of serving them tea and cookies?

With ushpizim like Bostrom, who needs enemies? I don't know, but I think the Knesset may need therapy.